Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Minneapolis Transit Police Boarded A Bus, Went Straight To A Felon With A Gun, And Arrested Gerard Magee, Junior...

Historical photo, no copyright, used for illustration, 
blog post by John Hoff

This story came to me outside my usual process, but I know the information to be trustworthy. On March 4, Metro Transit police were dispatched to Metro Transit Bus 1645. They knew exactly who they were looking for, and exactly why.

When police boarded the bus, which was pulled over at Xerxes Ave. and Northway Drive, they went straight for Gerard Magee, Jr., DOB 4/22/84...

"Where's the gun?" the officers asked, and Gerard admitted it was in his right pocket. Officers took a .38 off Magee, which he was carrying for "protection." 

Since Magree is a felon convicted of simple robbery in 2002, he is not allowed to possess firearms. 

When I hear about an arrest like this, I know we are winning the battle to turn our neighborhoods around. This gun didn't turn up in the course of a crime or a stop for suspicious circumstances. Police knew this guy had a gun, knew where he was, and went right out to find him. 

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