Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keeping Up With The Gomezes (A Handy Dandy Online Guide, Part One)

Public Facebook photo, used under First Amendment comment and criticism, blog post by John Hoff

A source has been feeding me detailed information on the blood relationships and public records of various members of the criminal Gomez clan, who (let us review) came to my attention after "bored shooter" Malo Dashaunta Gomez (pictured above) fired at two police officers solely for the purpose of making his day a little more interesting.

This led me to Facebook, where Malo's relationship to other tragic people named Gomez became apparent. And, from there, things snowballed as the tangled tale of one family came to the forefront, their story intertwined with a number of homicides. These Gomez family members, all by themselves, have been responsible for so much crime that it's safe to say the cost to taxpayers runs into the millions.

Here are some of the Gomezes...

1.) Dashaunta Dmar Gomez, a/k/a "Shaunta," who is Malo's brother. Dashaunta is currently incarcerated and charged with the murder of Keontrell Govan, a/k/a "Phat Phat." Click here for details. And click here for the criminal complaint. I've also seen "Dmar" spelled like "D'Mar."

This blog won't be doing that.

(Also, Keontrell Goven, known as "Phat Phat," should not be confused with Anthony "Phat Phat" Titus, though the lesson may be that taking on the nickname "Phat Phat" is sure to get you gunned down on the streets of North Minneapolis)

2.) Rayjon Gomez, a 13-year-old who was gunned down last month. As revealed exclusively on this blog, Rayjon was hanging out with the "starter" gang known as the Sticc Up Boys.

3.) Charden Gomez, who murdered two senior citizens in their home because they were the parents of a crackhead hooker he knew, and she was set to inherit money.

4.) Malo Dayshanty Gomez (other spellings of the name appear to exist) who died of homicidal violence on March 23, 1995. Click here for death record. Malo D. Gomez was the father of, well, Malo D. Gomez, the young "bored shooter."

5.) Identical twin sisters Carmen and Camille Gomez, two women who have racked up 78 criminal charges between the two of them. My source states Carmen is the mother of tragic little Rayjon Gomez.

So, in regard to that source...

I have been getting piles of detailed information with links to public documents. The information keeps checking out.

So, despite a threatening email from somebody named Bianca Gomez who tells me to stop writing about her family, I am going to publish the detailed schematic of Gomez relationships which my source has thrown over my virtual transom.

Here it is.

Once upon a time...

There were several siblings, and they pretty much all went bad. All the siblings were named Gomez, except for the last one, who was named Joey Smith, but he was also bad.

Here are the names of the siblings:

Mark Gomez
Carmen and Camille Gomez (the identical twins, both thieves and hookers)
Charden Gomez (murdered the old people)
Charlean Gomez (she died of a drug overdose)
Darien Gomez
Joey Smith (he was still a sibling, but didn't have the family name)

Carmen was the mother of Rayjon, who hung out with a gang when he was only 13 and was gunned down. Like her drug using prostitute sister, Camille Gomez, Carmen Gomez had quite the criminal record.

Camille was the grandmother of "Bored Shooter" Malo D. Gomez and Dashaunta Gomez, who is charged with the murder of Keontrell "Phat Phat" Goven. So that would make little Rayjon the cousin of Malo and Dashaunta. Sometimes when thugs say "he's my cousin," well, he really IS their cousin.

The mother of Malo was Dejuan Nequal Armstrong, as revealed in this court filing, click here.

Malo's father--and the source of his surname--was Malo Dashanty Gomez, who died of homicidal violence in 1995.

But when Malo was born, Malo Senior was still around. Malo was born with a deformed arm. Malo Junior's parents filed a lawsuit: Gomez, Malo v. North Memorial Medical Center, 27-CV-94-018191.

In photos, Malo D. Gomez always seems to be hiding his deformed left arm. Scrutinize the photo above.

See? Deformed left arm.

A search of court records also turns up a probate document for Malo Dashanty Gomez from when he died in 1995.

Malo Dashanty Gomez (the older one, the "bored shooter's" father) attended high school at Maplewood Acadamy, in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Here is a link to the 1989 yearbook, in which sophomore Malo Gomez is featured as a "late comer" sophomore that year, see page 28, where he is also pictured "hanging around."

The strong family resemblance between "los dos Malos" (the two Malos) is painfully obvious.

Thus, it would appear, this one screwed up brood of siblings has been responsible for a crime wave lasting, well, at least two decades. And we haven't even scratched the surface of the history with Mark Gomez, Charlean who died of the drug overdose, Darien Gomez or Joey Smith.

