Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Freedom of Speech Lawsuit And More Highly Entertaining Reading Courtesy of Jill Clark and The Yzaguirre Family

Stock photo, blog post by Nomi Passenger

Jill Clark, on behalf of Terry and the Yzaguirres, once again sues the MPD, the City and The Universe (sarcasm font). The Strib has the legal docs here. I'll let the legal beagles provide the commentary.

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Anonymous said...

When da bitch got an itch..all of her neighbors know. O woe is yazoo who ak like afoo. Ugly go to da bone and aint nuttin' shiny on the de surface. The last name starts with the last two letters of the'bet, followed by the first ledda' o' da 'bet...and of course followed by a GEE. O.K., G., now we see dat u protest too much. How ya' gonna pay? Run dope from Tejas??? I reiterate dat ugly go to da bone and dat be her head, hollow bone... i'll eat the Clark bar another time.

Anonymous said...

I read it and I can't figure out what is going on. Is this related to the kids being busted for the drugs and guns as previously reported here?

Its rambling and disorganized. Maybe the cops are retaliating, maybe they are investigating a crime. Are the kids supposed to be confidential sources? Or is it that the phone contains confidential sources contact information? What is she reporting? Unfortunately we just have what Clark wrote so who knows for sure.

Can anyone fill in the details?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:30am is right. It is very hard to understand and follow. It's sloppy but a lot of clark's lawsuits have been written that way. I've seen some of her lawsuit complaints get into multiple amendments just because of the errors. I noticed in this one someone wrote Dec 2012 when they meant 2011. Many other sloppy mistakes.

I personally feel her kids are such thugs (and now a new revelation of a young girl thug daughter too!) that suing all these law enforcement agencies and using the shield law to protect all their phones is just a bunch of crap. But it's not surprising crap coming from this bunch of people. It's like Clark and TYza were made for each other. Perfect.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Hark! I hear a Clark bark in the dark. On a lark i went to the park and caught Clark talkin' with a narc. To my surprise it caught my eyes there she was as beautiful as she wanna be. I love you, Jill. Acid is a wonderful drug and it's a shame you neutered Jack rolling down that hill. I am Thor the ThunderGod and i will cook you some S'mores and make it all better; and you are not the boss of me so be careful or the Great Gazoo will exclude you from her will. She willingly will will the willie's. Weally. Here's a toast to the boody..bottoms up!

Anonymous said...

MPLS Mirror is an "online magazine" and therefore to be afforded first amendment protections but Johnny Northside is a blog and not afforded first amendment protections.

That. Just. Makes. My. Noggin'. Hurt.

Anonymous said...

all i know is that Terri is one homely photograph away from giving society all that it can handle. i feel sorry for the prune mugged thug breeder and her insecure impediments. oh, and her funny body. tres gross.

Anonymous said...

why does everyone have to be anonymous??if you guys dont care to speak your mind then let your names be known??why hide behind a computer?this is Eric Yzaguirre and i love all the attention this blog has gave me and my family so GREAT job keep up the good work "johnny boy" i dont know were this "THUG" would be without you and your bullshit blog to read everyday....moral of this post is to say if your to scared to state your name on your comment dont leave one because you dont have any idea about me or my family and "NAE BANKS" you F** P** GET A LIFE AND STOP FEEDING THIS MAN BULLSHIT OK....THANK YOU!! WHY DONT YOU TELL THEM HOW YOUR 35 AND STILL LIVE WITH MOMMY AND DADDY AND NEVER MOVED OUT YOUR HOUSE ..

PS. Just so you all know the truth about me i am a tax payer just like the rest of you i have worked a job my whole life ill post a resume/W2 if needed i have payed taxes since i was 16 years why you think im some thug because i had some weed in my car and a gun that was "legal"everybody makes mistakes and I payed for them.If i'm not mistaken you are divorced right? does that make you a bad husband??or a bad man?? my guess would be no so why judge me on my mistakes in my past im trying to do positive with my life and be a good father to my kids im sure you can relate to that JN.
so dont judge a book by its cover take the time to read the book first and in my case im no "thug" by far i work a full time job everyday 40 hours a week you tell me when i have time to be a thug?so get facts first stop trying to slam people for being human.

Anonymous said...


And for once in my life I didn't give this man information. I'm glad I'm still on your mind though.

P.S. -- its all over starttribune, GOOGLE it you dumbfuck and stop typing novels on here.

Oh and I still live at home but who's taking care of your bitch ass?


Anonymous said...

out of curosity put words such as Yzaguirre Minnesota forgery arrest into the internet and out pops

U.S. District Court District of Minnesota Civil No. 10-3793(DFW/JJK)
Nicole Yzaguirre Plaintiff
Eric Norling, in his individual capacity, Defendant

Connection to anything unknown.

Possible coincidences of same last names, same addresses, same attorney for the plaintiff all needing confirmation.

Free internet resources such as
make one wonder if it is a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that you are Eric the Grape and there is no proof since you posted ANONYMOUSLY!!! You are who you are and we appreciate the fact that you practice what you preach. I guess that is why you are getting so much "respect" because you "proved" you are Eric posting as anonymous. Illiterate and a liar.

Anonymous said...

I think we've hit a critical mass of idiots complaining about others posting anonymously WHILE posting anonymously.
BTW, I'm not complaining...

Anonymous said...

I can tell which anons are actually not.

Anonymous said...

ooh! which one are you? bet i know. my word verification is weirdo. i baby goat you not.

Anonymous said...

sounds like no one wants to get slapped with a supid lawsuit, again!

Capt. Jack

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, it looks like Jill Clark is getting disciplined and she's started up her own blog to fight back.

