Friday, September 27, 2013

Exotica Taylor, The Stripper Who Was Associated With Tafari Duffers, The Guy Who Allegedly Fractured A Man's Skull Over Stolen Gun...

Facebook Photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism and public safety exceptions, blog post by John Hoff

No, it's not ratings week on JNS blog but something reminded me of information I had laying around (no pun intended) and hadn't published, yet.

Exotica Taylor (Exoticaj Taylor on Facebook) isn't the face that launched a thousand ships, but when criminal charges were filed against Tafari Duffers, police went looking for him at the home of his baby mama, said to be "a stripper named Exotica."

Later, a source closely connected to the case pointed me in the direction of Exotica's Facebook page, where the image above is the BACKGROUND PHOTO, so it's not like I had to go pawing through the woman's photo albums.

Nitelen Jackson, Currently Incarcerated, Sang Rap Song With Lines Like "Already got a body on that throwaway..."

Youtube video embed of "King Night," blog post is by John Hoff

Nitelen Jackson, currently incarcerated, got his fair share of publicity here on JNS blog but it was a lot more than other people's shares. In the course of researching YouTube videos uploaded by Exotica Taylor, a stripper associated with another crime story involving a stolen gun and a fractured skull, I came upon this video, above, featuring Nitelen Jackson.

Jackson is highly identifiable by his face and distinctive tattoos, as well as his alias, King Night or King Nite. In fact, some of the lyrics in the song reflect stuff he posted on Facebook, specifically the repetition of the phrase "every day."

The song, which is done quite skillfully though this blogger is not the world's biggest fan of gangster rap music, has some very interesting lines...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alleged Accomplices Of Walter Thompson III Charged In Murder, NOT NORTH MINNEAPOLIS RELATED...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff 

Walter Thompson III was charged recently in a murder which stemmed from four years of domestic violence, click here for Star Tribune article with constant and annoying "you need to subscribe" messages. 

There's no connection to North Minneapolis, but I don't see where anybody else has published the criminal complaint, so here you go, click here.   

Nathan Dwayne Jones Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Parole, One Less Sexual Predator On The Streets...

Mugshots, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Word reaches me today from a reliable source associated with the case that Nathan Dwayne Jones, a sexual predator who broke into a woman's home in North Minneapolis and raped her, leaving a trail of evidence that a first year police cadet could have followed in the dark, drunk.

Jones was a tenant of slumlord Rasheed Khan, of "Rapist Village" fame, who appears to collect sex offenders the way some little boys like to collect Matchbox cars.

This is one sexual predator down...but a lot to go before our neighborhood is a safe place for women and children. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Reputed Prostitute Renee Bell Died At The Hands Of Mark Anthony Profit, The Wirth Park Serial Killer, In 1996...

Stock photo, Theo Wirth Park, blog post
by John Hoff

Normally this blog doesn't feel a need to go back and cover old North Minneapolis stories. There are enough stories in the present, and too little time to cover them. But the surname "Bell" came up recently, and somebody pointed me in the direction of another person named Bell, a reputed North Minneapolis prostitute who died at the hands of a serial killer.

Good heavens. I never knew North Minneapolis ever HAD a serial killer...

Questions About Pinky Are Answered, And Petra Is Not Pinky, I'm Here To Tell The World That Fact, But Why Petra Had That Picture Of Pinky In Her Facebook Album Is Unknown...

Photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

Pictured above, the photo that started a line of questions which led nowhere productive. This photo was posted on the Facebook profile of Petra Early, mother of 2-month-old shooting victim Isaac Early. It was casually tossed in with many other photos of Petra, including some where Petra had red hair, and by "red" I mean red like the girl in the image above.

Other interesting tidbits, like Petra proudly posting a photo of her HIV test results (see image below) made this blogger leap at the story and start asking questions like who is this PINKY? And what is Pinky's connection to Petra Early? ...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Accused Baby Shooter James Early Had Mug Shot Of Black Disciples Gang Leader David Barksdale On His Facebook Page...

Facebook image used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, mug shots are also public domain, blog post by John

For a while I was wondering who was the man in this image, which was posted on the Facebook profile of James Early, a/k/a James BD'dis BD'dat Early on Facebook. I ever wondered if it might be somebody else named Early, given the fact the image seemed like an object of reverence as one might revere an ancestor.

