Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"She was driving me crazy...I killed the b**ch."

Mug shot, therefore in public domain, post by John Hoff

As is often the case with a high-profile incident, the Hennepin County Attorney has made the criminal complaint available online for Billy Nash, the guy who stabbed his wife 70 times while his two children (18 and 13) were present at their home at 2423 Penn Ave. N.

Some media are saying the children "watched in terror" but that's a summary which leaves out some actions by the children to try to stop the stabbing and summon help.

It should be noted that of all the media besides Johnny Northside, only the City Pages created a link to the actual criminal complaint. To this I say: Careful, City Pages. If readers know high-profile criminal complaints are often posted on the Hennepin County Attorney website, they might go there directly and then media won't be able to play "hide the ball" with the unfiltered facts, acting like we have special abilities and access unavailable to regular citizens.

In regard to the judge who released Billy Nash...

Her Honor Regina Chu is the same judge who put away Larry "Maximum" Maxwell for MORE than the amount of time requested by the County Attorney. It was the max allowed by law and apparently the stiffest sentence ever handed down in a racketeering case in Minnesota. So nobody should get the idea Judge Chu is soft on crime. There had been no previous incident like this before the court system--so it would appear--and the wife herself was there sticking up for Billy Nash.

There may be those who will be critical of Judge Chu over this incident. I'm not one of them.


la_vie_en_rose said...

As long as I live, I'll never be able to understand how someone can drive someone else to the point of murder. Sure, I've had family members drive me crazy, and I've daydreamed about strangling them, but actually committing the act? What kind of idiot are you if you think you can hurt someone without consequences?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your comment that the wife was there sticking up for Billy Nash. The criminal complaint says that the victim died. Was the victim someone other than his wife?

NeNe said...

At least he owned his crime. A true member of the stop snitching movement takes the heat when he's caught.

Thug culture ain't all bad.

Anonymous said...

So Johnny,

Who are you quoting?

Anonymous said...

What Johnny is talking about the wife being there to stick up for Billy Nash (the accused murder) is that just days before the murder, Billy Nash had been released from jail for abusing his wife, and at the release hearing or whatever it's called, the wife was there sticking up for him, and perhaps that is part of the reason Judge Chu let him out.

gkwarzinik said...

Stabbings are "generally" crimes of passion... when someone stabs another person 70 times, they were pissed off.
-just a cop

Emily said...

YES THUG CULTURE IS BAD! And i doubt this had anything to do with his "thug culture" or anything else besides the face he is human and acted on his thoughts. I WILL NOT stop snitching until i feel safe on MY streets. Cause i was born and raised here and I have no plans of getting driven out again!

Shamika said...


It's comforting to hear that you at least plan on stopping snitching someday.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

Boogaloo said...

Emily and Shamika are correct. The success of "stop snitching" movement is like turning around an oil tanker. It requires great patience, persistence, and a solid respect for diversity and social justice. We in NoMi can all work together to foster diversity and this movement, all while respecting each other, the enviroment, and our carbon footprint.

la_vie_en_rose said...

"Just a cop," I understand it was a crime of passion. People do terrible things in the heat of the moment. I'm bipolar and borderline, so I'm well aware of that. Even with medication, I still have bad moments. That said, I'm also able to reign it in. I'm serious when I said that I've been so pissed I've wanted to choke a family member (way back in the day when I was still a teen), but I'm blessed with being able to see the consequences of my actions even when I'm mad. I guess it's just me.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

The snitching comments in relation to this particular post are frankly some of the most idiotic statements I've seen in a long time and once again I doubt their origins and veracity.

Anonymous said...

To my NoMi neighbors: I come from a place where ignoring criminal and illegal behavior is to condone it.

I'm a proud snitcher and have even been subpoenaed to testify at trial. My dog was murdered because I snitched but I'd do it again, and I now watch my poperty more closely for poisoned food.

If we don't speak up and report these anti-social, criminal and illegal behaviors, they'll flourish and spread.

