Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey, Johnny Northside Readers! Test Your Ability To Understand "Thug Speak" By Reading This Long, Intense FB Conversation About Police Seizing A Pistol After TEVIN TYRELL BARNETT Informed Them It Was Under The Drivers Seat...

FB photo from Da Trend Setter, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

This is something I stumbled upon while looking through the many Facebook friends of Jaylin Dubose, before his Facebook profile either disappeared or became inaccessible to me due to blocking. Dubose is named in a criminal complaint against Kyle Hickman, who is alleged to be an accomplice after the fact in the murder of Parrish Gray. The alleged murder weapon was found at 1715 Irving Ave. N.

Look closely at the number of the house in the photo above. Click on the image to make it larger if you must.

It says "1715." That's no coincidence. That's the house.

One of the FB friends of Dubose is a guy who goes by Da Trend Setter and I've seen his profile come up repeatedly when researching the social networks of criminally charged young people in North Minneapolis. Then again, to be fair, Da Trend setter has an incredible number of FB friends. But, on the other hand, Da Trend setter is incredibly devoted to the "thug life." So much so he almost appears to be, well, his nickname says it best. Where this guy leads on the streets, others appear to follow. In the photo above, I believe Da Trend Setter is seated second from the right.

And if you're thinking, gee, he KINDA looks like Jaylin Dubose then you and I would be thinking the same thing, though it's very clear Jaylin Dubose and Da Trend Setter are two separate people.

Maddeningly, Facebook is not used in this "thuggy" urban social circle in the familiar way it is used by many other people and social circles. Tagging of photos, for example, doesn't happen with much frequency. So it becomes difficult for an outsider to figure out "Who is that? Is that the same person from that OTHER profile?" This muddling, this confusion, may be deliberate. Also, "Da Trend Setter" only uses that nickname on FB. What's his real name? Who knows? But he appears to go by "Scootchie." Thus you have LAYERS of names. It takes a while just to figure out Da Trend Setter is "Scootchie."

OK, so who is "Scootchie?"

Nevertheless, I soldier on through the profiles, frequently hitting upon golden nuggets of fascinating info.

On January 3 of this year, Da Trend Setter did something incredibly innovative with his mobile phone and his Facebook profile, sparking a FB conversation with 119 responses.

That many responses on a Facebook PHOTO, mind you, not even in a conversation forum...

Da Trend setter took his mobile phone...I doubt if it worked exactly right the first time, I bet he had to take several photos to get it right, but get it right he did...and Da Trend Setter photographed a police report from almost half a year earlier. He photographed it so clearly that, with a little effort, anybody could read the report word-for-word on FB.

The specific, controversial subject matter of the report is what sparked the long, heated FB conversation, so I'm going to republish the report word-for-word. After that, you'll be treated to a long conversation in "thug-ese."

See how much of the conversation you can figure out.

I'll help, a little.

Ready? Here's the police report. Imagine yourself a thug, reading this, and knowing the people mentioned in the report.

Supplement of Off. D. Ledman (badge number) on 7/29/2011 03:59

At the listed date and time while working marked squad 421 Able, Squad 460 aired that they were behind MN Plate 630 AAP in the area of 18th Ave. N. and Newton Ave. N. The listed vehicle was suspect vehicle in a shooting on 7/27/2011 (CCN 11-220529) along with several other shots fired incidents.

(JNS says: This article, click here, seems to be about that 7/27/2011 shooting)

I assisted in a felony stop on the listed vehicle on Golden Valley Road, just west of Girard Ave. N. with several other squads.

The vehicle ended up being occupied by four individuals. Each individual was called out of the vehicle one at a time by assisting officers. I took custody and handcuffed the front seat passenger later ID'd as TEVIN TYRELL BARNETT DOB 4/16/95. Barnett is listed as A2 in my supplement as well as the CAPRS report.

As I handcuffed A2, he briefly uttered to me that he knows what this is about. I asked A2 what he was talking about and without hesitation, he said that "the gun is under the driver seat." I quickly secured A2 in the rear of my squad after pat frisking him for weapons, and informed other officers of what A2 had said due to the fact that they where (sic) still taking people out of the vehicle.

After officers removed all the occupants from the vehicle, I was informed that a handgun was in fact located under the driver seat along with several rounds of ammunition.

I informed A2 that he was under arrest for PC Weapons per Sgt. Young. I also informed A2 that the vehicle he was in was a suspect vehicle in a shooting the night before. A2 was very cooperative and wanted to speak with me, but I told him that he would have a chance to talk to an investigator within the next day or two.

I ID'd A2 via Juvenile HenRap. I transported A2 to the juvenile unit and he was processed by Sgt. Roering, (badge number). After A2 was processed at the juvenile unit, I booked him in at JDC for the weapons charge.

I collected A2's white T-shirt, gray sweat pants and blue/white tennis shoes and property inventoried them at headquarters.

Good work, officer. Now, here's the extensive, heated reaction of Da Trend Setter's social circle to what they're reading in this document, half a year after the incident.

Damn tevin frm da mob

(JNS says: Above is the title Da Trend Setter gave to the document)

An amazing conversation, isn't it?

How much can YOU understand?


Folwell Neighbor said...

Not much.

I have a headache now.

Johnny Northside! said...

And shit.

You have a headache now AND SHIT.

