Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Beginning For a Notorious Corner? West Broadway And Aldrich Ave N. Cleans Up Its Act!

Mentioned on this blog numerous times, never in a good way, the former illegal urban dump site located on the corner of W. Broadway & Aldrich Ave N has finally been cleaned up. I was walking around the neighborhood when I first noticed the sudden disappearance of the eyesore that used to be on the property. Gone were the old worn out tires, old mattresses and assorted junk. On the south side of the property nearest Broadway a food trailer had set up shop selling the usual hot dogs, burgers & fries. This blog along with a number of neighborhood citizens have been complaining about this property for a long time; someone finally listened.


Thanks to all for helping to make Nomi a better place.

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Patrick said...

Hey that's great! Thanks for posting the news and pics.