Friday, May 2, 2014

Prince Kibbie, Who Was Shooting Victim, Now Accused Of Being Shooter, As JNS Blog Welcomes Fox 9 To The Party, Fashionably Late As Usual...

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Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Readers can click here for Fox 9 article and don't worry, it's not very long and contains relatively little detail, as befits a story on a television news blog, so it won't take you long. 

But where are my manners? WELCOME, Fox 9, to the little soiree we have going here! We've been at this for quite a while, since about late January. What do you mean, why didn't you get an invitation? When does JNS blog ever send out formal invitations for these virtual events? Usually people just show up. 

Let me take your overcoat (very fashionable! very mainstream media looking!) and you just come in here---watch the cord on your camera, don't get hung up there.  

OK, you're fine. 

We have some party snacks. Have some chips. Have some KIBBIE. 

So, yes, Fox 9, I see from your recent story you're just catching up on news of the street war between 19 Dipset and YnT, but I say better late to the party than never at the party at all...

What's that you say? WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY? You're on a cloud? Three's a crowd? 


Yes, it sure is loud. The music of Mental Mid is louder than the sound of fatal gunshots, and arguably hits harder. When Mental Mid turns up the noise, better call a blood splatter expert! MY MAN MENTAL MID! Honestly, I just hope people will keep SINGING instead of SHOOTING. The more they sing, the less time they have to SHOOT. That's how I see it. 

But Fox 9, and may I call you Foxy? I'm surprised to see your story about the Prince Kibbie shooting made no reference to the ongoing musical controversy at the heart of the war between 19 Dipset and the "YNT-Taliban?" By the way, what's up with that HYPHEN? Are you saying those are interchangeable names? Or that they're allies? I'm just saying your story is so short there's not a lot of room for extra, I don't know how to say it...

Facts? News? REPORTAGE? (Frenchified eye roll) 

Yeah, it's like you say, the attention span of viewers is short. Isn't that kind of YOUR fault? Isn't that a vicious cycle? The shorter you say their attention span is, the more sound bites you feed them, the shorter their attention span becomes. BUT HEY! Don't take offense. Honestly, I'm just glad somebody besides this blog is writing stories about Prince Kibbie. Heck, the dude was SHOT a little while back and who reported it? Me. Just me. But now you're reporting it, too? Geez I hope you've been reading up on my stories in the meantime and you're going to dig deeper. 

Oh, you've got interns who can read up and summarize? Excellent. Let me know when you come up with the fifteen second sound bite, I'll link to it or something. Did I mention these party snacks, I actually call them "sound bites?" 

WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY? Somebody's nappin'? Something pink is chappin'? OH, WHAT DO I THINK SHOULD HAPPEN?

You're asking me? I guess the intern hasn't gone back and read those editorial comments, yet? Let me make it easy and copy and paste from a previous story, as follows:

JNS blog continues to urgently call upon our civic and religious leaders (the real ones, not the fake and self-appointed leaders I-could-name-some-names) to mediate peace between these factions, to keep the focus on ANYTHING ELSE BUT KILLING EACH OTHER and music being one fine example of THAT. 

So, yeah, Foxy...somebody needs to get these factions to calm down and stop trying to kill each other. And I'm glad they're so focused on music, but it seems like the music is also feeing into the controversy over the long haul. And who is going to put a stop to this? Our new mayor? Don't get me started!!!! 

Heck, I don't know. Arrest them. Charge them. Or forgive them and help them organize a concert. I don't have the answers. But I'll tell you this...


Oh. Oh. Have I given offense? Mea culpa, mea culpa. Have the intern look that phrase up for you. 

Fine, then, get your coat and leave. (Sound of breaking glass) I told you to watch that cord! I swear, the metaphorical elephant in the room has more grace and finesse than television news. I know "if it bleeds it leads" but you could at least write more than a single, solitary sentence about WHY it's BLEEDING. 

(Sound of door slamming)

(Sound of JNS blog opening a window)

Well, guess what Foxy? THAT'S JUST MORE KIBBIE FOR THE REST OF US!!!!! 


Anonymous said...

They did an update on his story they are slow ass hell but now they connected him with the killing of TyCRACK. #FINALLY

Johnny Northside! said...

Quite possibly one of the best and most substantive press releases ever released by the Hennepin County District Attorney, as follows:

Three charged in two gang-related downtown shootings

Monday, May 05, 2014 RssIcon

The victim of a mid-April shooting has been charged with the late April shooting near Hennepin County Medical Center and the two men who shot him also have been charged with attempted murder. All three are part of gang feud.

Kibbie Walker, 23, of Brooklyn Park was charged with two counts of second-degree assault for shooting into a car with two women inside on April 30. One of the women suffered a leg wound.

Walker was shot in the chest and abdomen just before 3 a.m. on April 12 outside Target Field, where he had begun working. A co-worker was shot in the shoulder at the same time as the two men left their jobs at Target Field through the left field exit by the light rail line.

