Monday, October 24, 2011

(ADDENDUM! FALSE ACCUSATION! SEE COMMENT STRING!) Criminal Record Of Jayton D. Simms, Accused of Attempting To Rape A 13-Year-Old Girl...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

According to the Star Tribune, Jayton D. Simms, 34, is accused of attempting to rape a 13-year-old girl in North Minneapolis. Luckily, the girl was rescued by her brother, who "went all Rambo" and punched Simms in the jaw. Other relatives helped hold Simms down until police arrived.

These relatives of the girl did not kill Simms, and for that degree of respect for law, order and the justice system, they are to be commended.

Not surprisingly, Simms has a criminal record, and here it is...

02-CR-08-5749 949520 SIMMS, JAYTON DEON
02/11/1977 05/09/2008
Anoka Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction Theft-Take/Use/Transfer Movable Prop-No Consent

02/11/1977 07/23/2009
Anoka Crim/Traf Mandatory
Closed Domestic Abuse - Violate No Contact Order-Misd
Contempt of Court - Willful Disobedience to Court Mandate

In regard to the theft charge, he pleaded guilty. His fine went unpaid and ended up with collections.

In regard to the domestic abuse and willful disobedience to court mandate, Simms was convicted of violating a no contact order. However, the willful disobedience rap was dropped. He appears to have done 30 days in jail for the domestic.

Not the worst criminal record ever but, of course, a "no account" and now headed down the path toward creepy sex offender.


Rev21Cityogold said...

I hope I am not a troll as I don’t live on the north side but I’ve spent much time over the past decade in the Penn Ave. N. and W. Broadway, Jordan neighborhood. I learned many wonderful people live in the area, and I have respect and compassion for many residents, and wonderful organizations such as MADDADs of Mpls. I continue to be concerned for the violence perpetrated in N. Mpls, and pray for those living there who may feel captive to the terroristic acts of the thugs. I don’t like making generalizations but I am also astound by how many of those who live in the suburbs simply turn a deaf ear to the terroristic behaviors of a few who live just a few miles away from them. I wish more would awaken. It’s similar to our death, dumb, and blindness to the terrorism by drug cartels occurring against our amigos in neighboring Mexico who, like us, are trying to live simple lives with a desire “to feel safe” while taking a sunset sidewalk stroll while holding the hand of a loved one – but that’s for another blog.
I spent many hours in the Jordan area trying to keep the neighborhood clean, picking up the constant garbage thrown around, and talking to some of the pimps and ladies on the corners, with offering prayer and encouragement to attend one of the many fine local churches. Can’t say had much success in getting them to church but I think many of them I spoke to were surprised (including a major pimp who controlled many women with his angry antics and threats), pleased, curious, and felt respected as human beings in talking with a Christian nut (or I believe any person who believes in a loving higher power) who simply wanted to talk and declined to buy drugs or sex from them. Even though many of these pimps, lady’s of the night, and drug thugs were part of the major problem on the northside, each one of them older than the mid 20s or so, expressed they wanted a better way of life, and they wanted the northside to be a better place to live rather than be “the hood.” It’s the young ones, teens up to age 19 or so, who seemed unreachable – sometimes without conscious. It’s these teens, the older thugs and pimps said they were afraid of because “They are fools and don’t think about what they are doing. They’re dangerous. You don’t know when they will shoot you.” as the pimp I referred to said.

Rev21Cityogold said...

continued . . .
In addition to reading your section on the rape of a 13yo girl, today, I have taken another look at the depressing City of Minneapolis Daily Digest Bulletin 4th Precinct crime report list for Oct. 18th-Oct. 24th. For this seven day period, there were 15 crimes involving threats with guns, three of which led to gunshot wounds. The offender ages ranged from age 14-37 yo but most were under age 20. One of the gunshot victims was a 3yo! Fortunately, not serious injury but I assume scarring for life - “33XX Fremont Ave N Saturday 10/22/11 1700 hrs 11-319957 Officers responded to the above location on a shooting. PG1/male, was upset & was holding V1, his 3 yr-old son. PG1 stated he was at the grocery store at this location & heard 5 males, 17-18 yrs, yell a gang’s name & then heard a pop. V1 stated his arm hurt & PG1 located a gunshot wound to his upper arm. PG1 does not know the Suspects, who walked away. PG1 & V1 were transported to the hospital & a Dr. told officers that the gunshot grazed V1 & did not enter his arm. Officers checked the crime scene area, but did not locate anything. Suspects were GOA”. – It blows my mind, 5 teenagers shoot a 3 yo child in his daddy’s arms and simply, perhaps casually, “walk” away! Evil.
So in conclusion, I pray that each young person in N.MPLS, who is heading down the wrong path, can develop a relationship with at least one other teen or adult (hopefully a parent), who demonstrates to them an example of love, respect, integrity, and faith the loving higher power of Jesus or other loving leader who is a descendent of Abraham. This should be true of all teens regardless of where they live. Perhaps if each of us reading Johnny Northside, prays and performs an acts of Godly kindness each week, to one of those youth on the corner with those detached faraway eyes, maybe one of those youth’s eyes will become alive, and turn from the darkness into the light and becomes the human God created them to be. Pray for the success of MADDADs of Mpls.

