Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NoMi Newlyweds: Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reichow - Part One - The Ceremony

The love story of NoMi revitalizer, Brian Reichow, and his sweetie, Chriss Garlick, has a new chapter to share. The couple tied the knot this past weekend, actually on 10-10-10. Their engagement celebrations have been shared a couple of times here on JNS (click here and also here) and so it's only fitting to share their wedding, reception and next day after party here on JNS, too, rather than my own blog which tends to be a bit of a social event photo journal.  Here's the photo journal here after the jump....

The Groom and parents wait for the ceremony to begin
The flowers were stunning, of course
Brian and his daughter Ariel, a Junior Bridesmaid, walk the aisle
Waiting for his Bride
The Flower Girl heads down the aisle
She dropped autumn leaves from her basket
Here comes the Bride, with her Daddy, - LOVE!
Bride and Groom arrive together at the altar
A Wedding Prayer -  Bride: "Dear Lord, please help him to put the seat down" Groom: "Dear Father, please let her believe me when I say I didn't hear her hollering because the plaster walls are too thick"  - Just Kidding!
Mothers of Bride and Groom light the two candles symbolizing their individual children
The couple use their symbolic candles to light their Unity Candle
Jr Bridesmaid Ariel was the only attendant I had a clear shots of, she was lovely.
A last blessing before the declaration of Husband and Wife
The Pastor: "Introducing Mr and Mrs Brian Reichow" - I love the smiles!
"You may now kiss the Bride"
Stay tuned for photo journal of the reception party!


emma. said...

My neighbors got married on 10/10/10 as well. I wonder how many NoMi residents got married on Saturday...?

emma. said...

While peeling an onion just now I realized that I think I said Saturday rather than Sunday in my previous comment. I could be wrong though. I have major pregnancy brain. :/

NoMi Passenger said...

Emma, you're preggers??!!

:-) Congrats! Lots of NoMi love stories!

Patrick said...

Hey this is great! Contratulations on your wedding. You are going to have a lucky marriage and your husband will likley never forget the month , day, and year of your wedding. Cheers!

emma. said...

I am! Thanks! :)

New (and awesome) NoMi resident coming in late February 2011... :)

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm slow to read my own publicity! Thank you so much for the post. You have photos that no one else got - hoping you will share!!! -Chriss REICHOW :)

Johnny Northside! said...

Megan--who is sitting across from me right now, feeding me a wonderful steak--said of course she will share, and there's many more photos she didn't post.

Johnny Northside! said...

She actually got a lot of pictures of the reception, too, but didn't even get a chance to do a post about that.

NoMi Passenger said...

Mmmmmm, steak. Free steak. Free steak with wine in celebration. Mmmmmmmmm. (:

Today was a good day. Good week.