Friday, July 3, 2009

Hmong Students Work For Hawthorne, Jordan...

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Hmong students have started working for the Hawthorne and Jordan neighborhoods. One of their tasks is to identify Hmong-occupied houses for community organizing and outreach. At the Hawthorne Housing Committee meeting a few nights ago, Jay Clark of the U of M CURA program gave a sometimes-humorous talk about how to identify a Hmong house just from looking at the exterior.

Turns out Hmong children are a sign of Hmong. Who knew? Reminds me of an Onion article saying turkey sandwiches are a rich source of turkey sandwiches.

Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes reports the Hmong students working for Hawthorne and Jordan are so driven and motivated that he will give them a task and they'll complete it within a few hours, then come to ask for more work. They are intensely-focused on their task, and do not waste effort.

Here, Jeff forces one of the students to relax and take a break with some air hockey at Farview Park. The student pictured is Moua Chang.

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Jeff Skrenes said...

Also, proof that I'm recovering from the phone book injuries: I beat Moua in that game of air hockey. It was my first air hockey victory since what I now refer to as "the incident," and I won 7-5.

Granted, I practically grew up playing air hockey and this was Moua's first ever game. But my therapist tells me it's still a big step.

Jeff Skrenes said...

I was just corrected, that the student's last name is Chang. Please correct the blog article as well. Thanks.

However, the fact that I won that game is sill accurate.