Thursday, February 18, 2010

As Promised, Details Of The Furious Back-And-Forth Text Conversation With Remaro Smith's Brother, Jonathon, About The Murder Of Annshalike Hamilton...

Contributed image, blog post by John Hoff

Following several posts about the murder of Annshalike Hamilton, and specific, detailed allegations by Annshalike's mother that Remaro C. Smith is the guy who killed her daughter, I had an opportunity to engage in a conversation-by-text-message with somebody who is using the phone of Jonathan Newman (spelling unknown) Remaro's brother. June Leikas suspects Remaro must have had an accomplice--being too scrawny to carry a body on his own--and June named Jonathon as the person Remaro would be most likely to call for assistance.

Remaro is wanted on three warrants (according to a high-ranking police source) but none of the warrants are for murder.

Please note THESE TEXT MESSAGES MAY BE SOMEWHAT OUT OF ORDER due to the difficulty of pulling text messages out of a phone, all mixed with other messages, but the conversation is essentially correct in its details

The text messages began with a salvo from me...

JNS: You should check out what I just published.

(The individual or individuals responding on Jonathon’s phone will be designated “JP” for Jonathon’s phone)

JP: I did thanks for makin my bro a star keep up da good work ur lettin da real killer get away.

JNS: (Texts something about who is the real killer)

JP: Of course mr. smith keep it up johnny dis is like comedy blog u guy’s r funny.

JNS: Are u saying smith is the real killer?

JP: No his not.

(Another message follows)

JP: No dat wat u and june claim

JNS: Were you at the house that night with Remaro?

JP: No u were and 15 other june partners look june house is a flop house u can buy drugs out of her house and get ur dick suck at da sametime look it up her crib been raid so many times no telling who was in da house dat night remember Daniel is a baby killer oh yea do u think people r satisfy wit him getting 10 years 4 killin a baby how da fuck u think people fell y aren’t u post his sick ass and his raperman ass brother mike

(Even more follows)

JP: And dont forget bout Anthony who likes to tie up senior citizens and beat them half dead and rob them look johnny I no u have somebody old in ur family me 2 so pointing da finger at Remaro or somebody else without proof is goin 2 another level but ur da media i suppose y’all like lie and not da truth.

(JNS asks who is Daniel)

JP: Daniel Leikas da babykiller don’t act like u don’t no

(JNS asks what Daniel has to do with Annshalike’s death)

JP: I just told u.they r rapermans, killers an robbers.

(JNS asks for the full names and birthdays of the people being named)

JP: Anthony leikas 3-8-90 daniel leikas 9-22-81 michael lee robinson 12-5-82

(The text messages with Jonathon’s phone take a while, enough to sneak in some calls between the texts. At some point, I called my other source, “William,” and asked, “Who is Daniel?” I am told Daniel is the oldest brother in the family. The other siblings are Michael, Anthony who is known as “Boogie,” Anne Marie and Annshalike. I’m also told Daniel was in prison during the time of Annshalike’s disappearance and remains in prison today. I called my high ranking police contact, who confirmed Daniel has been in prison since November of 2007 and is, therefore, clearly not a suspect in the murder of Annshalike Hamilton. Just today, another creditable source close to the family claims Michael was in jail at the time Annshalike disappeared)

JNS: Are you saying Daniel may have done it?

JP: Mr. William who contact u who name is (provides a name) look everybody is a suspect dat hang around her meaning june

(JNS blog will not print the name of “William” nor print speculation as to his identity)

JNS: U think june is really a suspect?

JP: Who no’s annemarie almost die swallowin a penny y june was smoking crack her parent skills is 0

JNS: Can’t we do this by email. I want all the details.

JP: Hell naw publish it like said

(The plea to have the conversation by email is made twice, rebuffed both times. The person using Jonathon’s phone then turns the conversation to the person he believes to be my source “William,” trying to smear him)

JP: He try to get ann and my sister 2 fight dis white girl cuz she didn’t want to fuck him (name) got lace before he not all da way on earth if you no wat I mean u c he scare 2 put his real name on ur blog and I call him he said ur a bunch of bullshit and fuck u but remind urself I no (name) u don’t.

