Sunday, August 12, 2012

Death Of Kalvin White Appears Linked To Unknown Gang Affiliation (CORRECTED POST)

Facebook image, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

An article in the Star Tribune talks about the "culture of retribution" which claimed the life of 5-year-old Nizzel George, click here.

This blogger thinks there is more going on than tit-for-tat retribution. Looking hard at the affiliations of a number of dead and arrested individuals, it appears there are two sides in a gang war. And Kalvin White, the latest North Minneapolis homicide victim, probably had an affiliation with one of those sides. Note the picture published above, which almost looks like an album cover. Note how a six-pointed star is embedded in the design of the little silver logo.

That ain't because he's Jewish, folks. Six pointed stars are commonly used by gangs upon one side of a great gang divide. Five pointed stars are used by gangs on the OTHER side of the divide, including the "Moes," a name associated with the Almight Black P-Stones, as previously discussed.

So over here on one side, you have "Moes," a name used by Almighty Black P-Stones. Whether these Moes are "genuine P-Stones" associated with the Chicago based gang is an open question, but what does it matter? The bullets are real and some actual or aspirational affiliation with Almighty Black P-Stones ("Moes") is clearly present when somebody like Julian Anderson, age 15, accused in the Nizzel George Murder, goes by the street name "Funny Moe." He didn't pick that name out of a hat.

Therefore let's call one side "Moes."

Over here, on this side, you have...

Well, who do you have? Who are the Moes going to war against?

I'd love to answer that question. Right now, I can see two sides (the "Moe" side) but I can only clearly and confidently determine the self-proclaimed identity of one side.

But based on the use of a 6-pointed star in this image, Kalvin White was does not appear to be linked with the "Moes," who use a 5-pointed star.

A behind-the-scenes researcher sent me...

...links to two Facebook pages associated with Kalvin White. The first one is his own personal page which existed before his death, click here. The second one is another page, somewhat more promotional in nature, where a sort of "damn, why did God take you so soon?" tribute has been written by "40 the prince," though at this point it's obviously another user besides Kalvin with access to the account.

Looking at photos posted on these pages, it doesn't take long to see a gang affiliation shouted out. But who is doing the shouting?

Here is one of the photos from the tribute page which (thank goodness) is in a section CLEARLY LABELED "photos of 40 the prince," which designates Kalvin White and, to some degree, members of his musical group. (Note the "40 the prince" label on his Facebook profile photo, above)

Comments posted on the photo are as follows:

The references to "stone" and "moe" appear to reference "Almighty P-Stone Nation," a group affiliated with Julian "Funny Moe" Anderson, accused shooter in the Nizzel George homicide. Anderson, who is 15 years old and has not yet been publicly named by authorities, has been identified by this blog.

HOWEVER, the Moes use a FIVE pointed star. In the image at the top, we can see a SIX pointed star. So what was the point of the comments about "Moe" and "Stone love" left on that Facebook photo?

More photos from Kalvin White's Facebook page to be published and commented upon when I can accomplish that, in the meantime Facebook users can give themselves the "lurker's tour" by using the links above.


Anonymous said...

WTF are you on drugs? You even look at the Facebook pages you wrote about?
The tribute page you say was created after his death has a timeline going back to 2011. "40 the Prince" is his DJ stage name.
Stone Love is the name of a band, and an expression of hard love. And Moe, only in your mind does it connect Kalvin to a gang war.
If you weren't so damn white you'd have a clue what was going on. You just making shit up and have no idea what you're taking about.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thjank you for catching one error. I meant to link to the Facebook tribute page but instead the link went to his regular Facebook page. I have fixed the error.

Johnny Northside! said...

As for the rest of your comments...

Stone Love is the name of the band? Moe has no connection to anything?

Uh huh. Whatever.

So somebody just shot him dead for NOTHING and this guy had NO GANG AFFILIATIONS WHATSOEVER, and it's just some kind of big freaking coincidence that "Stone" and "Moe" are terms that are popping up with, for example, the street name of murder victim Parrish Gray and the street name of the 15 year old accused in the Nigel George shooting?

Anonymous said...

Yo your page links are still messed up. The link you say goes to a tribute page goes here-
which got dates back to July 2011 and ain't no tribute.

