Sunday, September 27, 2009

Murder Victim Haywood Eaton Was Previously In Crime Highlights...

With one media source reporting Haywood Eaton as the murder victim at today's shooting near Hawthorn Crossings Strip Mall, a quick Google search reveals Mr. Eaton was recently mentioned on the 4th Precinct crime highlights, as follows:


26XX Knox Av N Saturday 07-04-09 01:30 hrs 09-204814

AP1/Eaton, Haywood J. /BM 18 yrs. and AP2/ Robinson, Jonte G. /BM-18 yrs. stopped on a TLE where a SMITH & WESSON .357 Cal. 7-shot revolver w/6” BBL USA was found in the center console.

This might be a good time to mention how grateful I am that Margaret at the Minneapolis Crime Blog puts up the weekly highlights, making the data accessible through Google searches.

(Do not click "Read More")


Margaret said...

I am grateful to the 4th precinct that compiles them and sends them out. Also, the 4th precinct CARE website posts them.
I think mine come up faster on google because I have a blogger blog.

Anonymous said...

What time did this happen? My husband drove to that Burger King around lunchtime to get us some food. Scary!

Johnny Northside said...

Yeah, the shooting happened around lunchtime. You might want to ask your husband if there was a green Tahoe-like vehicle behind him in the drive through!

My friend and fellow board member Brian Thao Worra says he had breakfast at that Burger King yesterday. I often go there to get my kid a shake and fries, since the nearby McDonalds is much too scummy.

Heck, they keep the straws behind the counter. Their customers apparently can't be trusted with UNLIMITED STRAWS.

But now I may have to rethink which fast food joint to avoid.

Jordan Neighbor said...

@JNS - how about you avoid them ALL???

Anonymous said...

Haywood has family that loved him greatly. Everyone worried about dumb stuff. Prayers for this family would be nice. Does it matter at this point that he had a gun back in July? He wasn't the one doing the shooting yesterday.........get it right!!!! This man is dead.

tammika said...

I bet you all are white. It just kills me how white people love to report about black people/black neighborhoods. I guess I shouldn't complain...considering how I am always complaining about the hillbillies down the street from me. The meth addict, the broken-toothed mechanic, the beater (who loves wearing wife-beaters) and the son who's always stealing money from his mom.
PS...that was my cousin.
As he sister said over and over while she held his dead body, while none of the shit fucks watching called the police, "all he wanted was something to eat>"

Jordan Neighbor said...

@tammika - I am white - and I live here. And I'm so saddened at the violence in our community. Regardless of color of skin of suspects or victims - it saddens me beyond words and we must never never never get numbed, jaded and desensitized to the shocking horror of someone being murdered in our community.

Tammika what can we do as a community, what can we do for your family, for Haywood's family, so that his death, his life, isn't meaningless but it can be a catalyst for healing our community.

Let us know here, we are listening - there's many people reading here to reach out to. Let us know what we can do.

Larry C. said...

Yes Tammika, they are all white. Every once in a while they'll wear the PC hats and act socially conscious, but make no mistake, Johnny Northside and his 'friends' are trying to push forward their vision of gentrification. To them that means more whites with money, and only black folks who are successful, middle class, and act and speak like them get to stick around. Otherwise, this blog would actually know and cover the accomplishments of a few blacks not named Samuels and Browne.

Shirley said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Tammika. God bless you.

Johnny Northside said...

His police record is highly relevant. And the Star Tribune thinks so, too. Please note this portion of the story they published today about Haywood Eaton's police record:

Eaton, of Brooklyn Park, is listed in at least 10 police reports between 2006 and 2009 as either a victim, suspect or "other."

He was arrested July 4 on probable cause of carrying a weapon without a permit when a gun was recovered from a car he was in, according to police reports. In December, he was shot at, requiring treatment.

Other incidents in 2007 included:

• In May, he was stopped for a possible curfew violation while riding his bike. Police found three 9-millimeter rounds in his pocket and $170 in cash he said he intended to use for a gun purchase.

• In August, Eaton was shot in the neck while riding a mo-ped. The injury was not life-threatening.

• In October he pled guilty to a felony charge of selling marijuana.

• In November, he witnessed a shooting between 15-year-olds.

Anonymous said...

I'm white, and I really try hard to learn from my previous mistakes. I had to learn that my bad decisions produced real, unavoidable consequences.

My race had nothing to do with my ability to learn these lessons.
Race is not material.

Anonymous said...

"...that means more whites with money, and only black folks who are successful, middle class, and act and speak like them get to stick around."

Sounds good to me. What are my other options- Idiots with records carry guns getting in fights trying to kill each other in broad daylight, at a Burger King? Nice. More people with college degrees who know how to behave. - YES! Bring them on.

Anonymous said...

No matter what Haywood has done in the past doesn't matter!!! He is no longer with us. No matter what he did wrong in his short life gave someone the right to kill him. Why don't you focus on who killed him. Find the killers criminal history. Why are you talking about Haywood. He didn't kill no one. Leave HAYWOOD alone. He was a teenager.

Anonymous said...

Haywood just became an adult. He is just 18 years old. Everyone remember that in 2006, 2007, and 2008 Haywood was a minor. What the hell is wrong with you people talking about the young man that was murdered. He is now gone. His whole family needs prayers. God bless all his family.

Optymystyc said...

He's deceased. Do we deny respect to honor objectivity?

Anonymous said...

