Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Northside Tribute To The Minneapolis Fire Department...

Photo by John Hoff or Megan Goodmundson, blog post by John Hoff

From the other side of the world, Megan Goodmundson drew my attention to this photo taken the night of a house fire at 2031 Queen Ave. N.

Recently, Megan was flipping through her computer and came across this photo. Neither of us realized what an eerie, compelling image we had captured of the dedication of these Minneapolis Fire Department personnel. (To get a bigger view of the image, click on the image)

Due to the fact we repeatedly swapped Megan's camera back and forth that night, neither of us can be sure who took the picture.

In Minneapolis, firemen not only fight fires but board buildings, perform some of the multi-unit housing inspections, water newly-planted trees, act as medical first responders and, above and beyond all that, the Northside fire station on Lowry and Morgan has a "green roof."

Megan tells me if any of the firefighters in the photo would like an actual glossy copy of this photo, she can take care of that...she just needs their names and contact info.

We know folks at City Hall read this blog so hint hint.

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Johnny Northside! said...

Looking at the picture closely, glowing letters on the coat of one fireman say "Ferguson" and the other might say "Granger."

Anonymous said...

john - thought you'd like this story. don't know where in mpls it was.

- MG

Chrissy of Homewood said...

I love our Fire Fighters!!!
Last summer, I watched a crew arrive on the scene of a house fire on the 1200 block of Queen Ave N. No fear, lots of courage and compassion. I've always had a great respect for our community servants but to watch them boldly enter a burning home is really something.
Hurrah for Minneapolis Fire Fighters!

Joe said...

Damn. That is a cool picture.

Union Printer said...

Oh this is cool..Kudos to all our firefighters!

Rev21Cityogold said...

Fire Fighters are community heros. In Nov. 2009, I saw a young firefigther from the 14th precinct, enter a house full of gas due to thiefs breaking and entering and stealing the coppper pipes. When the firecrew arrived on the scene of the house, so full of gas that I could smell the gas from the street sidewalk "when all the doors and windows of the home were closed. The engine chief asked for a volunteer to open the front door, enter the home on Penn Ave. and shut off the gas. I salute the young firefighter, who volunteered to save the home and the neighborhood from an explosion. then put on his mask, enterned the home and found the cut pipes . He soon opened all the doors and windows. A true heroe. They are all unsung heroes. Thank you Station 14.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Here's a black eye for my beloved MFD.
Pretty sure he's in your picture.