Friday, January 31, 2014

Devon Derrick Parker Arrested On Murder Charge, Held On Raft Of Additional Charges, Too...

Mugshots are public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Devon Derrick Parker (DOB 4/8/93) was arrested today on charges of murder and a raft of other charges and is being held on $60,000 bail currently. Bail is likely to increase since that's bail for a less serious charge and bail hasn't been determined on the murder charge...

A Friend Of Slain Gang Leader Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington Sings "Halo" In Grief Stricken Voice...

Youtube embed, the blog post is by John Hoff

In the course of hot discussion about music videos released by "Da Movement" which appear to reference the murder of gang leader Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington at Epic Nightclub, this blog has embedded videos of those songs and shared with the largest audience in this blog's history. Indeed, while abhorring the violence glorified by the songs I have been somewhat complimentary of their technical prowess, the bold First Amendment expression, and daring artistic innovation by the musicians; smashing the boundary between "what is art" and "what is evidence."

But I am certainly not taking sides, here. And I committed myself in a public way to giving equal time to any musical expression by the "other side" in the name of fair play, journalistic integrity and (good Lord!) putting the focus on music instead of KILLING EACH OTHER...

Facebook Journalist Reports Tonight's Murder Was At 3739 Aldrich Ave. N.

Photo published on North Vent Facebook page, used here under First Amendment
Fair Comment and Criticism and JNS blog asserted public safety exception to
copyright, blog post by John Hoff

This blog continues to obtain hot leads and information from North Vent Facebook forum, (NVFF) which has become an online journalistic entity in its own right; more editorializing about THAT another time but at the moment somebody has been murdered.

A known and credible person on NVFF reports the scene of tonight's murder of an unknown male (click here for mainstream media coverage) was 3739 Aldrich Ave. N. and APPARENLY took the photo, above. After posting some information moments ago the poster "went dark" and hasn't answered further responses about HOW HE KNOWS it was 3739 Aldrich Ave. N. and whether he took the photo above.

The information is, however, sufficient for blog purposes. To avoid the possibility of a dreadful mistake, however, I am not going so far as to publish the name of the owner(s) of that homesteaded property quite yet until more info is confirmed.

Police Finally Catch Up With "Church," Prolific Drug Dealer Who Allegedly Sold Fatal Heroin At Nasty Penn Wood Market...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

It was back in February of 2013 when this blog reported on Devon "Church" McFerrin, who allegedly sold fatal heroin at the nasty little Penn Wood Market "inconvenience store." Mainstream media were all over the story, but this blog was able to add to public discourse about "issues of the day" with a copy of the criminal complaint and digging into the two addresses associated with McFerrin.

At the time, of the story police were "seeking" McFerrin...

What Does It All Mean? Images Of Social Media Conversations Forwarded To JNS Blog In Wake Of Red Hot Discussion About Death Of Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington In Gang Related Murder, "Kobe Diss" Music Video...

Contributed images, blog post by John Hoff

Red hot blog discussion continues about the death of Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington, killed in a gang-related murder at Epic Nightclub, and a subsequent video called "Kobe Diss" which apparently references the death of Ty Crack...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jonathan Kidd Of North Minneapolis Arrested, Released On A Charge Of "Ineligible Voter Knowingly Votes," He Is Now In MN DOC Custody...

MN DOC Mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff
Something is up in Hennepin County and it appears to involve arrests for voter fraud. On January 25 I reported on the only arrest I've heard about in Hennepin County, ever, for voter fraud. The location of that alleged incident was not known, other than it involved Hennepin County.

But tonight I have learned from the jail roster of a second incident and this time North Minneapolis appears to be involved...

What Did It Mean When James Horshaw Jr Wrote "we kill da Nerds just got da kall dat kill confirmed?" Does This Reference Tyrone "Ty Crack" Murder At Epic Nightclub?

Contributed image, blog post by John Hoff

Red hot discussion continues surrounding the murder of Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington at Epic Nightclub and music videos (click here and also here) apparently referencing the murder.

The image above, though published here for the first time by any media source, is old news to police. In fact, MPR wrote an extensive piece about a warrant served in this matter which sought material published on social media shortly after Washington's murder. 

However, an anonymous and actually unknown-even-to-me source with a fake email account has been sending material my way to "shine a light" on Washington's murder. Some of this material (not yet published here) seems to overlap things the police were seeking, other stuff is ambiguous...

This Amateur Video Shows Epic Nightclub During And After Murder Of Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington, The Real Question Is Whether There Are More Revealing Videos Out There?

YouTube embed, the blog post is by John Hoff

In the course of a red hot discussion about "Kobe Diss," a music video purportedly discussing the murder of Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington at Epic Nightclub, somebody sent me a link to a video on YouTube actually shot on the night of the shooting. Before you excitedly click on the video, keep in mind it doesn't show a lot...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Does It Mean? Another Music Video By "Mental Mid" Shows "Ty Crack" Bracelet, Appears To Reference Death Of Tyrone Washington In Epic Nightclub Gang Murder...

