Monday, July 25, 2011

Train Vs. Car - No Injuries Fortunately

A train collided with a mini-van tonight at Lyndale Ave North and Webber Parkway. Luckily, it seems no one was hurt, or at least not seriously.  The word on the street was that the mini-van tried to beat the train, but it looks like the train ended up beating the mini-van.  The crowd that had gathered said the woman driver walked away from the vehicle on her own, so that is fortunate.  It is unknown if the van was headed north on Lyndale or headed south.  The train seems to be CN engine - which stands for Canadian National Railway.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that reporting, us NOMI Homies were wondering what was up with that.

Anonymous said...

Based on the damage on the passenger side, and the highway in the background, I'd say it's a safe bet to assume the drive was traveling South. Of course I can't see the other side of the van, maybe that would show another story.
The train must have been moving quite slow in order to stop that fast, it's sort of odd that she managed to get hit.
What's crazy is that the driver clearly was thinking that she'd save time by running through, how'd that work???
I know I've been caught by trains at this location, and it really is a drag - they're going so slow when they come through here that it takes a long time. That's okay though, I'd rather wait for it than destroy my car!
Thanks for posting, it's always interesting to see this kind of stuff.