Monday, November 7, 2011

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Record Of Steven Eric Meyer, Age 36...

A guy named Steven E. Meyer, age 36, was killed Saturday at 43rd and Girard Ave. N., shot inside a vehicle. Media reports say he died at the hospital. In any case...
Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Residents immediately assumed this was some kind of drug deal gone bad.

It would have been nice if the media had printed Steven's middle name. As it is, public records name a Steven ERIC Meyer, who is the right age, and has a series of charges against him, as follows...

Lindstrom, John C.
Gross Misdemeanor
Converted Closed

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Ridgedale
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Meyer, Steven Eric
Crim/Traf Non-Mand
Truck and Common Carrier Regulation

Meyer, Steven Eric
- St. Louis-Duluth
Crim/Traf Non-Mand
Closed-Physical File Destroyed
Record of Duty Status Not Current

Based on the last two charges, the man appears to be a trucker. Also, while he had his issues, illegal drugs DID NOT appear to be one of those issues.

That is to say...

If this is the same Steven E. Meyer. The information is hot enough for blog purposes to demand publication, but I feel like printing a caveat that I would like one more "smoking gun" piece of information that this is the very same Steven E. Meyer, age 36, who was gunned down on Saturday at 43rd and Girard Ave. N.


Anonymous said...

People make mistakes, this is true, but this was a person who had gotten things together after some pretty bad times... who knows what was happening that day. The funny thing about the posting of this criminal record is that it isn't even complete and leaves out more interesting information. He was a father, brother, uncle, son, nephew and business owner... Too bad that he died under a typical "North Side" headline...RIP Steve, you are missed by many who love you.

Johnny Northside! said...

A person who may or may not be a troll claims to have the "official press release" and cites a purported fact therein regarding the time of death.

Well, I turned up no "official press release" in my search though all the media reports seem to be writing off the same script.

Kindly provide a link to this press release of which you write. My offhand remark about "death" versus "official time of death" in these incidents, though not factually inaccurate, has been removed in response to your comments, which I am still not going to publish.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous at 12:58:

Well, all that may be true but I don't have access to that info. If you want that info to be part of the public record on the internet, please tell us more.

For example, what business did he own? Was it a trucking business?

GlassyGirl said...

The far reaching affects of this kind of crap is wearing thin on the good people of NOMI. I happened across the scene of this crime just a few moments after it happened, just 2 blocks from my home. And right in front of the house I grew up in. Police had just arrived and I didn't know until later that someone had died there.

I think we have a sort of PTSD from this repeated gun shots and thug activities around here. i have seen on three occasions big-ass SUVs zig zagging down a main thoroughfare causing vehicles to pull over. The drivers are smiling and look damn proud of themselves for the terror they are causing. What the he'll is this crap?

I was so disturbed by the incident on 43rd & Girard on so many levels that I haven't had a decent night sleep since. I know a lot of good people on that block who are feeling the same way.

How do we make this shit go away, Johnny?

Johnny Northside! said...

Every day, in hundreds of small ways, decent people must make a few 911 calls, a few 311 calls, a few calls to public officials, and constantly share whatever information they have in internet discussions about NoMi revitalization issues. (Preferably in permanent online forums, not emails that aren't accessible to everybody, don't turn up in search engines)

Pick a target--like a particularly bad house or an inconvenience store--and start racking up your own personal score on that place.

Every day, we have to fight the battle a little. Big victories like convictions of mortgage fraudsters are exciting, but the big victories come about from plugging away, every day.

If I can manage to make a contribution to the North Minneapolis revitalization effort while living in a mud-straw-and-poo hut in Afghanistan, while on active military duty...

Well, for anybody else, it's easy.

Plug. Plug away. Go plug something.

Johnny Northside! said...

Was that in front of 4315 Girard Ave. N.?

Or some other address?

NoMi Passenger said...

Glassy Girl, I have seen this side to side full road swerving phenomenon several times myself. I've seen cars and SUVs do it. All thug mobiles. Matter of fact one time I was behind a thug mobile doing the swerve and I got a few seoonds of video clip, but if I remember correctly I was too far behind them for the camera to really pick up on it. It was on
26th where there are several stop signs and the thug mobile kept getting too far ahead, not only do they swerve on the whole entire road, but they go pretty dang fast too. I don't get it either, I guess it's what perpetually intoxicated brains do for entertainment. Kinda speaks volumes about the dirty weed that must be getting into the thug weed supply and altering the ability to think.

And you're right Glassy Girl, this thug crap is really, really draining on the morale of decent folks. Now when you see that thug on the street or at the store, it's even more draining to think you are subsidizing all 8 of his kids while he lounges around all day, smoking dirty weed, swerving his thug mobile on the way home from getting his new rims tuned and shined, while plotting with his thug buddy on which house to burglarize next.


johnnyreub said...

