Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fugitive Level 3 Sex Offender Is Arrested In South Minneapolis

The level 3 sex offender who shed his monitoring bracelet and hid from law enforcement officials has been arrested at a home in south Minneapolis.

Gregory Smith had been living in 55411, the zip code with the highest number of sex offenders in the state of Minnesota.  He had only been out of prison for three months when he chose to break off his gps monitoring device and go on the run.

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The Department of Corrections has chosen to ignore a law that is supposed to prevent the concentration of sex offenders and has allowed north Minneapolis to be a dumping ground, a sort of go-to place for sex offenders coming out of prison.  But then they tell us in so many words "it's okay, the likeliness that they will re-offend or cause problems is very, very small. "  I heard an official say this in a meeting at St Olaf church one night, and I said, "great, then all the other communities who have zero sex offenders living there should be relieved when they start spreading out and moving all over."

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Julie said...

I'm just curious: Is it even *possible* to rehabilitate a sex offender? It sure doesn't seem like it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Magic Eight Ball says:

"Doesn't seem likely."