Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Four Years Later, Individual Pictured From JNS Blog Pawn Shop Camera Is A Murder Suspect In Downtown Minneapolis Shooting...

Top photo is self-portrait found in a pawn shop camera, the author
of which was previously unknown, below is mug shot composite, 
used here for free speech comment and criticism specifically 
regarding the photo images, blog post by John Hoff

From 2008 to 2011, this blogger went through a series of cheap pawn shop cameras. But the camera I purchased around February 2011 lasted me through Afghanistan and continues to last, even though the battery and memory card compartment is held together with duct tape. And nowadays I mostly use my cell phone for pictures, a cell phone also purchased secondhand. 

But in 2011 I published a photo, at the top, of somebody who had previously owned or shall we say POSSESSED my camera before I turned it up in a Minneapolis pawn shop...

Here is a link to that old story about buying the camera and finding an image of this tatted up young man's face.

I am not one of those people who claims to never forget a face, but I will claim to have never forgotten a face with a tattoo of the outline of the state of Minnesota and three black spiders crawling across the forehead. 

Recently, in a FOX 9 story about a suspect named Jermaine McMahon, (accused of killing Bloomington resident Justin Williams outside a downtown parking lot) Well, I thought I saw something very familiar about the suspect's face. I immediately found the pawn shop camera story from 2011 and matched the face of McMahon to my previously unknown (but now identified) POSSESSOR OF JOHNNY NORTHSIDE'S EL CHEAPO PAWN SHOP CAMERA.

And yes, I am still using the camera today! 

This is where we all sing "it's a small world after all." 

Even more incredibly, suspect Jermaine McMahon was identified because he took off his ski mask and guess what?

A security camera snapped his picture! 

Too weird, folks, just too weird. 


Anonymous said...

The murderer of good Samaritan Thomas Sonnenberg, Devon (Scumbag killer, rapist) Parker is set to be put away for forty years. I pray that he dies a horrible death. Mr. Sonnenberg let him in his house on 37th and Aldrich after the piece of shit said he was being chased. He then proceeded to grab the mans gun and brutally shot him in front of his wife. I hope the worst for this cowardly bastard.
P.S. Thank you, John, for keeping us in the know on the happenings in North Minneapolis through the years and good luck in your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting!! Good must prevail over evil!