I agree that there are too many thug like activities - but it is improper to assume that they are being subsidized. Reminds me of the Reagan welfare queen propaganda - welfare and crime are seperate issues. Also, your image of what a thug is may not fit reality, as there are many law abiding citizens of north minneapolis that enjoy shiny rims and a good subwoofer.

Thanks to Johnny north side for posting this - as it does raise awareness - but I would like to add that no matter what the rap sheet had, he did not deserve to get shot. We need more gun control, legal abortion, better schools, drug treatment, whetever to make our neighborhoods safe. All of that and maybe some big speed bumps to ruin the suspensions of crazy drivers.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, OK, let me get this straight...

So all the thugs are doing it on their own? No subsidy?

Then you have a subsidy-using class of people who have food stamps, Section 8, welfare?

And these are two completely separate groups?

We need to demand good behavior from people who get subsidies. And their children.

Johnny Northside! said...

Confirmed from the Eden Prairie paper the address was, indeed, 4315 Girard Ave. N.

Glassy girl said...

The escalade crashed on the se corner of 43rd & Girard. In front of a beautifully maintained craftsman.

I've been fighting this battle against thugs for 20 years now. I've been diligent that whole time and have been a crime victim (multiple times including the retaliatory murder of my dog years ago and 3 burglaries in 3 months more recently).

I appreciate what you're saying but it's exhausting and puts me in a negative state of mind far too much. Things haven't improved, they're getting worse!

Johnny Northside! said...

I would think they're worse in some ways, better in others.

Within the four walls of my own house and the back yard, I can make a little paradise. And that paradise will spill over into my block.

But I guess I just enjoy the fight as much as I enjoy living in a self-made paradise. I like RACKING UP THE SCORE with a 911 or a 311, and especially with a revealing blog post. If things were perfect, I'd probably move somewhere with more problems!

But check with me in 20 years for signs of discouragement.

boathead said...

Fresh off of a two month free-for-all in Seoul, South Korea...i resume my life back in little Shitcago. Gee, i guess that eight weeks didn't change much of anything around here as i assumed it wouldn't.
Money for nothing and your checks for free is the mantra that is proclaimed across the land as the single ,childless, males and females come to Moneyapolis for the five year cash give-a-way. Cut the sorry mooching and leeching asshole derelicts off of the fucking welfare rolls and these fucks will go back to their respective toilets and drink themselves sillier than they already are. Quit being so nice to these assholes and throw the game back in their bitch faces. Give them hell and then turn it around on them. Fight fucking fire with fire and be relentless. Do not show your outward fear and you have won half of the battle. These mother fuckers' are going to be dealt with eventually and it will be in a big way. I, personally, would not mind loading an M-16 and taking out people that deserve to be taken out..who knows how much an individual can take before they decide to seek justice.
Boat will not go to those measures but, frightfully with trembling knees, i will declare that i know people willing to do a fucking Charles Bronson on that ass. Remember, be it ever so humble, there is no face like your own. Good Day.

Anonymous said...

The two revenue streams that, together, fund the thug lifestyle are (a) drug sales, and (b) Aid to Families with Dependent Children paid to the baby momma, and/or the baby mommas of the drug customers.

Not all welfare recipients are thugs, for sure, but all thugs depend (directly or indirectly) on the flow of welfare funds through the community.

The $64,000 question is how the thug economy would adapt to having revenue source (b) cut off. Would things get tight enough that, as a last desperate measure, thugs will start seeking productive work? Or would crime increase even more? Or maybe there would be some unexpected results?

Personaly, I don't think that productive work is a realistic option for thugs, since they lack the emotional resilience that having a job requires. 99% of keeping a job is the ability to do stuff you don't particularly want to do (like, for instance, getting to work on time, every day) and keep a civil tongue in your mouth while you're doing it.

Folwell Fox said...

Even though there is no hard evidence to support a drug deal gone bad, I'm going to assume that it was based on circumstance. I feel bad for this guy regardless. Drug use and his priors did not warrant a death sentence.

Anonymous said...

Steve was a good person. He had his issues in the past, but straightened his life out recently in the past several years. He had a striving internet business and worked at a distribution company for 4 years where he was well liked by his co workers and by all of his customers. Steve was no thug, he may have hung around the wrong crowd at times, but that doesn't means he deserved to die because something he may or may not have been caught up in. Why don't you all hold your judgement until the case it solved. Nobody knows what happened yet. BTW just because he was in North Minneapolis doesn't mean he was doing something illicit. Some of you live in NOMI who post on this blog. Are you drug dealers or thugs? I think probably not. P.S. Yes it is the Steve you listed in your crime history. What does that matter, if didn't have a history it somehow would make it more tragic? But because he did it lessens the fact that he was murdered!?!

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to "just because he was in North Minneapolis doesn't mean he was doing something illicit."

Well, he had a criminal history. And he died in a shooting where there were no witnesses, out in the street, just like all the OTHER drug dealers and gang bangers.

