Friday, May 31, 2013

Dan Rother, A/K/A "Drother," Becomes Hero Of Nomi Anti-Littering Movement After Vigilante Action At CVS Pharmacy On West Broadway...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Daniel Rother, known as "Drother," has been a colorful force for good in the North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization movement for many years. Drother is pictured above during the epic battle for control of the Jordan Area Community Council which happened a few years back. Drother is the guy in the blue dress shirt with the "WTF" look on his face as Steve Jackson, in the Northside For Life shirt, tries to hoodwink the hood.

Some of the things Drother's done, well, I can't even write about that stuff but those who have been in the trenches battling to turn the neighborhood around, WE KNOW.

We know you don't mess with the Drother.

This weekend, Facebook has been roiled by rumors of an incident at the CVS Pharmacy store on West Broadway involving Drother and a big container of litter...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tenant Of Slumlord Mahmood Khan Charged With Possession Of Weapon Or Dangerous Explosive Device...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Back in November I wrote about a "street justice" incident that went wrong when thugs broke into a house trying to recover lost property (allegedly and allegedly) but it turned out the people who had stolen the property were not present in the house. Terrorized residents, including small children, cowered on the floor at gunpoint while Lisa Kay Krueger and her friends looked around for the people who had supposedly taken her property.

Click here for criminal complaint against Lisa Krueger. 

An anonymous commenter posted allegations on this blog about Lisa Kay Krueger and another guy, which made me go running to look for certain criminal complaints of a serious nature. There was mention of Krueger being in possession of EXPLOSIVES and my commenter pointed out, well, she's a tenant of that Mahmood Khan guy.

As it turns out, I have been able to partially verify the allegations of my anonymous commenter...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Jeremiah Curtis Was Homicide Victim Of Eddie Hubbard, Allegedly, Two Facebook Tributes Appear...

Photo from Jeremiah Curtis Facebook tribute page,
used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Just as JNS blog had information before any other media entity which identified the shooter accused in a recent Northside murder, so does this blog have the name of the victim before all other news media.

Jeremiah Curtis, pictured above, is the victim. Two tribute pages have appeared on Facebook, which are IN MEMORY OF JEREMIAH CURTIS and IN LOVING MEMORY OF JEREMIAH CURTIS.

According to a source close to the family, Curtis and his baby mother had lived for a while at the house of Eddie Hubbard, who is a gay man. My source asserts there was "some kind of weird jealousy thing" between Eddie, Jeremiah, and the baby mother. In short, Eddie Hubbard couldn't have Jeremiah Curtis and that made him mad. The baby mother and Curtis were in the process of moving out when there was an argument over "some stupid thing," maybe about taking a trip to the drug store...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Homicide Victim JDawg Ferguson Was Involved In Bad Lifestyle Choices, Including Consumption Of "Purple Drank"

Facebook photo from profile of JDawg Ferguson, 
used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog has linked the name of a recent victim of Northside homicide, Ju-Chaun Ferguson, to the Facebook profile of a guy who called himself "Jdawg Ferguson." Click here for previous article.

If Jdawg isn't dead, well, then a lot of his friends are mistakenly leaving tributes on his Facebook photos...

Victim Of Recent North Minneapolis Homicide Was A Lowlife Known As "Jdawg Ferguson" (INFO UNCONFIRMED BUT BELIEVED TO BE RELIABLE)

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair
Comment And Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Information floating around Facebook has linked the name of a recent victim of Northside violence, Ju-Chaun Marquis Ferguson, with a Facebook profile for "Jdawg Ferguson," who appears to be a lowlife involved in bad lifestyle choices, as illustrated by the photo above.

More info and images to follow in subsequent blog postings. 

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Man Accused In Recent Northside Murder Is Edward "Eddie" Hubbard, A Home Owner...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Mainstream media are reporting a suspect is in custody following a recent Northside shooting. Apparently it was just too much work for these mainstream media to spend ten minutes looking through the jail roster so the suspect could be named...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Further Details About Arrest Of Dominique Sinkfield In "After Hours Club" Double Homicide...

Facebook photo of murder victim Demetrius Harper,
used under First Amendment Fair Comment and 
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

For weeks, JNS blog had the story all to itself about the arrest of Cory J. Bryant in a double homicide at an illegal after-hours nightclub, with alleged co-conspirator Dominique Sinkfield not known to be in police custody. It wasn't clear if Sinkfield was on the lam or a cooperating witness.

Now, mainstream media is reporting Sinkfield under arrest and in custody along with Cory Bryant. But JNS blog still has details nobody else has...

Click here for the actual criminal complaint.

Turns out Sinkfield, also known as "D-Bo," was indeed a fugitive and reportedly fled the state. But he was apprehended and...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ward 4 City Council Incumbent Barb Johnson Gets DFL Nomination On First Ballot, According To Facebook Chatter..

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

It is being widely reported on Facebook forums that Barb Johnson, who represents Ward 4 on the Minneapolis City Council and is the council president, has won the all-important DFL nomination. Word is this happened on the first ballot.

Barb Johnson, who was widely expected to face no candidate at all in the race since Troy Parker didn't appear to be running, was facing a candidate named Kris Brogan who has no qualifications worth noting other than residency. A blog called The Brogan Files appears to have made an impact on the race, arguably reducing Brogan to a marginal candidate who didn't appear qualified to hold office. The authorship of the blog remains unknown.

