Monday, July 2, 2012

Countdown To Incarceration, DAY SIX, Here's What Nitelen Jackson Will Be Missing!!!

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

I don't really need to review the reasons for the Nine Days Of Nitelen, do I? Let's just jump right into the latest batch of photos and information.

Like many young, urban thugs, Nitelen Jackson has an almost dismissive attitude toward women and yet they seem to swarm all over him. This post will document Nitelen's love life... the extent it can be documented from clues on Facebook.

Ah, yes, he looks happy in the photos above. And yet a lot of the stuff documented on Nitelen's Facebook is not happy at all. Need I mention the whole paternity controversy, click here?

Here are some comments Nitelen made which appear to involve women. They are disconnected and disjointed, not really forming a complete picture of what's going on, more revealing of his attitudes than anything else.

* I hate sneaky hoes get yo freaky ass on. (Saturday)

* Everybody already fucked everybody. (Saturday)

(A follow up reply to the comment above, by Neshia'im Coo, "dats jus er body an da north side."

* On June 20, he mentions hanging out with "my girlfriend" and some friends in "hotels."

* I'm mad as fuck this bitch just gave my weed away wtf is next. (June 19)

* Shawty called the law on me for demestic I guess it's time for me to move around # jail (June 19)

* And we don't love hoes don't play heart games (June 18)

* On June 17, Nitelen busted out with this little bit of creative prose: Fuck a bitch her mission is for to get hit ain't talkin diss dick if she snitch she gone get 30 clips.

* Seeking to start a wider discussion about gender relations, Nitelen posed this question on June 5: Quick question females don't yall hate when a bitch try to beat u up over a nigga you been talking to for five years bitch u just met him carry yo ass to bed

* She said she celibate I said u sell a bit bitch u get it

* Issuing a "like my status" challenge on Facebook, Nitelen asks anybody to LMS "if you was my girlfriend." In response, 63 individuals, all female, liked his status including "Hood Barbie."

* Nitelen posts links to the names of two girls on Facebook and announces, "They just tried to have a 3 some wit me." This sparked a long conversation among various parties, with one poster wanting to know if Nitelen followed through and Nitelen asking, rhetorically, if the sky was blue. There were denials by other parties that any such threesome took place.

Ending this post on a low note, here's a final piece of wisdom from the Nitelen Jackson Book Of Romance.

* Shawty said its that time of the month shawty ass finna chew this mufucka

With Nitelen in jail early, my next post about Nitelen will wrap up this blog's coverage, at least until I get my hands on a criminal complaint or some other new development.

One commenter asked me what this blog "gets out of" posting about Nitelen Jackson.

To which I responded that Nitelen had posed, brandishing a weapon, in front of a curbside memorial. What, I asked, did Nitelen "get out of" doing THAT?

In short, Nitelen does what he does, and I do what I do.


Amber Woodcurt said...

Wow this amazes me how someone can scoop so low and blog about the next person life like you know there tribes & tribulation that occurred in there passed years, not saying that anything he did was right nor wrong. But I believe you don't know this young man from a needle in a hay stack. This saddens me how our young black man can give the next man the satisfaction of the doubt to even discuss negative criticism about them. && what are you doing Johnny northside to help these young man do something positive with themselves ?? Better yet what is Minneapolis doing to get these young man off the street and not in jail but in the books so they can make a future with themselves ? I don't see nobody over in north Minneapolis to even lead a example for them ? Instead of blogging about it DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Lets get functions together .. lets get GED test stations ..better yet lets make it a priority to drag these young black men off the street & Bring them to test groups so they can better there life. This is ludicrous an a total outrage how you spend you time seriously. You have to be very confound because you don't even know these people you are talking about. Ever article I read something seems to be misapprehend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny, Why haven't you blogged about the Martin Brothers? Trayjorn "Prince Tray" "PT" "Tudda" Martin, Juwan "Wan Wan" Martin, & Prince "BD Boo" Shamir Martin! Their mother name is Lashae Hinton Father Prince "Lolly P" Martin. This is a beyond dysfunctional family! The boys are the. Actual leaders of the gang YNT "Young N Thuggin" Bd Boo is King of Ynt, Prince Tray because of course he is the prince of YnT, Wan Wan is also a prince of YnT. All have intensive raps sheets including drugs & weapons.

Anonymous said...

Btw Nitelen knows all the info surrounding Derrick the Lake Calhoun victim as well as the Matthew Johnson murder

Anonymous said...

Amen! All this dude wanna do is talk shit about ppl. What skeletons are in his closet?!

Johnny Northside! said...

To the first commenter, Amber Woodcout: Blogging is "doing something." This is what I do. And I will continue doing it.

