Monday, February 8, 2010

JNS BLOG SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Mother Of Murder Victim Annshalike Hamilton Says Remaro Cordell Smith Murdered Her Daughter...

Photos contributed by a person who knew Annshalike

The mother of murder victim Annshalike Hamilton--June Leikas--contacted the makers of The Adventures of Johnny Northside movie and asked them to pass on her phone number to me, which they did. I spoke to Annshalike's mother, June Leikas, and this is what was said...

Naturally, I first said I was sorry about the death of her daughter. I made a point of confirming June Leikas wanted to tell me this stuff on the record, openly, in her own name as the mother of Annshalike Hamilton. Leikas said the blog coverage had been helping to "put everything together" and help her think through what had happened. She says "Remaro (Cordell Smith) was the last person to see my daughter alive" and she is convinced Smith killed her daughter.

Leikas says Smith is "on the run" and police "can't get him in for questioning." She asserts Smith is hiding out in St. Paul. She has a phone number for him but can't trace it to an address. I have the phone number. The voicemail is full.

Leikas said Remaro (known as "Slim") dates her daughter--her other daughter, Anne Marie--and asserts Anne Marie has "turned against us for him." She states Remaro and Anne Marie took out life insurance on her son, known as Boogie. They did not merely ATTEMPT to take out life insurance, she states, but successfully took out life insurance. She believes they wanted to murder Boogie. There was also money for Boogie in a trust fund from an insurance settlement for lead paint exposure, some $45,000, which Anne Marie and Remaro Smith managed to get their hands upon by telling lies to an entity known as Peach Tree.

"What is Peach Tree?" I asked.

Leikas stated Peach Tree lets you get money which is put into a trust fund, to get it earlier than the conditions of the trust fund would otherwise allow. There is a criminal matter going now in regard to this alleged fraud. All kinds of paperwork was found in a closet at the Leikas house which shows the fraud. The paperwork shows it was sent to Remaro's mother's house on the Northside of Minneapolis. If the paperwork had not been found, Leikas believes, something would have happened to Boogie.

Leikas said she thinks Annshalike Hamilton's sister and Remaro had "something to do with" the death of Annshalike Hamilton. The last time Leikas saw her daughter was in their driveway. Leikas was planning to go to Cub Foods and shop, and told Annshalike she could come along. Leikas said Annshalike loved fresh fruit and vegetables. Leikas tried to convince Annshalike to come along to the store and get something, saying Annshalike might get "the munchies" later. But Annshalike was planning to babysit for an aunt. Confusingly, the aunt is named Anne Marie just like Annshalike's sister, the sister who dated and still apparently dates Remaro Smith. The aunt was supposed to come by and pick up Annshalike. According to the aunt, Annshalike called and canceled.

Leikas said a "feeling" came over her at Cub, an awful feeling something bad had happened. When she came back to the house from grocery shopping at Cub, she initially couldn't get in her own front door. Remaro was at the house. He came up from the basement, and appeared to be soaking wet, and "hyper." Leikas asked what Remaro was doing down in "my basement," and why he was soaking wet. Remaro said he'd just snorted some coke.

"Not in my house you don't!" Leikas says she told Remaro.

There was also somebody else in the basement, somebody who got out of the house before Leikas could even see who it was. She doesn't even know if the person is male or female. But this was the night Annshalike disappeared and, Leikas says, "Remaro was the last one to see her alive."

Now, Leikas says, the police can't manage to question Remaro. She says he makes appointments but then doesn't show up. To Remaro Cordell Smith, Leikas says: Why don't you show up and clear your name?

Leikas claims there is a warrant out right now for Smith, something involving a plea bargain which had him scheduled to do 24 months, and how Smith didn't abide by the terms and show up for the 24 months, so now "he has to do the whole 78 months." JNS blog is unable to verify this info.

Leikas says that at the funeral for her daughter, while Annshalike was being laid to rest, Leikas turned to her other daughter, Anne Marie, and said, "That was meant to be you." Leikas said Remaro is a "control freak" who is always putting bruises on the body of Anne Marie. Leikas fears for her daughter's life because of her association with Remaro. Anne Marie just looked at her mom and said only, "I know, Mom."

Leikas says Remaro once stabbed one of her sons--named Michael, known as "Mike"--while Mike was trying to protect Anne Marie from physical abuse at the hands of Remaro.

If Remaro Cordell Smith wants to tell his side--and he should prove who he is by calling from the phone number 651-246-37XX so I know it's him--I will be happy to publish his side of things. By the way, the person who has this phone number should clear their voice mail. I'm just saying.

On a related note, the Bible says innocent blood cries out from the ground, and God hears.

In light of this information, this blog will soon publish much of the "back channel" communication which contains substantially the same information as what was communicated by June Leikas.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr North Side how are you.This is a friend of the family who is pretty concerned with this some what cold case murder that needs to be solved quick and fast I em tired of waiting and nothing gets done but we are or me is 99% sure its some one we know and who smiled in are faces for all this time for the longest time just playing it off like it's cool and it's not. He will be caught and brought to justice and I have faith in that because God knows were he is he might lead us to him if we all work together as a team maybe something will be done for this shit we are in at the moment. this person or people who helped with this murder are filth,soul less demon possessed and even Fred Phelps would agree that they are Godless ,wicked,and that God would hate them but that's him but I think God should want them to repent and yes this pisses me off I think these or this person has to turn him self in and quit playing games and quit fucking around it's all a matter of time when he will be wearing a prison jump suit and be styling pimping it out another thing is the cops are from what I hear do not seem to care because remember they catch the real criminals and lock them up but I em not knocking the cops ,thier are some good apples out thier who really fight crime but sadly we have a crocked system and it all backwards it's like if you do something petty you are in really deep trouble for something minor but murder now that's a serious offense.were is the ethics of these peace officers who were sworn in to protect you and I, to obey their oath and serve us but yah it just makes no sense to me....

M. Clinton said...

I can't even wrap my mind around the horror of having someone in my family murdered. I pray that the killer is found some day and brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so here is my question. Who wound up getting her trust fund money?

Anonymous said...

Ask slim that nigga did it...

Johnny Northside! said...

Could you please tell us who is Slim?