Wednesday, October 26, 2011

JNS Blog Anti-Troll Comment Policy Extended Indefinitely, Free Speech Flourishes As A Result...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Which sounds more appealing? Anonymous comments by trolls on the Johnny Northside blog, or this gigantic camel spider?

I know what you're thinking: where can I get a camel spider paperweight like THAT one?

In any case...

A little more than a month ago, I announced this blog would reverse its former "free speech bloody free-for-all" policy and begin refusing to publish or even acknowledge the anonymous comments of trolls. I wanted to see if the discourse in this blog's comment forum would improve as a result.

Well, there *is* a noticeable improvement in the discourse.

I find this "no trolls" policy comparable to a moderator who tries to control a public meeting, especially when there are...

...half crazy, stinky people who want to yell things they consider SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than what everybody else has to say. By "everybody else" I mean the polite, decent people who are actually from the neighborhood and have a stake in what happens. The compulsive desire of "the crazies" to pour out their always-anonymous, psychotic bile at every opportunity is intimidating to those more quiet, thoughtful voices who have something much more valuable to say.

Yes, this blog will continue to encourage a vital exchange of ideas. If the creepy, anonymous individuals who want to make their ugly, personal remarks are willing to come here as themselves or with Blogspot profiles and monikers that can be linked to real people, then this blog will consider posting at least SOME of the nasty, stupid things they have to say.

Until then, the trolls have their own green-slime-dripping blogs where they can advocate for their mortgage fraudster friends doing time in prison, their butt ugly slumlord empires, their Level Three sex offender pervert pets, their coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs political candidates like Al Flowers, etc.

But the political and social changes created by the "NoMi revitalizer blogs" will be around long after the trolls and the crazies succumb to the inevitable psychological consequences of their own negativity and self-imposed marginalization.

And, at some level, the trolls KNOW this, which is why their voices are so shrill, angry, and desperate.

To my Northside friends who urged this blog policy change for months, even years:

You were right.


Anonymous said...

Octavia Marberry, sister of dead guy Darren Evanovich, has been arrested. Do a Google search on her and you'll find a reference to "Phat Phat" who I think is someone named Anthony Titus. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

If you check the stats, you'll notice readership to your blog is way down, since you stopped allowing people you call "trolls" to comment. And it is worth repeating that people comment anonymous here because they are afraid of becoming one of your victims.
You do have a reputation you know.

Johnny Northside! said...

This is a prime example of how trolls and, for that matter, the "anti NoMi revitalization" blogs just MAKE UP FACTS OFF THE TOP OF THEIR HEAD.

You have NO IDEA what my stats are, yet you make a statement as though you had access to that data.

In fact, the loss of trolls has no impact on my stats as far as I can tell. The trolls still read, they still SUBMIT comments, they just don't get their comments published.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the first anonymous poster:

Story on the shooting incident:

That's South Minneapolis (SoMi) which I consider out of my jurisdiction.

This person you name? She is in jail as you say:

Booking Number: 2011028503
Date of Birth: 1/24/1991
Sheriff's Custody: IN CUSTODY . .
Housing Location: MINNEAPOLIS CITY HALL Address
Received Date/Time: 10/25/2011.. 13:27

Case/Count Description of Charge Charged By Reason for Arrest Severity of Charge State of Charge Bail Information Court Appearance Date/Time Court Appearance Location

However, I have no proof in front of me that she's the sister of Darren Evanovich.

If this is something you want to talk about, post information about, etc., feel free. But it's rather off topic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Octavia WAS his sister. I say "was" because he is now a lifeless organism paying for his crimes with ironic results. His mother was busted for "not a small amount of drugs" a while ago also. The unfortunate fact is all you have to do is go to Minnesota Criminal History and Search Offenders. All you need is a birthdate and the names of the perpetrators. To find their birthday, go first to Mn. and do the sign up requirements. Living and dying by the sword will be our next roundtable discussion, chew on them facts.

Johnny Northside! said...

What's the mother's name? And birthday, if you have it?

Anonymous said...

The mothers' name is Mary Lee Evanovich and she was hatched on March 31, 1971. She called her home Shakopee at one time, and rumor has it that she is another Mother of the Year candidate for her apologetic views on her "Good Boy". When you search on Minnesota Criminal History it seems as though she must have needed a baby sitter for quite some time. Darrens' mama, head of the Evanovich=Marberry criminal syndicate family. Deny that.

Anonymous said...

Mary (Ma Barker) Evanovich was born on March 31, 1971. My guess is that the onus of this familys' criminal behaviour rests with the piece of shit that raised them. She did time at the Women's Prison in Shakopee for dealing drugs. She was involved in transactions with credit cards that her brood robbed from old ladies...after pistol whipping them. The bitch has the nerve to say the guy ran her son down and killed him. No, LYING Byotch, YOU are responsible for your son being gunned down for beating up old ladies...and your daughter deserves the same fate. Go to hell and visit him.

Johnny Northside! said...

What? No unpublished, behind-the-scenes reply from the troll about how you got caught in public just MAKING STUFF UP?

Johnny Northside! said...

Turns out the troll did leave a comment which ended up in the spam box.

The troll will not, however, be allowed to comment.

I will say these two things:

1.) So my stats drop when I don't blog as much because I'm in, good God, AFGHANISTAN.

I'm glad there are other NoMi bloggers to take up the slack.

2.) I don't even know what "keyword spam" means. I put in metatags that match names, addresses, and relevant topics. Whatever that is, that's not spam. If I put the words "penis enhancement" in my metatags, that would be keying for spam.


Of course, there may be certain topics (Don Allen, cough cough) where "penis enhancement" would make a good metatag.

Michael said...

have you imported this camel spider paperweight from Afghanistan because it has Afghanistan written on it :)