YouTube embed, the blog post is by John Hoff

Following up on red hot discussion about a music video called "Kobe Diss" which has shattered all viewership stats for this blog, and purportedly references the murder of Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington, I have spent some time reviewing other music videos by "Mental Mid" posted on YouTube.

Most of the videos are just rapping about hood activities, and are interesting only because street signs and landmarks such as the dreadful Wally's "inconvenience store" on Penn Ave. N. can be recognized.

However, the video embedded above, "No Competition," is clearly making reference to the Tyrone Washington murder just like the "Kobe Diss" video. In fact, at 2 minutes, 45 seconds a bracelet of some kind is displayed with... 

More Info About Kibbie Walker, "named after St. Kibbie no doubt," Associated With Red Hot, Controversial Video Allegedly Referencing Gang Related Murder At Epic Nightclub...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism,
also JNS blog asserted public safety exception, also (joke font) "man in red socks
exception" to copyright, (end joke font) blog post by John Hoff

Kibbie Shakeel Akbark Walker (DOB 4/10/91) who calls himself "Prince Kibbie," was repeatedly named in discussion about a music video that came to the attention of this blog after an anonymous commenter asserted the video was referencing the Epic Nightclub shooting of Tyrone Washington

Discussion about that video has shattered, destroyed, and blown away all previous page view records here on Johnny Northside. I will have the final numbers at the end of the day but page views are currently in the five digit range. I've never seen anything like it. 

This red hot anthem of the streets being discussed is part of an album called... 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

North Minneapolis "Facebook Journalists" Document Robbery And Subsequent Police Seige Of Vacant House...

Facebook photos used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism and
JNS blog asserted public safety exception to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

The Fremont Market, (3556 Fremont Ave. N.) a small and crappy "inconvenience store," was the scene of a shooting today according to a North Vent Facebook participant who stated she obtained the info in a phone call to police; who were checking on her welfare. The shooting reportedly took place behind the store. It's unknown if the store was robbed though initially some residents thought that was the case.

The photo above...

Details Emerge About John Adrian Handy And Dogfighting Allegations And Restrictions On Handy's Ownership Of Dogs...

Mugshot, therefore public domain, putting your thingie on it didn't change
that, also JNS blog asserted public safety exception, also (joke font)
"bite me, troll" exception to copyright, (end joke font) blog post by
John Hoff

Last night I wrote about the arrest of John Adrian Handy for dog fighting allegations, using nothing but info from the jail roster. Today a neighbor and financial supporter of this blog forwarded information that fleshes out the details. The information flew around on the Old Highland Neighborhood listserv...

Jiyaad Jamaal Copeland Just Can't Stay Out Of Jail, Subject Of MPR Story About Easy Gun Access Back In Jail AGAIN...

Mugshots are public domain, putting your thingie all over it doesn't
change that, also JNS blog asserted public safety exception, blog
post by John Hoff

Jiyaad Jamaal Copeland was the subject of a story on MPR about easy access to guns on the street. Following the story, he was arrested and JNS blog wrote about him. 

Well, he's been arrested YET AGAIN...

John Adrian Handy Arrested On Suspicion Of Involvement In Animal Fights, Released Without Charges, Has Previous Animal Cruelty Conviction...

Image from Facebook page of Jmaul Breedingdemmonsters Grayland, now
taken down after complaints from Northsiders and others, image was apparently
a dog burned by a fire which Jmaul tried to claim was a losing dog from
a dogfight, here used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism,
blog post by John Hoff

Following news of a cock fighting ring busted in North Minneapolis plus an arrest not long ago involving dog fighting, North Minneapolis residents in Facebook discussion forums are (shall we say?) "rabid" to learn the names of suspects who may be involved with this inhumane and reprehensible activity.

Looking at the jail roster tonight I see somebody named John Adrian Handy (DOB 11/5/67) was arrested on suspicion of animal fighting. The arrest happened January 23 and he was released 36 hours later on January 25. No charges were filed. Handy is innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Handy's address on the jail roster is...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Is This Video A Clue To Epic Nightclub Gang Murder? JNS Blog Throws Video Out There For Discussion...

YouTube video embed, the blog post is by John Hoff

An anonymous commenter says the following about this video, embedded above:

Check into the Murder of Tyrone "Ty Crack" Washington 19 gang leader killed in Epic Nightclub Nov 3rd 2013!...His killers are making rap videos about the murders and the police dont seem to notice! the rap artists name is "Mental Mid" the song is called "Kobe" and Tyrone's Killer (Facebook name) is Prince Kibbie

JNS Blog Reader Reports Engine 14 Dispatched To Reported Stabbing At 1815 Hillside Ave. N., A Proton Investments House...

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism
and (joke font) "oversize cup" exception to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

A regular reader of JNS blog, known to me and a credible person, reports s/he was listening to his/her police scanner within the last hour and heard Engine 14 was just dispatched to 1815 Hillside Ave. North. This troubled property and Proton's ownership of it have been written about previously on this blog, click here.