Johnny Northside! said...

This is Johnny Northside, commenting from Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan.

This comment is directed to the commenter who posts as Anonymous, but within the blog post claims to be Eric Yzaguirre.

First and most important, why have you given up using capital letters at the beginning of sentences? I see you know how to use the shift key when you go ahead and properly capitalize "Yzaguirre." So what's the deal? Also, it's just embarassing to see you using the wrong form of "you're/your."

I mean, don't you supposedly write for "Brothers As Dads?" And isn't your mom calling herself the publisher of an "online magazine?" More to follow...

Johnny Northside! said...

Also, please note the proper use of "to" versus "too." It makes me cringe to read your (note proper use of "your") writing.

In regard to your comment about people putting their names on their opinions...

You see me putting MY identity on this opinion, don't you? So quitcher bitchin.

But I think others would be less reluctant to put their name on their opinions if it weren't for the fact your mom's lawyer, Jill Clark, is a notorious legal loon who files junk lawsuits.

And you know that, Thug Boy, even while you try to call people out for being anonymous.

In regard to you being "thankful" for all the attention you're getting, oh, you're going to be even more thankful in the very near future. I need to write something about that "lawsuit" in Federal Court.

Quote marks around "lawsuit" because it's more Clarkian legal lunacy.

More to follow. Internet signal comes and goes, gotta make bloggy hay while the signal sun shines...

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to why do I think you're some thug because you had weed in your car and a gun...

Um, because you had WEED in your CAR and a GUN. You left out the part about how that was a few states away from your residence in Minnesota, so it sure looks like you were running weed from the south to the north. On that basis, you are a thug.

In regard to making comparisons between my fatherhood and your fatherhood, kindly skip the appeals to my paternal sentiment. You wouldn't even be of passing interest to me--not your weed, your gun in the car, none of it--if your mother wasn't constantly attacking our revitalization efforts in North Minneapolis. (Admittedly, if you ended up on the jail roster I'd publish your name, but it wouldn't be personal at all)

But, instead, you (if it's really you writing here) and your equally thuggy brother are the living embodiment of your (note spelling) mom being a flaming hypocrite. She criticizes our efforts to stamp out crime and, in the meanwhile, her offspring are committing serious crime.

So, Eric, don't sit there and compare me to you in terms of caring about family or whatever. I didn't drag YOU and your pathetic crime spree into MY blog.

No, your crazy mother and her twice-as-crazy attorney did. I didn't start the pissing match. Your mother did.

And now we come to find out all this stuff about thuggy sonny one, thuggy sonny two and, oh, this stuff with the daughter's cell phone?

More to follow...

Johnny Northside! said...

This paragraph in the "lawsuit" confuses me:
Sgt. Annoni of the Third Precinct knew that Minneapolis Police hadgone to Terry Yzaguirre’s house without a warrant. Knowing that, she participated along with the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office (which is representing Eric Yzaguirre in his civil lawsuit) to sign a felony criminal complaint, and obtain awarrant for Eric Yzaguirre under circumstances that are still being investigated.

Really? The Hennepin County Attorney's office is representing Eric Yzaguirre in his civil lawsuit? Aren't they representating the DEFENDANT in that suit?

Clark needs a better proof reader in her office. Is the chat line rapist still working there? Well, if so, he needs to step it up a notch.

Johnny Northside! said...

My all-encompassing summary of this "lawsuit," as follows:

I'm sure the police had their reasons for what they were doing, and Terry Yzaguirre can't and should not be able to take her position as chief writer, editor (and Lord High Bottle Washer) of her crap-tastic "online magazine" and use that to cover anything and everything going on under her roof, in her car, on her shared cell phone, etc.

Terry's sons are drug runners. Do the freaking math. I AM SURE THE POLICE HAD VALID REASONS TO DO WHATEVER THEY WERE DOING.

Johnny Northside! said...

This paragraph from the lawsuit is FASCINATING.

The Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office is vigorously litigating against Eric Yzaguirre in a misdemeanor case. It is alleged that the vigor relating to that misdemeanor prosecution is:

a) because Eric Yzaguirre hired Jill Clark (which Eric Yzaguirre has a constitutional right to do); and

b) because Eric Yzaguirre is suing Hennepin County and others to vindicate his rights. These facts are background facts for purposes of this case.

So is Clark asserting that prosecutors don't have the right to prosecute with vigor? That it's somehow unfair, illegal, or unconstitutional for prosecutors to TRY HARD ON A RELATIVELY SMALL CASE?

Besides, it seems to me the case against Eric Yzaguirre was nothing but a "small potatoes" case...that is, until Clark got involved and decided to literally "make a federal case out of it."

So what is the prosecutor supposed to do? Throw up his hands and say, well, the other side hired a particularly loony attorney so I should just throw in the towel and dismiss? If that became the common practice by the County Attorney, then anybody who hired Clark would get a free ride.

Obviously, society can't afford a situation where "anybody who hires Lawyer X gets a free ride, because prosecutors all know Lawyer X is aggressive and crazy."

All the same...Clark makes a point. In fact, Clark makes a good case AGAINST HERSELF. What she says has a grain of truth to it:

It is probably a really bad idea to hire Jill Clark to defend you in a misdemeanor. Something relatively small that should have just been dealt with out of the limelight can, instead, become a high profile federal case attracting all kinds of unwanted attention.

pauly said...

looks like mr anonymous, must not be good, bad or "ugly to the bone". just scared to reveal the true self! here's one to think about mr. anonymous-------------1 corinthians 11:28-31 and my name is paul Y.