What, are you going to tell me he was out there driving around dialing 911, dialing 311 and playing the good citizen?

Or that the thugs have now resorted to pointing their guns at random cars and opening fire?

There is, of course, the possibility of ROAD RAGE. Or that he was mistakenly identified as somebody else.

I guess we all wait to hear what the police have to say about it, but most of us who actually live in North Minneapolis assume this was exactly what it appeared to be: some kind of drug deal gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

In regard to my previous posting about Steve:

How about you self-righteous North Side interlopers do a little research. Steve was not in his vehicle and again I'll say that just because he has a past criminal history of speeding and and having an open container in his car makes him a drug dealer? That's a big leap Johnny. Maybe he was visiting a friend and something went wrong and he was caught in the wrong place or maybe he got robbed, maybe he WAS caught in a drug deal. Again, wait for the facts to come out before you judge the victim! The way you people on this blog go after victims of violence is ridiculous. Like they had it coming to them and good riddance! You wanted to know about Steve, here it is again:
Great person, loving family member, great employee, business owner, well liked by everyone, a person who straightend his life out and so on...He will be missed by many many people. You all seem to care about NOMI on this page so much yet you are so apathetic to the actual "people" who are affected by the violence in your community. If you really wanted to do something to better your neighborbor, have some compassion for the victims and stop with all of the vitrol. BTW, how is the $60,000 judgement going Johnny? I don't know how anyone can take you as credible or seriously, now that you have a history. It's the same logic you apply to Steve and it's just as ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

BTW Johnny, he's a face to go along with your criminal history report.

Johnny Northside! said...


WE LIVE HERE, ASSHOLE. And as far as I can tell, Steven Eric Meyer, age 36, brought HIS ISSUES TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD all the way from Eden Fucking Prairie.

As for waiting for the facts...

HELLO!!!!! This blog is in the business of facts, and when we have facts we publish them. His criminal record was a fact. We published it. Nobody else published it. We did. It's what we do.

You sit and "wait for all the facts" all you like. In the meantime, this blog will keep doing what this blog keeps doing. Digging up facts and publishing them, with a space for people to comment.

And any advocate of Steve's has a lot of nerve to talk about the "violence in our community." There wouldn't be so much violence in our community if, for example, INTERLOPERS from Eden Fucking Prairie wouldn't come up here to do whatever sordid deals they were apparently trying to do.

Visiting a friend here, you say?

"A friend with weed is a friend indeed."

Johnny Northside! said...

Meyer, Steven E. age 36, of Little Canada, formerly of Willmar, died Saturday, November 5, at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale. Service 1 p.m. Fri., Nov. 11, at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Willmar. Visitation 5-7 p.m. Thurs., Nov. 10, at Peterson Brothers Funeral Home in Willmar and hour prior to service at church.

Survived by children: Austin & Taylor Meyer; stepdaughter: Kara Nonweiler; parents: Wayne Meyer of St. Paul and Sharlene Meyer of Fargo; brother: Shawn (and Kathy) Meyer of Eden Prairie; sister: Alison (and Vehid) Hajric of Moorhead; nephews: Liam Meyer and Aiden Hajric; niece: Jeannie Hurley and other relatives and friends. Peterson Brothers Funeral Home

Published in Star Tribune on November 9, 2011

This guy looks very familiar now that I see his picture. Can anybody tell me if he had facial piercing and also "tribal" pattern tattoos on his forearms?

Anonymous said...

To sit and judge a person that was MURDERED in your neighborhood is outrageous.whether it was a drug deal a visit or what ever a person lost thier life.he was a friend of my husbands and from what I hear turned his life around years ago I never personally met him but I know this he was loved a lot of his friends in the willmar area are grieving the loss of their FRIEND.When they catch (and I pray they do) the person that did this is it gonna really make a difference what neighborhood they are from.that persons life continues and what about steve? Today his family and friends say goodbye to him never will they be able to pick up the phone and call him never will his CHILDREN be able to tell thier daddy they love him and the loser that did this will still get his visits from his family is probably right there in NoMi probably your neighbor instead of bashing Steve for being from "Eden fucking prairie" who bought his "problems" to your neighborhood take a second to look at the real issue a MURDER happened there AGAIN not the first not the last these people are victims have a freaking heart. RIP Steve I know your friends and family will miss you

Johnny Northside! said...

Did you seriously just write "whether it was a drug deal a visit or whatever" and then proceed to blame my neighborhood?

Maybe the great lesson of Steve's life is this: DO NOT GO INTO NORTH MINNEAPOLIS IF YOU ARE UP TO NO GOOD.

Let the word go forth to Eden Fucking Prairie or wherever it needs to go.

Anonymous said...

The day I see on the news JNS was shot and killed today in NoMi I'm gonna laugh my ass off keep protecting that shit hole neighborhood. U one day will be the victim of Ur beloved neighborhood.

