Sunday, January 25, 2015

US Marshals Arrest James Marione Butchee, Wanted In Connection With Fatal Heroin Overdose...A Better Late Than Never Blog Post!

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Back in November of 2014, this blog reported on charges against James Marione Butcher; charges that involved a drug sale associated with fatal heroin overdose; all allegations not yet legally proven. 

It appears Butcher was not in custody at the time these serious charges were brought...

JNS Blog "Waved Off" On A Pointergate Story November 22, 2014, Didn't Want "Political Interference" With Gun Crime Prosecution...Oh, Well, I Should Have Just Written That Story!

Images from Instagram account of Montanatherealchief,
here used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

I guess the time has come to tell this sordid tale of how JNS blog didn't write a story, trying not to cause political interference with a criminal prosecution but, it appears, political interference happened anyway...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kenneth Matthew Banks Claimed Cat He Stomped To Death Was Just Sleeping, Allegedly...

Public domain image, "Cat of Kazan," blog post by
John Hoff

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

Only a story about a murdered human being gets my attention faster than a report of animal mistreatment, but in this case the accused is apparently mentally ill...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hennepin County Jail Roster, January 10, 2015 To January 21, 2015...And, Really, What's The Big Deal?

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

Consider, if you will, a "flip side" to the regular publication of the jail roster by this blogger. 

If everybody's jail record is public and accessible, then the stigma of a brief incarceration is lessened. In time, we all just come to accept that a whole lot of decent people have spent a night or two in jail after an argument with their boyfriend or a few too many drinks and heck, maybe they weren't even convicted. (Musical link to Keith Urban's "I Fell In Love In The Back Of A Cop Car) 

And how is this "lessening of stigma" achieved? Well, by all the incarceration records being published wholesale instead of being hidden through cracks and flaws in the high ideal of "public records." If the record is hard to obtain, is it really "public?" 

And so, in a spirit of moving society forward toward truth, democratic transparency and reality-based judgments through the easy accessibility of public information...

If A 6-Year-Old Child Falls From Gunfire On Newton Avenue North, And No Mass Media Make A Sound, Did The Shooting Actually Happen?

Image in public domain, blog post by John Hoff

On January 2, a regular reader who is a police scanner enthusiast sent me an email saying there had been a shooting on the 1800 block of Newton Avenue North. 

Of course, this reader didn't say "1800 block." He or she had the actual address...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hennepin County Jail Roster, December 24, 2014 To January 9, 2015 And Please Allow Me To Add...FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! JE SUIS CHARLIE!!!

Internet meme image from "open clip art" site, blog post
by John Hoff, consisting of mostly public data

The fact our society knows who has been jailed--that citizens are not jailed secretly by the government--is an aspect of democratic transparency. 

There is, however, a gap between transparency as it exists theoretically and legally, versus...

Friday, January 9, 2015

JNS Blog Publishes Rebuttal By Brian Goff To Recent Article About "Goff Holdings, LLC"

Neutral stock photo for visual interest, 
blog post by John Hoff

It has always been the policy of this blog, since the very beginning, that I am willing to give "equal time" to the people I write about...within reason, of course. So many of the people I write about express themselves in torrents of foul and badly spelled personal abuse, and naturally I won't publish THAT.  

But Brian Goff is not in that category. He responded in a reasonable way to an article I published about him, click here, and it's only right to publish his rebuttal in article form, not just as comments to the original article. 

So without further ado and editorializing, here are the words of Brian Goff. 

I have added paragraph breaks but not performed "English major" corrections of the text...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Report Of Armed Robbery At 3319 Aldrich Ave. N. Sends One JNS Blog Reader Digging Into The Story And Scrutinizing "Goff Holdings, LLC"

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff (because it's so hard to
quickly obtain suitable stock photos I sometimes just use what I've got)

One of my faithful blog readers sent me an email and I asked permission to republish it, minus the name. I'm glad to see that my readers do their own digging into their own stories, but then it's a question of where they will publish their information...

Colorful And Foul Facebook Free-For-All Attempts To Link Story On JNS Blog About Jabari Roosevent Johnson To Recent Federal Indictments Of Minneapolis Gang Members...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

To view the conversation being referenced in this blog post, go to the Facebook page of Nitelen Jackson and view the November 27 conversation. 

This story is complicated and convoluted, filled with supposition and innuendo, (by others, not this blogger) so follow closely, if you will, while I attempt to break it down and make it plain.

Recently, there were a bunch of federal indictments in Minneapolis with nearly a dozen gang members arrested and indicted for conspiracy, click here for the press release by the United States Department of Justice. One of those arrested, and pictured above, is Nitelen Jackson. Before he was under federal indictment, this blogger noticed Jackson's prolific criminal record coupled with an equally prolific use of Facebook to document his...

Leontaye Antez Slaughter-McCaskel Facing Three Assault Charges, Bail Is Half A Million Dollars...

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

Leontaye Antez Slaughter-McCaskel, who has a venerable history with North Minneapolis crime families (click here and also here) was a fugitive in November of 2013 but as of December 7 of this year, he is sitting in the Hennepin County jail facing three assault charges with bail set at half a million dollars.

It is not clear to this blogger whether Mr. Slaughter was a fugitive all that time or if...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hennepin County Bi-Weekly Jail Roster, December 9 To December 23, 2014...

Creative stock photo, made all special-like for this
holiday jail roster, blog post by John Hoff  

With the holidays and all, I've fallen behind on my blogging but you bet your sweet bippy if I don't have time to publish anything else I will, somehow, manage to publish the Hennepin County jail roster. 

So here we go...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

FOX 9 Calls North Minneapolis A "Virtual Dumping Ground" For Level Three Sex Offenders, But Teases Viewers With Blurred Sex Offender Pictures...Here's The Guy They Were Talking About In Association With Recent Child Abduction Story...

MNDOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

Don't tease me, FOX 9. 

When your station does a story about how the 55411 zip code is a "virtual dumping ground" for Level Three Sex Offenders, you know that's my pet issue. (Heaven knows it's nobody else's pet issue, since local politicians have seemingly walked away from the "dumping ground" conundrum after expressing so much interest in the summer of 2013 and as late as January of this year) 

When you, Fox 9, talk about the "dumping ground" in a story about the recent abduction (and release) of a little girl in my neighborhood, and the ongoing search for a white suspect in his 20s, you know how interested people in my neighborhood are in that story. This blogger has been looking for some kind of fresh angle ever since the story broke, but it's my policy that I only publish new facts rather than just adding another layer of yacking commentary.

Well, thank you, FOX 9, for your teasing and blurred out little story which allows me to dig up new facts, even if it's just new facts underlying the assertions in your story...

Two Criminal Counts And Evidence Gathered At The Scene Of Alleged Drunk Driver Double Homicide THROWN OUT, Honorable Judge Acknowledges Political Pressure Applied By JNS Blog...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, also assumed permission and (possibly) public safety
exception to copyright long asserted by JNS blog, blog post
by John Hoff

This is a story that normally gets covered by JNS blog guest author Jordan North, but what sometimes happens is the owner of this blog (that would be me) is faster and more prolific, and the public's need for news (from blogs or other media) never takes a break. 

Hopefully, guest author Jordan North can follow up with more details about the legal proceedings in this case. Here is what is known to this blogger at this hour, and it's not happy news for the parents of Melvin Jones and Brandy Banks, victims of an...