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JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Record Of Jason Youngmark, 33, Latest North Minneapolis "Shooting Victim With A Shaky Past"

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Since Matt McKinney of the Star Tribune apparently doesn't perceive it as HIS journalistic duty to fully inform the public, I am taking the task on myself from the other side of the planet. (Click here for McKinney's article)

Jason Youngmark, 33, the latest victim of North Minneapolis gun violence, had a clean record from 2001 (driving with no insurance) up until 2010, when he was charged with something exceedingly minor--parking in an alley between 2 and 6 AM. As McKinney noted in his article, the young man did hae some "struggles" early in life.

Like, um, COCAINE....

Here are the full details, minus that whole "oh, he was the best guy in the whole world" stuff that mainstream print journalists still instinctively revert to, like this was the late 1800s or something and the truth about murder victims wasn't just a few keystrokes away in online court records.


03/19/1978 07/05/1996
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory

In the case above, the case was "continued for drug diversion." Jason didn't always show up when he was supposed to...there was a warrant issued at one point. In 1999, Jason finished his probation March 31, 1999. There was a $1,000 fine but it appears to have been stayed.

03/19/1978 02/12/1999
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory

Funny, somehow this incident just before the end of his probation didn't seem to have had any real impact on Jason. He was convicted of "careless driving" but the other charges were dismissed. (Sniff sniff...does anybody else smell plea bargain?)

03/19/1978 02/23/1999
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Southdale Crim/Traf Mandatory

Sentenced to 90 days, but 80 of it was stayed. He was convicted of the false identification but the driving after revocation was dismissed. (Can't you SMELL it? I'm SURE I smell it...the pungent smell of plea bargain)

27-CR-01-088293 1011340872 YOUNGMARK, JASON ADONIS
03/19/1978 10/24/2001
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory

Pleaded not guilty. Amended his plea. Convicted. Got THREE DAYS of "sentence to service" in lieu of time. Twelve days left on his sentence STAYED. Unsupervised probation. However, Jason kept his nose clean until 2010, when he had the very minor parking in an alley conviction...the same statute also covers being parked more than 6 hours on a highway, so it could have been THAT instead.

27-CR-10-52696 2100424874 YOUNGMARK, JASON ADONIS
03/19/1978 11/12/2010
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory
Closed No parking in any alley, no parking between 2-6 AM and parked exceeding 6 hour limit upon highway or (...) (original online document truncated)

Given his shaky past, I'm left to wonder "was Jason keeping out of trouble, or was he back into something bad?" (Is the conviction about where and when he was ILLEGALLY PARKED any kind of clue?)

Though the late Mr. Youngblood is to be commended for (apparently) avoiding criminal charges in the State of Minnesota for almost a decade, near the end of his life, all the same his unfortunate death falls into the same old pattern of individuals whose criminal records reveal them to be no angles and then they somehow end up dead in North Minneapolis gun violence. Seriously, are we obligated by politeness to feign shock and surprise?

However, we should be able to depend on journalists like Matt McKinney to give us these facts instead of sugar coating reality. The Star Tribune fell short on this story.


Nick said...

Yes, god forbid this young man actually cleaned up his act, rather than your assumption that once someone did something terrible, then they'll always do something terrible.

Johnny Northside! said...

I guess we might know more about what was happening if his killer is apprehended. In the meantime, his criminal record (including substantial evidence of cleaning up his act for a while) is relevant.

??? said...

I knew Jason we worked together everyday hung out for 20yrs he did have a few problems growing up...... but he did grow up,he didn't sell or do drugs, haven't had one drink of liquor in over 10yrs . Had a wife and 8 kids he went home to every night . Jason did not like guns never touched them. He didn't deserve that.. so now you know a little more about my brother and best friend JASON A. YOUNGMARK ..
So before you dig up a dead mans past that you know nothing about maybe you should have a little respect while we grieve and not blame a few mistakes that is completely irrelevant that he made in the past on the fact that he was gunned down. He was a good person that would do anything he could to help someone in need and his untimely death will greatly affect those of us who really knew him. For you to even imply that he somehow brought this on himself shows what an ignorant person you are. Jason did so many great things in his short time he had and that is the only thing that should be blogged about him ever,especially in the few days following his death. You have no right to attempt to disgrace this man that you never meet. His children could read what you wrote,have some respect.
Sincerely, Tony...

Johnny Northside! said...

I actually do have the right, it's called the First Amendment. But your words are also part of this discussion about Jason Youngmark.

Until Youngmark's killer is caught, we won't know the truth about what he WAS or WAS NOT into, will we.

Does anybody in the family have an idea who may be responsible, or is this one of those "shut out the police and take the law into your own hands" kind of things?