NoMi Passenger said...

I published the above hateful, troll comment (depsite the no troll policy) just to use it as an example. See, this is the thing with the JNS blog trolls, and I call them blog trolls because they come here, say mean, hateful things. They say how much they hate the blog authors but yet they still come here, read and use their otherwise productive energy to spew hatered. They poo-poo the strategies used here of opening up discussion, documenting slumlord problems, or thug problems or outrageous behavior of whoever/whatever. They say the blog participants are wrong and out of line for such things as taking a picture of a problem property, or publishing mugshots or writing about past criminal histories that might show a pattern and a lifestyle of disobeying laws and social norms. They chastise John for what they perceive to be as a disregard for human life. Then they turn right around and do the very same thing they are protesting against to begin with.

You can't have it both ways, trolls. Don't be a hypocrite.
Either you don't think publishing public records is a good social tactic for exploring and analyzing the ills of inner city neighborhoods or it is. Either you discourage violence and everyone should be allowed to live in a violence free neighborhood, or you want anyone and everyone to be affected by violence.

See what you don't know about John is that when his time comes, he'd rather go out doing something dramatic like protecting "his shit hole negihborhood" rather than say, die in his sleep, or crash into a telephone pole. So if, God forbid, we ever have to endure a news story about John or any other decent, revitalizer neighbor being killed in the act of protecting their beloved neighborhood, that person will be considered a hero and die a hero's death. Not a thug-do-no-good death like Haywood Eaton or whoever.

And what you don't realize is nobody here wants anyone to die. We all wish we lived in a violence free community. But at the same time, it gets really hard to take the overall perception that violence is random and North Mpls is such a dangerous place. It's not. It's dangerous if you are up to risky things. It's not so dangerous if you are a decent, upstanding citizen who is not intermingling with the scum of society who operate in the underworld doing whatever illegal things it is that they feel they need to kill people over. And that cold harsh reality is sometimes hard for families of homicide victims to handle. But I feel strongly if we call it accurately as it is, it could hopefully help and deter young folks from choosing to get into certain risky behavior in the first place.

Livin'UpNorth said...

NoMi Passenger: Hell Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Great comment NoMi Passenger!

I can see where some might be inflamed by JNS assumption that this murder victim was up to no good. However, This is what many of us that live in North Minneapolis and safely commute daily through this community are asking ourselves in the absence of any rational explanation presented by the victims family and media.

In reference to the calls to abolish the welfare system in order to stem violent crime, this is an absurd proposal. The social services offered throughout the state help thousands of law abiding yet needy families.

Perhaps what we need is more accountability for personal behaviors. We need Police to start reporting suspicious behaviors to the Welfare and Section 8 Administrators. We need an effective Problem Properties Unit who hold landlords responsible for activities at their investments. We need more interaction between Social Services and Law Enforcement that can identify potential trouble spots and focus on eliminating deviant behaviors from our neighborhoods before they turn into violent crimes.

NoMi Passenger said...

Anon 11:09, I don't see where I or anyone suggested abolishing the entire welfare or assistance programs. But rather we were cynically complaining about how folks are allowed to be pubic nuissances AND collect public assisstance. So, 1) not paying into income tax revenue stream 2) sucking from the public assistance stream AND 3) sucking from the public services There should be a very high set of strict rules and policies. There is not. This discussion could go on forever and it's a busy, sunny Friday so some other time, no?

Folwell Fox said...

Anony. 11:09 AM

I agree with your statement, in general, that abolishing the welfare system in order to stem violent crime is an absurd proposal. However, how about other communities sharing more of the burden? You even stated that "We need Police to start reporting suspicious behaviors to the Welfare and Section 8 Administrators. We need an effective Problem Properties Unit who hold landlords responsible for activities at their investments." I think you've drawn a correlation here.

We have a disproportionate amount of these problems up here compared to the rest of the metro. Yet, we're expected to suck-up and maintain through revenue and resource cuts to deal with it, and we still get bitched at and ridiculed by suburbanites. Fuck you assholes!

With all due respect Anony., they're already making cuts to our SAFE officers. I just don't see the city being able to afford your proposal despite our disproportionate share of problems that the city, county, and state continue to direct our way. I say send 'em to E.P.! That includes L3SOs.

Anonymous said...