James Lamar Davis, also known as Javon Leroi Davis, 27, of Brooklyn Center wascharged with two counts of second-degree attempted murder for the benefit of a gang and Justin Maurice McGee, 30, Bloomington was charged aiding and abetting two counts of second-degree attempted murder for the benefit of a gang.

"These shootings arise from on-going tragic violence between two street gangs," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman told a news conference Monday. "This is mindless street violence and it impacts not only the victims but innocent people around them."

According to the criminal complaints against Davis and McGee, Walker is a known member of the Taliban street gang and Davis and McGee are members of the 1 9s (pronounced one nines). Walker told police that he had taken part in a YouTube video which made fun of the November murder of Tyrone Washington, a well-known member of the 1 9s.

Walker told police that he and the other victim had just gotten off work and were leaving Target Field through the north gate when Walker saw three men in hoodies. He recognized one as McGee and the other as J Weezy, which is an alias for Davis. Walker saw McGee nod at Davis and the third man and Davis pulled out a gun and started shooting, the complaint states.

Minneapolis Police Deputy Chief Eddie Frizell told the news conference that police did everything by the numbers and the result was a "triple play" that put the three in jail.

"When key members of a gang are taken out of the mix, it does create disorganization," Frizell said. "But the tit for tat continues."

Recovering quickly from his wounds, Walker was discharged from the hospital the next day. Then, just before 1 p.m. April 30, he fired shots into a black Chevy Impala that was near Eighth Street and Chicago Avenue. The victim, who was in the passenger seat, went to Abbott-Northwestern Hospital where she was treated for the gunshot wound to the leg, according to the criminal complaint against Walker.

She told police that her friend was driving her to the Hennepin County Medical Center for a doctor’s appointment when she started hearing gunshots and felt a pain near her knee. Police inspected the car and found numerous bullet holes in the driver’s side, the roof and back window. Walker was arrested at a nearby store where he had fled.

Police recovered Walker’s gray sweatshirt and a gun that he discarded as he ran from the shooting. A fingerprint on the gun matched Walker’s fingerprints, according to the complaint.

Johnny Northside! said...

Link to one of the criminal complaints.,kibbiecplt.pdf

And here, the other:,justincplt.pdf

Johnny Northside! said...

And here is more.,kibbiecplt.pdf

Did JNS blog not promise readers "more Kibbie for the rest of us"? Well, here I am starting to fulfill my promise.

Johnny Northside! said...

JNS blog has been writing since LATE JANUARY about that music video and its connection to the Ty Crack murder referenced therein.

Nice to see mainstream media catching up and, oh, yeah...

Interesting to see the video mentioned in the criminal complaint filed against Kibbie and the other guy.

Anonymous said...

Kibbies baby's mom is talking on her facebook page about the shooting with a picture of Kibbie in jail

Anonymous said...

He telling already! How you gone be claiming this shit then when
You get hit you giving names and shit.
It's over for his crew cuz he giving they names too if he offered the right plea

Anonymous said...

stop fuckin snitching!!!!! snitch ass niggas talkin to much about my fuckin cousin free kibbie fuck all that shit you mutha fuckas gotta say

Anonymous said...

He is a bitch for shooting a car full of females in kids. Hope is bitch ass gets fucked in jail

Anonymous said...

Snitch ass nigga he a hoe nigga doing all that shit in the streets but when his bitch ass get bump for shooting a female his hoe ass turn into the MPD Minneapolis Police Department Ass Nigga

Johnny Northside! said...

Such raw and angry expression. Is this the way Jesus would want you to behave? Is this the way your grandmother would want you to behave? Is it even the way Pastor McAfee would want you to behave?

Decorum, gentlemen, decorum.

Anonymous said...

Tired news about "bitch ass niggas", yawn.

Anonymous said...

Still ain't satisfied them niggas GOTTA GO !!! #25

Johnny Northside! said...

I do not care for that comment, but I am posting it for purposes of a substantive discussion and also because, frankly, the police may find it a clue and I get so many comments that may be clues for police...I can't really save them all back. I publish.

Peace, gentlemen. Can you not work it out with the help of local religious and political leaders?

Anonymous said...

These fools are getting their asses handed to them now along with an ex-dick loving Hennepin county correction officer a.k.a. dumb whore who purchased their arsenal for them ...and a goddamn cook who would not give away her stinky snatch to someone who would properly fumigate it.
I hope our justice system throws away the key for good this time....and Watkins, Hill, and Bland and their nasty bitches burn in hell.

Johnny Northside! said...

Decorum, please.

Would Jesus get on the internet and write about somebody's "snatch?"

I publish these comments in the name of free speech but also because every minute fingers are on a keyboard is a minute they aren't on a trigger.

Decorum, please, decorum. And religious and political leaders need to intervene in this ongoing blood feud.

Johnny Northside! said...

The Fox 9 link is bad.

Try this one until I can get the other one fixed.