Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slumlord Mahmood Khan Video That Was Sent To The City Council By Concerned Northside Residents...

Youtube embed, blog post by John Hoff

The video embedded above was recently sent to the Minneapolis City Council by concerned citizens. Somebody was kind enough to share a link with me on Northtalk, the hot Facebook page where so much gets done, and gets talked about. 


Joel Baird said...

Excellent Video! Kudos to those that participated.

Unfortunately, Khan is but one (the largest) of the poverty pimps who have been allowed to manipulate our laws for personal profit.

The Federal Government overcompensates landlords for these substandard slums, City Inspections turns a blind eye to code violations, and the City Licensing keeps on handing out rental permits to these chronic offenders.

Meanwhile millions of taxpayer dollars are spent at every level of society to counter the the social malaise created as our neighborhoods deteriorate into slums and generations of dysfunctional youth perpetuate this cycle.

Where are the leaders we elected to look out for our community? Don, Barb, and Diane if you don't know how the system works by now maybe you shouldn't be on the City Council. Do we really need to fund $8,132,070 worth of CPED administrative salaries to perpetuate this? Get those guy's up in front of the Council and demand some results!


Johnny Northside! said...

I was on a metro bus, once, and some young girl about 16 was talking to an older guy, about late 50s, (looked like a chronic inebriate) about how unhappy she was at home, wanted to move out, but her parents wouldn't let her because of their Section 8.

So this old guy starts to explain the system to her, how she needs to have her own baby, then she can move out, then she can get her OWN Section 8.

And I see this young woman's eyes light up like, yeah, now THAT'S a good plan.

Every time I hear "Section 8," I hear this old guy from the bus in my head: "Then you gets your OWN Section 8."

Anonymous said...

Wow this is really sad. How can a grown man tell a child, that having a kid young and being on Section 8 is going to help her??? NOOOOOOO this is only going to make you another statisic!!! Come on people!!! GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!