??? said...

We want justice for Jason...justice by law not vigilantism.. There is nothing I would love to see more than seeing the person who is responsible for this behind bars. And for the record I knew what he was into. Like I said you don't know him he was at a family members bbq whoever had the gun should come clean cause there is no way Jason would have held or been by a gun to cause an accident as they said in the papers. So now you've been informed about Jason. Mr. Jhonny Noseyside ..

Anonymous said...

Yes, our family is aware of the situation and who the suspected killer is. And the police are in full knowledge as well. However that is none of your business.
It makes perfect sense that you are concerned seeing as it was in your neighborhood, but that does not mean that it is appropriate to take someone's criminal record filled with things that passed long ago and expect THAT to explain why my innocent, caring, funny, considerate, God loving uncle who has played a very significant and positive role in my life was shot and killed. If you were a cop,that'd be another story but then that brings up the issue of why you're posting this on a blog? Wow. Isn't that personal information? As in NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS?
If you are trying to say that it's his fault for getting shot then you are poorly mistaken and I pray God forgives your momma for dropping you on your air bubble of a head too many times. Jason's criminal record is in the past and gone as is he. Why don't you go ask his 7 kids and wonderful wife? Oh, wait I forgot, you don't know them.
"Take the law into your own hands" how disrespectful do you have to be? I guess just enough to not realize that is exactly what you're doing posting criminal records and shit.
Now, is this your case to handle? No. Are you even on the police force? I don't think so. And you have the audacity to call yourself Johnny NORTHSIDE. You're trying to make a difference in the community? Great! But, you need to recognize that you can't bring about change by judging people because that is only going to leave you in a grave of your own, alongside with the people you're judging.


lora said...

Why would you post the comment about taking the law into your own hands? Something happened that cannot be explained at this time. The family would just liked to know what happened and why. This isn't about revenge it's about closure. Lora

lora said...

Are you telling everyone that not one family member or friend of yours has ever had a problem with taking a drink or using any drugs whatsoever? That would be a lie. People make mistakes, people get traffic tickets, and some just simply take any form of chemical. Some learn what their problem is and some don't. Jason Youngmark got Sober and cleaned up. No one has the right to hold that against him. While your busy taking inventory, please take a look at your own. What mistakes and bad choices in your life have you made? When your done with yours I will gladly share mine. (Lora A. Youngmark

Mr. Youngmark said...

Our family is the police, Lt. Arradondo is our cousin. Please, have some respect. Jason was a man of faith, loyal to his family and friends. He didn't deserve to die a violent death and he doesn't deserve a character assassination. You're a sad and bitter cynic.

Rose said...

I am his sister and the best friend of his wife and this article came to my attention through his wife and she was extremely upset.
My brother changed his life a long time ago, I'm sorry traffic violations don't justify his death.
The fact of the matter is there is no debating whether or not my brother was a good man, HE WAS and you don't have enough decency to see that he was a family man who has children and a wife who would be hurt by this.
They have enough distress in their lives right now, the honorable thing would be to delete this blog but you seem too proud to do something like that.
Just let me know if you ever find anyone who'll say that my brother deserved this.
You're searching for something that is not there because of your own prejudice.
And for the record his cousin is a police lieutenant and is doing his part to help in the investigation.
And thank you Tony, for your comments, his wife says the same.

Mr. Youngmark said...

Our family is the police. Lt Arradondo is our first cousin. Jason was a man of faith, loyal to his family and friends. He did not deserve a violent death and he does not deserve a character assassination. Please, show more respect and less of your sad and bitter cynicism.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote this article is a sad, bitter, and unhappy person (unfortunately). I new Jason and, no, he was not a drug addict.

I lived on the northside near Penn for 20 yrs and grew up near the biggest drug dealing family ever in Minneapolis. I didn't get a record and have went off to college, etc. I found that at times police could be worse than the criminals (at least when I lived there until the 90's), so save your criticism for them, since they do a poor job of defending the innocent. Often paid off or silently not doing there job.

Maybe JN needs to be introspective and think about why he is so unhappy and cynical and fix his life, rather than persecuting a dead person who can't defend himself. That's just sad and weak.

Johnny Northside! said...

You "went off to college," you say?

Clearly you weren't there very long and didn't graduate, since you don't know the difference between "new" and "knew," between "their" and "there."

Anonymous said...

JNS, you are an uninformed pig. I've read your pot-shots towards this family and I find your commentary nothing more than complete BS. You are a self serving narcissist. Your words will come back to serve you in time, I am sure. I wish you good luck as in my opinion, you will need it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Which of the facts I cite are you actually disputing as untrue?

Jermar Arradondo said...