Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recycling and Reusing the House of Fraud

The real chronicle of the demolition of 1564 Hillside, a.k.a. "The House of Fraud," is taking place here.

But while celebrating this small and huge victory in person, I was able to take this informative video of the contractor telling us what sort of tedious efforts will be taken to recycle and reuse a large majority of the material from demolished houses.

For readers that aren't already familiar with 1564 Hillside, a.k.a. "The House of Fraud", here's a quick summary. This house was used in an elaborate criminal ring of mortgage and real estate fraud combined with devastating cases of identity theft. Just search 1564 Hillside in the search bar of this blog and grab a refill on your beverage of choice and read away.

It's likely that the "House of Fraud" will live on forever! In your driveway. In your garden bed. In your new stainless steel refrigerator.... in the steel bars that will lock away mortgage fraud and identity theft criminals...

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M. Clinton said...

For starters, I know that cast iron radiator in the foreground would have retailed for $390 at a salvage shop. They go for $30 / fin and I counted 13 fins on that particular radiator.

NoMi Passenger said...

@M.Clinton- I asked about that raditor too, they were definitely going to scrap it. I think that's why it was sort of pulled to the side.