Well, Tin Eye search engine strikes again! Last night...

One Hour Ago Mother Of Tiny Shooting Victim Isaac Early Shows Him Awake And Responsive, JNS Blog Says "Praise Jesus"

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Baby Isaac Early, who was the victim of an accidental shooting, one hour ago was reported by his mother to be awake and responsive through the posting of this photo on Facebook and this other photo, below.

This is a miracle from God. But the question becomes, "How much of a miracle?" Can this baby move his arms and legs? What permanent damage is present? Is the bullet still in his body?

Having shocked and worried the whole city with their appallingly bad and irresponsible lifestyle choices and its end result, this family has a moral obligation to inform the city of the specifics, including whether Baby Isaac Early will walk, use his arms, and be mentally normal. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Marlon R. Robertson, Accused Of Murder, Is Known As "Marly Snapback" On Facebook And Documented His Thug Life In Photos...

Facebook photo of Marly Snapback used under First Amendment
Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Marlon Rashaad Robertson, pictured above, is accused in the murder of Kevin Braziel. Click here for a story I wrote with a link to the criminal complaint. 

Around the time I received the criminal complaint, I learned Marlon Robertson is "Marly Snapback" on Facebook, and so I went to his Facebook page and obtained as much information as I could. But I got busy and haven't written about it, quite yet.

Lord knows I will. But, in the meantime, for anybody who has a Facebook account and can access the profile in question, and WANTS to learn what they can about the life of yet another accused North Minneapolis murderer, here is a link to the Facebook page of Marly Snapback. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Northside Neighbors Alarmed To Catch The Rank Scent Of United Federal Properties Skulking Around Our Houses...

Contributed PDF image, converted to JPEG by JNS blog, blog
post by John Hoff

It was a business card. One little business card, stuck in the frame of a door, with a little note jotted on the back saying something to the effect, hey, call me. 

But that card caused a ripple of alarm in our neighborhood, expressed in a discussion on the red hot North Vent Facebook forum.

United Federal Properties, the name of an LLC associated with Robert Serr (click here for previous JNS blog coverage) does not have a good name on the North Side. And because of that one business card, suddenly, in the virtual community organized on North Talk, people are asking, "What is United Federal Properties doing" and saying stuff like, "God, I sure hope they don't buy any property around me."

What new schemes are being hatched? We don't know, yet, but we have this bogey on our radar.

Friday, September 13, 2013

And He's Out Again! Isaac Early Released After Posting Bail On Fifth Degree Misdemeanor Assault Charge...

Isaac Early's mug shot from his own Facebook page, used under
First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism, blog post by
John Hoff

Isaac Early, the father of 2-month-old shooting victim Isaac Early, is out of jail again after posting bail for a Fifth Degree Misdemeanor Assault charge. Early was taken into custody on a DOC hold shortly after his son was shot, reportedly arrested right at the hospital. He was released after four days, but then picked up on the assault charge. Now he's back out again.

The photo, above, is from Early's own Facebook page. It says a lot when somebody posts their own mug shot on Facebook or even when people in their social circle do that kind of thing. Honestly, it's the kind of thing a decent person would be trying to, oh I don't know, COVER UP.

JNS blog is attempting to obtain a copy of the criminal complaint in the assault charge so readers can learn what the heck is happening inside that cauldron of dysfunction which is the Early family. 

Paulette Early, Mother Of Alleged Baby Shooter James Early, Has Extensive Criminal Record Including Convictions For Prostitution...

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Every new name that turns up in association with the shooting of two-month-old Isaac Early reveals a new flavor in a seven-layer bean dip of family dysfunction, criminality, poverty, bad lifestyle choices, drug addiction, poor social media choices and tattoo overkill. The name of Paulette Early, which appears on a criminal complaint as the mother of baby shooter James Early, and therefore the baby's grandmother, is no different...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

James Early Charged In Accidental Shooting Of Two-Month-Old Nephew, Here Is The Criminal Complaint...

Facebook Photo used under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

The Star Tribune is reporting James Devone Early, age 17, is being charged in the reckless discharge of a firearm for the shooting of his two-month-old nephew, Isaac Early. All the details in the Star Tribune's story are found in the criminal complaint, click here.