The image above shows some Proton Investments people about to board a "foreclosure tour bus." Much is being said and written behind the scenes right now about Proton. These incredible things will come to light in good time.

But God help Proton.

Turns Out Ron Christopher Powell, Charged In South Minneapolis Murder, Is A North Minneapolis Resident...

Mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John

Ron Christopher Powell, who may or may not be a member of a Minneapolis "crime family" with that same surname, is charged for the murder of a man at Champions Bar (105 West Lake Street) where police say numerous individuals at the scene refused to cooperate with police. The owners of the bar, incredibly, are trying to blame police for "creating conditions" that somehow led to the shooting.  

Oh yeah? Well, JNS blog is here and now officially blaming Champions bar for...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shots Fired, Large Group Of Minors Scatters At 3527 Lyndale Ave. N., A Rental Property Owned By Eric L. Bates...

 Photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism and JNS blog asserted public safety and "issue of public concern" exception(s) to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

Winter usually brings a hiatus to homicides and shootings in North Minneapolis, but a number of participants in a Northside Facebook forum believe the pattern is different this year at least as far as the shootings are concerned. There appears to be some kind of confrontation happening between rival groups. It's unknown if a recent shooting downtown is related to the recent activity, or if the murder of Devonte Coppage in St. Paul could be involved. Often, when a popular gang member is murdered...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Is North Minneapolis, This is NoMi, This Is What We Look Like...


Facebook image shared by Brian Finstad, used under First Amendment
Fair Comment and criticism, blog post by John Hoff

First, a word of explanation about this amazing image. Brian Finstad (the bearded guy to the right) moved to North Minneapolis a couple years ago and helped bring about an amazing transition at a house that was originally purchased for $7,500. Brian and his partner transformed that $7,500 house into the kind of place you read about in glossy magazines about historic homes. 

The image in this photo is NOT that house. This is ANOTHER house... 

Here's How Andrei Gill And Kenneth King Allegedly Forged Documents To “Steal” A North Minneapolis House...

(Public record, thus public domain)

This is the story of Andrei Gill and Kenneth King allegedly “stealing” a North Minneapolis home from a vulnerable adult and stripping it of equity from 2006 to 2009. It involves allegations of forgery, illegal notarizations, and sadly, these two are still involved in the North Minneapolis real estate market today.

When Andrei Gill and Kenneth King were going through separate bankruptcy proceedings in 2012, an adversary action was filed against them:
“[Debtor's] bankruptcy is merely an attempt to escape liability for fraud. [Debtor], along with his allies, deceived Darlla Gravdal by selling her home without her knowledge and stripping it of its equity. [Debtor] set up the sale so that he could take advantage of a vulnerable adult and make an illegal profit off her home. Once [Debtor's] transaction was complete, Gravdal was then forced to pay rent and subsequently told she had to leave the home. [Debtor's] debts to Gravdal are nondischargeable under the bankruptcy code.”
Here's allegedly what happened, according to court filings...

TVOne Airs Story Of Derrick Trevor Griffin, Former Northside Minister Doing Life Without Parole...

Mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by
John Hoff

Derrick Trevor Griffin, a former North Minneapolis minister who was involved in a murderous love triangle, is now the subject of a TVOne documentary. 

The FULL EPISODE can be found at this link, click here. The format is a bit of a pain because the episode just PLAYS and can't be paused like YouTube; or if it can be paused then I haven't found the button, quite yet. 

Many thanks to an anonymous commenter who drew this television dramatization to my attention.  

This One Document Summarizes The Ethics Of A Certain Type Of Northside Rental Property Owner...

(Public record, public domain)

AHR Construction, Inc. might be the company where an aggravated forgery conviction, an unethical notarization, and an attorney with his hands in many, many jars meet. But even worse, AHR might have possibly artificially inflated the redemption price of a foreclosed-on property using a questionable “property insurance” line item to dissuade the owner from being able to redeem it back.

The above document has so many questionable and concerning attributes to it. You see, the owner of 1710 Fremont Ave N was foreclosed on in 2006, and AHR Construction, Inc. swooped in at auction to buy it up. Minnesota law provides the foreclosed-on owner an opportunity to redeem it back from the auction buyer for a certain period of time after, however. The above “Affidavit of Additional Amount on Redemption” asserts that the foreclosure buyer incurred the above costs, and if the previous owner wants the house back, they have to pay it...

SONVILAY PNRASATANE Charged With Knowingly Voting While Ineligible...(Not Known To Be North Minneapolis Related)

Mugshots are public domain, blog post by John Hoff

What was the last time you heard of anybody being charged with voter fraud? Yes, OK, there was a story recently alleging voter fraud in Ohio. Even so, charges in this kind of thing are rare indeed.

So I was surprised to be looking over the Hennepin County Jail Roster tonight and see Sonvilay Pnrasatane charged with knowingly voting while ineligible...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Effort To Stop Vikings Stadium By Doug Mann And Others Fails, Here Is The State Supreme Court's January 21 Decision...