Well, Steve was laid to rest today. A sad story all around. Does it matter if it was a drug deal gone bad or a tragic bad place at wrong time? If the "activists" want to make a difference in their community, they should strive to connect with the people of NoMi instead of demonizing the victims. The victim is the victim, regardless of the the circumstances that lead to their tragedy. I still believe that JNS is pompous and misguided in his view of "his" community. Maybe he should stop spreading the vitriol running up his score and try to connect with his community instead of just chastising it and talking shit about his neighbors and neighborhood. Why does he live in Nomi, probably because that's the only property he can afford in a run down neighborhood in a rundown house. JNS pretends he cares about the North Side but really only cares about himself and his perceived "self-righteousness" JNS is a joke and no wonder he is divorced and lonely in his world. Good luck to you JNS in your lonely life. Some "activist" you are. This will be my last post. C'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

No he didn't have any tattoos are piercings you stupid ignorant fuck JNS. Keep demonizing the victims!
JNS and this blog is a fraud. Why don't you move out of the North fucking Side back to your white bread part of town. The ignorance and self-righteousness of this blog is palpable. WHAT A FRAUD JNS is. Loser!

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous at 9:46 PM.

Yes, it matters a great deal why he was killed. While the matter is, indeed, still under investigation I must say it's amazing how many people keep pressing the point, "Does it MATTER? Does it MATTER why he was in the neighborhood?"

Hell yes it matters.

If it weren't for filthy drug money coming to North Minneapolis from places like Eden Fucking Prairie there wouldn't be drug violence, there wouldn't be drug dealing in our neighborhood. The problems in the neighborhood associated with drug violence are just as much the fault of the buyers (who might be know-it-all white boys driving cars like Escalades from Eden Fucking Prairie, listening to Lil' Wayne on their speaker systems) as the problems are the fault of the dealers.

I mean, certain assholes who come here to argue seem to want it both ways: easy availability of drugs on North Minneapolis street corners but no drug violence for the interlopers from (for example) Eden Fucking Prairie.

As for the troll who says "he didn't have any tattoos or piercings you blah blah blah."

Funny. He looks like a guy I saw in the neighborhood once who did. But you know what? You're not the final authority on that. The information would be in, for example, the autopsy.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, in regard to my "white bread part of town" where I should move back to...

Which part of town would that be?

In regard to the comments about affordable, run down property...

Hell, yes, a single father can buy an affordable house in North Minneapolis, then join with the neighborhood revitalization forces to make the area much better and watch your equity go up, up, up. Your comment, while made in a negative way, has some truth in it.

NoMi Passenger said...

I like to think of my neighborhood as more of a marble rye.

Anonymous said...

Just because he drove a escalade he was a drug dealer? Don't forget he also owned a business maybe thats how he had money to buy his vehicle...I just wonder how you are going to bash the person that killed Steve when they are caught or is this going to be swept under the rug by you JNS as he is from NoMi ? What if this was your child or another family member of yours that went into a neighborhood with just as bad as a rep as north Minneapolis and this was the outcome and there was a guy just like you blogging about them the way you are about Steve with all the negative comments it would not be pleasant for you.

Johnny Northside! said...

When the person or persons who killed Steve is arrested, if I am able (internet working in Afghanistan, not busy pulling sentry duty, etc.) I will go straight to the Minnesota Courts website and pull up his criminal record and spread it all over the internet.

Also, if I can find the dude's Facebook, I will pull up all the ridiculous gang sign pics, all the "look at how much weed I got" pics, and post them with caustic commentary. History proves as much.

(Speaking of which, you wouldn't have a link to Steven E. Meyer's Facebook page, now would you?)

However, in regard to your comment about reversing the situation...

I don't go into tough neighborhoods to make drug deals. And this blogger has yet to see anybody who will stand up and say, definitely, this was NOT a drug deal. Rather, I'm hearing a whole lot of "Well, so what if it WAS a drug deal?"

Whether it was or was not a drug deal matters a lot. We don't need assholes from Eden Fucking Prairie coming up to our neighborhood to score dope and support dope violence.

Now, then...

You got a name? You got a name of who killed him? Or who he might have been dealing with? Or any kind of useful information? Or just commentary on, oh, leave poor Steve alone?

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to "white bread" neighborhood...

When I go to that down homey chicken place on West Broadway to buy a bunch of wings...and friends can attest to the fact I do...what do they give me with my wings?

A whole bunch of diagonally cut Wonder Bread.

How is it that "white bread" is, in fact, eaten with soul food?

I say my neighborhood IS a "white bread" neighborhood.

White bread and soul food.

Johnny Northside! said...

But somehow I get the feeling ol' Steve wasn't coming here for the soul food.

Folwell Fox said...

I'm not blamming Steve or any other victim of violent crime, but I don't understand why it is so hard for some suburban folks to try and see it our way. This phenomenon is not new in North or in other parts of Minneapolis. Almost every week I witness a seemingly middle-class unknown to the neighborhood white person (usually just after 5 PM during the work week) park on my block, right out my front door and wait for a dealer to arrive. I call 911 with descriptions and plate numbers every time I see it.

Sometimes your precious little snowflakes even leave their fucking used needles and baggies on my front lawn and sidewalk where little kids play and people walk their dogs. I don't want to hear from another goddamn suburbanite that we should be doing more. Dealing with the fuck-tards in our own neighborhood is a full-time job, why should we have to babysit your suburban drug addicts too? The good people of this neighborhood don't come to your neighborhoods and deal drugs and leave our biohazards on your front lawns and sidewalks. Why are you doing it here?

