Saturday, June 25, 2011

Haywood Eaton's Momma Steals A Mink Coat in Her Underwear

Photo of Haywood Eaton and friend from social media webpage

The headline says it all, folks. Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. Read for yourself about how a woman shoplifted a mink coat by stuffing it in her underwear.

"Last New Year's Eve, Ms. Moreland smuggled a mink coat out of the Alaskan Fur Company store in Bloomington, Minn. Cops were called and tracked her car down, where they found the coat hanger but no coat. They held her in jail and questioned her for three days, until she eventually revealed she had the coat on her person at all times — stashed inside her underwear. (If there's a Hall of Fame for Terrible Detective Work, I also have a nomination to suggest.)"

The article had been shared around the internet a bit, and a behind the scenes tipster informed me this mink coat shoplifter was the mother of thug-on-thug homicide victim Haywood Eaton, whose homicide and criminally disorderly memorial gathering has been covered on this blog.  

If I could make just one suggestion to the authorities... Just *let* her keep the dang coat this time, I mean really, what else are you gonna do with it NOW?!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stayin' Alive with Jiggity Jake McJackson at The Lowry Cafe

Video and blog post by Nomi Passenger

The other night I was invited to The Lowry Cafe for their second week of live music on Wednesday nights. One of the wait staff, Jake, is quite the musician with some impressive credentials and puts on a good show. It's amazing what entertainment can be created by just a dude on a stool with a guitar and a beer.

I asked him to play his favorite song but I wasn't prepared with the camera, probably because I was too busy drinking wine and talking with friends. So here's a delayed start to the recording but a fun song none the less.

Jake's got all kinds of sites for promoting his music and word is he is out playing live somewhere just about 8 nights a week, quite the ham he is. Check out his myspace page here or his facebook page here. He's also got his own blog here.

If I remember correctly, I think he said he lives northside, but the wine might be interfering with my memory. Jake, are you out there? Do you live over north?

Jake will be playing each Wednesday night from 6 to 9. If you go for dinner and some live music, bring a request, if he doesn't know it, he'll learn it for the next week.

Here's a couple more songs.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Amazing Tornado Destruction

Photos and post by Nomi Passenger

The other night while carrying out a special delivery for a pajama-clad mom in need of milk, I went home on streets I don't normally travel.

And I saw this.

And my jaw dropped.

The destruction around the northside continues to shock me. If you have amazing tornado aftermath photos that you want to share here on JNS, send them to me at goodponyz at yahoo dot com. Tell me who to credit the photos and any captions and I'll post them up here for history's sake.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Beginning For a Notorious Corner? West Broadway And Aldrich Ave N. Cleans Up Its Act!

Mentioned on this blog numerous times, never in a good way, the former illegal urban dump site located on the corner of W. Broadway & Aldrich Ave N has finally been cleaned up. I was walking around the neighborhood when I first noticed the sudden disappearance of the eyesore that used to be on the property. Gone were the old worn out tires, old mattresses and assorted junk. On the south side of the property nearest Broadway a food trailer had set up shop selling the usual hot dogs, burgers & fries. This blog along with a number of neighborhood citizens have been complaining about this property for a long time; someone finally listened.


Thanks to all for helping to make Nomi a better place.