Johnny Northside! said...

And when they walked away, I bet they walked down the middle of the street.

Once again, I would suggest the police should stop and frisk anybody who eschews the use of sidewalks in North Minneapolis.

Oh, and then ticket them for walking in the street.

Anonymous said...

YOu might want to do some follow up on what happened to this case and why....

NoMi Passenger said...

Anon, how about you just tell us what happened and why. You obviously know, and you obviously want it shared, so just do it.

The author of this blog is blogging in spare time while deployed to Afghanistan. I myself could careless about researching accused rapists to find out if they are being unfairly prosecuted in the media or not.

So, since you care and I don't... you go for it. Say your piece.

NoMi Passenger said...

To the anonymous tipster that thinks it's really important to update this story. Go ahead and leave your input here, it's totally anonymous. Word it in such a way that the info could have come from anywhere. If you want, use the email address at the top of the blog heading to send a totally private, confidential email.

Johnny Northside! said...

I looked up the guy's court record, again, and I find myself wondering...

Where are the charges stemming from this incident?

NoMi Passenger said...

John can you use your contact to get the PDF of the criminal complaint?

Johnny Northside! said...

The contact hasn't emailed, only left a back channel communication through the comments function.

But the word is...

Something odd happened here. We don't even have a docket number to go with, though.

Maybe the media entities who had the original story, the one I piggypacked off, maybe THEY can be persuaded to dig into it?

Anonymous said...

The girl and her mother admitted they lied about this because her family beat him up and they did not want their family to get in trouble. The judge apologized to this guy. This all happened at court. The girl and her family are expected to be charged with crimes for lying to the police and assault.

Johnny Northside! said...

Well, that DEFINITELY cries out for a follow up article from the Star Tribune, if what the anonymous commenter is saying is true.

I sent an email to the reporter who wrote the Strib story, Paul Walsh, some days ago.

Johnny Northside! said...

If this turns out to be true, I intend to add words to the headline making it clear this was a false accusation. The man may have a rough record, but nobody should be accused of a crime they did not commit.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the Hennepin County Adult Corrections Facility and Sherriff's Jail - Jayton Simms current page:

and a link to facilitate searches for other individuals:

It looks like he is being charged for 1 out of 2 charges... His court date is December 02. I guess time will tell if he is charged or not.

boathead said...

A Level#3 Sex Offender is caught breaking into Anwatin Middle School after walking away from his halfway house. Clarence Robinson was nabbed after seen walking away from the school early sunday morning sometime after he left church.
The truly amazing occurrence was that it made the newspaper,albeit the apprehending was the only thing
that made the news and not the fact that he walked away from the onset. Now the good folks in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood can sleep well even if NOBODY had a clue that he was on the loose. The church ignored him; they have a way of doing that, and are only rivaled by the aiders and abettors that are employed at Penn State. I was guessing that he attended church,he easily could have been coming from a mosque or a temple. Gotta' be fair! Good Day.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's the latest Jayton Simms info from the jail roster.

Booking Number: 2011027660
Date of Birth: 2/11/1977
Sheriff's Custody: RELEASED FROM CUSTODY ON . 11/9/2011 . 13:00
Housing Location:
Received Date/Time: 10/16/2011.. 03:16

Case/Count Description of Charge Charged By Reason for Arrest Severity of Charge State of Charge Bail Information Court Appearance Date/Time Court Appearance Location
BAIL SET BY DC 12/1/2011..10:00

NBR/JAIL 12/1/2011..10:00 DOWNTOWN Address

So it seems like one of the charges was dropped, but NOT the other one.

A headline addendum may not be warranted after all. We'll keep ears to the ground and see how this thing goes.

Anonymous said...

Per Court records, there was one charge/case involving this incident which was dismissed on 11/9.

Johnny Northside! said...

Which court records are you citing, oh anonymous one? Because I ran his name through the Minnesota Courts website a moment ago, and I don't see anything about these charges AT ALL.

The information on the jailhouse roster appears to say he was charged with SOMETHING, and something else was, yes, dropped.

The information is, at best, ambiguous. The Star Tribune printed the original article, and I look to Star Tribune to follow up where needed. If Star Tribune isn't printing anything, I think readers are left to assume at least some portion of the original accusation is still in play.

Anonymous said...

The docket number is 27-CR-11-32589. If you look at the register of actions, it says the case was dismissed on 11/9 for the "interest of justice."

Johnny Northside! said...