Anonymous said...

Damn just got done looking at steves pictures on fb and u wouldn't believe the weed and money pictures that are on there holy cow they looked real nice almost as nice as the FAMILY pics he has up which BTW that's all he has up weed and money not there so let's keep up the speculation of a drug deal gone bad oh he had food pictures to so maybe he was there for soul food.and as for the link to his fb I won't give it to u because u would turn the mourning into a lot a drama (facts or not) JNS what happens if the person who MURDERED "poor" Steve is never caught are you comfortable with a KILLER walking around maybe you and the NoMi activist start a search for this person then Ur neighborhood would be just that much safer. And as for my name u want it so u can do a internet search to try and what pull skeletons from my closet sorry my background is clean no oh wait I have 1 traffic offense Damn lock me up and throw away the key because that probably means I'm a drug dealer huh but sorry not the case I'm a hard working person with a full time job (which by the way requires a background check and a drug test )

NoMi Passenger said...

To Steve's advocate, nobody thinks Steve deserved to die, even if he was here for some nefarious reason. Nobody wants a killer on the loose in our neighborhood. Nobody wants violence in our neighborhood. We would like to know a probable reason for what brought Steve here. Was he visiting a relative or a friend and the violence was random? There is no sould food at 43rd and Girard so getting his culture on probably isn't what he was up to. Nobody said all Escalade owners are drug dealers but it does sort of stereotypically point to a lifestyle of flashy blingy excess that is sometimes accompanied by recreational drug use, so there is that.

I don't think John was asking for YOUR name, I think he was asking for a name of a suspect, if there is one known.

I remember a few years ago, some guy was killed late at night in south Minneapolis. He happened to be a white guy. He lived in the area. Last time he was seen was right in his own house, by his wife (or live in) who went to bed and the guy stayed up. Next morning he is found dead a few blocks away from his house, face down in someone's lawn, his bike laying near him. Nobody knew what happened. Why did he leave his house? Who killed him and why? There was much outrage, a lot of hand wringing about safety and crime and blah blah blah. I believe there was a march/bike ride in his honor. Anyways, make a long story short, the guy left his house on his bike to go score some weed. I don't know what happened but the weed thugs killed him. I don't think anybody deserves to be killed and of course don't beleive the customers of inner city weed thugs deserve to be killed... but with that said... it did provide an explanation of why and how he was murdered. He was interacting with the scum of the underground world and something went wrong. And when things go wrong the scum of the earth don't really know how to handle it, so they do stupid shit like pull triggers. Totally unnecessary, throw a freaking punch to the gut or something, kick some nuts, I don't know but it's senseless to shoot people.

Now, if the word would go forth to Eden Prairie, Plymouth, Arden Hills, Little Canada, North Branch (once got a license plate of a contractor picking up a hooker, his company was in North Branch) - spread the word - do not interact with the scum of the Earth because when they get upset they shoot people - perhaps then less lives would be lost in inner cities? I don't know, but go spread the word.

Johnny Northside! said...

The "Steve-o-cates" keep sarcastically mentioning the traffic charges and somehow manage to avoid mentioning the POSSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY charge.

boathead said...

One HUGE fucking shoutout to anonameass 10:50 who posted on November 11,2011 and anyone else who thinks like the obvious coward does. FUCK YOU.COM, BITCHES! White bread??!? Do you mean white BRED?
Are you trying to say that you are from Shitcago and originate from the most integrated, racist city in the country? Palpable? Posting as an anonameass who is doing nothing but talking shit is your definition of palpability i will assume. North Minneapolis has a very rich and distinctive history that includes people of all backgrounds.Alas, it was not always that way. You know nothing about the history of this area because if you did, you would not say something so fucking retarded as what you posted. Silly motherfucker has GOT to be from Shitcago because he's talking out of his stank racist ass and they specialize in that shit. Fucking racist needs to take a step back and wipe his mouth clean.Same, Same. So, as my chingoes in Korea would say "SHIPOLLIMA KAYSiKYA!CUTTACHOGI MUNG-CHUNGHA" Good Day.

Anonymous said...

Any new leads on this case or is this going to be a.cold case ??

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm sure if the police have something they want to make public, they will.

If I had to guess, the last day's worth of phone calls made by the victim will be extensively scrutinized.

Johnny Northside! said...

Let's go all the way back to what the first anonymous was saying.

What are these "pretty bad times" you're referring to? Drug problems?

Anonymous said...

In regards to the comment by JNS "This guy looks very familiar now that I see his picture. Can anybody tell me if he had facial piercing and also "tribal" pattern tattoos on his forearms? " I guess you can only tell white guys apart by their tats and piercings in NOMI now. Second, JNS, very smooth including that comment right after the obit. and surviving members of his family, including his children. I hope none of his family ever sees this. Totally uncalled for.