"Does it matter at this point that he had a gun back in July?"

If the adults in Haywood's life had thought that it "mattered" that he had a gun back in July, maybe things could have gone a different way for him.

Johnny Northside said...

Folks have a very odd definition of "respect" if it means not printing truthful, relevant information.

Haywood was no saint when he was alive, and death didn't transform him into one. Somewhere in the information about his past criminal behavior might be the clue to who shot him and why.

But then again, I suppose the 20 or so people involved in the incident could just open their yaps and tell the police everything they know, instead of keeping their mouths shut under some kind of street code. That might help find the killer, too.

Anonymous said...

"none of the shit fucks watching called the police,"

The police had already been called before the shooting even occurred, which is why they were able to get there so quickly:
"Police said they received a call about a fight in front of the Burger King on the corner of Broadway and Bryant Avenues North on Sunday, but quickly escalated into a shooting."

tammika said...

Many of us...African Americans...have degrees as well. I am pretty sure Johnny appleseed-head googled my name because he's pathetic. I believe that Johnny's life is so miserable and he is such a loser that he can only find joy in other's misery. That's why he has this blog...he is so lame that this is the only way he can get someone to pay attention to him. I agree with one of the idiots who posted one called the police! Instead of the "Stop Snitchin", we need "Stop Silence"...or something like that. Another thing...the news reports aren't accurate. He was never shot in the neck...where that came from...I don't know. I was watching the news were the police said it wasn't gang related but the reporter was determined to make it that way!
To all the people white people...I apologize for making comments about the hillbillies down the street from me. I just wanted to show how Highland Park is no different than the Northside of Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

WOW interesting comments. I will say that I am white and I try to honor Dr. King's dream. That is to judge people by the content of their character. I would love to see a safer neighborhood for all of us who live here. My husband was at that Burger King just minutes before the shooting. He was buying lunch for us and our 15 year old nieghbor kid who loves to hang out with us (he's black!). He is a great kid and isn't running around with the wrong crowd. He is working hard in school and thinks the gang/drug crowd are idiots. What bugs me is that he could so easily get caught in a crossfire or be mistaken by police because of living in this neighborhood. He deserves better. It is sad that an 18 year old is dead but with his record I think it is just one more criminal off the streets and for that I am thankful! That is a harse thing to say but it is honestly how I feel.

Anonymous said...

"Many of us...African Americans...have degrees as well."

Who suggested otherwise?

"no one called the police!"

Since no one called the police, how did they get there?

Anonymous said...

Tammika - should we just go back to full segregation? Do you want white people living in this neighborhood or not? I always wanted to have my children, who are white, in a diverse environment so that they can grow up to understand others and not judge. However, I don't think this is going to happen. They are already puzzled by what they see around the neighborhood and I had to pull them out of the northside school they attended (after giving it a try for 4 years). They are now in a mostly white school and I am glad! There are a lot of problems in the lower income community. Just accept it!

Johnny Northside said...

Well, this blog certainly DID NOT report that he was shot in the neck. That was some other news source. And they are reporting a previous incident taken from police records, not this incident. For the record, I don't know where he was shot in this incident, except it did not appear to be the face or the head.

However, I have no reason to doubt the information of the Star Tribune about a previous incident where Haywood Eaton was wounded in the neck. But if you think it's not accurate, ask the Star Tribune for a correction.

It might surprise some to learn that EVERY incident like this has its share of misinformation. If you carefully compare all the media coverage, you will find contradictions and missing pieces. Every journalist is trying to get the pieces of the puzzle, and misinformation floats around. For example, members of the crowd who were GOING OUT OF THEIR MINDS over a false rumor a baby was killed.

That is why journalists use phrases like "reportedly" and "according to" instead of saying something is a fact. Journalists get the best info they can under the circumstances. More info will come later and that will probably get printed, too. For now, people need to know what information is available.

One might think this rumor about a child being killed originated with the fact a 4-year-old was at the scene of the shooting, (reportedly) holding the hand of the 15-year-old who was injured.

Riddle me this: if that is true, how did a 15-year-old end up at the scene of the fight, holding the hand of a 4-year-old? I heard some audio on a television station which said the juvenile "went to see the fight, like everybody."


NOT like everybody.

If I were in the area with a 4-year-old, I would STAY THE HELL AWAY from a fight out in the street with a large group of people, where a gun is likely to come out at any time. I have good sense and I'm trying to help my neighborhood become better, not worse. I wouldn't run to a fight. I would observe from a safe distance and call 911. Thank god some RESPONSIBLE PERSON called 911 while numerous thugs and thug hanger-ons were out in the street watching the fight or actively participating.

I'll bet you anything cell phone video exists.

This area--all the way from West Broadway and Lyndale to West Broadway and Emerson, right along West Broadway, there--is full of no-account hanging around drug loitering. Nothing good comes from the individuals who are hanging around all day in this area, particularly in the parking lot of Hawthorn Crossings strip mall and the fence along the sidewalk, right where Haywood Eaton died.

And I have written about Hawthorn Crossings REPEATEDLY and tried to bring this troubled area to the attention of public officials, even going so far as to name this strip mall my "blog bitch."

The incidents outlined by the Star Tribune about the life of Haywood Eaton say PLENTY. I'll say what needs to be said: where was the intervention from this guy's family to get him off the streets?

It's not my job to transform victims into candidates for sainthood. The truth is the truth, though it be ugly. And these comment threads provide a forum for anybody who wants to bring up their take on the issue, within reasonable bounds.

tammika said...

