Monday, May 30, 2011

JNS BLOG EDITORIAL: Child Support, House Taxes, And How Does Don "Shake Down Blogger" Allen Celebrate Memorial Day?

Contributed photo, xoxo, blog post by John Hoff

Guess what I'm holding in the photo above?

Never mind, I'll just tell you: child support checks.

These checks are not FROM me TO child support. No, rather, these checks are from the State of Minnesota and made out TO ME. The checks range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, but many of the checks are the same amount, over and over, $65.

In the photo I'm holding, like, eight checks. But I've received over a dozen in the past several months. These represent OVERPAYMENTS to child support. Far from being a "deadbeat dad," I have actually been paying MORE than the State of Minnesota says I should pay for several months, now. Why do I mention this...?

Because of positions I have long taken on this blog...that North Minneapolis should be improved, revitalized, made safe and prosperous and relatively free of crime...I have been attacked, over and over, often with completely false accusations. That I'm a deadbeat dad. That I don't pay my house taxes.

My house taxes? Paid up. Just like they should be. All paid up.

Have there been times I've fallen behind on child support and house taxes? Oh, yes, definitely. And I've paid whatever fines or interest resulted. Of course, nobody gives you a bonus for paying house taxes months and months early, or for overpaying child support.

But good citizenship is its own reward. Today, on Memorial Day, I think of the soldiers who have served our country, like my own father who was at the attack on Pearl Harbor and landed with General MacArthur at Leyte Gulf.

I also think of people who have disgraced our country: like Don "Shake Down Blogger" Allen, who stole money from a bedridden vet. Click here for details.

In a burst of patriotism, this I publicly vow: Every Memorial Day, as well as every Veterans Day, I am going to get on my blog and make mention of Don Allen's disgraceful act against a bedridden vet. And, by god, I'm going to keep doing this as long as Don Allen--who doesn't even live in North Minneapolis--keeps sticking his nose into North Minneapolis politics and roiling up the waters in forced and unnatural ways. I mean, honestly, no sooner had the NoMi tornado lifted off the ground than Don Allen was already trying to assert the authorities were going to create some kind of racist diaspora of renters. This is classic Don Allen: creating a wild-eyed conspiracy out of nothing but thin air and his porno-fevered imagination.

But this is a FACT: Don Allen stole from a bedridden vet.

That's the character of Don Allen.

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Folwell Fox said...

The one thing that folks like Don Allen did get right is, yes, we are armed to the teeth! And I'm not talking about little pocket bullshit 9mms' either. What they fail to realize is that some who live in Nomi are war veterans as well as multi-highly degreed folks, where some make far above the national and state median incomes but decide to live in Nomi anyways. Bring it on Don! How deep are your pockets?