Thursday, July 31, 2014

In Wake Of MinnPost Article About Big Minneapolis Schools Payout To Activist Al Flowers, It Should Be Noted This Isn't Even The FIRST Time It's Happened, Reportedly And Allegedly...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

The headline in MinnPost says it all: 

School board's approval of $375,000 contract for Al Flowers-related group now drawing questions

I know this article (click here to read it) is getting read


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Joshua Davis Ford, 16, Charged In Death Of Andrew "Drew The Chef" Billingsley, Criminal Complaint Document Puts New Spin On The Facts...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

A criminal complaint has been released by authorities naming the 16-year-old juvenile suspect in the unpremeditated murder of Drew Billingsley, click here for a copy. 

I shouldn't be surprised there are new twists on the facts, but it always catches me, just a little, how friends of the victim seem to instinctively distort the reality of what happened in the first draft written by the mass media.

In particular, there are revisions to the topic of what Drew Billingsley was doing right before the murder...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mainstream Media Fearfully Tip-Toe All Around The Ugly Reality Of Criminal, Civil Record Of "Activist" Al Flowers, Now Accused Of BITING Police Officer Who Came To Serve Arrest Warrant On Flowers' Daughter, JNS Blog Marches Down The Messy Trail Of Facts Other Media Fear To Tread...

Stock photo, Al Flowers in a confrontation with police during
JACC press conference, blog post by John Hoff

Al Flowers, who allegedly BIT an officer who was trying to serve an arrest warrant on Flowers' daughter, (click here for article mentioning THAT) has a long, messy legal history both criminal and civil. Interestingly, mainstream media are only mentioning PART of the history. 

About the most glaring example of "half truth" reporting was in a recent Star Tribune article, which contains the following paragraph...

FREEDOM!!!! Looms Next Month For The T.J. Waconia Fraudsters After A Half Decade Stretch In Federal Prison! Now For The First Time Online, Freely Available To All, Here Is The 109-Page Transcript Of Their Sentencing...

Photo contributed by anonymous source at time of the hearing, blog
post by John Hoff 

Click here to view the 109-page transcript of the sentencing hearing from Thomas J. Balko and Jonathan Helgason, the "TJ Waconia" fraudsters who were sentenced to prison for their fraudulent activities involving scores of houses in North Minneapolis.

Thank You, Belatedly, Anonymous Source

A source who said he or she was "cleaning out their office computer" sent me this document, like, I think it was at least a year ago, maybe more. 

But it was only recently I figured out how to make a PDF link for this document. Every other time I tried to make a link I had a problem and I presume it was because the document was LONG and my connection was SLOW. 

Hey, I'm grassroots media. Often enough I freely admit my little technical struggles and why stories got delayed. 

FREEDOM! (Somehow It Was More Inspiring When Mel Gibson Was Shouting It In "Braveheart" Then When Applied To The TJ Waconia Fraudsters) 

Today I had a lot more luck, and it's actually a good and timely day to publish this transcript because freedom (precious, blessed freedom!) looms for...

Northside Neighbors Organized Through Facebook Groups Create A Little Michael B. Sullivan Memorial Garden...

Blog post by Jordan North

For a little bit of history, please read the link below from the Star and Tribune.


A couple nights ago before the press and the crowd came,  I sat on a corner and stared at a deceased person, lying in the street. My thoughts were mostly about how I could get out of this Godforsaken place. I told my co-workers how I watched a bloody murder scene last night and they were shocked and horrified. I have somehow become accustomed to this place and except for the sobbing man next to me, I was not really affected.  

Today I was reminded of the good we've done in this community and the how even in the worst of circumstances, we do some good. I try to remember the smile of a little girl given toys and crafts by the community shortly before she died. I try to remember the joy and miracle that is Baby Isaac Early and what his smile brought to my life. This is why some of us must stay. This is our purpose for staying.....

Mother Of Shooting Victim "Baby Isaac" Calls For Fugitive James Early To Turn Himself In, While Early Continues To Live Large And Post Frequently On Facebook From, Apparently, Brooklyn Park...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism
and (JNS blog asserts) a sensible public safety exception to copyright and (this
one is new, folks) fugitive with an active warrant posting a recent photo of
himself to social media exception to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

As reported a little while ago on this blog, James Early (click here for his Facebook page) is still a fugitive after skipping out on his probation after being in possession of a weapon and accidentally shooting his baby nephew, Isaac Early, in the head. 

Baby Isaac, who miraculously lived, still has a bullet in his body from the shooting. While a fugitive and announcing he is in "BP" (Brooklyn Park) James Early continues to live large on Facebook, posting such items as...

Monday, July 28, 2014

JNS Blog Calls For Release Of Any And All Video, Audio, And Other Records Documenting Arrest Of Loud, Scary, Unpredictable "Activist" And Fringe Political Candidate Al Flowers...

Stock photo, Al Flowers being removed by police from yet 
another meeting, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog continues to be amazed by how completely mainstream Minneapolis media, including the Star Tribune and WCCO, have been snookered by "activist" Al Flowers over what happened during his arrest, giving this guy far more credit and air time than his dubious story deserves. 

