Saturday, May 3, 2014

Christopher Bahtuoh Helped Commit Drive-By Shooting Of Kevin "K Top" Parker, But Who Keeps Trying To Push That Fact In Front Of Johnny Northside?

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

Click here for court document: 

Kyle Parker, also known as "K Top," is one of the names which keeps coming up in the ongoing violent street war and war-of-words-set-to-music between 19 Dipset Gang and their enemies the YnT and Taliban gang. 

For example, in the recent and oh-so-controversial Mental Mid music video "BackFlip," at about 1:34 an individual is visible wearing a hat bearing the street names "K Top," "D Nice" and "Bossman." These names represent dead gang members. So as JNS blog examines the controversy, I do see the name "K Top" emerging in the conversation. Well, recently an anonymous commenter THRUST a court document in front of me that references Kevin Parker...

That document is linked above and describes the shooting which claimed the life of Kevin "K Top" Parker. The driver of the vehicle used in the shooting was Christopher Dineaa Bahtuoh, currently doing time in prison but interestingly enough the guy has his own Facebook page.

I assume somebody else maintains it for him? Either that or those baggy jail pants are hiding a cell phone with internet capability. 

The events leading to the death of Parker and the incarceration of Bahtuoh are described in the court document, though in summary Lamont McGee was the triggerman and Bahtuoh did the driving. Parker managed to tell his sister that Bahtuoh was responsible for the shooting before he died. 

It was in late December of last year the Honorable Minnesota State Supreme Court ruled on this case and determined Bahtuoh didn't have enough of anything to overturn his conviction. 

So with that happening back in December, why is an anonymous commenter suddenly putting the court document in front of JNS blog and pointing out McGee killed Parker? The possibilities are many, but three stick out in my mind: 

1.) It's a commenter affiliated with the police, who wants to get people on the internet talking about this incident to gather evidence.

2.) It's a commenter affiliated with the gangs, who wants to get somebody stirred up and/or post the court case as justification for some future action, which (whatever it is) won't be good. 

3.) Somebody with hardly any connection to the case at all, except their own arcane interest, just loves to forge connections between pieces of information on the internet. That person could be logged in from McMurdo research station in Antarctica for all I know. 

What's the answer? Maybe the commenter himself or herself could explain to me why I (or readers) should get worked up over a guy who is already in prison. Isn't that murder done? Committed? 

Wel, talking about it won't "uncommit" the murder. And isn't the other guy, Lamont Chares McGee, already in prison?

There has already been plenty of blood spilled between the enemies and allies of Kevin Parker. So you tell me, anonymous reader. You justify it to me. 

Why are you pointing at the murder of Kevin Parker and trying to talk about it this late in the game? 


Anonymous said...

The point is that, Bahtouh told Supreme Court that Mcgee was the shooter, the two being friends.. And are currently incarcerated TOGETHER. However, Mcgee does not know that Bahtouh told Supreme Court that information.
Bahtouh is incarcerated for the murder and Mcgee is for unrelated charges (JNS covered this event).

Anonymous said...

These are true facts. Old to the `hood, new to JNS. We already knew fat chris was never the murderer. It was always known Lamont had done this

Anonymous said...

Fat Chris saggin his pants in jail? We all no what that mean. He must be getting a lil lonely behind them bars perhaps he have a boyfriend or two. Fat fruit

Johnny Northside! said...

Well tell me more about "the point" and who you are and what's your interest. Why do you want one to get word about how the other informed? Are you hoping to get them both informing on each other? Are you trying to stir up conflict, possibly even DEADLY conflict? Are you obsessed with the completeness of the record? I see an interesting piece of information about a shooting that I didn't have before. So I put it out there.


I'm completely blanking on motive, here.

Anonymous said...

Fuck them they killed him I hope they die in jail

Anonymous said...

whats the new on that walker character? I have been seeing him on the news, and on your blog lately.

Johnny Northside! said...

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Anonymous said...