The criminal complaint lists young Mr. Early's address as 4341 Bryant Ave. N. but, unfortunately, this address doesn't actually exist. Hopefully, prosecutors will be making their case with facts that have more basis in reality than this address. I loathe pointing this out, but I've raised the issue repeatedly. There are just too many criminal complaints generated by that office with nonexistent addresses for the suspects, and THIS one was high profile.

The petition names James Early's mother, who is Paulette Latrice Early of 1622 Hillside Ave. N. a rental owned by People, Inc. of St. Paul.

A criminal background search of Paulette reveals quite a record, but I will be writing about that in a separate blog posting. I will take the time to share my right-between-the-eyes opening sentence, however...

Every new name that turns up in association with the shooting of two-month-old Isaac Early reveals a new layer in a seven-layer bean dip of family dysfunction, criminality, poverty, bad lifestyle choices....

OK, that's as much as I've got, so far. I'm still trying to write a perfect, ringing and descriptive sentence about Paulette Early's shocking criminal record. Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He's In Jail, He's Out, He's Back In Jail Again...Isaac Lorenzo Early, Father Of Two-Month-Old Namesake Shooting Victim, Jailed Over Alleged Assault...

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Last night I reported that Isaac Early was out of jail after a four day stretch of incarceration. Early, as all my readers know, is the father of namesake Isaac Early, the two-month old victim of an accidental shooting at 2413 Emerson Ave. North. James Early, the 17-year-old uncle of the baby, has turned himself in and is facing charges in the shooting. See related story to follow.

Isaac Early didn't stay out of jail long. He's back in jail again today, September 11, on a Fifth Degree misdemeanor assault charge. His bail is a mere $300 but Early has been sitting in the can since 11:31 this morning. He has a court appearance at 1:30 PM tomorrow. 

Isaac Lorenzo Early, Father Of 2-Month-Old Namesake Shooting Victim, Released From Jail After Four Days...

DOC Mug Shot, therefore public domain, blog
post by John Hoff

Isaac Lorenzo Early, DOB 4/21/1989, has been released from the Hennepin County Jail. Early is the father of a 2-month-old shooting victim, his son, who bears the same name. According to police, Early lied about what happened to the child, stating the baby had been hit by a stray bullet.

Later, Early said the child's 17-year-old uncle shot the baby, apparently by accident.

Early had been picked up on a Minnesota Department of Corrections warrant as a fugitive, and was reportedly arrested at the hospital where he was with his son. This was on September 6. Early was released yesterday, September 10, at 4:20 PM. The MN DOC website shows he is once again on "supervised release." 

Quasim Jameel Owens Accused Of Robbing Couple Who Got Off The Bus Near Fremont And Broadway...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

On September 4, at about 1 in the morning, a couple got off a Metro bus at Fremont and Broadway Ave. N., and were immediately followed by two black males. One of the males got in front of the couple, stuck a gun in their faces, and demanded "everything right now." So the male victim handed over wallet, cell phone, and "personal paperwork." (Click here for criminal complaint)

At about 8 p.m. that same day, the male victim called police to say he'd just seen the robber at Emerson and Broadway. For those who know the alphabet song by heart, and realize Emerson is right next to Fremont, that would be a block away from the robbery.

Police went to the scene and arrested Quasim Jameel Owens who, conveniently, had a...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jabar Mcalester Of North Minneapolis Jailed Over Baby Mama Gun Drama In Robbinsdale...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Police say when Jabar Mcalester's baby mama told him he could stay for the night, but he'd have to leave in the morning, Jabar became upset and started beating her. Click here for the criminal complaint. 

When the woman's two brothers jumped in, Jabar reached under the bed and pulled out a gun. Then, all gangster style, he slowly backed out of the house while keeping everybody covered with the gun. (Was he turning it sideways, gangster style? I can't imagine it would happen any other way)

When police arrived, Jabar was trying to leave in a car. The gun was found on the front seat. Now I am throwing in the word "allegedly" to cover all of these statements.

Jabar already has an extensive criminal history. Naturally, part of it includes not being allowed to possess firearms.

His home address is listed on the criminal complaint as 3343 Fremont Ave. N., a homesteaded property owned by Makeda J. Jones. 

SafeZone Video Cameras Provide Evidence Against "Poochy" And "Drama" In A Robbery Which Included Forcing The Victim To Take Off His Shoes And Homophobic Hate Speech...