Ya someone shot him dead but he ain't no gangster.
You must be on crack.

Johnny Northside! said...

The "40 the prince" Facebook page now contains a "tribute" written by somebody who appears to have control of the account. In response to your comment, I have tried to make the wording of this blog post more clear by not referring to that post as a "tribute" page.

See how you like it now.

As for whether things posted in those Facebook profiles appear to relate to gang activity with the reference to "Stones" and "Moe," the page speaks for itself. A link to his music has suddenly become inaccessible as well.

Anonymous said...

Stone Love is name of a band

Johnny Northside! said...

So how does it make sense to say "Stone Love or no love" in the context of that conversation?

Anonymous said...

The first picture (which looks like a CD cover) you posted has a graphic that includes a 6 point star. According to my limited knowledge 6 point stars are commonly worn among gangs affiliated with the People Nation gangs. The People Nation gangs are rivals to the Folk Nation gangs. The Folk Nation gangs wear 5 stars and include the Black P Stones (BPS) as part of their alliance. As such, he may not be affiliated with the BPS or that star might not mean anything...

Johnny Northside! said...

It sure DOES include a 6-pointed star.

So if what you're saying is true, then what's up with the individuals posting about "Moe" and "Stone Love or no love"? Are those individuals on the OTHER side making those postings?

Johnny Northside! said...

What you're saying about the 6 pointed star (which didn't jump out at me before) versus the 5 pointed star used by the Moes is very notable.

Notable enough that I have gone back and made changes to this blog post. Yes, there is clearly some kind of affiliation being shouted out by the use of the 6 pointed star. But then an affiliation is being shouted out by commenters saying "Moe" and "Stone love" as well. And that would be a DIFFERENT affiliation.

Clearly, there are "sides" in this conflict, but who is on which side, that is a mess.

Anonymous said...

i heard the auotpsy discovered Kalvin could not handle liquor. Two SHOTS and he was dead to the world. Poor guy, too bad he could not have gone slower and more painfully. It is a shame that the first anonymous commenter wasn't served a meal of lo-fat lead also.

Johnny Northside! said...

The first anonymous commenter was actually quite correct about an error that needed to be corrected and was corrected.

I certainly don't wish a slow and painful death on anybody, not even gang members or Taliban.

Curious George said...

I agree it is confusing. Having posted earlier anonymously about the stars I just want to clarify that I'm not an expert. The colors, the symbols and the slang used are all easily linked to Chicagoland gangs and alliances which in my experiences are more prominent in Minnesota than a lot of the bigger well known groups. All that to say it seems very probable that there were some serious gang influences. Regardless of all that, a young man working towards a college degree was robbed of his life. May his death be vindicated through the work of a judge and not another gun

Anonymous said...

Below is a "cut & Paste" from the PDF file that was distributed by the Medical Examiner.
This is the only official report that has been provided. Toxicology reports take about two weeks get back. So, the anonymous commenter @ 9:39 that states Mr. White couldn't hold his liqueur is making an absolutely false statement. The Medical Examiner never made such a statement.
Further, I recognize that the entire "Two shots, and he is dead to the world" comment is actually a joke making fun of Mr. White's death as a victim of gun violence. It is despicable that the manager of this blog would publish such a comment, making fun of another shooting victim.

530 Chicago Avenue Minneapolis Minnesota 55415

Press Release Report
White, Kalvin Montrell Case No 2012-2771

Decedent: White, Kalvin Montrell
Address: 2656 Stillwater Road
Race: Black
Age: 24 years
Location of Death: 3107 Dupont Avenue North Minneapolis MN 55408
Sex: Male
Date & Time of Injury: 08/10/2012 2:18AM
Time of Death: 2:26AM
Date of Death: 08/10/2012
Location of Injury: 3107 Dupont Avenue North Minneapolis MN 55408
The above individual died as a result of a gun shot wound to the chest. Manner
of death is Homicide. Minneapolis Police are investigating.

Anonymous said...

Did you know him to call him a gangster? Then you talk about ppl sayin Moe and Stone so what did Kalvin post it? No. Stop bein a racist bastard that's tryin to make black young men look bad. I don't believe you were at the scene of the crime when it happened, so who are you to say why he was shot. Maybe the bullet was meant for somebody else. You need to learn all the facts before you start talkin shit about something you clearly know NOTHING about. Asshole

Anonymous said...