Likeness of candidate for public office Doug Mann published on
his Facebook page, here republished under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism, and (joke font) "bullhorn" exception to
copyright, blog post by John Hoff

Doug Mann, a left wing activist who ran for Mayor of Minneapolis, recently attempted to stop the new Vikings stadium project by seeking a writ of prohibition to prevent the sale of bonds to finance the project. On January 21, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued its ruling (click here to view the entire document) which said, in summary, Doug Mann and his co-plaintiffs have no case.

In the ruling's only footnote, the court noted there might not be any claim the plaintiffs can make "upon which relief can be granted."

Unlike my fellow bloggers Hawthorne Hawkman and The Deets, JNS blog has no passionate feelings about the stadium one way or another, but it appears the newsworthy recent ruling has not yet been promulgated online.  The most recent media coverage was by City Pages, "Doug Mann explains how his lawsuit could derail Vikings Stadium."


That didn't happen. That didn't even come CLOSE to happening.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Northside Parcel Thief Purloins Packages, Neighbors Put Out Poop Packages And Discuss On North Vent Facebook Forum...

Photo disseminated on North Vent, published here under First
Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism and (sarcasm font) "grab
bag" exception to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

In the amazing North Vent Facebook forum, where Northsiders are discussing neighborhood issues and working to solve these issues daily, there has been a lot of talk about parcels being stolen from doorsteps. One neighbor managed to capture images of the parcel thief and disseminated that image on North Vent...

"Imposter Foster" Sends Mortgage Fraud Victims A Check For $10.79 Restitution As Appeal In $800,000 Damages Award Slowly Grinds Forward...

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

Jerome Lance Kingrussell, who impersonated John Foster to accomplish a mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N. and another property, resulting in one of Minnesota's most high-profile mortgage fraud prosecutions, has finally paid his first restitution check to his victims. Damages in this case were well over $800,000  and against that mighty mountain of money damages Kingrussell recently paid, by check, a grand total of...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Landlord Daniel Gelb Of Danlen Properties, LLC Has A Connection To Tom Petters, Lenny Frolov, Mark Erjavec, And Others...

Mugshot of Daniel Lee Gelb
(Public record mugshot, thus public domain)


Let me warn you right now: this post is going to blow your mind, and probably not in a good way. Go grab some ibuprofen, trust me.

In 2008, the Minnesota business community’s jaws simultaneously dropped as Tom Petters’ home and the offices of Petters Group Worldwide were raided by federal agents. Fast forward to 2010, and Petters was sentenced to 50 years in prison for turning the company into a $3.65 billion Ponzi scheme.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that there’s a connection to a big North Minneapolis landlord: Daniel Gelb and Danlen Properties, LLC. Even worse, Daniel Gelb appears to have connections to swindler Mark Erjavec and landlord Lenny Frolov, too.

The Gelb-Petters Connection

After Petters was sentenced, there still remained the task of finding co-conspirators or Ponzi scheme participants to recover funds for restitution to victims. That monumentally challenging task was given to a court-appointed trustee, who found his way to Daniel L. Gelb and Plaza I, Inc., both having the address of 9617 Oak Ridge Trail in Minnetonka...

Dennis Christ And Kevin Christ Face Lawsuit Over Housing Assistance Funds, Government Intervenes...

Kevin Christ, I am writing you in regards to the Home Service Plus plan I have been paying you for since I have rented from you. I am requesting that you please pay me back the money I have invested because I feel you have misrepresented exactly what I was paying for.
USA et al v. Dennis Christ and Kevin Christ, Plaintiff's Exhibit 12
(Public record court filing, thus public domain)

In July 2012, a tenant at 3821 Russell Ave N brought a civil suit against Dennis Christ and Kevin Christ. But this isn’t any ol’ lawsuit, it’s a qui tam action wherein the tenant (via their attorney, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid) asks the federal government to intervene on allegations that the landlords made fraudulent claims and demands relating to housing assistance payments. The Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota agreed to intervene, and one of the Christs was finally served the evening of December 18, 2013.

According to the original complaint and exhibits, a tenant was living in a subsidized housing unit that provided a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher at the end of her first year of tenancy. She started searching for apartments at the end of that period, and found 3821 Russell Ave N. She was allegedly told that rent was $1,050 per month, but that there was an additional $35 “laundry charge” for the washer and gas dryer. However, according to the tenant, that additional charge was not optional...

Peter Rickmyer, Frivolous Litigant And Level Three Sex Offender Wanted In Oklahoma County, Oklahoma On Warrant From 1990s, Frolics Around Filing Objections In Minnesota Federal Court...

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John

Peter Rickmyer, notorious frivolous litigant and a Level Three Sex Offender who has spanked minors for sexual gratification and exposed himself to young boys in Oklahoma, and has been wanted on a "non-extraditable" warrant in Oklahoma since around the time Germany was given permission to reunify recently filed even more pointless paper in federal court...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Remodeled Minnesota Department Of Corrections Website Is Up And Running, JNS Blog Gives Site Two Strip Search Thumbs Up On A Scale Of Ten...