And I'm not the one who's equipped to approach the thug-mobile and ask him to stop smoking pot, to stop littering his fast food bags, and to stop blasting his bass stereo. Like they'd listen to me anyway. We have well-equipped and trained police for that.

Snitch away, if that's what you want to call it. I say I'm helping and supporting the police in their work to enforce the laws of our community.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it?

You have knowledge that someone has wronged another person and you somehow think that it is wrong to help that person?

Snitching is a thug expression. By withholding information regarding crimes makes you an accomplice to the crime.

Whats more, once the criminal element identifies you as someone who wont "snitch"; you will become a target because they can rely on your silence and loss of credibility.

Anonymous said...

Whoever "Shamika" is.I doubt the skeezer even exists.Just some fake ass getting"her" kicks.Edgamakate ya seff, GIT TA SKOOL AN STOP PLAYIN DA FOOL.

Low End Leroy said...

I agree with you, Anon 5:11a.m., and I'm sorry to hear about your dog.

A couple of observations regarding this discussion about "snitching":

1. It is difficult to find denotative support for this, but to me "snitching" connotes an informer, with intimate inside knowledge of criminal/antisocial behavior, informing the authorities of his/her knowledge, to the detriment of the actors or prospective actors. In other words, you have to, at one point in time, have intimate knowledge of, or be involved with, the bad behavior in order to snitch. An outside observer/victim, to me, is not capable of snitching, only of "reporting."

2. What seems to be lost on all the folks that are whining about "snitching" (reporting) is that the reporting is a secondary reaction to a primary action (i.e. the criminal or antisocial activity or behavior). But for the bad behavior, there would be nothing to report.

I have no plans to sit idly by while the bad behavior continues.
If you do not want the police to come, don't behave badly.

It's not that hard.

My "We Watch We Call" sign isn't for my neighbors, it's for the people who do not live on my block but who arrive on my block for the sole purpose of behaving badly.
If they see my sign and move on, my whole block wins.

If my neighbors are behaving badly, I first speak with them. 9 times out of 10, the negative behavior stops, because they know its negative.

If, however, my neighbors are unresponsive, why should I waste my time trying to be a "good neighbor?" I tried. They did not respond. I called.

The first action in this line of causation was their bad behavior.
The final action is my reporting it.

Since I put up my first two "We Watch We Call" signs, six others have gone up in my neighbors' yards or alleys. I have at least three other neighbors who have inquired about the signs and indicated they would also like one.

My only wish is that in the next printing of the signs the ink colors change, in order to increase visibility. I think yellow or gold printing on a navy background would be great.


emma said...

I completely agree with Leroy and could not have said it better. When you replace "snitching" with "reporting" the resulting tone or conclusion of the comment becomes much more significant. I do not understand how the act of not reporting a crime can be condoned. The initial problem was the illegal or negative behavior and for the betterment of the community and of the possible victim the act should be reported. There is nothing positive to say about not reporting criminal behavior. I cannot wrap my mind around that. “Snitching” has nothing to do with race or socioeconomic status – it’s simply a matter of the law.

Patrick said...

Speaking of snitching, I saw one of you a**holes put a sticker on a stop sign by Wally's so it read "stop snitching". I was furious. I called 311 right away. I hope it is down now. Something needs to be done about the stop snitching movement. It is so irritating I can barely contain my anger.

Pond-dragon said...

LEL hits another home run with his logical and neighborhood based thinking, its the behavior folks nothing more nothing less.
Good one LEL

Johnny Northside said...


Really? That happened? Well, next time send me some photos, if that actually happened.

Sue Jacobson said...

This sickens me. I would like to know why the MPD does not have current criem reports on their site? The latest is Jan 26,2010.. So whats up with that? They don't answer me so maybe someone else knows. Thanks sue

Patrick said...


I'll get you a picture next time. Anything I can do to help the JNS blog and give the stop snitching movement a black eye!