Thursday, July 9, 2015

Guest Author Shannon Moore Submits Blog Article About Havenbrook Homes, "Wall Street Infestation Threatens Twin Cities Tenants"

Creative stock photo (for visual interest) by John Hoff, blog post mostly
by Shannon Moore, St. Paul resident

This blogger is retired, but if somebody submits a "guest article," well, I can take five minutes to do some copying and pasting, right? So here is a guest article, bam.

Wall Street Infestation Threatens Twin Cities Tenants, by Shannon Moore
"This company is beginning to be like a bad virus to our community..."
- Google reviewer

"Havenbrook Homes has bought up hundreds of properties within the city of Atlanta, and become an absolute plague on our communities." - Google reviewer

"RUN!!!" - Google reviewer

 It's never a good sign when your landlord is compared to a devastating disease outbreak. A quick search of online reviews and the Better Business Bureau will give you a sense of the public's view of the Duluth, GA based investment firm, Havenbrook Homes...

Monday, July 6, 2015

UPDATE:This Week Baby Isaac Is Forced To Look Through The Bars Of A Hospital Bed Yet Again. His Shooter, James Early, Was Freed From The Bars After Only A Few Months. #DoBabiesLivesMatter?

Blog Post by Jordan North

James Early was playing with a .38-caliber pistol at his older brother's Minneapolis house on Sept. 6. 2013 when the gun discharged, wounding his 2-month-old nephew, Isaac Early Jr. James claimed he found the loaded gun on...