Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Background Info On Samuel Johosephat Taylor, Accused Of Murdering A Cab Driver In North Minneapolis...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

For once, the Star Tribune dug up somebody's criminal background and published it along with breaking news of their arrest. (Click here for article)

Now this blogger needn't rise up early to unearth relevant facts for publication, along with my usual snide remarks directed at "dead tree media."

Even so, after the Star Tribune's excellent story about young Mr. Taylor it was easy to pick up their paper trail and dig up MORE interesting info, including the fact Taylor seems to have enjoyed a very nice living situation in Robbinsdale.

According to the Hennepin County Jail roster...

...Taylor lists his home address at 4070 Shoreline Drive, Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Zillow, a reputable source of online real estate information, lists the value of the house as $297,200. The house has "huge rooms" with "lots of updates" like new countertops and backsplash, refinished hardwood floors, new carpet throughout and fresh paint.

Oh, yes, also fireplace, detached garage and forced air. Even if the house were a rental, its rental income is estamated at $1,897 a month.

So what is going on, here? Is this a case of a nice family with one sonny boy who happens to be "bad seed"? Or can even the most thuggy of families enjoy relatively nice housing in this market? Then again...I can't be 100 percent sure the jail roster info is correct. Sometimes I find addresses on the roster that don't seem to REALLY EXIST.

By the way, in regard to Taylor's interesting middle name of "Johosephat," it appears to be a variation of "Jehoshaphat," the name of the a King of Judah mentioned in the Bible whose moniker lives on as the "relatively mild oath" of "Jumping Jehoshaphat." The name of this Biblical king is used to avoid taking the name of Jesus Christ in vain. Profanity lite, if you will, but hardly anybody talks like that anymore except cartoon character Yosemite Sam. The colorful phrase was first recorded in 1866 in the novel "The Headless Horseman" by Thomas Reid, though it was originally "by the shaking, jumping ghost of Jehosephat." This phrase seems to have lived on as "Jumping Jehosephat."

Considering Mr. Taylor likes to "jump" people, like cab drivers, his name seems appropriate. (There should be an "allegedly" in that last sentence, somewhere)

Taylor remains in jail on one million dollars bail.

JUMPING JEHOSHAPHET!!! That's a lot of money!

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Johnny Northside! said...

His brother also has a "biblical name." Here's something from an article dated June 18 which mentions the brother.

Homicide Sergeant Christopher Granger interviewed the murder witness who claimed that Josiah Kemaris Taylor, brother of suspected murderer Samuel Johosephat Taylor, shot at him on two separate occasions in north Minneapolis.