JNS also cmmented"Funny. He looks like a guy I saw in the neighborhood once who did. But you know what? You're not the final authority on that. The information would be in, for example, the autopsy."

First, Steve did not have tats or peircings, but second JNS, you should know that the police will not release the autopsy until the murder is solved. And the murder will never be solved, as you, everyone in NOMI and the Minneapolis Police have written this off as a drug/gang violence. And as earlier posts have stated, budgets have been cut, so the police are only willing to spend precious resources on people who didn't deserve to die. The guy was buying weed, so he was asking to get shot, just like the woman was wearing a mini skirt, so she was asking to get raped. NO ONE deserves this, and the attitude you have taken JNS on this case is exactly why these things continue, in your neighborhood and everywhere else in America. Maybe Steve's family will get lucky as there was another double shooting yesterday. One media source has asked if there was a link between the two incidents, and maybe that will be enough to pick up Steve's file for a second look which is already collecting dust on a detectives desk.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the "tats or piercings," it was about a year ago when I saw a guy who looked INCREDIBLY like Steven Meyer. He was hanging out at Hawthorn (Sic) Shopping Center.

His "hanging out" for purposes of making a drug deal was so obvious and he stuck out of the crowd so badly--white dude with tats and piercings, and stylish "wannabe gangster" clothing--that I pointed him out to my son or my friend Megan (I don't remember who was in the car with me) as some damn suburban yuppie here to make a drug deal.

Hell. Called 911 as I recall.

And this guy's face--which I still vividly recall--looked A LOT like Steven Meyer. Though "the dude" had facial hair and the one picture I've seen of Meyer didn't.

Oh well. Even if he's not the same guy, he was probably there for the same purpose.

On another note...

As per comments I made at the end of this blog posting about Frank Sam Early's shooting death...

I no longer believe Meyer's shooting to be a "drug deal gone bad." I now believe he was in North Minneapolis to score drugs (oh, yes) but his shooting was part of a gang initiation which involves acting like you're a corner drug dealer, then shooting whoever comes along to make a deal.

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing MR. Northside on this blog is great. I am an active duty member myself(just about 10 years now) and I am from the northside. In my early childhood my parents had made a life-saving decision to move out of that s**t hole. (yes, it IS a s**t hole) they made the decision based on the immensely growing crime rate of the area back in 1985 (mostly because every house on our block damn near had been broken into and multiple women had been raped) and I was starting school and my older brother into junior high. We moved about 40 minutes north to a town that had one stoplight and much country. To say the least I was privileged to grow up being able to ride my bike down a street where there was no fear of being raped, mugged, shot-or what have you. We were definitely mid-to-lower class blue collar hard working people and found out the value of honesty and hard work. Well, fast forward to November of 2011, I now have my own child and more recently a husband(who is also active duty) and we are looking into buying the house that my grandfather and great-grandfather built on the northside (back to my roots). I definitely don't want my child to be succumbed to the crime and violence of the area but I do know that the extremely low price of the house is definitely affordable for us-especially on our barely affordable military paychecks. (especially for an e-4 and e-5) I am thankful for people like you that do what you do to help make the neighborhoods a little more safe. All you are doing is trying to push the trash out and exposing the people that deserve to be exposed. One day when my husband and I are both out of the military and we have this beautiful old house payed off we hope that the area is less of a s**t hole than it is right now. Maybe the housing market will be better by then and we can sell it for a profit. Maybe the area is better and we can continue to live our lives together there. It is truly the unknown but in any case at least we can screen the next family that will move in to rent the house. On another note, I think that it should be mandatory for ALL PEOPLE that reside in the US to serve their country for at least 4 years to find out how important the "thug" life really is, because I'll tell you what, it doesn't mean dittely squat to those "effers" that are trying to blow you up on a convoy in Afghanistan or mortaring the installation that you are standing post at, trying to protect. That might give them a little prospective on the value of a human life and the value of having trust in your neighbor. I can't believe that I serve this country for the TRULY IGNORANT "s**t people"...but I do in hopes that someday we will all see the true meaning of this life and take it for all it's worth. good day.

Johnny Northside! said...

We are turning the Northside around. It's never going back to the old "Murderapolis" days that you caught a glimpse of when growing up. North Minneapolis has seen many changes, and it is changing yet again: changing from a place that is "thuggy" to a decent, affordable neighborhood full of creative, adventurous folks.

Nobody embodies that "adventurous" spirit like military families.

So we need you and yours to join your neighborhood association, sit on committees, participate in the very active blog scene in North Minneapolis, (even if it's just to comment from time to time, or throw some more info out there on a comment) call 911, call 311, get to know your city council person, seek out your decent neighbors and band together, plant fruit trees, plant flowers, raise chickens, compost, have a party and serve good but affordable wine and RAISE UP THE AMERICAN FLAG OVER YOUR HOUSE.

