Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shots Fired, The Back Story...

Photo By John Hoff

Several blog posts back, I sort of mentioned in passing how I was having a bonfire with some friends in my backyard, and our intoxicated good time was oh-so-rudely interrupted by shots fired, click here.

One of those "backyard friends" took the time to look up the precise gunfire incident and forward the information. I'm pleased to see my estimate of the number of shots wasn't too far off from that of the police and, of course, like many of the "revitalizers" who live in North Minneapolis, I'm very good at counting the shots...distinguishing shots from firecrackers...and...

Figuring out the approximate location of the gunfire, even from several blocks away.

Anyway, here is the incident which oh-so-briefly disrupted our good time in the back yard.

24XX Emerson Av

Sunday, 00:17 hrs


Officer heard about 15 gunshots and saw 20-30 people running in all directions. V1/BM-20 yrs. cornrows/red hat and t-shirt, was shot in the leg, and V2/WF-26 yrs. was shot in the base of her neck - both (NLT) gunshot wounds. They would not provide any suspect(s) info. V3's vehicle's windows/windshield shot out. Gang related. Many of the people running were
wearing red.

(End of police report)

(God Bless The Fourth Precinct)

Please note how the cycle is perpetuated here: the victims refuse to divulge information to the police. In many cases, the "victims" will be the perpetrators in future incidents. Notably, this is one reason "law and order" revitalizers are so seldom the victims of this violent crime: because if something happens to us, we scream the perp description to High Heaven, license plate and all.

I should make a point of saying how (expletive) tragic it all is but, actually, it's hard to get worked up about gang bangers fighting over drugs, territory, the color of their clothing...whatever the hell it is they're fighting about. Hopefully they're fighting about their increasingly small territory as good and decent people take over a once-blighted neighborhood by leaps and bounds.

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I keep hoping that one of these days all the idiots will just kill each other.