Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogging Burns Up Yet Another Pawn Shop Camera...

Self-portrait by unknown, blog post by John Hoff

There's no doubt about it, I am rough on cameras.

I crawl over fences with my camera, cross a treacherous frozen lake, throw my camera in my black leather duffel bag--the same one I took to Army Basic Training in 1990, only now it has more patches--in short, I treat my cameras about as rough as I treat my clothes and my cars. That's why (just like with my clothes and cars) I buy cheap, dinged-up stuff and run it into the ground. With cameras, I prefer the ones from pawn shops with a memory card full of "gangster pics," so I can put 'em on my blog.

Recently, I went through yet another camera. Toward the end, the latch on the battery compartment was being held together with a paperclip. And I'm mighty grateful to my buddy who made that temporary fix, using his self-taught watch repair skills to rig up my piece-of-junk digital camera and get...

...several more months of life out of it. But toward the end, something was wrong with the memory and it just wouldn't retain pictures so today off it goes to the Graveyard of Cameras. Today a friend with a pawn shop credit kicked the credit my way so I could get another camera, and so I obtained a sweet little HP digital in Robbinsdale.

This camera came with no memory card, but three similar images were in the internal memory, here's one below.

Is that a tattoo of the outline of Minnesota on his left cheek? How civic-minded! (Sarcasm font)
My old camera had an image burned into the memory which appeared each time I hit the "on" button. I dubbed her "Imogene." The image of Imogene won't download, so I tried to take a picture of the picture but, well, I couldn't get a very good result.

What did I tell you? Held together with a paperclip. Too bad I can't trick the Minneapolis public school system into giving me money and get the big bucks like Don Allen.

Let's hope this new camera lasts a while. Heck, it cost a whole $79!


Johnny Northside! said...

What does a spiderweb tattoo symbolize?

Read all about it.

Anonymous said...

I kno that dude..his names j.o

Anonymous said...

Did you check the EXIF data?