By the way, you write so badly you need some education, yourself. I'm sure you meant to write "trials and tribulations" which is the correct phrase. You don't know the correct form of "their" versus "their" and I'm confident you're also ignorant of "they're."

You also have no idea how to use the phrase "needle in a haystack." Did you mean to say I don't know him from ADAM? That is the correct phrase in this context.

Also, if there's something I "misapprehend" (not that you even wrote it using the correct tense, it should be "misapprehended") tell me what it is, specifically, so I can correct it.

If you're talking about FACTS, that is. Seems like you're just talking about my PERSPECTIVE.

As for your idea that these young people should be dragged to GED test stations...are you kidding me? They can't even stay in school and learn stuff but the solution is GED "test stations?" Will these "test stations" print out a GED like printing out a ticket on the light rail?

To the commenter asking me about the Martin Brothers. I am traveling today, won't get much blogged. I'm sure I can dig up the rap sheets easily but can you give me more linking them together and to the parents by something other than their last name?

To the commenter saying what Nitelen knows. Well, can you prove that? How does he know? Since I don't know you "from a needle in a haystack" (ha ha) give me more to prove and link that info.

As for the last comment, what's the deal? You can spell out "skeletons" but you can't trouble yourself to write the word "people" instead of "ppl?"

Anonymous said...

Police chief can't protect you for too long!

Johnny Northside! said...

Why, because he's retiring? I'm sure I will get along with the new police chief, too.

Shaunta Bailey said...

I'm mad as hell your ugly ass really sit and is this shit. You ain't getting no ass ain't got no life you a nobody and thats a shame you get a thrill out of being a Internet snitch. You got all this time on your hands do some else besides blog about the north side cause I know for a fucking fact this shit ain't paying your bills

Anonymous said...

You a bitch point blank pidd

Anonymous said...

In response to SHAUNTA BAILEY:...."You got all this time on your hands do some else besides blog about the north side cause I know for a fucking fact this shit ain't paying your bills"

Apparently you people didn’t know that JNS is using the system like so many other people who don’t need it. When you get free money from the state and county there is no need to work!

Just kidding JNS. You are doing a great job bringing to light the “true Northside.”

How many rude and grammatically incorrect responses will this bring?

Johnny Northside! said...

You mean to say, "How many rude and grammatically incorrect responses with this bring AND SHIT?"

Johnny Northside! said...

To the Martin Poster,

What I need to go with that story is the info linking the names of THOSE YOUNG MEN to the names of THOSE PARENTS.

I can look up stuff in MNCIS. I can see they're all named Martin (well, except for the mom) but what I need is the link showing those children were produced by those parents. I don't have that, yet.

Shaunta Bailey said...

And for the record Johnny snitchside I've always held a job the state money ain't shit to me.

Johnny Northside! said...

Aren't you on probation until late May of 2013 over that 4th Degree Intentional Damage to Property thing in Ramsey County?

Anonymous said...

I would have to believe that Shaunta Bailey is on the states money since she had a child at 16 years old. Someone has to keep up the tradition of the Northsides kids having babies and then draining the system for those that really need it!

Shaunta Bailey said...

No I'm not on any probation when you get done being nosey

Folwell Neighbor said...

Ohhhh, so *that's* what LMS means. Based on context I figured it was some rude thing like "lick my sack" or something.

I love how Amber thinks we should have to "get these young man(sic) off the street(s)", as if it's somehow our fault they got there. Don't get me wrong, I do support programs to help people help themselves (I'm all for free GED training/testing), but I don't like how it's implied that it's somehow society's fault. Who is to blame? How about the parents. I'm not saying parenting is easy, especially in the oh-so-common single parent role. If the parent works full time, well it's even harder. If the parent(s) is/are home all day working the system, well then there's no damn excuse for the kids going wrong.

I would love to interview some of these people and ask questions such as:
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Where do you see yourself in twenty years?
What are your retirement plans?

I have a feeling the answer to all three would be "I dunno" or "whatever".

I also think it's funny that Amber says there are no good people in North to be an example for young men. Ummmm, let's start with the teachers in school. They're a GREAT example of what it's like to get an education, hold down a job, and do something productive in society! Kids are exposed to multiple teachers every day, what better examples would you like?????

So LMS, and shit.

EducatedWhiteManInNorthMPLS said...

