Friday, August 7, 2015

The Justice System Has Found You Guilty! Philip S. Bertelsen, North Minneapolis Lives Matter. Melvin And Brandy Mattered!

Guest Author Blog Post by Jordan North

A Golden Valley man was driving drunk at over 100 miles per hour the night he smashed into and killed a young couple in Minneapolis. Allegedly, he said he has no memory of it. Allegedly, he also seems to have no memory of the don't drink and drive campaign. Allegedly he has forgotten, Thou shalt not kill...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guest Author Shannon Moore Submits Blog Article About Havenbrook Homes, "Wall Street Infestation Threatens Twin Cities Tenants"

Creative stock photo (for visual interest) by John Hoff, blog post mostly
by Shannon Moore, St. Paul resident

This blogger is retired, but if somebody submits a "guest article," well, I can take five minutes to do some copying and pasting, right? So here is a guest article, bam.

Wall Street Infestation Threatens Twin Cities Tenants, by Shannon Moore
"This company is beginning to be like a bad virus to our community..."
- Google reviewer

"Havenbrook Homes has bought up hundreds of properties within the city of Atlanta, and become an absolute plague on our communities." - Google reviewer

"RUN!!!" - Google reviewer

 It's never a good sign when your landlord is compared to a devastating disease outbreak. A quick search of online reviews and the Better Business Bureau will give you a sense of the public's view of the Duluth, GA based investment firm, Havenbrook Homes...

Monday, July 6, 2015

UPDATE:This Week Baby Isaac Is Forced To Look Through The Bars Of A Hospital Bed Yet Again. His Shooter, James Early, Was Freed From The Bars After Only A Few Months. #DoBabiesLivesMatter?

Blog Post by Jordan North

James Early was playing with a .38-caliber pistol at his older brother's Minneapolis house on Sept. 6. 2013 when the gun discharged, wounding his 2-month-old nephew, Isaac Early Jr. James claimed he found the loaded gun on... 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fear And Loathing At City Hall, An Abandoned Fiberglass Bathtub In An Alley And More Body Cameras Than You Can Shake A Stick At...Welcome To The June, 2015 Meeting Of PCOC!

Since this photo was published on a blog operated by the
City of Minneapolis, click here for link, I assert this photo
is a public document in the public domain, but in any case
it would also be used under Fair Comment and Criticism,
blog post by John Hoff

No Justice, No Peacock 

Nobody I know says "peacock" for PCOC, the Police Conduct Oversight Commission of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights. Which is a shame, because a peacock comes in many colors but has a beautiful unified symmetry...kind of like the PCOC. The citizens on this commission know how serious, how hotly political their task is (their narrow, oh-so-ordinance-limited and strictly defined police conduct oversight task) and I think the PCOC handles it pretty well, considering every meeting features a room full of shrill critics and dubious doubters with an axe to grind against anything in a blue shirt... 

Four Years Later, Individual Pictured From JNS Blog Pawn Shop Camera Is A Murder Suspect In Downtown Minneapolis Shooting...

Top photo is self-portrait found in a pawn shop camera, the author
of which was previously unknown, below is mug shot composite, 
used here for free speech comment and criticism specifically 
regarding the photo images, blog post by John Hoff

From 2008 to 2011, this blogger went through a series of cheap pawn shop cameras. But the camera I purchased around February 2011 lasted me through Afghanistan and continues to last, even though the battery and memory card compartment is held together with duct tape. And nowadays I mostly use my cell phone for pictures, a cell phone also purchased secondhand. 

But in 2011 I published a photo, at the top, of somebody who had previously owned or shall we say POSSESSED my camera before I turned it up in a Minneapolis pawn shop...

Hennepin County Jail Roster, April 5, 2015 To June 7, 2015...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff,
jail roster data is public info

Rather than the same boring "innocent until proven guilty" canned commentary about the Hennepin County Jail Roster, here's a link to 30 Days In The Hole, sung by Humble Pie. And here's a link to another version sung by Gov't Mule. 

