Monday, February 15, 2010

JNS VIDEO: Remaro Smith Calls From 773 Area Code To Deny He Killed Annshalike Hamilton, Says "Talk To My Lawyer."

As reported exclusively on Johnny Northside Dot Com, the mother of Annshalike Hamilton and one close friend of the family are spilling a detailed story about why they suspect a guy named Remaro Smith of killing Annshalike Hamilton. A telephone number was provided to me, a number Remaro had called from some days before. But the number was for Remaro's brother, Jonathon Newman. (Spelling unknown) Jonathon lives in St. Paul, but the individuals who are fingering Remaro aren't sure of where, precisely, Jonathon lives.

I had a phone conversation with Jonathon, who ultimately hung up when he felt too harshly questioned, click here for that story. But Jonathon had promised to put me in touch with Remaro, and I tried contacting Jonathon to follow up...

Jonathon also texted me to say: "Stop or I'll file harassment."

I texted back to ask Jonathon, "For what? Calling you on the phone or the stuff I'm writing?"

Jonathon replied, "Both."

I texted back and told Jonathon, "Go ahead, and be sure to bring Remaro to court with you."

Later, Jonathon called me back to say Remaro had been trying to call me, repeatedly, "from Chicago." He provided a phone number with a 773 area code (known to be a Chicago area code) which I recognized as a number that had called me repeatedly but, being an unknown number, I hadn't picked up. So I thanked Jonathon and called the number.

One ringy dingy.

Two ringy dingy.

Six ringy dingy and nobody answered, but I left a message. For the record, just because somebody is using a phone with a 773 area code, that doesn't mean the phone is physically in Chicago.

Remaro called back from the 773 number. I had my side of the phone conversation videotaped to aid my note taking. The conversation was brief. I cut right to the point: June Leikas says Remaro killed her daughter. What does Remaro say? Remaro asked what the homicide detectives were saying. What were they saying about him?

Hmmm, I thought, interesting response.

I told Remaro that if the homicide detectives were telling me something, I might not be able to share it with him. Remaro said that was bulls***. I asked him about the night Annshalike Hamilton disappeared, and her mother June Leikas came back from the Cub Store. Remaro had reportedly emerged from the basement dripping wet, sweaty, and acting "hyper." June says Remaro's excuse was he'd been "doing coke" in the basement. What, I asked, did Remaro say to that?

It was bullshit, he said. Talk to his lawyer.

What was his lawyer's name and number? I asked. I'd be happy to call his lawyer.

Remaro said he'd call me back with the lawyer's number, and he hung up.


Anonymous said...

I heard he's a big-time weed dealer. Maybe if you said you wanted to buy some he'd show up, cause he gotta sell a lot to pay for this lawyer ;)

Anonymous said...

U mad him a internet star johnny

Anonymous said...

Watching that video did nothing but make me compare Johnny to Geraldo Rivera. Nothing but a glorified show with the host as the real star.
I wish the police would put a stop to this. I have not seen any content as news worthy.

Johnny Northside said...

Yeah, the police will sure be putting a stop to this. (Sarcasm font) Right after the high-ranking police official stops keeping me informed about the status of Remaro's outstanding warrants.

You have more to say, there?

Johnny Northside said...

And, on another note, if the rest of the media cared enough about the murder of this young woman to dig into the story, it wouldn't fall to me by default.

MeganG. said...

@Anon 951 - the only reason that Johnny Northside is the only one you can see or hear in these videos is because he is, or we are, so tech-equipment deficient that the only way we have to do this, on the fly as the phone rings, is to grab the disital video carmera and press record. We don't have equipment to record the otherside of the phone, etc.

See the paypal button if you want this to be different.

Johnny Northside said...

One comment rejected. I am not willing to publish this particular comment about police investigative methods.