Monday, July 6, 2015

UPDATE:This Week Baby Isaac Is Forced To Look Through The Bars Of A Hospital Bed Yet Again. His Shooter, James Early, Was Freed From The Bars After Only A Few Months. #DoBabiesLivesMatter?

Blog Post by Jordan North

James Early was playing with a .38-caliber pistol at his older brother's Minneapolis house on Sept. 6. 2013 when the gun discharged, wounding his 2-month-old nephew, Isaac Early Jr. James claimed he found the loaded gun on... 

....26th and Knox Ave North. Baby Isaac by some not-so-small miracle managed to cling to life. His life is now forever changed and he will struggle to overcome the destructive path of the bullet still lodged in his brain stem, for the rest of his life.

James Early was set to plead guilty and serve ONE year in prison when a JUDGE told him that he could do LESS time by NOT pleading guilty.

The bottom line is that a man who recklessly and illegally carries weapons through the streets of North Minneapolis is back walking amongst us. He shot his own family member in the head, how safe does that make the rest of us? How does this make the struggle of those who are trying to change the path of North Minneapolis anything but wishful thinking?

I'm sure after serving a few months in jail and damaging young Isaac forever, James has turned his life around. Thanks in advance for not shooting any other innocent people.

What one little bullet did to one little baby...Isaac has posterior and occipital lobe intraparenchymal hemorrhage along with subarachnoid hemorrhage, secondary to the gunshot wound and the bullet that remains. He additionally suffered clinical seizures and a disconjugate haze and vision impairment. He also has left eye esotropia...

don't know what the future holds for baby Isaac. I'm confidant that God brought him thus far because he has great plans for him. He has already touched my life and changed my thinking about the people who end up victims of gunfire in Nomi. For now I will just buy him books and let him eat all of my strawberry, brie, walnut salad, instead of his own food. And pray...

Sharing MY lunch with Isaac at Bachman's.

Sharing my love of books and numbers with Isaac.
Sharing my iPhone6 and letting Isaac take a selfie.

I'm so blessed that he's in my life even if it's just in a small way. He has made the time I've spent in North Minneapolis have meaning. Wherever life takes him and wherever it takes me, Isaac is in my heart and prayers. One day he may Google this story and I hope he knows that if he needs anything, he can contact me.


Johnny Northside! said...

I note for the record this blog posting uses sarcasm without noting it with the words "sarcasm font," specifically the part about Mr. Early turning his life around after a short jail stay. As this is a matter of individual author style, I merely wish to note it so future historians won't be confused by sentences that mean the opposite of what they say; which is the fatal weakness of all sarcasm in written form.

Other than that...thank God for "not-so-small" miracles.

Anonymous said...

Please keep the Adventures going. We need you!

Sue said...

I am troubled by the fact that the judge offered that Early would do less time by pleading not guilty. Is the judge now working for the defense? So, the next time that Early does something bad will the judge be held as an accomplice? Note, sarcasm font used in last sentence.

Johnny Northside! said...

I simply cannot afford to put in all the unpaid time this blog requires. If I could do this for a living I would, but the last 7 years have proven to me that I can't. My focus is now making money so I can help my son during his college years.