And with that musical intro, here's the jail roster...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Travis Randolph Lee, Husband Of Former North Minneapolis Council Person Natalie Johnson Lee, Charged With Raping A Woman In South St. Paul Hotel Room...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

Some weeks ago, KSTP reported the arrest of Travis Randolph Lee, 52, on a charge (not yet proven) of third degree criminal sexual conduct. Though the story names Travis R. Lee, and a mugshot can be found online for the arrest, KSTP does not mention Lee's prominent place in North Minneapolis politics as the husband of former Fifth Ward City Council Person Natalie Johnson Lee. Travis Lee is also the publisher of The Trendsetter, a publication that, it can be charitably said, appears from time to time. 

After losing office, Natalie Johnson Lee tried again, unsuccessfully, to regain the Fifth Ward seat and is considered by many to be a likely candidate for any future Fifth Ward race. 

JNS blog has confirmed the arrest report concerns the same Travis Randolph Lee who is married to Natalie Johnson Lee. I confirmed this by speaking to blogger Don Allen, who (Don Allen states) has personally known Travis Lee for approximately 25 years and...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Joy Mattice, The Kind Cat Lady Of NoMi, Passes Away At 79 Advocating For Stray Kitty Cats To Her Last Breath...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

This blog wishes to mention, belatedly, the passing away of Janet Joy Mattice, the kind-but-controversial cat lady who constantly helped and advocated for all animals, but mostly stray cats. She was 79 years old and passed away April 18, 2015. Click here for a link to her online tribute. Janet preferred to be known by her middle name of Joy. 

In a kind of last laugh directed at the world and those who opposed her feeding of strays, Joy's obituary directs any memorial donations be preferred to Feline Rescue and MN Snap. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Melony Michaels, An Unstoppable Force For Justice, Awaits Word Of A Decision In The Endless Civil Case Spawned By Mortgage Fraud At 1564 Hillside Avenue North...

MN DOC mug shots, therefore public domain, of
Larry D. Maxwell, Jerome L. KingRussell, and Tynessia
Snoddy, blog post by John Hoff

It's The Trees That Suffer Most  

Seven thick legal documents are linked here, as follows...

Pictured above, three of the individuals involved in the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N. who went to prison: Larry Darnell Maxwell, ("Maximum Maxwell") Jerome Lance KingRussell ("The Imposter Foster") and Tynessia Snoddy. (Snoddy went to prison for a different fraud, but formally admitted involvement in the fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N.) 

The Wheels Of Justice Grind Slowly 

The documents linked above tell a tale of justice delayed, denied and (so far) always just-out-of-reach for the victims of an identity theft and mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Avenue North...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Three-Year-Old Girl Pointed Police To The Man Hiding In A Closet Who Slashed Her Mommy, Allegedly...Police Say It Was The Child's Father, Khiree Devon Atkinson

Public domain image of a painting by Guido Reni, circa 1611, blog
post by John Hoff

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

Police in Brooklyn Center responding to a report of a bleeding woman found blood and glass all over the place, and a victim who said she tripped over a laundry basket into a picture frame. 

In another room, sitting "straight up and very still" on the edge of a bed, officers located the woman's three-year-old girl. They asked the little girl how mommy got hurt and the child told police...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Minneapolis Transit Police Boarded A Bus, Went Straight To A Felon With A Gun, And Arrested Gerard Magee, Junior...

Historical photo, no copyright, used for illustration, 
blog post by John Hoff

This story came to me outside my usual process, but I know the information to be trustworthy. On March 4, Metro Transit police were dispatched to Metro Transit Bus 1645. They knew exactly who they were looking for, and exactly why.

When police boarded the bus, which was pulled over at Xerxes Ave. and Northway Drive, they went straight for Gerard Magee, Jr., DOB 4/22/84...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mercy, Compassion, And Containment In Fenced-Off Rural GhostTowns For Level Three Sex Offenders (JNS Blog 2015 Editorial Legacy)

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

A Legacy Of Ideas 

Before this blog retires in June of 2015, I hope to leave behind a legacy of editorials. Normally, I prefer to write facts and maybe squeeze in an editorial comment here and there. I feel that's a more effective way of writing. 

But there will be fact-laden criminal complaints to write about until the moment I hang up my bloggy spurs. So if I don't pause from writing up facts to write up some of my ideas in editorials, well, these ideas just won't get written because after blogging it's going to be the writing of novels, baby...