Creative stock photo, one of numerous pairs of shoes I
gave away in Afghanistan, blog post by John Hoff

It's about time this blog heard about all the cameras we have on the Northside actually solving a crime that didn't involve a murder.

According to two complaints filed by police and prosecutors (click here and also here) a "SafeZone" camera captured evidence of a robbery by Michael Funches, (known on the streets as "Drama") and Bobby Hayward Smith, (known on the streets as "Poochy")  in a robbery that happened near Lyndale Ave. N. and 45th Ave. N.

The victim, a male whose initials are D.B.D, had been hanging out with two females, driving around in a van owned by one of the females. They stopped at a liquor store near Lyndale and 42nd (must have been Camden Liquors, 4155 Lyndale Ave. N.) and talked to a couple of men.

As the complaint puts it so well, "the group then parted ways for some time." A nice way to phrase all this unproductive hanging out, "chilling," greeting no-accounts in the street you've never met before, etc, then coming all the way back to the beginning and hanging out some more...

Johnny Northside Blog Commends James Early For Turning Himself In To Police, Obtains Additional Info From Source On Baby's Injuries...

Creative stock photo, shrine to Infant Jesus, blog post by
John Hoff

Numerous media outlets, including the Star Tribune, report that 17-year-old James Early turned himself in to police investigators as he indicated via Facebook that he would following the tragic and apparently accidental shooting of Isaac Lorenzo Early. (The name of the baby has been released by police. Even with JNS blog having the name wrong, initially, we still had it RIGHT before any other media entity)

JNS blog wishes to commend James Early for doing the right thing and hope that everything turns out alright, for both James Early and the baby, who is still hanging in there and, in the words of his mother, Petra Early, via her Facebook status, "Doing what he needs to do to get back to Mommy's arms."

My source--who provided me the name of the uncle and, upon a careful reading, DID NOT have the name of the baby wrong, rather there was a misinterpretation on my part over use of the word "juvenile" in the message, apologies to my source--now tells me the bullet went in the baby's neck and lodged in the baby's brain. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Reg Chapman's Story On WCCO About Edmond Fair, Killed By Brooklyn Center Police, Mysteriously Left Out The Part About Fair Being Accused Of Rape, Pled To Kidnapping, And Had Every Motive In The World To Fight Police Custody...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Contrary to the stock photo, above, you won't find any condoms in this story.

I said I'd dig up more information about Edmond Fair, and here it is. (Click here for Part One of this story about Fair, who was shot by police in a "life or death struggle" for an officer's gun but that didn't stop Reg Chapman of WCCO from airing wild and unsupported tales about how this death was supposedly a hit, murder, execution and Rodney King incident all rolled into one)

Edmond Fair was under criminal indictment for rape and kidnapping, the gruesome details of which are contained in a criminal complaint, click here. 

In summary, a woman whose initials are A.J.B-L "met two males at a park" and rode with them aboard a metro bus to her home in Minneapolis, then eventually made their way to 6831 Drew Ave. N. in Brooklyn Center. The two males were...

2413 Emerson Ave. N., Site Of Baby Shooting, Is A "Black Hole" Of Online City Information...

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Pictured above, James Early, who reportedly shot his two-month-old nephew Isaac Early in the neck by accident. Yesterday on Facebook, James Early claimed he will surrender today. JNS blog will believe it when I see it.

But in regard to the address where the shooting took place, 2413 Emerson Ave. N., as of the date of the shooting it was a black hole of online information. No rental license listed, though a secondhand report I have says there is, in fact, a rental license...


Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

My source was not 100 percent accurate, or so it appears. The name of the two-month-old shooting victim is reportedly Isaac Early, based upon a Facebook posting by mother Petra Early and an anonymous comment purporting to be from the mother. James Early is and continues to be the name of the uncle who is accused of accidentally shooting the baby.

Therefore, JNS blog is adding corrections to all blog postings identifying the baby correctly by the name his mother states is the baby's name.

If there is other error, I am not aware of it. And photos are what they are.

JNS blog strives for truthful and accurate information. When error comes to my attention, even at 2 o'clock in the morning, I jump to correct it.

HOWEVER, since this is a family that LIES ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BABY, JNS blog will be the most comfortable and confident of the baby's true name when I see an actual freaking birth certificate. A statement on Facebook about the baby's name is NOT the same as official documentation. But based upon the mother's statements, I will correct accordingly.

