Monday, March 23, 2015

Rumors In Blog Comments Prove To Have Some Basis, Second Man Now Charged In Murder Of Eulalio Gonzalez-Sanchez, An Innocent Bus Rider Walking Home...

Stock photo of a Minneapolis bus, though this one just happens to be
parked at the site of yet another murder, blog post by John Hoff

After this blog reported on charges against Jeremiah Blackwell in the murder of Eulalio Gonzalez-Sanchez, an innocent man and "good citizen" who had just stepped off a bus, I started to receive persistent comments saying Blackwell wasn't guilty and another man was involved, click here to view the article with the comments. 

Blackwell is still sitting in jail charged with the murder, but now prosecutors are indeed alleging another man was involved in the murder...

Click here for a criminal complaint posted on the prosecutor's website. 

I guess there was something to those anonymous comments after all! Too bad they never spit up a NAME. It is, of course, completely within the realm of possibility both these men were involved and both might be convicted...

Or both might be acquitted. They remain innocent until proven guilty. 

Jeremiah Blackwell, the first guy facing charges in this murder, doesn't have a hearing until July 27 so in the meantime he's racking up a lot of days that could, potentially, be applied to a prison sentence. 

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