(The following message I not only send to Jonathon, but to Twitter)

JNS: High ranking police source says Daniel Leikas in prison since November 2007 so telling me to look at Daniel is kinda stupid, huh, Jonathon?

JP: No duh I get it u like 2 switch shit up huh u need some pussy take a vacation

JNS: U texted me to look at Daniel.

JP: No i didn’t u just like to switch shit around.

JNS: U texted me to look at Daniel. And Mike, too. Is Annie texting me from same phone?

JP: No i didn’t y r tryin 2 switch shit up u need help

(Another message follows)

JP: So wat no a high rank officer wat his or her badge # cuz we have cops in r family now sorry to tell dat johnny.

JNS: Oh? Explain what u mean about cops in ur family. Also, I doubt it.

JP: Oh Johnny if my brother so much da killer y wood june bail him out she always come 2 rescue slim and she no it

JNS: When exactly has she bailed him. Tell me when, how much, for what?

JP: Every damn time he goes 2 jail.

JNS: OK. For what? When? How much were the bonds? Be specific.

JP: Ask June.

JNS: No. I’m asking you. Why should I hurt that poor woman’s feelings with the question if u won’t give me specific to make it believable?

(I follow this message with another)

JNS: U told me to look at Daniel. Hard to believe what u say because looking at Daniel is a wild goose chase. Kind of like the night Annshalike disappeared and Remaro was telling June to run all over. Any truth to that?

JP: Well y she wait almost 2 years 2 say oh I no remaro do me a favor and ask da detective what june said remaro was dat nite so post dat

(I fire off some kind of message about Remaro having warrants)

JP: Ha ha johnny his warrant aint got shit 2 do wit murder dats if he has a warrant

JNS: Got anything to say to June about why u harbor Remaro instead of telling him to go clear his name?

JP: Yea I aint harbor nobody remaro got anuff $ to harbor his self and fuck her and y aint she talking bout her babykillin ass son and how he use 2 beat her ass and how he hits her wit beer cans she need 2 stop playin before I have my bm call dat fakeass job and she no her and aries split da check now dats fraud yes I said it she fraudin dat pca shit sit on her ass collectin a check split it wit da patient is dat fraud johnny

(I fired off some kind of message about tell me everything. I’ll publish it)

JP: Good publish it ur not helping solve it ur a bunch gossip u act like a bitch dis wat my babymoma do when she on her period.

(Another message follows)

JP: I call ur bluff johnny I thought u were suppose 2 help solve it dis gossip shit johnny u have no life johnny who no’s u maybe da peepin tom or da killer besides u do no everybody life right look if u or anybody like u had sense they wood focus da murder not dis gossip shit u putting on da internet cuz 100% sure if dis was true remaro wood b in custody.
Me: Oh? In custody? Isn’t he avoiding the police? Didn’t he run to Chicago?

(I follow with another message)

JNS: So tell me about June bailing Remaro. When? For what? How much? Was it for beating Anne Marie?

JP: Dats exactly wat I’m talk bout johnny ur life is base on gossip u have no life.

JNS: Why do u say Mike could have done it? Didn’t Mike try to stop Remaro from beating Anne Marie?

(I wait. And wait. I shovel a lot of snow while I wait. No answer comes)

(But shortly before I hit the “publish” button on this blog post, I will text Jonathon’s phone again. And the messages will probably start again)

Another source close to the family talked to me today, revealing explosive and highly-detailed information about Remaro’s spectacular record of domestic violence against Anne Marie Leikas.

That information is on its way to readers.

If Remaro turns himself in on his warrants, I may lose interest in publishing every bit of info I can get my hands on, including some rumored medical paperwork which came to the house of June Leikas.


Kevin said...

In following all this, it makes me sick to my stomach thinking there are children growing up around people like this or in "families" like this.

la_vie_en_rose said...

What horrible English. I can't tell if he's trying to say that Daniel could be responsible somehow (what, jobbing from the inside of jail?) or if he's just complaining about Annshalike's brothers doing more terrible things than Remaro.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting but VERY hard to read with the ebonic typing. In can see speaking slang but why would anyone type like that.

K Pikala said...