Anonymous said...

A lot of references to semen-sprayed butts, penis munching and crotch sniffing, and some dude named "panty-pooping."

Oh, and "birds flop together"

smh smh smh

Anonymous said...

What does "monopoly" refer to? Is that another gang? Did Tyrell get shot? So many questions.

And is telling the po po that there is a gun under the seat, when they're sure to find it anyway, actually "snitching"? It's like an episode of The Paper Chase, only about the No Snitching Code instead of the constitution.

Johnny Northside! said...

OK, I don't think Tevin Tyrell Barnett got shot, I think he was just socially ostracized.

Monopoly appears to reference a gang. Da Trend Setter frequently references "Monopoly" in reference to his group. One of them--it might be Da Trend Setter himself, but I can't confirm this--actually sports a Monopoly game tattoo.

I would think it's reasonable to 'fess up to a gun under the seat THE COPS ARE GOING TO FIND ANYWAY but apparently "no snitching" means "zero tolerance for snitching."

Can't help but wonder what these same folks think sitting and reading the criminal complaint about Kyle Hickman and the others in his social circle who were talked to by the police, extensively.

Anonymous said...

your a fuccin lame

Anonymous said...

How about worrying about feeding the hungry kids or figuring away to get these boys off the street positively. Steady worrying about the negative but ain't doing nothing but stirring the pot. Smh get a life, then try and save a life. Not fuck over somebody else!!!! That's why the northside is so bad these kids have no one to turn to. The hands that's out to help them be the same ones that throw them "under the bus".

Johnny Northside! said...

Decent people trying to make the neighborhood better for their own children have a right to know about stuff like a bunch of thugs having a Facebook conversation about who allegedly snitched. And, actually, I think this kind of post helps us UNDERSTAND these kids better, particularly this difficult to decipher lingo they speak and write.

Anonymous said...

by you putting puzzle pieces together like this might cause more killing. thanks for not helping situations at all. rather than putting this for everyone and anyone to see maybe you should work with the cops if your trying to expose people if committing crimes.

Anonymous said...

Why are you worried about them? Its obvious your racist. Why don't you write a story about lil white "thugs" ODing? Okay?

Anonymous said...

Monopoly & DT=clique

Anonymous said...

Wow, all of this is crazy!
Their all so young, & there worried about the wrong things.
They can barely spell but they can easily get a hold of weapons & have NO problem with taking another person life. I just pray My son never has to deal with this kind of things....

EyesONYouAll said...

I'll do a lilttle translating for you "Johnny northside" dick riders. Dick riders means you follow him, read his blog, are on his team etc. get it? And 9 times out of 10 most of them can probably read and write at a sufficient level to get the point accross. So hop off there dicks and get a better hobby. Jonny your right..some people do want to make north minneapolis better for there kids. I agree, but the people your "exposing" obviously don't give a fuck about you or your kids. Your wasting your time,these niggas are about that life (meaning this is the lifestyle that they chose, and until they die..)THERE ABOUT THAT LIFE. But don't stop w/ your blogging, keep doing what you do. To me it's a weak attempt to stop this NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF VIOLENCE. You'll fail at whatever you trying to stop. I live over north,yet i'm not from over north and something I've learned is North minneapolis is North minneapolis. If you want to live in some suburb where your kids will be safe then move to Bemidji or something. I observe alot of what happens on the northside from the inside and stay to myself. Niggas from over north have there own style of life, there own community, there own customs, there own rules and yes there own lingo. I know better then to paint a target on my back by joining in this nonsense (gangs and whatnot.) but until the Northside youth really want changes. Nothing your doing will change much. But yeah, keep observing from the outside like you do because you'll never change this (nigga)community. It has to do that on its own.

Oh and just to be clear the community I speak of isn't north minneapolis, I should clarify...this community is that of NIGGAS. Until they want change the gang shit isn't going anywhere. TRust me. I know.

Anonymous said...

Whhy Are You So Worried About Them . You Is Really Ridin Them . For What ? Your Obviouslly A Racist Man Because I Swear All I Be Seeing About Killing And Stuff And Banging Is With The Black People . Get You A Life . How Do You Think The Family Of These People Reading What You Write Feels . You Have No Life You Sit Here And Post And post And Post Because Obviouslly You Have Nothing Better To Do . You Better Stay Lowkey Jonny Northside . Cause You Dont Know What You Dunn Got Yourself Into !

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the young men who have a life ahead of them choose to get involved in gangs. I have to wonder as a mother of 3 young men how does a parent not teach morals to their children. These kids would rather, throw up gang signs that to toss a cap on graduation day. I have seen the worst of worst, and the gangs are taking over this generation of the black youth, sadly they are selling crack to their own parents, smoking weed and drinking with them. Could these kids all have been conceived by teen mothers? I question my own parenthood at times, not that I am a bad mother, I did not run the streets and hang out all night long but I worked 2-3 jobs, being a single mother, before I graduated high school I had 2 kids, but I made sure that I was a mother before anything else, and they turned out perfectly well my oldest is 26, then 22 and i have a 17yr old who does not indulge in foolishness. THE ONLY WAY WE CAN GROW NORTH MINNEAPOLIS, is by the neighbors forming a NO TOLERANCE ZONE, when their is lots of traffic, noise, partying going on call and get the police involved, add cameras to our properties.