Go kill youself

Johnny Northside! said...

To Curious George,

I never assumed you WERE an expert but I simply didn't see that little six-pointed star at first glance, and it's a very important piece of information.

It ain't there because he's Jewish. In this context it is a straight up gang symbol. But it's very confusing how the symbols and colors are being used. My working hypothesis is he was using that stuff EXPRESSIVELY while making music.

In regard to that music, it's an anthem of the streets and thugging. So either he's thugging or he's posing. And since he's dead from a gunshot wound, well, I guess he could still be a poser but I just don't think so. It may be he was trying to be on neither side but he sure had a busy piece of middle ground. IT SEEMS VERY PROBABLE THERE WERE GANG INFLUENCES and I think that's the ultimate statement of the blog post.

In regard to the "two shots" comment, I made it clear I don't morally approve of that comment but then again I don't morally approve of these asshole gang members, wannabe gang members, and assorted hangers on to thug life letting bullets fly in my neighborhood. There are people--very decent people in my neighborhood--who engage in such "gallows humor" in response to the ridiculous and unacceptable situation in which we find ourselves.

Where's your venom for THAT? For what we have to endure?

Johnny Northside! said...

Obviously the last part of my comment, above, was not directed at "Curious George" but at the OTHER poster.

Anonymous said...

The best thing that anyone that objects to these blog postings can do is stop reading this racist blog. Rather than telling him to fuck off and to kill himself just stop reading his stupid, racist blog and giving him attention, as attention is all he wants.

Anonymous said...

Certain folks are in denial and that is no doubt, speak the truth and hear them shout. Certain people should accept the fact that their own hate them with a vengeance. This is why they kill each other in record numbers more than all others combined. They should be so hard on the murderer who goes by the name of Shannon who killed the litlle angel named Nizzel. Rest in peace, my little brother, hopefully someone kills the hell-bound Shannon painfully and slowly. i guess if you weren't so White,as the FIRST anonymous commenter blurted out in racist fashion, you would understand this, Johnny Northside.

Anonymous said...

Hi iam a white guy who happened upon this blog by a woman i knew who relocated to you alls area. she laughs because the black folks therew call you a racist all the time Mr. Johnny and use aged old tricks to project their racism to you which is the most elementary way of showing their own racist on we love you northerners here in Salisbury, N.C.

Anonymous said...

People should look up the definition of racist before tossing it around so causally...

Anonymous said...

racist-anyone who is white and then nobody else. only white people like the KKK member who is john hoff. this is how white people work and john hoff is a front who iam sure is looking to bring down blacks . notice he dont talk good about blacks and i am sure calls them niggers-racist-hoff

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its you white folks that want to create an "urban utopia" in North Mpls by humiliating black victims of crime and their families on this blog.

Anonymous said...

fuck all of you black racists and quit blaming white people because you like to kill each other . get a life and quit killing your own folks . fools humiliate themselves and certain communities do a fine job of that. pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It's not a white or black thing, it's a behavior thing.

Anonymous said...

It's Johnny Northside pulling crap out of his ass just to get readers to his blog.

Anonymous said...

actualy im a black p. stone member and it is not affiliated with the folks or the 6-pointed star it is with the 5-pointed star

alng with the latin kings and the vice lords &the words"moe" & "stone love or no love" is something used by the black p. stones

TabbyCat said...

The six pointed star represents the Gangster Disciples. If you from the streets you're going to know that the GDs were co-founded by David Barksdale who was called "King David." In honor of King David the GDs employ the Jewish star and the number 6 as their symbols. In reference to the gang violence on the North Side there is a difference between gangs and cliques. Most of the youngsters running around with pistols are in cliques, which are constantly changing mini-gangs and are often very violent and reckless. North Side cliques do have ties to the bigger national gangs such as GDs, Black P. Stones, and Vice Lords, but not always. Violence and shootings are happening between various cliques, gangs, or even families on the North Side constantly, but anytime stars or wings or numbers or canes or pyramids are being used in the street culture it is claiming affiliation to a larger gang.