We'll see if different and contradictory statements are made later, like what happened after the shooting. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

WCCO Story About Edmond Fair, Killed By Brooklyn Center Police, Mysteriously Left Out The Part About Fair Being A Criminal Dirt Bag...

Creative stock photo, Concordia Cemetery in El Paso,
blog post by John Hoff

It appears that Reg Chapman of WCCO has made a career out of airing racially-charged allegations by the family members of dead criminals, no matter how unlikely and far-fetched those allegations may be. Chapman reached a new low recently when, with an absolutely straight face and serious tone, he wrote republished ridiculous assertions that one Edmond Fair, age 24, was handcuffed and Tasered and THEN shot. 

The accusation is against police in Brooklyn Center, where a great deal of North Minneapolis crime seems to have been migrating in the last few years.

Mysteriously absent from the story is the notable criminal record of Edmond Fair.

Here's his rap sheet...

Alonzo Bell, Grandfather Of Two-Month-Old Shooting Victim Isaac Early, Has Extensive Criminal Record Including Crack Cocaine And Arson, Did Time In Prison...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, and public safety, blog post by John Hoff


Alonzo Bell, who identifies himself on Facebook as the grandfather of two-month-old shooting victim Isaac Early and has some choice words to direct at the young man who allegedly shot the baby, by accident, is no angel himself...

Alonzo Bell Of Chicago Identifies Two-Month-Old Shooting Victim As His Grandson, Tells Shooter "You Can Run But You Can't Hide You Bitch Ass (Racial Expletive)"

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment
And Criticism, and public safety reasons, blog post by John Hoff

Alonzo Bell, whose "current city" on Facebook is Chicago but who identifies his hometown as Minneapolis, describes himself as the grandfather of two-month-old shooting victim Isaac Early and posted the heartrending photo, above. (ADDENDUM, SEPTEMBER 9, an earlier version of this blog post incorrectly identified the baby as James Early. The mother states the baby's name is Isaac Early)

Bell is quite unhappy with the James Early, who is the uncle of the baby in question and reportedly shot the baby by accident. Bell posted two photos of James Early and had some choice words to say about Early...

Minutes Ago, James Early Announces On Facebook "I love everybody turning myself in tomorrow !!!" Early Reportedly Shot Two-Month-Old Nephew By Accident...

I love everybody turning myself in tomorrow !!!
Like · 

Police Came To Hospital And Arrested Father Of Two-Month-Old Shooting Victim Isaac Early, According To Mother Of Baby Posting On Facebook...(CORRECTION, SEPTEMBER 9, BABY IS NAMED ISAAC EARLY, THIS BLOG POST HAD ERROR THAT SAID "JAMES EARLY")

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism and public safety rationale, blog post by John

Petra Marie Early, formerly known as Petra Marie Roos, the mother of two-month-old shooting victim Isaac Early, posted information on Faceebook that confirms what this blogger already suspected:

When father Isaac Early was arrested and taken to jail, the arrest happened at the hospital where the baby is being treated.

Petra, writing on Facebook says as follows about the arrest...

Facebook Photo Depicts James Early, Namesake Uncle Of Two Month Old Shooting Victim, Posing With A Gun...

Facebook photo, published under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism, and for reasons of public safety,
blog post by John Hoff

An anonymous blog commenter directed me to the Facebook page of James Early, namesake uncle of two-month-old shooting victim James Early, and I have been obtaining information and images from his profile which are quite revealing. I'll publish those photos by-and-by, but this one is just too newsworthy to sit on very long.

James Early. With a gun. Throwing a gang sign. He is also wearing a type of military style boonie hat which has been popular, of late, with certain gang members not to mention activist K.G. Wilson, for whom it is something of a trademark.

From what I can see, the gun in question appears to be a small caliber revolver, rather old.

Whether it's the firearm that injured baby Early, who knows, but the photo certainly conveys an enthusiasm for firearms and the gang banging lifestyle. 

Uncle Of Tiny Shooting Victim Isaac Early Is Named James Early, There Is Extensive Communication On Facebook About Whether To Turn Himself In...

