Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mother Of Murder Victim Annshalike Hamilton Denies She Ever Paid Bail For Remaro Smith, Who She Believes Killed Annshalike...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

This morning I spoke to June Leikas, the mother of Annshalike Hamilton, the 15-year-old pregnant girl whose body was found, frozen, in a slumlord's garage at 2222 4th St. N.

June Leikas and two other friends of the family have made no secret of their belief that Remaro C. Smith--the steady boyfriend of Annshalike's sister, Anne Marie Leikas--was responsible for the murder. These allegations are unproven and, for the record, Remaro denies the allegations as "all a bunch of bullsh***."

Today I asked June Leikas about allegations made via text message on a phone associated with Remaro's brother Jonathon--possibly used by Remaro, Anne Marie, and/or Remaro's brother Jonathon--that June Leikas treated Remaro like a son and, in fact, had paid his bail more than once...

June Leikas denies she paid bail for Remaro, but told me a complex and nuanced version of the facts. Yes, there had been a time when Remaro needed bail. It was not the time when, allegedly, Remaro pulled two guns and pointed the guns at June and her son Mike. No, rather it was before that incident.

Remaro had needed bail and Anne Marie had the money to pay it. However, since Anne Marie didn't have a regular job, she was unable to be the person responsible for posting the bail. So June Leikas said she'd been willing to use Anne Marie's money and bail out Remaro. She believes the charge that time was a gun charge. The tone of June's voice speaks deep regret.

June Leikas went on to describe how Remaro had pulled guns on her and Mike. The day began at about 5:30 in the morning, when June walked into the bedroom shared by Remaro and Anne Marie. June saw her daughter Anne Marie curled into "a fetal position" with Remaro on top of her, "his fists coming down." June said Anne Marie was "just laying there like, OK, do it." June says Anne Marie's behavior is like those of individuals brainwashed by cults and says police have told her "It's going to take years to deprogram Anne Marie." (Compare June's account with that of a family friend who says she witnessed domestic violence by Remaro up close)

It was later that same morning, after the beating of Anne Marie--at about 8:30 in the morning, according to June--when Remaro pulled two guns, pointing one and June and one at Mike. June said she cried out, "Mike, get back, he's got guns on us." A short while later, Remaro ran from the house, presumably to hide the guns because police were coming. But Remaro came back to the house. That's when Mike jumped on Remaro and hit him, taking Remaro down to the ground. When police arrived, they saw Anne Marie hitting Mike with a toaster. June says both Anne Marie and Remaro were taken away and the toaster was taken as evidence.

June spoke of her deep sadness at the death of Annshalike, saying, "I miss her like hell, that was my baby" and said "I want my baby to rest in peace."

Contact with my high-ranking police source shows Anne Marie does not have any warrants as of today. Remaro is known to have three, one for a felony gun charge.

June said she is afraid Anne Marie will stick with Remaro to the bitter end and would even be willing to take a rap for Remaro.


Anonymous said...

Just off the Pio Press wire: Smith busted

A 23-year-old Minneapolis man is in custody today after a standoff with police at a Roseville motel.

Officers were called to the Super 8 Motel at 2401 Prior Ave. about 2 a.m. today to help bond agents arrest a man wanted on warrants out of Hennepin County.

The man barricaded himself in his second-floor room. He said he was armed with a gun and "threatened to kill any police officers he observed," the Roseville Police Department said in a statement.

Several area agencies arrived to assist, including East Metro SWAT.

Negotiators made telephone contact with the suspect and had several conversations with him throughout the four-hour ordeal.

About 6 a.m., police threw "chemical munitions" into the man's room. He exited and was arrested.

Ramero Cordell Smith is now in cusody at the Ramsey County jail on suspicion of terroristic threats and for three warrants.

Officers did not find any weapons when they searched Smith's motel room.

Johnny Northside said...

Here's a WCCO story about the stand off:

Johnny Northside said...

Here's a Pioneer Press link also:

Aren't we all better off with this man in custody. And Thank God no police officers were hurt during this stand off and apprehension.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Good. Hopefully, 1.) they'll finally get to question him about the murder, and 2.) he's going away for quite a long time.

Johnny Northside said...

Romero C. Smith is arrested. Let us be thankful to God no officers were hurt, and he was taken alive so he can stand trial for his crimes, whatever they may turn out to be or NOT BE.

People have their opinions and they have good reason to have them. But under the law, Remaro C. Smith is innocent until proven guilty.

me said...

Hope he drops the soap. lol

Anonymous said...

Guess what, Remaro is out of jail and paroled to Illinois. Apparently prison did not help Remaro because he beat and kidnapped a woman here too. I think he's on the run since he beat her and threatened to kill her family and police. He'll probably head to Minnesota again since he has a ton of family there. I hope anyone reading this realizes that all the stuff people say about him is true. He's extremely dangerous. I have more details Johnny, but I'd rather send them directly to you.

Johnny Northside! said...

If you want to send those details, send to my email at but I can't promise I'll do anything with that info since retirement looms in a matter of weeks and days.