Tammika - should we just go back to full segregation?
No...If you are going to live in an apart of the solution not the problem. This blog is part of the problem.
I grew up on the southside of chicago, so I grew up around gangs and drugs. I don't blame white people for anything, because I wasn't around white people on a regular basis until I graduated from college and moved here. I just don't like when white people write blogs about black people.

tammika said...

If burger king or anyone of those people had of called the police at the first sign of trouble...the shooting could've been avoided. Unfortunately...people like to oohh and aahh until a gun is pulled.

Johnny Northside said...

So is the Star Tribune part of the problem, too, by reporting this guy's rather extensive rap sheet?

Or does the Star Tribune just not have an open comment thread on the story about Haywood Eaton, where you can get this stuff off your chest?

If you knew Haywood Eaton so well, perhaps you can say here and now: who were the enemies who wanted to kill him? Which gang was he a member of?

Because it sure as heck looks like he was in some kind of gang, given his history.

Have I said "God Bless The Fourth Precinct" lately? I better say it:

GOD BLESS THE FOURTH PRECINCT. How many times did they protect us from, oh gee...

Haywood Eaton?

tammika said...

To the lady with the 15 year are sooo right. It would have been very unfortunate if something was to happen to your son. There have been many times where an innocent bystander was murdered for being at the wrong place/wrong time. So...I pray that you don't have to eat your words later on down the road. If you so happenly have to eat your words...I pray that you don't have to read where someone's is thankful to have one more criminal off the streets. If that unfortunate event does happen, you will see that no matter how white his parents are, they will lump him with the rest of the criminals.

Johnny Northside said...

I was writing my other comment and missed a comment which came in, which I just approved, but it appears above my PREVIOUS comment...


People like to ooh and ahh instead of calling police?

I am not one of those people and neither are most of my friends who are active in giving me information for this blog. We call the police when, for example, a large group appears to be loitering and trying to solicit drug business from passing cars in known trouble spots.

Some responsible person called the police while others watched the fight like a spectacle. One person even dragged a FOUR YEAR OLD there to watch the fight.

Unfortunately, police don't appear INSTANTLY when they are called.

Haywood Eaton should have never been living the life he lived and he probably should have never been in this notorious trouble spot, not even to buy food from Burger King.

Talk about being part of the PROBLEM. It sounds like HAYWOOD was THE PROBLEM. He was HIS OWN PROBLEM and he died in a way that could have been PREDICTED.

"He who liveth by the sword, by that same sword he shall surely die."

Haywood lived by the gun. He died that way.

Amen, and anybody who has information needs to provide it to the police.

But who is getting the heat from your venting, Tamika? Oh, gee, educated professionals (black as well as white) who are sharing information on the internet to make the neighborhood better?

tammika said...

The driver of the green tahoe is Haywood's childs' mother. The owner of the green tahoe is the childs' mothers' boyfriend. Get the picture. Had nothing to do with gangs or drugs. Had everything to do with a stupid little girl, having low self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

"I just don't like when white people write blogs about black people."

Tammika: JNS was at the scene, waiting for his car to be released from under the crime tape. He doesn't have a right to have an opinion about what happened, or to write about it?

How, precisely, does being silent solve the problem?

I think facing up to the fact that there were clearly warning signs of trouble in this young man's life is more helpful. If it really is true that his family insists that this came entirely "out of the blue," because they actually were incapable of noticing these trouble signs, then maybe this blog is actually doing a great service by pointing out that, no, it doesn't have to be "normal" for kids to have guns, and hang around with other kids who have guns and shoot at each other. That isn't the way it has to be.

Johnny Northside said...

No, I don't get the picture.

Please break it down and make it plain for me. I mean, I pick up my child from my ex-wife and her new husband all the time. We get along well enough.

So I really don't get what you are saying and I surely don't know the names of these folks.

Kevin said...

Timmika, reporting the behavior isn't the problem. It's the behavior that's the problem.

There is nothing wrong with shedding light on what the problem is. Rather than bitching about how someone has pointed out the problem, how about you focus on fixing the problem.

That problem is the thug life behavior that seems so prevalent in many areas of the city, both black, white and otherwise.

Race hasn't a damn thing to do about it. In my opinion you're the racist for continuously injecting it into a situation where it has no relevance

tammika said...

You don't need names. The incident didn't involve gangs or drugs. If you can't read between the lines...oh well.

tammika said...

One more the lady honoring Dr King's dream! Some way to honor him...being glad that someone is dead. Out of all the fucked up shit white people did to black people...he never advocated your deaths. That was the most stupid, wannabe righteous shit I've ever read.

Johnny Northside said...

To be 100 percent accurate: it was not my car, but my friend's car that ended up under the crime scene tape. Also, it ended up under the tape because the tape kept expanding for--my word--an incredible distance.

They used A LOT OF TAPE. They really need to make that stuff out of corn starch polymer.

This is MY MALL, as bad as it is. This is where I buy my kid a chocolate shake and get him pizza from Little Caesar's, and if they don't have a "hot and ready" item ready, you get free breadsticks, but you better make a point of asking or they will "forget."


My question to Tammika hangs in the air: I don't understand what you mean about Haywood, the mother of his baby, her new boyfriend...

In a situation like that, isn't everybody supposed to just sit down and have a beer and work out some kind of reasonable visitation schedule?