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism and public safety reasons, blog post by John 

Information provided to JNS blog in the form of an anonymous comment has led this blogger to the Facebook profile of James Early, who appears to be the uncle and of two-month-old shooting victim Isaac Early, reportedly still clinging to life following what has been described as a tragic accident with a firearm. (ADDENDUM, SEPTEMBER 9, an earlier version of this blog post incorrectly identified the baby as also being named James Early instead of Isaac Early)

Click here for his Facebook profile. You won't be able to see it if you don't have a Facebook account yourself, however.

James Early, who has not yet been named in any other media entity, is on the run following the shooting and not in the hands of police, who have been urging him to turn himself in...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mother Of Two-Month-Old Shooting Victim James Early Is Petra Marie Ross, A Fresh Child Support Case Had Been Filed August 23...(CORRECTION, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY)

Photo forwarded by source, may originate on Facebook, used under First
Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog has received additional photos from a source which depict circumstances surrounding the life of James Early, latest and littlest victim of North Minneapolis gun violence. (CORRECTION, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY, NAME OF UNCLE AND ALLEGED SHOOTER IS JAMES EARLY)

 Click here for earlier story.

The three additional photos I received depict an unknown relative, above. The relative may be father Isaac L. Early, though he looks too old. It is possible, however, he has been "aged by tragedy" and this is the same individual depicted in the MN DOC mug shot below...

JNS BLOG Urges Readers To Pray For James Early, Smallest Victim Of North Minneapolis Gunfire...(CORRECTION, SEPTEMBER 9, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY)

Photo was apparently swiped from Facebook, then forwarded to
JNS blog, used here under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

A source sent me the distressing photo, above, and though the source didn't tell me precisely where he/she obtained the photo, I'm pretty sure it was somewhere on Facebook. The photo reportedly depicts two month old James Early, the victim of an accidental gun discharge at 2413 Emerson Ave. N. (CORRECTION, SEPTEMBER 9, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY)

Based upon my own medical training, what I see here is a child that appears to have had BRAIN SURGERY.

Note the tube going into the child's skull and the bandage on top of his head. That is not what you'd expect to see from a nick to the neck.

JNS blog urges readers to pray for this baby. 

"Umami By Travail" Will Open Around September 11 In Old Louisiana Chicken Restaurant At Hawthorn (Sic) Crossings Strip Mall...

Stock photo, One Flew South sushi restaurant in the
Atlanta International Airport, pictured above is last
meal I ate stateside before flying to Afghanistan after
R&R leave, blog post by John Hoff

Minneapolis Eater Dot Com wrote a little piece about Umami by Travail, and how this "pop up" concept restaurant will be opening in North Minneapolis. But Eater Dot Com didn't say where, exactly, the restaurant was going to open or precisely when.

According to Joel Breegemann, a giant of North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization, Umami will be opening in the former Louisiana Fried Chicken restaurant in the Hawthorn (sic) Crossings strip mall.

To my recollection, Louisiana Fried Chicken didn't last long there. But the owners of Umami won't have to worry about succeeding in that space, because the whole "pop up" concept is the restaurant will be temporary. Umami is scheduled to last through October 11 before it finds permanent space inside The Rookery.

The word "umami," by the way, is a Japanese word that means something close to "savory." 

Isaac L. Early, Believed By JNS Blog To Be Father Of Two-Month-Old Shooting Victim (Info Unverified) Jailed Yesterday...

MN DOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Based upon information provided by a source believed to be reliable, but unverified, JNS blog believes Isaac L. Early is the father of a two-month-old shooting victim at 2413 Emerson Ave. N. and, further, believes the name of that tiny shooting victim to be James Early.

Now JNS blog has learned Isaac Early is in jail and has been since 3:36 PM yesterday on a Minnesota Department of Corrections "hold." Early was apparently on probation until 2014 due to more than one robbery conviction...

JNS Blog Has Unverified Information The Father Of Two Month Old Shooting Victim Is Isaac Early, A Convicted Felon...

Creative stock photo, "The Rectory," blog post
by John Hoff

This information comes from the same confidential source who told me the name of Northside's latest baby shooting victim is James Early. Once again, I will warn readers this information is unverified and depends completely upon my source.

And, yet again, I will describe my source so readers can understand what level of confidence I have in my source, which I would put at 94.6 percent. The source is "frequently in the know, in the mix, believed to be reliable and with no reason to lie."