(I have to get on that when I get back)

We can do it. We can turn this place around.

Anonymous said...

Where is the mention of Steve's conviction on controlled substance with intent to distribute charges? Notice the lapse of a history between 2001 and 2007? He was in prison on dope charges for about 5 of these was his brother-in the state system though.

Anonymous said...

To the first post from Anonymous--Thank you obviously you knew Steve, So did I am his Aunt. And as a lot of what the blogger said is true I am at awe of you people that can run down this person and take the chance of his Children seeing what you wrote about their Dad- and that leads up to the last post from another Anoymous as the last post on here...Really you have nothing better to do than to really dig to find what he was doing in those years? Is your door step so clean? I do not condone what was possibly going on there that day---but instead of you all wasting your time slamming dead people why dont you put your "detective" skills to go use and help find the one that pulled the trigger?

Johnny Northside! said...

What I do hardly reaches the level of "detective skills" to solve crimes. I wouldn't even think to attempt it. How about YOU go develop some detective skills, since you're much closer to Meyer than me?

See? An equally ridiculous suggestion.

No, I feel like I'm pretty good at what I do, so you know what? I'll just keep doing THIS. But if you have any actual INFORMATION about Meyer, for example the names of any FELONS he may have been associating with, anything like that, any actual helpful information, feel free to post it.

As for the "one who pulled the trigger," well maybe if people like RELATIVES were talking openly and honestly about who was in his life, what was actually going on, maybe the police could GET somewhere and cut through the layers of BULLS***.

Once the police have a suspect (if they ever do) believe me, I'll dig into his background, too. See, by way of proof, my blog posts about victim Rayjon Gomez and then alleged shooter Donquarius Copeland.

Anonymous said...

If I had any information- or IF anyone in the family had information believe me the detectives would have it- You did not know him, yet you judge him you have no idea what he was doing there- you have read rap sheets that you are basing your decision off of- What I would like for you to try to see was the Steve I knew--the Nephew--the father- the son- the Brother--A human being that no matter what he was doing there did not deserve this- You call him a thug- you judged him for driving a escalade---He had a fulltime job and a Jersey business- he had Children that loved their Father- Thats the person we knew--So you see when you judge with out FACTS you hurt innocent people- Family can only do so much so to keep bashing all of us is wrong also--I come from family of 9 kids we were all raised the same I had 1 brother that chose to break the law-- Does that make the other 8 of us bad people? Does that say my parents did not do their job? No~ it is what my brother chose to do--So dont judge everyone else ok? Steve did not have tattoos on his face-neck- no big the person you "think " was him was not- If you want to know this family that you think is so bad ask us...we would gladly sit down with you---I bet you would even like please dont judge until you know.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am not "judging without facts." I have the rap sheet and while you may not like it, it's plenty of basis for me to draw a firm conclusion. Or anybody else who gets those details here, details unavailable anywhere else.

Furthermore, nobody criticized your whole family. Rather, somebody got on here and made a ridiculous suggestion that I should "play detective" which was, of course, STUPID. So a remark was made in response about how if the family knows something, to say something.

But that responsive remark wasn't like bashing your family, so you don't need to yank out the family tree, get on top of your family bible as a soap box and yammer about how your parents put work into raising kids, like that isn't what ALL parents do.

If you have one thing helpful to say that will put information out there, give somebody a clue, prompt somebody to say anything helpful to solving this case, then say it. If you just want to whine about how, oh my word, the big bad blogger had the nerve to dig up and publicize a RAP SHEET (gasp!) and assume on that very solid basis that Stevie Boy may have been up to no good in the 'hood, well guess what?

I care about my neighborhood. Not whether I would "like (you) if I met you." And your relative did nothing good for my neighborhood that I'm aware of. Nothing. And I don't have a problem with making that known. No problem whatsoever. You think we who live in North Minneapolis can't pick out the suburban interlopers who are here for no good purpose? We can spot them miles away.

At this point I write with the faint hope of discouraging the NEXT Steve. I doubt there's ANYTHING I can do for YOUR Steve. You could, of course, do YOURSELF a favor by not throwing wood on the fire under the discussion, since you dislike the discussion so much, but whatever. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

you proved to me your a jerk=-
O feel sorry for you kids...I hope they NEVER make a bad choice in life. Cause you being the judge and jury already have them damned.
Your right though,,,,I wouldnt want you to like me or my family- your way too good for us. Hope the big guy in the sky feels the same way for your sake.

lori vorwald said...

As a friend of Steve's father Wayne please know my heart goes out to you. Wayne we have been close friends for 20yrs. since Steve's passing I have been unable to contact you. Wayne please call me. The date today is 10/7/2013 is there any new information in the murder of Steve Meyer.
Lori Vorwald