Please note some of these pictures were taken by my 12-year-old. I picked him up from my ex-wife and her new husband. He's not such a bad guy, really.

So I really don't get what you're saying, Tammika.

tammika said...

If race isn't the problem...right about your own race.

The Mortgage Geek said...

"I don't like it when white people write blogs about black people"?!?!

What kind of nonsense is THAT?

Larry C: in my vision that I'm pushing for, here's who does not get to stick around. If you're involved in using or dealing illegal drugs, I want your behavior to stop or I want you gone. If you are a pimp, prostitute, or john, I want your behavior to stop or I want you gone. If you throw your trash from convenience stores or restaurants on the street in my neighborhood, I want that behavior to change or I want you to take your business elsewhere. If you're carrying a gun (without a permit, I might add) or involved in violence, ESPECIALLY against our youth, I want your behavior to change or I want you out of my neighborhood.

I don't think that good, safe, law-abiding behavior is limited to any race or class. Aside from the basic building blocks for a safe neighborhood listed above, I really don't care if someone looks, dresses, talks, or acts differently than I do.

Furthermore, as we revitalize our community, I have no desire to see people who already have a leg up come along and exclusively benefit from these improvements. But my first priority is changing the behavior of people in my neighborhood. If that can be done by keeping them here, great. But there are those who are simply going to remain in a life of crime and I want those people gone.

Tammika, I am sorry for your loss and for your family. And while this blog and other media have reported on the difficult aspects of Haywood's life (reporting that I will defend as relevant) I also saw reports with Sondra Samuels and the Peace Foundation about how Haywood was active there and was making an effort to turn away from the things in his past. Regardless, he did not deserve what happened to him and you and your family do not deserve what you are going through. You will be in my prayers.

Jeff Skrenes, aka "The Mortgage Geek"

Johnny Northside said...

Again, comments are coming in so fast that they are appearing somewhat out of order...

Tammika: I can read between the lines well enough. Well enough to know you need to be talking to the police, not venting on a blog.

Are you saying the shooter was the driver of the Green Tahoe-like vehicle (confirm it was a Tahoe?) and the mother of Haywood's baby was in the vehicle?

And where was the baby?

And where is the boyfriend now? Is he a fugitive?

I don't think you know shit, Tammika. I think you're just an attention-seeking teller of tales, like whoever it was who called the crime scene and said a baby was dead. I think you're making this up.

tammika said...

Hmm...let's see.
I would be really upset if my boyfried was using my car to drive his ex-girlfriend around behind my back. Not upset to fight/kill anyone.

tammika said...

You started the who's looking for attention.

Johnny Northside said...

OK...let me get this straight...

Who owns the (expletive) Tahoe? Is it Haywood? The boyfriend? Or the baby mama? And is it really a Tahoe or does it just LOOK like one?

Or are we talking about a different vehicle completely?

Go ahead, Tammika. Tell your tall tales in dribs and drabs. I'm amused by your b.s.

Johnny Northside said...


If I were merely looking for attention, this blog would be a lot more about ME and a lot less about the neighborhood.

You are the one who claims to know things unknown to the media and possibly even the police. You're the one seeking attention. I am merely seeking information.

I highly doubt what you are saying and, furthermore, you may be trying to spread misinformation.

tammika said...

You know what's!
You just want information to talk to your friends about over a beer or some shit. You're not the police, so I don't have to prove shit to you. Believe what you wanna believe. I feel I've made my point...considering you're being defensive. You're mad because you are a miserable piece of shit who only feels good by comparing your life to the misery around you. No wonder their is an ex-wife.

tammika said...

You don't know what's known/unknown. Did you expect someone to call you or something?

Johnny Northside said...

Made your point? About what?

Nothing you're saying can be proven. Your blogspot profile is inaccessible.

You could be writing about this stuff from the other side of the country, like a blog troll, just seeking attention.

And since you see fit to make a certain comment, I'll make this one: at least I was MARRIED to the mother of my child and WENT TO COLLEGE FIRST.

tammika said... way, shit-face!
You were married, with a degree first? You too! WOW
But your divorced now?

Johnny Northside said...

Completely inaccessible. Yes. I have no freaking idea who you are except you go by the name "Tammika" on blogspot.

And you have atrocious grammar for somebody claiming to have a college degree, which just makes me think everything else you say is a lie, too, and you know NOTHING about this incident or, worse, you DO know something about this incident and you are just here to cause spread misinformation, like the misinformation spread at the crime scene about a dead baby.

So, "Goes By Tammika," if you have something to say about the incident, say it. I'm getting ready to stop approving your comments under a whole new category I've never used before: suspected attempt to spread misinformation about an active police investigation.

tammika said...

I have work to do, blogging takes up too much time. I am done!
To all of the people with compassion...GOD Bless!
To all of the idiots...may lice feed on the hair in between your booty cracks.

tammika said...

Did know I was writing a term-paper...shit-head? Is it my grammer or my language? Do you know the meaning of sarcasm? Obviously, not! So, while I am doing a grammer pull out a dictionary.

tammika said...

You aren't suppose to access my profile. I decided to give you some needed it.

Johnny Northside said...

For the record, Tammika, you were never "blogging" by going on my blog and putting up comments. Sorry you find it so tiring.

Furthermore, good spelling and grammar isn't just something that gets pulled out for TERM PAPERS, it should be part of all written communication. (Though I think many exceptions can be made for texting)

Thanks (sarcasm font) for the lovely image of lice and booty cracks, etc.