MN DOC mug shot therefore public domain, Isaiah James Pero, "off paper"
Level Three Sex Offender in the 55411 zip code, blog post by John Hoff.

After being down all weekend, the MN Department of Corrections website is back up and includes bells and whistles which look good but provide nothing of any consequence.  There are some stirring photos of prisoners making bread and growing a garden to show MN DOC has a commitment to reform, not just punish.

Yes to that. More bread. More gardens...

Assertive's Footprint Is Now 36 Properties on the Northside: Let's Get to Know Them...

A map of all of Assertive's current known North Minneapolis holdings
(Map by Camden Canary)

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about the Ken Welch, Assertive Properties, and all of the homes they own on the Northside, including the notorious 1611 Hillside. So, let’s take a deeper look into the people and properties involved.

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State has filings for a number of related companies, all connected by shared names or addresses...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Notorious Slumlord Steven Meldahl Is Going Through Very Complex Chapter 11 Bankruptcy...(Guest Blog Post By Anonymous Neighborhood Revitalizer)

JNS Blog says: The following information, in its entirety, was turned over to me by a member of the North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization movement, credible and known to me but here anonymous. My role in its publication consists primarily of copying and pasting. 

And, OK, also I changed some single quote marks to proper double quote marks. It makes me crazy when people use single quote marks where double quote marks belong. (End of remarks by JNS blog) 

As a little "where are they now?" this will go to show that slumlords tend to keep properties within the family.

Notorious landlord Steven Meldahl is going through a very complex Chapter 11 bankruptcy right now, and the judge made a joke at... 

Oh, Those North Minneapolis Revitalizers, All The Time Compiling Information About Major Property Holders, This Time It's Franklin National Bank Of Minneapolis / Sunrise Bank NA...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

A major effort is taking place, behind-the-scenes, by a group of North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalizers to compile information about the major landholders in our neighborhood. As part of this effort, the compiled data is being passed to this blog for dissemination. 

Here is information compiled about Franklin Bank of Minneapolis and Sunrise Bank which are, apparently, connected somehow. It's not clear to me HOW but for the moment the interest is in compiling lists of property...

To The Person Who Posted A Comment About "Drunk Ronnie Ward And His Bro" Alleging Circumstances Of The Death Of Terrell Mayes, More Information Is Needed, Reward Stands At $60,000...

"Blood in the snow" image from previous story here used
as stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

On August 8, 2012, somebody commenting on this blog left the following information:

Anonymous said...
re terrel mayes 22 cal n mpls accidentl murder.drunk ronnie ward and bro? talking wanna kill tom weist n b amy fo? later saying we were...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

With Minnesota Department Of Corrections Website Down, JNS Blog Reader Asks "How Am I Supposed To Get Information About Former Northside Choir Directer Turned Molester GREGORY BEAUCHAMP WASHINGTON?" *

Image is originally MN DOC mug shot, with MN DOC website down
and original mug shots unavailable today, JNS blog relies upon a sensible
public safety exception to copyright and uses image from www., also First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism,
blog post by John Hoff

With the Minnesota Department of Corrections website down, as reported yesterday, individuals living in the most crime-plagued neighborhood of Minnesota are unable to obtain info in convenient and useful form about MN DOC inmates and, more importantly, fugitives and criminals who are on supervised probation.

The MN DOC website does contain some compilations of information, even in its present "down for maintenance" status, but that information is inferior in content and inconvenient in form compared to what was there previously. Given the notorious unresponsiveness of MN DOC, there is no telling when that website will be back up, whether it's going to be hours or months.

One neighbor emailed me today and complained about an inability to obtain MN DOC info Gregory Beauchamp Washington, who was convicted of raping a 15-year-old in a church choir while he was the director of that choir. The rape happened in Plymouth but Beauchamp was...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Minnesota Level Three Sex Offender Website Goes Down In Middle Of Debate About North Minneapolis "Zip Code Moratorium"


Readers of JNS blog are aware of how the hot issue of Level Three Sex Offender concentration in North Minneapolis, which became even hotter lately when Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Higgins announced on Facebook that Hennepin County was refusing placement of anymore supervised L3SOs in the 55411 and 55412 zip code.

JNS blog promptly compiled a list of dirty dogs who managed to get into our neighborhood under the "moratorium" (Higgins says don't put that word in her mouth) and announced this blog and others would patrol for violations of this informal sex offender cease fire.

Which was exactly what I was doing a moment ago when I discovered...

Alfonso Seals, Brother Of Accused Killer Antonio Seals And Allegedly Present At Fatal Shooting Of Devonte Coppage, Reveals His Life On Facebook...

Facebook photos used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism,
JNS blog asserted public safety exception to copyright, and (sarcasm font)
booze-bottle-in-hand exception to copyright, (end sarcasm font) blog
post by John Hoff

Antonio R. Seals, 18 years old, is accused of shooting and killing Devonte Coppage in a botched drug deal in a parking lot in St. Paul. Following my blogging about Coppage and his criminal record, I was asked (rather pointedly) if I was going to blog about the individuals accused in his killing? As though I would actually play favorites in these dirtbag-versus-dirtbag encounters. 