Johnnyn FUCK YOU NORTHSIDE!!! Why don't go out and get a real fuckin Life you sorry ass piece of shit Fucking Loser Son of a bitch!! Is your life so bad that you need to try and break down everyone elses!!! You better check yourself punk ass fag!!!! When YOUR DAY COMES I hope and prey you get the same disrecpect that you hand out you worthless ass fuckin homo!!!

Anonymous said...

Careful Johnny, some of these thugs might not like what you're doing. I'd like to see you safe so you can keep up this blog and your efforts with improving NoMi and calling 311.

Johnny Northside said...

How nice of you to say. The commenter above I mean, of course.

The way I see it, we need to keep pushing the envelope against crime, decay and thuggery.

Every day that I push the envelope and get away with it, others take heart and realize they can get away with a whole lot more than they thought they could before. The enemies of decency, safety and revitalization are greatly over-rated. Let us press ever forward, fearlessly.

Trudrud said...

Wow, what a sad, pathetic, obscenity-filled rant posted by K Pikala. It’s so shameful that somebody who I presume is a grown adult has to resort to a child-like tantrum filled with vile language and thinly-veiled threats. The post shows a clear picture of its poster as an individual with a lack of self-control and what comes across as rather low intelligence.
I for one am happy to see people who act with complete disregard for others called out on their selfish and often criminal behavior. Here’s a suggestion for you, K Pikala –if you don’t like to see poor behavior highlighted, then a mere change of actions can make it all go away. A person needs only to live like a decent human being; one who doesn’t hurt others, one that grasps basic common decency, one that respects him or herself and the rights of others as well, and there will be nothing to call into question in the first place.
As I see it, Johnny Northside does a great service to people on the Northside by sharing his perspective with regard to the things that go on here. He’s part of our neighborhood, and if the fact that he publishes those things that people in the neighborhood are talking about anyway makes you so uncomfortable, they feel free to start your own blog and discuss topics you feel more appropriate =though perhaps brush up on your slepping and grammatical skills before you do. Viva JNS!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like there are no heroes here. I feel sorry for Annshalike. How did she have a chance with the friends and relatives being described here, even if only 1/2 the accusations are true? Is it any wonder that people give up on the whole lot, and just hope they all O.D. or kill each other?

Anonymous said...

Hey wheres my comment that one was funny lol... funny ,...I mean it,s worth putting up come on, please I like what I typed.It's about Remero on how homo phobic he is and how he hates woman and beats them lol...come on is it to offensive.I want him to read that because he looks on hear anyways because hes scared,what people are saying about him...come on please with a cheery on the top...its free speech...

Johnny Northside said...

To the commenter above: yes, I did reject your previous content for homophobic content. Please keep commenting, though, just try to keep it in bounds.

Anonymous said...

Ramaro's Personal Ad
I enjoy long, Lame walks on the beach, getting Wasted in the rain and serendipitous encounters with Losers. I really like piƱa coladas mixed with Phlem, and romantic, candle-lit Crabs. I am well-read from Dr. Seuss to Johnny Northside. I travel frequently, especially to Chicago, when I am not busy with work. (I am a Raperman.) I am looking for Losers and beauty in the form of a Wannabee goddess. She should have the physique of Rihanna and the House of Annshalike Hamilton. I would prefer if she knew how to cook, clean, and wash my Dogs. I know I’m not very attractive in my picture, but it was taken 60 days ago, and I have since become more Weak.

Johnny Northside said...

I consider that personal ad to be parody. I do not have any evidence that Remaro has ever committed or been accused of rape.

Anonymous said...

Remaro: Step up. Come home and deal with your warrants. It's time to be a man.

Anonymous said...

K Pikala, I assume you live in NoMi. If you don't like Trudrud's advice, then please consider mine:

MOVE. Your time here is over.

Me said...

What Johnathon said is not a lie.

June is a a drug addicted alcoholic and has been for decades. Annshalike and Annie have been molested by Junes "boyfriends".

Stop trying to make June look like she's somethings she's not. I could say alot about her but I'm not going to. You only see a side of June that she lets you see.

Looking at June's lifestyle it's no wonder all her kids are in the predicaments their in.

Johnny Northside said...

What you wrote is--like the words of June Leikas herself--merely an allegation. Except June says it in her own name and you say it anonymously. Oh, and June provides lots of details and you provide next to nothing.

But, all the same, it's still just an unproven allegation.