I have confidence the police will find their suspect and we'll see whether there was any truth to your cryptic statements about the boyfriend, Haywood's (alleged) baby mama, etc.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if this "Tammika" is just a made up profile and the author of those posts is not at all what he/she purports to be. But we'll see. We shall see.

Katie said...

"Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call Minneapolis police at 612-692-8477." [Kare 11 News]

Get the murderer of this boy off the street.

Anonymous said...

One person makes sense and that's the morgage guy. Haywood had white and bi-racial people in his family that he loved. Haywood shouldn't have died. No one desesrves to die like he did. Baby daddy drama is what it was. The owner of the truck was haywood girlfriend ex boyfriend. Did the ex boyfriend have the right to fight or kill haywood cause haywood was in the truck? Hell no!!!!!!!!! Was haywood the one to blame? Hell no!!!! Haywood did nothing wrong Sunday(nothing). Haywood was not the one with the gun. Haywood was the one that was killed. Where is the respect for human life? Who gives a damn what color he was. Who gives a damn about his past. He was young. When we are young we learn from the things we do wrong. I know for a fact he was trying to change his life around. We should all be proud of him for that. He was in school. He was working. He was trying. Not everyone trys to change from bad to good mostly at that young of age(or any age for that matter). He had to start the change sometime. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. Leave Haywood alone he's not here to protect himself. Not fair that everyone talking smack about a dead man.

tammika said...


Johnny Northside said...

If journalists were required to follow this "leave Haywood alone" principal, very little would get written about murdered people who, statistically, usually know their murderers.

Anonymous, are you taking the "facts" about baby mama drama put forth by Tammika and commenting about them, or do you know these "facts" independently?

And then there's the possibility that "Tammika" and the most recent "Anonymous" are one and the same.

And does anybody have A NAME? Apparently not. You act like you know who the shooter was, but do you have a NAME?

Then you talk about "drama." You are apparently here to create your own drama.

Johnny Northside said...

In regard to "Leave Haywood ALONE!"

Those words can't help but invoke flashbacks of this particular video, well known to those who are on the digital side of the digital divide:

tammika said...'re pathetic!
I feel sorry for you! I am also going tell people to stop calling me everytime you post something.
The same people.......

Anonymous said...

Johnny northside if you live on the northside you shouldn't be trying to knock people down but be trying to lift people up. People don't change by people talking disrespectful to them. Tammeka knows a lot more then you because it was her family member. She deserves a sorry from you for you being so rude. I thought this site was pretty cool when I first found it. Now I think you are an ass hole with nothing better to do.

Johnny Northside said...

This is the blogosphere, where anybody can claim anything. I'm not talking to her IN PERSON. I'm talking to her on a BLOG. If she wants me to even believe she is who she says she is, she should back that up.

Here she is waving around facts about a murder and acting like she knows something.

tammika said...

He's mad and pathetic...and if that's a pic of him...goofy-looking like a mofo too!

tammika said...

He is stupid too! He was the first to mention the "Green-Tahoe"!

Johnny Northside said...

For the record, I first referred to it as a green "Tahoe-like" vehicle. Whether it is, in fact, a Tahoe or a similar vehicle is still unconfirmed. But if you think you know so much about the vehicle, prove it.

Go ahead. Blow me away with your (suspected) tall tales. Tell me how much you know but won't say. Then call me "disrespectful" when I call you out on your b.s. and your claims to know so much and to be so worthy of sympathy.

Go ahead. Tell me to "LEAVE HAYWOOD ALONE!"

not ur business said...

I am not tammeka my name is not your business. I don't know who killed Haywood. I do know some details. But you are not the police nosey johny. I know Haywood so I'm trying to figure out what happened. I love Haywood. I've been writting on here now for 2 days. I wrote before temmeka so get your facts right. If this web site is to better things well then how are you planning to do that? If you can't handle the northside move

Johnny Northside said...

I am "handling" the Northside just fine, thanks.

If you can't "handle" the blogosphere, then YOU don't have to be HERE. The sad and sorry thug life Haywood Eaton lived prior to being killed is relevant and newsworthy information. And if somebody comes here claiming to have information about this murder but they're not spilling that info, they're just "making claims and playing games" then I'm going to demand the info, not tip-toe all around their precious little feelings.

But, yes, the information should go to the POLICE. Unfortunately, sometimes people prefer to spill info anonymously on a blog rather than talk to the police. I'm perfectly happy to provide that anonymous forum.

Anybody got the name of the shooter? The girlfriend? The real story?

Spill it here. Anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Temmeka I understand where your coming from. I know Haywood. My kids know Haywood. They grew up around him. We love Haywood. You and I know what is what all these other people have no clue. They just here to judge people. I will be there for your family and my prayers are coming. Haywood is in heaven the best place ever!!!!!!!!!!! Idk what is wrong with this johnny northside dude. He is a jerk. He acts like he never did anything wrong or never been in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one is perfect. God called Haywood home. Take care of your self girl!!!! May God be with your family!!!

tammika said...

Just like a white person...
No sympathy for anyone. You don't have to feel sympathy for me, though. I am still living and breathing. I will feel sympathy for you! I bet you're as red as a beet...about to burst a bloodvessel.
I promise this is my last post (you know who I am talking to)!

Johnny Northside said...

GOD called Haywood home?

Um, excuse me, could I get the actual name of who it was who called Haywood home? And why, specifically, he was shot?