Your link only goes to the home page. This is true of any link one tries to create from that Minnesota Courts website.

It is, in my opinion, a huge flaw . And not your fault.

But I can't access the information you are referencing. Find it again, copy and paste it here.

Also, if facts like that came out, the Star Tribune absolutely owes it to this man to print an updated version of the facts.

Johnny Northside! said...

I have amended the headline accordingly because my gut says something is amiss even though I do not yet have all the facts.

I repeat and reiterate: if the charges were dropped, the Star Tribune OWES IT TO THIS MAN to print an updated version of the story.

Anonymous said...

Here is the info: If you want to get the details about why this case was dismissed, you can check the court file or a transcript from the hearing on Nov. 9. Or you could contact one of the attorneys involved.

Register of ActionsCase No. 27-CR-11-32589State of Minnesota vs JAYTON DEON SIMMS §
Case Type: Crim/Traf Mandatory
Date Filed: 10/18/2011
Location: Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Judicial Officer: Barnette, Toddrick S.

Party Information Lead Attorneys
DOB: 02/11/1977 Angela Bailey

Public Defender


Jurisdiction State of Minnesota
Charge InformationCharges: SIMMS, JAYTON DEON Statute Level Date
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree (Attempt to Commit - GOC) 609.344.1(c) Felony 10/15/2011
Events & Orders of the Court DISPOSITIONS
11/09/2011 Disposition (Judicial Officer: Barnette, Toddrick S.)

1. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree (Attempt to Commit - GOC)

10/18/2011 E-filed Comp-Order for Detention
10/18/2011 Other Document
10/18/2011 Interim Condition for SIMMS, JAYTON DEON
- Post bond
- No alcohol/controlled substance use
- No contact with victim(s)
- No contact with witness(es)
- No contact with persons under age 18
- Comply With Curfew Restrictions

10/19/2011 First Appearance (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Scherer, Richard S.) Result: Held
10/19/2011 Order Granting Public Defender (Judicial Officer: Scherer, Richard S. )
10/19/2011 Interim Condition for SIMMS, JAYTON DEON
- Post bond
- No alcohol/controlled substance use
- No contact with victim(s)
- Remain law-abiding
- Make all future court appearances

10/19/2011 Notice of Evidence and Identification Procedures (Judicial Officer: Scherer, Richard S. )
10/19/2011 Request for Disclosure (Judicial Officer: Scherer, Richard S. )
10/19/2011 Order for Conditional Release (Judicial Officer: Scherer, Richard S. )
10/28/2011 Request for Disclosure

11/08/2011 Omnibus Hearing (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Barnette, Toddrick S.) Result: Held
11/09/2011 Hearing (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Barnette, Toddrick S.) Result: Held
11/09/2011 Interim Condition for SIMMS, JAYTON DEON
- Post bond
- No alcohol/controlled substance use
- No contact with victim(s)
- Remain law-abiding
- Make all future court appearances

11/09/2011 Dismissal by Prosecuting Attorney Pursuant to Rule 30.01

12/01/2011 CANCELED Hearing (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Barnette, Toddrick S.)

Anonymous said...

Rule 30.01 is generally used when the County Attorney cannot prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. It basically means that the County Attorney made the motion to dismiss the case.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that this case was dismissed for the reason stated by Anonymous @ Nov. 13 at 10:54. You might want to publish the names of the people who lied about this.

November 16, 2011 10:25 PM said...

November 17, 2011 12:07 PM I am agreeing with you. The case was dismissed by the County Attorney because the "victims" lied, and they had no case; no grounds to continue.
I was just stating what the rule was. But you are correct.

Johnny Northside! said...

With evidence overwhelmingly on the side of this being a FALSE accusation, I have revised the headline of this blog post AGAIN, making it clear AT THE BEGINNING OF THE HEADLINE that this was a FALSE accusation.

However, we do not engage in revisionist blog history here on Johnny Northside Dot Com. What is written is written, (with corrective addendum) but the comment string is part of the story, too, and the story of how this accusation was false comes out on the comment string.

Words like "accused" and "apparently" and "purported" are always part of any story about a criminal accusation here on Johnny Northside.

In regard to the names of the folks who made the false accusation:

I do not HAVE the names of the people who lied about this. These names were not in the original Star Tribune article and I don't have access to the police report. (Not sure if the names of the FALSE witnesses would be included, anyway, and I say FALSE WITNESS in the sense of the Ten Commandments and THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS)

In usual blog fashion, this blog ran behind the original Star Tribune story and picked up unpublished crumbs. It's ironic that this blog should run to make correction BEFORE the Star Tribune. As far as I can tell, no story has been published to undo the original damage to the reputation of Jayton D. Simms.

But if that police report should fall into my hands with the names of those false accusers...

Yeah. I would definitely dig into THEIR records. It's only fair.