So here you go. Here's what I've turned up...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Michael Jeffrey Herron Accused Of Being The "Laced Cigarette Rapist," Darrius Dashawn Woods Accused As Co-Conspirator In Rape Of 15-Year-Old...

Stock photo, (Germany) blog post by John Hoff

Michael Jeffrey Herron, who was accused of raping a 13-year-old female neighbor after getting her high with a PCP laced cigarette is now accused of raping a 15-year-old stranger after throwing her into a vehicle and forcing her to smoke some kind of funny cigarette. Click here for criminal complaint.

Can you say "modus operandi," kids? 

Yes, I knew you could, and police can say it, too. Police DID say it and now prosecutors are saying it, too. 

Herron is accused of having a co-conspirator, a guy named Darrius Dashawn Woods, who also goes by Darious Woods. The residence of Herron continues to be 2651 Humboldt Ave. N., Apt. 2, as noted in previous blog coverage. 

Darrius However-You-Wanna-Spell-It Woods allegedly lives at 600 Charles St. #2 in St. Paul. 

A witness described in the complaint said Darius told her (the witness) that he was "trying all night to put a baby in her (the victim)." 

Both Herron and Woods are currently in jail on these serious but unproven charges. A source to JNS blog made allegations that Woods was involved in the prior assault involving the 13-year-old, as well, and requested this blogger dig up information to "warn" other young women about Herron and Woods. 

Woods has not, so far as I can determine, been officially charged or accused of involvement in the OTHER assault. 

Jamica "The Driver" Timberlake Drunk And Driving, Allegedly...(ADDENDUM ADDED, FEBRUARY 19, 2015)

Mugshot, therefore public domain, plus (sarcasm font) XXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXX to copyright (end sarcasm font) blog post by
John Hoff

ADDENDUM, February 19, 2015: In the photo caption above, where there are currently some XXXX's, I made an unkind remark about Ms. Holden's hairstyle when this blog post was originally written. This was not my finest moment, making fun of a woman's hairstyle in the course of reporting upon a criminal charge. 

Upon further heartfelt consideration, I have decided I should apologize to Ms. Holden for that particular remark. 

Ms. Holden, I apologize for that remark about your hairstyle--Johnny. 

I hope Holden and her family can do well and somehow pull themselves out of many difficult circumstances.  We are all children of God and should try hard to treat each other that way, even while having free speech discussions about difficult issues. 

Jamica Holden, who is part of the Timberlake crime family and was like a "den mother" to Stephon Shannon, convicted in the shooting of 5-year-old Nizzel George, was recently incarcerated and released from the Hennepin County Jail on a charge of drunk driving. Jail roster information shows she was jailed at 3:58 in the morning and released by 11:12 on January 10, 2014. 

She is charged with: Traffic--DWI--Fourth Degree Driving While Impaired, Described.

Jamica Holden's previous name is Jamica Timberlake. She was the driver at a notorious murder incident in Robbinsdale. Apparently Jamica stays sober enough and drives well enough when she's ASSISTING WITH A MURDER. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valerie Holler Makes Public Denial On Facebook That Holler Family Ever Demanded One Million Dollars For Their Property In Path Of Library Development, Calls Star Tribune Reporter Biased And Inaccurate...

Photo contributed by a dude on Facebook, I do not know where he got it,
used under First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism and (sarcasm
font) Green Green Grass of Home Exception To Copyright, (end sarcasm
font) blog post by John Hoff

This blog has previously reported and editorialized about Kevin M. Holler and Valerie Holler, property owners whose spare house at 1423 45th Ave. N. was in the path of library development. Overcoming the obstructionist stance of the property owners, Hennepin County recently voted to obtain the property by eminent domain. Since the founding of our great Republic, eminent domain has been the right of sovereign entities, albeit under the Fifth Amendment just compensation must be paid for any such "taking." This would be true under any interpretation of the Constitution, including an Originalist interpretation. Those who wish to dispute this (though they are wrong) should feel free to comment.

Word I'm receiving behind the scenes from one high-ranking city official is the Hollers (or anybody whose property is the subject of eminent domain in Hennepin County) will be crying all the way to the bank with a skip in their step.

It is interesting, however, that part of...

Northside Neighbors Are Gathering Info On Herman Capital Partners And Lenny Frolov...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Oh, those North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalizers! Once again it turns out a behind-the-scenes activist has been quietly gathering info about one of the major landlord entities in North Minneapolis, and once again info has been cast upon this blog for dissemination. 

Herman Capital Partners II is the entity which owns 4700 Colfax Ave. N., the site of a recent fire that (I keep hearing on North Vent Facebook forum) may have had a suspicious origin. 

Well, it turns out SOMEBODY (I am not saying who) has been keeping on eye on Herman Capital partners, their personnel, and their handful of similarly-named entities for a little while...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fire At 4700 Colfax Ave. N. Last Night, Yet Another Rental Owned By Yet Another Absentee Landlord...