Next, I've never made claims to be perfect and I do have one very good quality: a thick skin, so thick I'm perfectly willing to approve and print your criticisms of me if that's what it takes to get some actual valuable information.

If anybody has the name of the shooter or the girlfriend, post it. License plate of the green Tahoe-like vehicle? Post it.

A link to video on YouTube of the fight incident? Post the link.

tammika said...

Johnny may not approve this, but I just noticed that he accepts paypal!
If you think he's a jerk...boycott his blog!

Johnny Northside said...

(Sarcasm font)

Yeah, Tammika, I'm so so worried the rich PayPal revenue stream will get cut off because of your little comment.

Do you have something to say about your (alleged) relative Haywood Eaton and the life he lived and any information about how he died? Or do you think criticizing this blog is making some kind of positive impact?

Or, you know, maybe you can argue with THIS principal:

"He who liveth by the sword, by that same sword he shall surely die."

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tammika and friends: Do you have any anger all for the person who actually shot Haywood, or is it all reserved for people who had nothing at all to do with the incident, but have committed the great sin of having noticed that it happened, and wondered what the facts of the case are? We might never know much about Haywood's character, but you have certainly shown us a great deal about your own.

Anonymous said...

I'm outta here. This is bs. Johnnny northside is a sorry excuse for a man.....if that's really who u r. No one has 2 prove nothing to u. U don't know if any of these police have already went to the police. U ASSUME. Read the word ASS-U-me.stupid. ur the jerk johnny. Haywood was a person.....

Johnny Northside said...

We don't even know if these semi-anonymous posters are who they claim, so let's reserve judgment on, for example, Haywood's family.

I mEAN, We know how Haywood lived based on the police record. BUT we may or may not know something based on the comments by Tammika, who may or MAY NOT be who she claims to be.

I'm open to receiving any info floating around out there which may come this-a-way through anonymous comments.

Who was the woman at the center of the drama? If that's REALLY true? Is she the same woman who I photographed being placed in a squad car?

Anonymous said...

You should go to the police, Johnny! They will tell you whatever you need to know!

The Mortgage Geek said...

"Just like a white person...No sympathy for anyone."

Tammika, I have expressed my sympathy for you and I hope that was accepted in the spirit it was given. I'll let you infer my race if you so desire, but it doesn't really matter. That was a racist comment and I'm calling you out on it.

John, I'm calling you out as well. I know where you're coming from, I know your default setting is usually a notch or two beyond whatever anyone else operates at, but still...tone it down. We can still have meaningful exchanges of ideas and information without a lot of the vitriol. Sometimes that vitriol comes from other people, or is justified. But I think a lot of your comments here invited that tone unnecessarily and do a disservice to the other good things on your blog.

Anonymous said...

It's troubling to see that the same people who are claiming that "no one called the police" being so coy about what they do and do not know, and about whether or not they have gone to the police. The problem isn't "out there" somewhere--you, yourselves, are deciding to perpetuate the problem, by buying into the "no snitches" mindset.

Anonymous said...

Timnicka made this comment earlier:
Instead of the "Stop Snitchin", we need "Stop Silence"...or something like that.

Johnny Northside said...

Mortgage Geek: people claiming to have information about a murder who come here to criticize the blog are going to get called out on their b.s.

Something is working. 75 comments so far. All time record for hottest thread.

But do we have any useful info? I don't think so. A name, a license plate, a link to YouTube cell phone video...that's what I'm after. And if it takes being an asshole to get it, I'll be an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, if anyone has information, shouldn't they give it to the police and not you? I don't feel that you really care about the situation.
Tamika, you've made some really racist comments.

Anonymous said...

"Timnicka made this comment earlier:
Instead of the "Stop Snitchin", we need "Stop Silence"...or something like that."

Exactly. It would be nice if she would live up to this sentiment, rather than playing coy about whether or not she went to the police--she doesn't need to post any facts here, of course--just do the right thing and say "Yes, I told the police everything I know that might be relevant, because it's the right thing to do."

Johnny Northside said...

Yes, I agree, it would be preferable to give the information to the police instead of me. And I do care about the situation, if you define the situation as getting the thug off the streets who shot this guy...

A guy who doesn't sound much better than the thug who shot him, and I don't really care to pour a layer of sugar frosting on that reality. If somebody wants to come here and say different about Haywood Eaton, they can feel free. I know what I read in the STrib, and that STrib info came from the police.

Jordan Neighbor said...

Of course something as sad and shocking as this homocide right here under our noses in broadday light with hundreds of people around including children - it's going to make all of our emotions high.

This needs to be a time when the community becomes closer, not more divided, and we talk, discuss, learn and take action to help AVOID this type of thing in the future - DON'T LET HAYWOOD'S DEATH BE FOR NOTHING - let's get the word out to all the other kids who need intervention - there is help! We are here - the community will support you in changing the course of your life. It can be done.

No more comments that are personal, immature and negative.

Only comments that have substantive information to add to the topic should be approved at this point.

And JNS's response comments need to lead the way, not be pulled down into the gutter of our emotional distress.

Let's make this a turning point for the neighborhood that we all love - let's make Haywood's life and death MEAN SOMETHING GOOD instead of being pointless.

Johnny Northside said...

I want information, not emotion. I'm here to get information. If somebody gets mad enough at me to spill valuable information, that's fine with me.