My source tells me the father of a two-month old shooting victim at 2413 Emerson Avenue North is named Isaac Early and he has a criminal record...

Name Of Two Month Old Juvenile Shooting Victim MIGHT BE James Early, JNS Blog Trying To Verify...(CORRECTION, SEPTEMBER 9, 1:52 AM, NAME OF BAY IS ISAAC EARLY)

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog has received info from a source I can describe as "frequently in the know, in the mix, believed to be reliable and with no reason to lie" that the name of the 2-month-old juvenile shooting victim at 2413 Emerson Ave. N. is James Early. (CORRECTION, SEPTEMBER 9, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY, THE NAME OF THE UNCLE AND SHOOTER IS JAMES EARLY)

The father of the child is believed to have the same surname.

There is a lot of other information in my hands right now--and by information, I mean rumor--but due to the incredibly sensitive nature of the situation I am sitting on that hot info for now. The 17-year-old juvenile involved in the shooting should put down his weapon, call 911, and wait quietly with his hands in the air.

Further, I wish to say...

In the absence of mainstream media that adequately serve our community, that get us the information we need as fast as we actually need it, and refrain from false narratives ("he was just starting to turn his life around, it's shocking, he was a good kid, no gangs, etc.") grassroots media entities like JNS blog must stoop to reporting rumor.

But it will be reported AS rumor, not fact, with all the caveats that entails.

Shots Fired Near Six Small Children As Jermaine Jefferson Tried To Arrange A Girl Fight, Allegedly...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Why, exactly, Jermaine Deangelo Jefferson was trying to arrange a "girl fight" isn't stated in the criminal complaint, but police and prosecutors says he was.

Click here for criminal complaint.

On August 19, on the 3500 block of Fremont Ave. N., Jefferson allegedly tried to arrange a fight between Nicole Denise Dorsey (also charged in the incident) and another female. The other female didn't want to fight, so Jefferson allegedly...

Thug Barbeque Goes Oh-So-Wrong At 3830 Thomas Ave. N., Ends In Brutal Pistol Whipping And Dousing With Lighter Fluid...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

In a criminal complaint filed against George Ernie Almond of Chicago, prosecutors paint a detailed narrative of a "thug barbeque" which ended in a brutal pistol whipping. Click here for the criminal complaint.

On August 17, police responded to a report that "multiple witnesses" saw a man being pistol whipped on the front lawn of 3830 Thomas Ave. N., and gunshots inside the house. When officers arrived, a shirtless black male bleeding from his head ran from the house, "carrying a strong odor of lighter fluid."

Some other black males were following the victim, but upon seeing the officers, they...

Friday, September 6, 2013

"Person Of Interest" Used Shoreview Homicide Victim's Credit Card At An ATM On West Broadway...

Still camera footage originally published by WCCO, used here under
First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism and (likely) public
safety exceptions to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

According to Rick Kupchella's "bring me the news" website, click here, police are seeking a "person of interest" in the death of a Shoreview man.

The bank card was used at a US Bank ATM on West Broadway following the death of  26-year-old Hagos Tsegay Melake, of South St. Paul. He was killed in the parking lot of a business on the 5700 block of Hamline Ave. in Shoreview around 6:40 am, August 29. The bank card was used about three hours later.

Does anybody recognize this woman? And I use the word "woman" in the sense of "dressed like a woman, but might be packing a man's toolbox."

If you recognize the person in the photo, contact police. 

While Mainstream Media Report Father Of Shot Baby Is A Damn Liar, 17-Year-Old "Uncle" Who Shot Baby Is On The Run, Northsiders Scrutinize Ownership Of 2413 Emerson Ave. N.

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In regard to the most recent "Northside baby shooting," police are saying the 17-year-old uncle shot the 2-month-old baby. The father of the baby lied and said the shot came from outside the house, but police figured out otherwise. The 17-year-old is on the run.

I'd be checking buses going to Chicago. Just saying.

This much is obvious about the house at 2413 Emerson Ave. N.

No rental license.

It has now been confirmed that the listed taxpayer, Xenia Grushetskv, (with a "v") is in fact Xenia Grushetsky (with a "y.") Whether this is the same woman who is a young communications professional with a well-developed online profile...not yet confirmed.

But SOMEBODY named Xenia Grushetsky purchased the property in December of 2011 for...