Photo credit to North Vent Facebook forum, blog post
by John Hoff

There were apparently two house fires in North Minneapolis last night, one at an abandoned house on the 500 block of Knox Ave. N. and the other, pictured above, at 4700 Colfax Ave. North. Word is nobody was home at the time and even the dog made it out safely. 

The house above is owned by Herman Capital Partners II of Crystal, Minnesota, a name that has come up before here on JNS blog and not in a positive way, click here. I do not know if Herman Capital Partners is related to Herman Capital Corporation, an entity which once provoked the ire of Hawthorne Hawkman back when he was blogging regularly as my guest blogger. 

It is unknown at this time if this house will be saved following the fire damage or if Herman Capital Partners will accept a fat insurance check and then leave another empty hole in our neighborhood in the manner all-too-typical of absentee landlords and real estate entrepreneurs who come to my neighborhood with a head full of dreamy dollar signs but end up becoming objects of scorn on neighborhood blogs. 

Burglary Charge Against Eugene Thomas Powells Shows "No Snitching" Code Of The Streets Continues To Erode...

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The case of Eugene Thomas Powells, (DOB 7/20/88) documents what appears to be a continued shocking erosion of the "No Snitching" rule of the streets.

Though I have been told repeatedly by police that "no snitching" was never a strong rule, anyway, and MOST OF THE TIME criminals would crawl over each other like feral cats at a Pussy Riot to cut deals,  ALL THE SAME...

Shocking evidence of a TOTAL EROSION OF THE CODE OF THE STREETS continues to come my way, the latest example being Eugene Powells. According to a recent criminal complaint, click here, when Powells tried to burglarize the house of a neighbor, (allegedly) the neighbor called police DESPITE the fact she knew the suspect's mother and had even provided food to the suspect's mother in the past...

2719 Lyndale Ave. N. Receives Coat Of Ill-Matching Paint To Cover Graffiti, This Small Improvement Doesn't Change Its Status As Abused And Neglected Stepchild Of Neighborhood Housing Service Minneapolis...

Photo from North Talk Facebook forum, blog post by John Hoff

On the very day I had promised to make a very public stink about 2719 Lyndale Ave. N. if the graffiti slathered all over the front wasn't fixed by Neighborhood Housing Service Minneapolis, I have been made aware the graffiti is FIXED; see photo above. 

(Hmmm. Is it just the angle I'm looking at, or is the snow not shoveled on the walkway?)

This slap-dash coat of ill-matching paint represents, well, a half-assed form of progress causing neighbors to rejoice in a very restrained way. Now the bigger question (and this blogger intends to keep asking it in a very public way) why hasn't this house, vacant since 2009, been renovated as everybody expected when NHS Minneapolis took control? Why has the "Lyndale Stepchild" been abused and neglected for half a decade? 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Devonte Coppage, Who Died In St. Paul Over A $300 Drug Deal, Documented His Life On Facebook...

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, and public safety exceptions to copyright,
blog post by John Hoff

Devonte Coppage, who was named by this blog before any other media source as the victim of a failed drug deal in St. Paul, was like many other young urban individuals with extensive criminal records who die by homicidal violence or (on a different day, when somebody else gets the drop) commit homicidal violence; in that he extensively documented his life on Facebook.

So here we go again, and it gets old before it even starts...

CODY LENNELL TAYLOR Was The Guy Shot In An Alley On The Northside, And Follows The Pattern Of Most Northside Shooting "Victims" Who Have Extensive Criminal Records...

Creative stock photo, the door of my room at Forward Operating Base Gardez, Afghanistan, blog post by John Hoff 

God knows why, but mainstream media are reporting about a man shot in a Northside alley who has nothing more than a leg wound. It is unknown at this time if the reporting is merely a fluke, or if the mainstream media have some intention of reporting the many non-fatal shootings which occur in our neighborhood. The shooting took place on the 700 block of 21st Ave. North. They do not use the word "alley" but my source says it was in the alley, at 3 a.m. 

A highly-placed source contacted JNS blog and reported the name of the shooting victim is Cody Lennell Taylor...

Relationship Of Montral Gomez Winfield To Gomez Crime Family Is Unknown, But Here's His Rap Sheet Anyway...

Mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by
John Hoff, also JNS blog asserted public safety
exception to copyright and (joke font) "plain white
tee" exception to copyright.

The name Montral Gomez Winfield came up in a recent blog post about a house shooting incident in Brooklyne Park. A guy named Derrick Anthony Doss is charged in the incident and Montral is charged along with Doss.

A commenter asked me if Montral Gomez Winfield is related to the infamous Gomez crime family which involves a number of descendants of Chardin Gomez. Another commenter asserted (without any citation to proof) that Montral is the son of Camille Gomez, who is part of the Gomez crime family. And a behind-the-scenes source believes Winfield MAY be the older brother of Malo "The Bored Shooter" Gomez and the son of Camille Gomez, but is trying to dig up more information. 

