Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rob MacIntyre - The Nomi Tornado Hero

Photo by John Hoff, blog by Nomi Passenger

I truly believe that sharing is a part of healing. And we have a major wound to heal from the loss of Rob MacIntyre. The story of Rob's heroic death can be found many places like here and here. But there is one particular story that is truly moving, found on a neighbor's personal blog, Our Lives, Our Stories - warning- grab the tissues. The Homewood neighbor who authored her own tornado story, including Rob's story, did a heart wrenching job of capturing the emotions that we all have been experiencing, surviving the tornado; the overwhelming chaos and devastation of our neighborhoods; the loss of Rob.

I can't come close to expressing how wonderful this man was and how much he will be missed by the entire northside community. My heart goes out to his immediate neighbors and loved ones, especially his wife, and I'll do my best to lead a life dedicated to making the world a better place for all creatures, which is what Rob would want us all to do.

The above photo was taken at Rob's house, last fall, when Rob invited us over for a special project that he wanted to show John. He generously gave John's son, Alex, the most massive box of robotics I have ever seen. He took us out back where he kept one of his birds he was working with at that time. In the picture, you can see the bird is receiving a piece of raw chicken as a reward for returning to Alex's hand after a flight command. To see Rob working with his birds was breathtaking. I am beyond fortunate to have had the pleasure of visiting and getting to know Rob many times. John and I got in the habit of referring to Rob as "the real Hawkman", in a homage to our friend Jeff Skrenes, who earned the nickname The Hawthorne Hawkman.

Please consider making a donation to the U of M Raptor Center, click here for donation page, and designate it in Rob's memory. Additionally, his obituary suggested donations be sent to Tree Trust, an organization dedicated to changing lives and landscapes. Tree Trust donation page found here.

Rob, please watch over the northside from Heaven as you did from here on Earth. Until then, my friend.

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