Here is what FOX9 is saying:
Police say a fight broke out outside the Burger King. As police were responding, shots were fired. The dead victim was found across the street. Investigators wouldn’t comment on a motive for the shooting but family members believe it was over a girl. They say Haywood and his girlfriend were seen driving a car that belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

What car? And who was in the Green Tahoe-like vehicle? AND WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE EX-BOYFRIEND? AND WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE GIRL?

Anonymous said...

I can understand her being upset, if she really is a relative. I also know that in that type of community, you can't go throwing names around. I think that is why she said, "no silence". It hurts to lose a loved one. As a relative, she would know more about him than the news or the police. She would know more about the situation. I don't think her point in posting her comment was to prove that she has evidence. I think she was voicing her outrage at the situation and the lack of compassion from this blog.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say that girl was BS? I guess FOX is BS too!

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later they (the Idiots who do not know how to behave) will all kill each other and North Minneapolis will be rid of them... Those of us left, will not shed a tear.

They made their bed, let them lie in it, and hopefully no innocent bystanders will suffer as the Idiots fall.

Race is immaterial. Behavior matters.

tammika said...

I just want to apologize to everyone for all of my racist comments.
Mortgage Guy...I really want to apologize to you.
Johnny Appleseed head, I hope you find what you're looking for.
To everyone reading this comment...
I will never see Haywood again in this lifetime. I will never be able to put him in a head-lock or full-nelson until he yells stop (sometimes I forget to act my age)again. I will never be able to sit on the porch on a warm night and talk to him/laugh with him about random things. I will never be able to go a while without seeing, so that when I do see him, I give him a great big hug while trying to pick him because I am so happy to see him. That will never happen again.

Johnny Northside said...

Tammika, I'm sorry for what happened to Haywood. I really am. When I was in the army, there was a soldier from "the hood" who had two bullet holes in him, and he had not yet been to a war, just his neighborhood. He was trying to turn his life around, get an education, and provide money to his baby.

So I think of Haywood as being, potentially, like this soldier. It's a shame his life is gone and he won't have a chance to live it. It could have been a good life.

I hope you understand all I want is INFO. I did act like an asshole to you. I did. Because you came here angry and I wanted you to spill information, so I figured if you were already angry and spilling info, getting you ANGRIER might make you spill more.

Arguably, I should have had more regard for your feelings. Two of my friends tell me so and I'm sensitive to their input. Sometimes. So I'm sorry for hurting your feelings. Please feel free to say anything you want about how you miss him, what kind of person he was, etc. I can't promise I won't criticize, but I'll try to be NICER.

If somebody criticized my little son, I would defend him. I would defend him even if everything said were true. And I think that's actually one of the elements that keeps civilization together, as much as it IS together: family looks out for family and defends its own.

Look. I have been trying to get that nasty-ass Hawthorn Crossings strip mall cleaned up and made into a nice place. For EVERYBODY. Black. White. Asian. Native American. Mixed. Gay. I do not care who. EVERYBODY.

It is an awful place. Drugs are sold there openly. The police can't keep up.

Haywood Eaton staggered to the area DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the Hawthorn Crossings strip mall sign. It wasn't just the shooter who killed him, though I hope they get the guy (name, please?) and put him in jail forever.

But it wasn't just the shooter that killed him. It was THAT AWFUL PLACE which has been allowed to fester like an open wound on West Broadway.

I hope this becomes the incident which is the turning point, and when the place becomes nice again, when it is re-dedicated as a commercial gem instead of a commercial hellhole, maybe words will be said and Haywood Eaton will be remembered.

Again, I want to make clear...I was an asshole. I was an asshole DELIBERATELY because it's my job to get info, and I'll do what it takes to get it.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time that I have ever seen this blog and sadden that I have. Sick of reading all of you talk about both racist. This was not a racist issue.

I knew Haywood for a short time and can and do know he had a troubled path.So what if he had been picked up with a gun before, so what if he had drugs on him before. The young man is dead and is family has to figure out how they are going to burie him. Others on here want to find out what they can do.

Ok here is a suggestion take some money to the school he attended and or send some food to the family. Dont ask what can you do..just do it. The other question should also be asked "WHY" did the police man at Cub foods just stand by the fence and watch what was going on.

Some of the other people involved was with the man that killed him. Once the police can blow up the photos all parties involved will be brought in and there are people talking.

The green tahoe that everyone spoke about was not his or his girlfriends but belonged to her old boyfriend and was not happy that Haywood was in his vehicle. Cant tell you why each other had the other car but was she did have a restaining order on the old boyfriend. As I see it was a jealous old lover that couldn't stand that she had moved on from him. This was not gang related.

We that knew Haywood will miss him deeply those that want to talk shit..let me know when someone you know dies and I can do research myself to find out every bad thing they did from their child/adult hood and see if you like it

Anonymous said...

Police caught the killer of Haywood today. Guess everyone will know if this is true when they report it on the news or in the paper. Everyone just wants the killer off the streets.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad there were some sorrys going on here. I pray that something good does come of Haywood being killed. If even one young troubled teenager changes his/her ways because they seen Haywood laying out there. Its very sad Haywood is gone. Haywood was very loved by many.

Anonymous said...

Haywood will be missed. Haywood is in heaven!!! The Lord called him home. Pray for this family.

shay moe said... so fuck u johnny u think that sit funny u gotta lotta enemies out here now fuck boy imma fuck u up talkin bout leave haywood alone u think this is funny u think its a joke boy fuck u dude u betta get ya act right imma find u pussy boy go to dha north side and say this shit

Johnny Northside said...

