Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haywood Eaton Memorial Attendees Incite Riot on West Broadway

Crowd gathered at scene of homicide 9-27-09
Officers push back the crowd and expand the crime tape perimeter
Crime Lab van arrives on the scene, yellow tape as far as the eyes can see
Expanded perimeter in place, Officers guard the scene and scan the crowd for disturbances

Haywood Eaton was gunned down in broad daylight on West Broadway last September.  This September, one year later, there was a gathering in his honor. Here's the summary from the Fourth Precinct highlights, which many revitalizers counter-affectionately refer to as the low lights.

Assault4/ Police/Emergency Personnel  / Riot
10XX Broadway Ave W       Sunday          9/26/10                1653 hrs                             10-296059
Officers responded to a disturbance at this location.  Officers attempted to speak to a party who was running a “memorial” with approx. 100 people in attendance.   While getting out of the squad car, AP2/female, 46 yrs, kicked the door back at officer, pinning his legs between the squad door & the squad frame.  Officer made contact with AP2 & a fight ensued.  During the fight, AP2 attempted to grab the officer’s gun numerous times.  AP2 was taken into custody.  The group began inciting a riot & officers advised the group numerous times on the PA system that they were engaging in unlawful assembly & if they didn’t leave, they’d be arrested.  Someone threw a rock at the squad, breaking the window & door frame.   A total of 6 people were either booked in HCJ or tagged for their participation.  AP5/female, 19 yrs, was booked in HCJ for PC RIOT due to her involvement in the unlawful assembly which resulted in an intentional act of violence towards officers & damage to city property.   Officers received medical attention.  

Let us all look forward to the day when our community is not burdened with the violence towards each other, nor towards the police that serve and protect us.  Let's wish for the day when homicide memorials have no reason to take place and our police are not endangered by rioting thug memorializers who try to steal their guns straight off their hips. 

God Bless the 4th Precinct. GBT4P.  
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Anonymous said...

Just a reason to gather around and lash out at white people because they hate themselves.I do not expect you to post this but i know you will be reading it and you better believe that it's the truth.Let's see how fair you are.

NoMi Passenger said...

Johnny Northside blog broke this story, but the Strib has added more details here (this link likely to go dead at some point):


NoMi Passenger said...

Because the strib link is likely to go dead eventually, here is the text of their article:

A memorial service and stop-the-violence rally for an 18-year-old slaying victim in north Minneapolis turned into a small melee Sunday, with the victim's mother arrested, officers injured and squad cars damaged.

An estimated 200 people gathered at Hawthorne Crossing shopping center's parking lot, near a fast-food restaurant where Haywood Eaton was gunned down last September. Police said Eaton and the shooter were gang members fighting over a woman. The shooter, also 18, pleaded guilty earlier this year.

A private security employee called police about 1:30 p.m. because the crowd was blocking lot entrances. Initially, the crowd's exchanges with police were civil, said Mike Martin, inspector of the North Side's Fourth Precinct. He didn't believe the event's planners had permission from the shopping center to gather there.

Officers checked several hours later and found people continuing to block entrances, Martin said. A fence had been vandalized, and someone had spray-painted "R.I.P. Haywood" on a sidewalk.

People in the crowd harassed passersby, and there was " a lot of drinking," Martin said. Officers identified Eaton's mother as the organizer and tried to talk to her, said Sgt. Bill Palmer, the department's public information officer.

She allegedly kicked a squad car's open door, pinning an officer's leg. Another officer feared that he had broken an arm trying to arrest her, Palmer said. She also tried to take the guns of several officers, he said.

Officers called for backup. Somebody smashed an officer in the head with a cell phone. The officers drove to a nearby parking lot and told the crowd via a squad-car PA system to disperse, Palmer said. At some point, someone threw a piece of concrete through a squad car window.

Six people, including Eaton's mother, sister and several juveniles, were arrested. The mother remained in Hennepin County jail Tuesday. No charges have been filed against her.

NoMi Passenger said...

(strib article cont'd from above)

Although the event was intended to stop violence and remember Eaton, less than two hours after the crowd dispersed, officers responded to a shooting a few blocks away. Police said both the victim and shooter had attended the memorial service.

"People were warned several times to cooperate," Martin said. "It's our job to protect private property and enforce 'no trespassing' when private security want people to leave."

Some at the service are behind violence on the North Side, he said. There was talk that many in the group were going to return to the shopping center Monday, but police turned them away, he said.

Longtime community activist Ron Edwards said people in the community are tense over the incident because "the cops lost control of the situation." Those who planned the service got permission to hold it in front of the Burger King near the shopping center, he said. A representative for the restaurant didn't return a telephone call Tuesday.

Edwards said the service was an opportunity for young people to talk about stopping violence and maintaining peace. It wasn't an event to lambast the police, he said.

"Haywood was a popular young man," he said when told Eaton was a gang member. "If friends wanted to have a memorial to remember him and at the same time call for peace, I think it's appropriate. Obviously, because of the way police reacted, I was wrong."

Anonymous said...

Ron Edwards is a consistent police basher and passive agressive race baiter. No more excuses please.Edwards has a history of talking shit and has no substantial achievements other than always blaming cops and white people for his woes.He is a fake and always has been.

Anonymous said...

Did you get permission to repost that article here?

Folwell Fox said...

Par for the course. Aside from an array of criminal charges these folks should be civilly sued for their destruction of city property and injuring officers.

Pond-dragon said...

Interesting how the dialogue turns to the "cops are the problem?"

Not lets stop thugs from carrying around a 7mm that blows kids away for a "dis", not stop some bone head that through a cement chunk through a squad window!
It wasn't the police that killed this kid a year ago, its ok to have anguish, put maybe a look in the mirror, might be useful from time to time. If this was a memorial, it looks like one thing for sure, this kid died in vane "Nothing changed" what are these folks doing different this year than last? In memorial of the kids death they tried to start a riot?

Anonymous said...

Um this shit is happening every were all over the country more and more people are becoming fed up and more irate every thing is going to hell it seems and nothing is going to stop it either watch and see it's going to explode soon and I don't know when or what time or day but it seems clear to me now that living in the cities is not a good idea.that's if your awake to whats really going on in the u.s.are borders and the world events around us I suggest get a gun or two..because I think order out of chaos is coming but I hope im wrong lol!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

To anonymous at 11:01 a.m.

That is not an "article," but an excerpt of the weekly crime highlights, which is a government produced document that is widely disseminated. No permission is needed to quote from it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:01 am is not referring to the highlights but rather to the Strib article that was copied/pasted in the comments section. The answer is no, but guess what, it's the internet, shit goes viral. Have the strib contact the blog and they can duke it out together.