Although I can respect you standing up for your community, what good does this do? I mean, you can post as many slanderous posts about a young black man on this website as you want. But when I think about it, what good does it do? There are low-income areas in every city, and along with it there are gangs, drugs, and everything else that comes with it. What does slandering this young mans name do? He will still bang, smoke weed, and commit crimes. The only thing that will help him is a will to change and GOD. Admittedly, I used to like hearing about what you had to say. But really, these posts over and over? About spending so much looking at a young man's facebook. He lives in northside minneapolis. He smokes weed, commits crimes, has sex with women, and is in a gang? Does that really surprise you? As a 21yearold white male who was born in Riverdale, Ill. and then moved to N. Minneapolis, how is this news at all? Every city has a ghetto, and this is hardly news. I get what you're trying to do here, but your blog is turning into a North Minneapolis "Hood TMZ". Let me take this a little further, I live off of Oak Park, better know as "Tha Lows". I am not in a gang, I am not a racist, I am white, and I think this neighborhood should be able to live in harmony. I have many black friends that are NOT in gangs, and with this blog, you are going to start looking more and more like one of those people who characterize all young black people as crime committing gang members. I respect the citizens of North Minneapolis, and I respect Johnny Northside, but I wish you would get back to the point of letting out the news that HELPS this community, not outing people as criminals. There will be criminals, let the police take care of it. Please get back the important news. Sorry if some of this doesnt make much sense, or if I sounded dumb or missed words/etc. I AM 21 and I do like to drink when i'm not working :)

Johnny Northside! said...

Blah blah and also blah.

The guy brandished a weapon at a curbside memorial. And it got my attention.

Other users of social media are getting my attention by, for example, overt gang affiliation photos. This in the midst of a war where children are being shot. And you're suggesting I sit back and let GOD take care of it?

By the way, if you're so educated I would have thought you'd learned how to use PARAGRAPHS during one of those years of education.

Anonymous said...

U a HATEER DAMN! U got something to say about everybody! Maybe you missed an English class or two yourself because I've noticed more then one error in your grammar. I notice that you are very petty when it comes to some things and very knowledgeable about others, but it seems to me that if you are stumped you find a way of shutting them up by saying their dumb and pointing out typos. LAME!

Anonymous said...

Good work Johnny! Everyone has a little role to play in the community and you are doing your part. People should be asking the question: what ARE WE doing for this neighborhood? I am new here (less than a year) and I am already sick of it. I admire people like you who have the energy and good-will to work for others. These kids (well 'kids' is really too nice) are very dangerous. They will be the future killers in our blocks!! White, Black, Hispanic...It doesn't matter! If you are not doing your good work for the community, and the only things you think about are drugs, guns, and destruction, I do want you off the jail!!!

Anonymous said...

What you all are is an example of the prejudice that exist in this city, I personally appreciate you for showing us that prejudice does still exist and it is alive and well in our city. Your mission is not to change the community, it is to humiliate, incarcerate and eventually do away with the young black male. We point out these lost young black men, and women in need of some serious help and guidance, and somehow we always seem to ignore our cities own corrupt political system and tactics, we fail to acknowledge the corruption behind our police departments. Then we have groups like mad dads who are nothing more than a joke, and a pacifier for temporary relief and small glimmers of hope.... Thanks for the constant reality checks, and moments of humiliation, thanks for showing what we really look like to the people outside of our communities and racial groups, perhaps that will be a form of motivation, and inspiration to do better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:26 PM. Prejudice will always exist against any race. There just happens to be a lot of blacks in North exhibiting fowl behavior, so what? You tell me how "normal" (black or white) people are supposed to react.

Anonymous said...

What is "normal" can I have a clear description of what that is?

Anonymous said...

Normal does not include stealing neighbors pets for ransom. It does not include murder of any sort, but especially not murder born from boredom or bad driving. Normal does not include hooking up your friend as a fraudulent home aid. Normal does not include renting out houses in disrepair and collecting fat government checks. Normal is not living in filth because you are too drunk/stoned/high to function. It does not include walking down the middle of the street so you can glare menacingly at any drivers who might come by. Normal is not yelling and screaming at your 2 year old to walk faster in the grocery store or else you'll beat its ass. Normal does not include being a sex offender.
Do you get the picture or do I need to go on? These behaviors are not seen singularly in any ethnicity, they are seen in many North residents, period.

Anonymous said...

Normal is also not cooking meth in your home, it is not being a person who is committing white, or blue collar crimes, normal is not molesting or beating your little children, normal is not being biased towards people or stereotyping them because of their race,how much they make, what level degree they have, normal is n normal is not letting your kids behave in disrespectful or irrate ways, also these things are not seen singularly in any ethnicity

Anonymous said...

Normal: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural. Obviously these things vary based on who is defining their norm, the matter of the fact is; there isn't really a such thing as normal, especially now days, white women LOVE to date black men, that was never normal(just an example), and to use the term is somewhat prejudice.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't 16 since you thought you knew something I've been receiving food stamps not cash my child is about to be six && I still have four years left thank you very fuckin much.

Johnny Northside said...

Explain your comment? I don't follow. It wasn't 16? What do you mean about 16? Confused.