One comment rejected on the basis that (I strongly suspect) this person should talk to me through their attorney, not post anonymous comments on my blog.

Johnny Northside said...

To Anonymous at 6:22

First I've heard of a policeman at the fence of Cub Foods. However, it true it makes sense to me that a police officer would call for more police rather than single-handedly intervene in a fight reportedly involving as many as 20 people.

If it was a POLICE OFFICER who made the 911 call instead of some responsible citizen, that tells us even more about that area and how much it needs to be cleaned up.

Johnny Northside said...

To Anonymous at 9:04

Name? Got a name of this killer who you say was arrested?

Don Allen said...

Johnny, is that "clean up" as get rid of the Black people?

MeganG. said...

@ Don Allen - please allow me to answer for Johnny, since I share many revitalization theories with him and several other readers and contributors here on JNS blog.

The answer is NO, not clean up as in get rid of black people. Clean up as in get rid of criminals.

That kind of clean up.

You down with that, Donny? After all, don't all the little kids of Minneapolis deserve to grow up in a safe community??? ALLLLLL of them?

Johnny Northside said...

What she said.

Check out this info from Fox 9, below. The 15-year-old was at the fight with a 4-year-old. He WENT OUTSIDE TO CHECK on what happened. Sounds to me like he dragged the 4-year-old there.

Like anybody else at the scene--this 15-year-old or his cousin could have called 911.
The gunman also hit a 15-year-old boy, who was an innocent bystander, according to the victim's cousin.

That cousin says they were at a nearby restaurant when the 15-year-old boy went outside to check out the fight. He fled after seeing a gun but was still shot in the back.

"He ran inside ... and told me got shot," the cousin says. "I thought he was playing, but he's like, 'Man, I got shot for real.' I took his jacket off and all you see is blood running down the back of his back."

The teenager was rushed to North Memorial Medical Center, where he's expected to survive. A four-year-old girl was actually holding the teen's hand at the time of the shooting, but she was not hit.

My question: WHO HAS CELL PHONE VIDEO? And when can I get the link to YouTube?

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why the Community is so messed up. You got Shay moe making threats, Johnny saying mean and hurtful things to a potential vic of the crime, Tamika who became the better woman at the end of the whole conversation saying racist things, not to mention the others who had negative to say. THIS IS WHY OUR COMMUNITY IS COME TO ITS ENDS!!!! IF WE CANT COME TOGETHER TO MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE AS ADULTS-WHY!!!??? ARE WE EXPECTING THESE CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME... AS A BLACK AMERICAN MOTHER IT HURTS THAT IGNORANCE OF AN ADULT SETTLES BEFORE US TRYING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. (We need the Support) I put all to the test, when someone is doing wrong report,report, report before something bad happens. May this Young Man R.I.P
Stand up and Do something everyone!!!

shocked and disgusted said...

Johnny "northside"... how pathetic of you to bring up haywoods past. as if to say "that's what he gets" very mature of you. very fair of you. you are a loser in life. i have known haywood and his mother since haywood was a young child. later in life haywood became my client at a boys home where i worked. haywood was no angel, but haywood was a child blooming into a young adult. haywood was kind hearted, generous, and helpful. haywood had a bright smile on his face and tackled challenges head on. haywood filled out the most job applications, and tried the hardest out of all of my clients to better himself. the people close to haywood know about what took place the day that haywood was fatally shot and killed, a lack of communication, and a lie from a young girl, lead to haywoods death. something that could have been prevented. so, why don't you take a needle, and sew up the hole on your rear in order to avoid you talking out of your ass anymore in the future. i feel bad for tamika, whatever has happened to you, it's obvious that you have a distrust for white people, and idiots like johnny "northside" probably reaffirm your feelings that all white people are assholes. today is haywoods funeral, i will remember haywood for the person that i knew, PERSONALLY. haywood had the potential, and the sincere heart to grow into a superb man, who could have mentored others. we have not gained by his death but lost. we will miss you haywood. the northside will miss you, brooklyn center will miss you, your family will miss you, the vintage place will miss you, the basketball court will miss you, your friends will miss you. THREW ALL THE NEGATIVE POSTS, YOU WERE SOMEONES CHILD, GUNNED DOWN IN A PARKING LOT, AND IF ANYONE SEES THAT AS JUSTIFIABLE, IF THAT DOES NOT HURT ONES SOUL, THEN THE WORLD IS EVEN MORE FUCKED UP THEN I THOUGHT!!! WE LOVE YOU HAYWOOD. -Joanna

Johnny Northside said...

An arrest was made. And here's what the Star Tribune had to say about Haywood Eaton in the last paragraph of their story.
Little is known about Eaton, but police and court records paint a picture of a young man mixed up in serious crime and violence long before the fatal shooting.

Thank you, Star Tribune, for having my back. Whether that was the intention or not. My only beef with the Star Tribune, most of the time, is I can't trust their links not to go dead.

Mz.Dimplez said...

WE LOVE YOU HAYWOOD!!!!!!!! you would neva be forgotten no matter wat still to dis day cant nobody take your place as my bestfriend im dieing inside without you hopefull on day ill see you again ♥ love ya bestie Mz.Dimplez n ya brotha black we miss you soooooooooooooo much still cant let you go R.I.P lil homie

Anonymous said...

i miss you lil brother from the same dad