Thursday, January 5, 2012

JNS Exclusive: MPD Makes Arrest in Home Burglary Turned Murder of Brianna Jones

stock photo from JNS blog

An exclusive tip to the JNS blog informs us that the MPD Violent Criminal Apprehension Team has made an arrest in the pre-Christmas murder of Brianna Jones.

Big Kudos to the MPD and their special ops teams like the VCAT. 

Brianna Jones came home to 1518 Emerson to find her house was in the process of being burglarized.  And she was shot in the head.

Turns out the burglar turned murderer was a friend of Brianna's boyfriend.  Nice guy (sarcasm font).

The shooter lived with his girlfriend in St Paul.

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Anonymous said...

Is this guy from N. Carolina?

old school said...

bring back BJ's, Broadway Joes and standup franks. thats when west broadway was at its best.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Stand-Up Frank's? B.J.'s? When West Broadway was at its best? How about we change the name of the Fourth Street Saloon back to the Wonder Bar? Stand Up would give free drinks to people who turned in their A.A. medallions. Let us not forget the 200 club and the last couple of years when it turned into Chicago's favorite watering hole.... now what the hell does all of this have to do with a beautiful young lady who was murdered by a fucking scumbag piece of shit??

Johnny Northside! said...

And back to our regularly scheduled topic:

The accused killer lived at 923 Arcade in St. Paul. Here's his jailhouse roster info.

2012000243 DAVIS, GREGORY.ANTOINE 12/16/1981 923 ARCADE, ST PAUL, MN 55211

Anonymous said...

Brianna Jones Is My Big Sister He Will Be Back In Court 9/11/2012 At 8:30 a.m So That We Can Get Justice For My Sister <3

Anonymous said...

brianna was my cousin and she didnt deserve this i miss her everyday and I hope that they never allow this man to see another day of light.

Anonymous said...

He's innocent, free my baby Lil Greg! The real killer is still out there... justice Will be served!