Thursday, July 4, 2013

"To whom it may concern," Angry Neighbors Beg City Officials To Revoke Mahmoud Khan's Rental Licenses After Homicide At 2401 Ilion Ave. N.

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An online petition has been circulating via email chain in regard to slumlord Mahmoud Khan, owner of the property at 2401 Ilion Ave. N. where a homicide took place recently. 

It turns out neighbors had already complained about the tenants at that property. In response, it appears slumlord Mahmoud Khan replaced the tenants...

With WORSE tenants.

Here is the petition which has been circulating online...

To whom it may concern:

As residents of the Jordan neighborhood surrounding the house at 2401 Ilion, we are requesting that the City of Minneapolis revoke Mahmood Khan's rental license due to his ongoing pattern of property neglect and disregard for public safety by allowing dangerous tenants to reside in his property and our neighborhood.

According to the city inspections department, landlords are required by law to comply with the conditions of their rental license and must be responsive to problems on their properties. Mr. Khan has failed in his obligations and allowed this once nice home to fall into an egregious blighted property by failing to maintain the house and yard. He has on multiple occasions agreed to clean up and improve conditions on this property yet failed to make good on those promises.

He has chosen two sets of tenants in the past year that have threatened the public safety by overcrowding, intimidating neighbors, child and animal neglect, housing felons and fugitives from justice, running drug deals from the house, obstructing the alley, and noisy, vicious domestic squabbles at all hours of the day and night. Neighborhood outcry forced Mr. Khan to remove the first set of tenants; requests to remove the most recent tenants from 2401 Ilion were ignored, and as a result the June 25 murder here has left the whole neighborhood traumatized.


This blogger agrees with the petition and therefore I will be signing it, electronically, here and now:

JOHNNY NORTHSIDE seems to me that almost exactly a year ago, the city was all worked up about Mahmoud Khan and the Star Tribune was writing about Mahmoud Khan. 

What happened to the momentum, the push to DO SOMETHING about Khan?  


Anonymous said...

Its time for north side to have a new blogger one that's fair and just!a real reporter that's has the means to back it up. Our community will be having a meeting bye bye Johnny WHO.

Johnny Northside! said...

Got this name of the jail roster. Another name that's associated with this address, even though he's in jail on a very minor interfering with traffic charge.

2013022439 GAITHER, STEPHEN.DEFATRIUS 6/15/1991 2401 ILION AVE N, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411 8/13/2013.11:28