Hit 30 to 40 times? REALLY? 

He doesn't look like he was hit SIX times, and if I had to guess, those head injuries are the result of a..

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Andrew "Drew The Chef" Billingsley Survived Growing Up In Chicago, But Could Not Survive The New "Murderapolis"

Facebook image used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Andrew Billingsley, who went by "Drew The Chef" Billingsley on Facebook, has officially been identified as the homicide victim killed on the "out of control" Number 19 bus route. JNS blog correctly identified him days ago before all other media. (Here insert usual biting remarks about mainstream media dropping the ball and failing to gather information readily available from social media, in particular Facebook) 

Reportedly, Billingsley confronted a group of...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Judicial Candidate Brian Hagerty Gets Endorsement Of Blong Yang, Fifth Ward City Council Member, Also Gets The Endorsement Of Johnny Northside...

Photo from website of judicial candidate Brian Hagerty, permission to
use assumed in this context, otherwise First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, and (parody font) "fuzzy skyline in background" exception
to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

Brian Hagerty, pictured above, is one of seven candidates running to replace Honorable Judge Janet Poston in Hennepin County. The primary is August 12 and at that time the field of candidates will be narrowed to two. At one time Hagerty was a clerk for Honorable Judge Patrick Schiltz in federal court. 

It was while clerking that Hagerty came to know this blog, the Adventures of Johnny Northside. (We are, indeed, the secret sinful indulgence of many in the city government and the local court systems!) 

Now Hagerty has contacted me by email and pointed out he has the endorsement of Blong Yang, the...

Fringe Mayoral Candidate Al Flowers Arrested, Jailed On Assault And Interfering With Legal Process Charges...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

Al Flowers, pictured above at the famous and chaotic "New JACC" press conference, is sitting in jail this hour charged with assault and interfering with legal process. No bail has been set. 

Flowers ran against Minneapolis Mayor Rybak in an election where...

Friday, July 25, 2014

JNS BLOG RED HOT SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Vigil For Homicide Victim Drew Billingsley Turned Into A Mob Action, One Shot Fired, Possible Murder Suspect Fled For His Life From Enraged Group That Was Holding Vigil Candles, AND SO GOES THE LONG HOT SUMMER OF 2014 IN THE NEW "MURDERAPOLIS!"

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Last evening, at 6:59 PM according to the Star Tribune, a man was shot after a confrontation on a city bus near the intersection of Penn and 26th Ave. N. The man died in the parking lot of the nearby gas station. A juvenile suspect has been arrested. 

The man is Drew "The Chef" Billingsley, CEO of LOL Entertainment, as reported this morning by JNS blog, based on widespread Facebook reports. 

Why is the mass media waiting so long to report the victim's name? Don't they have Facebook accounts like almost every teenager in America to know what is happening? 

Now here is information developed by JNS blog about dramatic events that happened at the hastily-arranged candle light vigil last night, not witnessed by news vans or police which had already left the scene but certainly witnessed by neighbors.

From 7 PM to about 10 PM the Number 19 metro bus sat by the side of the street, being processed as a crime scene. Yellow police tape blocked off a wide area...

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Victim Of Last Night's Bus Altercation And Shooting Was A Man Known As Drew TheChef Billingsley, Self-Described "CEO" Of "LOL Entertainment"

Facebook tribute pic used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism,
blog post by John Hoff

Many red hot and exclusive details will follow in my NEXT blog post about how last night's candlelight vigil for a North Minneapolis shooting victim (click here for Star Tribune article) quickly turned into a mob action with a shot fired, and citizens nearby hitting their lovely wood floor with not enough police able to respond to their frantic 911 calls, but first things first: 

The murder victim's identity was learned first and exclusively by JNS blog by simply looking on Facebook (click here for his Facebook profile) while our mass media provide fearful Northside citizens no further details. These mass media are apparently on a tight and voluntary official leash awaiting a "press release" or some such thing.  Stepping into the void, JNS blog can tell you the victim is a man who goes by Drew TheChef Billingsley. 

Since he is...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

On June 12 There Was A Federal Grand Jury Indictment Against David Johnson Which Involves Alleged "Rub Out" Of Witness Anthony Fairbanks, Two Others Already Have Been Charged Including A Woman From North Minneapolis...

Wikipedia creative commons image of "heroin," blog post by John Hoff

Due to the fact Maureen Onyelobi has a North Minneapolis address, this blog reported on charges against her in the alleged "rub out" of a witness, including providing a copy of the criminal complaint. 

It's quite a dramatic saga but it all happened in South Minneapolis and other media entities have covered it, so I won't go into it too deeply. Everything is in the criminal complaint on the page linked above, and quite a tale it is. 

However, today I caught wind of a new development from a highly credible official source and snippets like that I love to share with my readers. So here's what I learned: 

A guy named "David Johnson" was indicted on June 12 for that same alleged murder of Anthony Fairbanks at...