 Well, I don't know one way or another who is Montral's mother, whether it's Camille Gomez (who has been charged more than once for prostitution) or somebody else. But under my policy of prioritizing certain surnames for blogging, I don't feel the need to trace somebody's entire family tree before simply publishing their rap sheet.

So here is Montral Gomez Winfield's rap sheet...

First Minnesota Bank Wins Judgment Of $42,631.87 Against Jill Clark, Who Was Suspended From The Practice Of Law For Psychological Disability After Suing This Blogger, Losing On Appeal...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

A couple days ago, I wrote about the appointment of a guardian ad litem in the divorce case of Jill Clark, an attorney who was facing disciplinary action by the Minnesota State Bar Association when she was suddenly declared to be under a mental disability. The disciplinary proceedings were suspended, quite possibly forever, in light of Clark's psychological issues.

Clark sued this blog for "defamation" on behalf of Jerry Moore, a fired and disgraced former executive of the JACC Neighborhood Organization. Moore lost the defamation claim in District Court, and then lost his dubious "tortious interference" claim on appeal. Moore still owes me more than $3,700 and I haven't seen the slightest indication he intends to pay me one thin dime. 

From where I was sitting, the Moore v. Hoff case was never really ABOUT Jerry Moore  so much as it was a frantic attempt to shut down what this blog is accomplishing by reporting on "bad actors" in our neighborhood. For a couple of years, Jill Clark appeared to be waging a virtual legal war against the North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization movement through... 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Derrick Anthony Doss Of North Minneapolis Accused Of Shooting A House In Brooklyn Park, 10-Year-Old "Home Alone" Child Provided Info To Police...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Derrick Anthony Doss, (DOB 11/7/78) has been charged in connection with the shooting of a house in Brooklyn Park. According to a recent criminal complaint, click here, Doss was in the company of a guy named Montral Gomez Winfield who had a disagreement with some folks living at 8106 Lad Parkway.

The dispute reportedly involved a phone that was to be traded for drugs. Winfield got into "a heated argument" about money and the phone. Winfield left the residence, but allegedly said he was going to return and "spray up the house." This whole time, Doss was standing outside the house, but had accompanied Winfield there in a silver SUV; license plate 959 MER.

Doss had a gun and allegedly pulled it out.

"Just let it go!" Winfield reportedly said. So...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Order For Appointment Of Guardian Ad Litem In Divorce Case Of Jill Clark, A Minnesota Attorney Under Disability Suspension Who Sued This Blog And Lost...

Jill Clark, videotaped above at a hearing regarding her suspension from the practice of law in Minnesota for psychological disability, was a devoted nemesis of this blogger and the North Minneapolis revitalization movement for years...until she lost a defamation case against this blog on appeal and then, not long after, had what can only be described as a mental breakdown and was suspended from the practice of law.

And THEN her husband filed for divorce.

The public hasn't heard much since. Clark's once noisy and prolific blogs screaming about conspiracy have gone silent and, being suspended from...

JNS Blog Receives Image Of Not-Quite-Satisfactory Graffiti Cleanup At 2719 Lyndale Ave. N., Abused And Neglected Stepchild Of Neighborhood Housing Service Minneapolis...

Top, contributed image, bottom, image from North Talk Facebook forum,
blog post by John Hoff

It's on like Donkey Kong. Yesterday I hinted 2719 Lyndale Ave. N. was likely to become this blogger's latest obsession, but I was willing to wait, like, exactly a week to see if there was any progress before I would start beating my drum incessantly. Almost immediately, I was told... 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Higgins Confirms JNS Blog List Of "Dirty Dogs Allowed To Be Here" Is Correct, Though She Didn't Use Those Exact Words, Of Course...

MN DOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Within the hour on North Talk Facebook Forum, Hennepin County Comissioner Linda Higgins confirmed data compiled and published by Johnny Northside blog is correct. The data is a list of supervised Level Three Sex Offenders who are currently living in the 55411 and 55412 zip codes. These known and named dirty dogs have found "safe harbor" and have been allowed to live in our over-saturated neighborhood until, for example, neighborhood organizations file a lawsuit; a step strongly endorsed by this blog. 

However, as reported by this blog, Hennepin County has told the Minnesota Department of Corrections it will accept no more supervised Level Three Sex Offenders in those two neighborhoods; therefore we have a moratorium in all but official name. 

This moratorium continues to be...

What Should JNS Blog's Latest Blogging Obsession Be? JNS Blog Asks Readers, Rhetorically, But IS THE FIX ALREADY IN?!

Photo from North Talk Facebook forum, blog post by John Hoff

Longtime JNS blog readers are familiar with what happens when JNS blog announces an obsession about an unsightly eyesore in the community.

FIRST, I assign some kind of cruel-but-catchy nickname.

(OK, well, cruel. Catchy happens sometimes, not always)

THEN I won't shut up about the issue until the problem is solved. There is a list of community eyesores this blog has successfully tackled over the years. With the exception of...