It is unknown if Brogan will continue in the race despite the (reported) drubbing at the DFL convention or if she will wisely drop out. Given how effective The Brogan Files has been in the fate of this council race, JNS Blog believes we will see a continued "blogification" of city council races in the future.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Out-Of-Town Dirtbag Kills Another Out-Of-Town Dirt Bag, Now Hennepin County Has To Pay For The Murder Trial Plus Freezer Space In The Morgue (NOT NORTH MINNEAPOLIS RELATED, THANK GOD)

Grayhound bus station, Chicago, blog post
by John Hoff

I saw a Chicago address on the jail roster recently and noticed the dude was charged with MURDER. Hoping to get lucky and turn up a story related to North Minneapolis, I obtained the criminal complaint. Well, it turns out the murder happened in SOUTH Minneapolis.

So it's KIND of lucky, in a way.

Lucky it didn't happen in MY neighborhood.

Digging into the circumstances of the murder charge (click here for criminal complaint) led me to conclude there hadn't been enough media coverage of this incident, so I aim to fix that.

The murder happened in South Minneapolis on November 7 of last year. Police responded to a call of gun fire and found a man lying dead in an alley. The dead man was named Michael Hayden and subsequent investigation determined he'd been killed by a Chicago resident named Steven John Williams.

Click here for a Star Tribune article about the arrest. 

What the article doesn't tell you which becomes clear from reading the criminal complaint is...

Patrick Timberlake Sentenced To Eight Years, But Gets One Last Laugh On His Jailers...

Facebook photo labeled "Kease RIP Ray'jon Skitz," which
might depict members of the "Skitz Squad," used under First
Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John

Patrick Carl Timberlake, who was a member of the "Skitz Squad" formed for the purpose of revenge and retaliation on behalf of their murdered friend Juwan "Skitz" Osbourne, was recently sentenced to eight years for a shooting spree that injured two people. KSTP reported the sentencing, but other media entities apparently decided Timberlake got enough coverage during his actual guilty plea.

Timberlake was "released" from the Hennepin County Jail on May Day, no doubt boarding that big bus to St. Cloud where new prisoners are categorized and eventually parceled out to various facilities, rather like the processing of fish. I'm not sure how this happened, but the last few weeks of his incarceration Timberlake's home address was listed as 2017 Russell Ave. N.

2013004532TIMBERLAKE, PATRICK.CARL2/6/19962017 RUSSELL AVE N, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 554112/20/2013.13:14

That address does not actually exist. In fact, a Google search for that address only brings up two previous editions of the Hennepin County Jail Roster.

Very funny, Mister Timberlake.

We'll be laughing for the next eight years. 

Kejuan Raymond Watkins Of 3818 Lyndale Ave. N. Charged With Robbery, Complaint Describes A Car Chase With 10 Shots Fired...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

On April 20th, a day when nothing much good seems to happen, a guy whose initials are M.S. was hanging around an apartment in Brooklyn Center with "several other males." One of the males, Kejuan Raymond Watkins, was holding not one but TWO handguns.

Watkins tapped M.S. on the leg and asked, "What have you got?" (This according to the criminal complaint, click here)

M.S. struggled to get control of the guns. Another guy named Montez Eugene Brown was there, also holding a gun, and yelling, "SHOOT HIM! SHOOT HIM!" as Watkins struggled with M.S.

During the struggle, Brown hit M.S. in the face with a gun, causing M.S.'s lip to bleed...

Authorities In Rural Blue Earth County Arrest Three In Bizarre Gas Station Riot, North Minneapolis Resident Davon Jones Faces Five Charges...

Mug shot courtesy of Blue Earth County jail, 
blog post by John Hoff

 A trio of thugs, at least one of them from North Minneapolis, have managed to make criminal celebrities out of themselves in rural Blue Earth County, Minnesota and face a raft of charges related to a bizarre riot at a gas station.

Click here for the criminal complaint.

On April 28 at 2 in the morning, Officer Steven Hoppe of Mankato was called to a report of shots fired at the Kato Ballroom, which is (I should point out) is the premiere private event center for that city, serving the community for 58 years. Click here to enjoy their photo gallery. 

On his way to the scene, Hoppe saw a large group of males and females "standing toe to toe" at the Holiday Gas Station as though involved in a confrontation. (In reading the complaint, it seems implied though not directly stated the disturbance at the Kato Ballroom had spilled over to the gas station, especially since a gun was involved and, well, turns out Davon Jones had a gun. Allegedly) Officer Hoppe pulled into the parking lot, arriving at the same time as a Minnesota State Highway Patrol Officer Gabe Cornish.

The crowd proceeded to rush the gas station...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Fire At Another Mahmood Khan Rental Property, CONFIRMED CONFIRMED CONFIRMED...

Photo by Hawthorne Hawkman, blog post by John Hoff

Yesterday, my fellow Northside blogger Hawthorne Hawkman managed to confirm what I strongly suspected: 

A house fire on the 2000 block of 21st Ave. N. took place at slumlord Mahmood Khan's property at 2008 21st Ave. N., pictured above. This is the SECOND near-fatal fire at a Khan property to take place this year.

It was only back in early March when a fire at 4425 Aldrich Ave. N. injured nine people, leading to a lot of media coverage and editorial comments by this blogger which were strongly-worded even by my usual freewheeling standards. 

Allow me to refresh the public memory about what I said regarding slumlord Mahmood Khan after the house fire which injured nine people...