I certainly do hope to receive more information from my source about the rest of the screwed up Gomez siblings so I can complete Part Two of this Handy Dandy online guide.

By the way...for the very first time, my attempts to "meta tag" all these Gomez family members have exceeded 200 characters, the maximum length allowed by my Blogspot platform.

That's NEVER happened before.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information and your work!

Folwell Fox said...

"These Gomez family members, all by themselves, have been responsible for so much crime that it's safe to say the cost to taxpayers runs into the millions."... And all that the suburbanites do is bitch about how Mpls. spends its money. I think a thank you is in order there Mr. & Mrs. Suburbanite.

'Ya know what Mr. & Mrs. Suburbanite, I think you're right! I'm on the teabag train now. No more subsidies for these folks in Mpls. I WANT THEM IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

At least I'm getting a little something back from my tax dollars spent. This is good entertainment, thanks Johnny!

Anonymous said...

fuck johnny hes a fake and did you know johnny is a fucking crackhead its all over facebook

Silence Dogood said...

The Gomezes have some ties into the "SuB", word on the street is that it was the 1-9 that has it in for the "SuB" or the new "YnT" which plagues the Hawthorne Streets (3rd-6th-26th-29th) who also might have had something to do with that other teenager on 30th and Dupont. Funny thing about parents, if you watched the news--the momma of young Mr. Gomez said (Oh my children would NEVER be in that Gang Mess) Yeah Right!

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I must apologize to Mr. Malo Locco. Had I known he had a deformed arm and hand along with his deformed brain and family I would have never thought that he would be capable of scoring three shots.

Johnny Northside! said...


Take your apology back RIGHT NOW. It's his left hand that's deformed, and all indications are he was shooting RIGHT HANDED.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the anonymous comment accusing me of smoking crack...

That is almost certainly from one Bianca Gomez, who is the half-sister of Rayjon Gomez. Right around the time of that comment she sent me a series of potty-mouthed emails with similar themes and, I might add, lack of spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.

Bianca did a fine job on television playing the grieving sister (half sister, different baby daddies for her and Rayjon) and saying how, no, she didn't think the killing was linked to any gang activity.


Here's a link so everybody can check out Bianca Gomez and her mother Carmen Gomez, whose extensive record of thieving and prostitution loitering may provide a lot of insight into her mothering skills and why 13-year-old Rayjon ended up shot dead on the streets.

Johnny Northside! said...

A more convenient LIVE LINK:


Johnny Northside! said...

"SuB" is short for what...?

Anonymous said...

I'm a different Anon - I have no idea what SuB stands for, but I assume it is an acronym for another of these stupid local gangs, like the YnT gang.

Here's the URL to a photobucket site for a photo captioned S.U.B.

If the URL works, you can see young men flashing gang signs - with what looks like an MPD or MPP squad in the background.

BTW, check out photo 5 of 14 in that photobucket sequence. At least they appear to be observing muzzle awareness.

Anonymous said...

Here's the URL to a Kare 11 article about a shooting that occurred in NoMi in 2010 that references the SUB/Scarface gang.

I still don't know what SUB or SuB stands for.

Johnny Northside! said...

A rude poster says it stands for "Stick Up Boys."

I will take his info, but won't bother to publish his comment.

I'm still stuck wondering why the "u" would not be capitalized.

Folwell Fox said...

"Stick up boys"? Now that's just perverted.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I would like to, but with his huge muscular arms to accurately fire a 9, he would have to steady himself with his dud arm. Hey, even I can give credit when credit is due.

NoMi Passenger said...

Wondering why the u is not capitalized???? I'm wondering why they write like this: (real comment from facebook memorial page RIP Rayjon Gomez)

Phoenixx Trustt'Nonee Ranee:
‎- i misss youu ` iim sorry i didnt qet to makeee it to youur furneal ` bht imma pay mhaaaa respect ova & ova youu wasss truely too younqq for thisss to happenn too youuu ` youu didnt derserve it no matter youu did or saidd ` youu wass somebody childd & younq babiess at that probbly ` they qonee qet it doeee causeee karma a biixtchh & shee qot a biqqqq bit ` ! i loveee youuu bby boy :)
#Goneee Bht Never Forqottennn ♥

Folwell Fox said...

Well, it would explain the current reading scores in the U.S. Reading that shit will give you epilepsy.

Anonymous said...

Are you happy, Daniel? You are the patriarch of this fine brood and all of the congratulations are coming back at'cha tenfold. Your small fry, mama g., does not seem very convincing with her sorrow and that goes double for the lying bitch with her in the oh so credible and pathetic interview. They can all rot in hell and this is a fine example of why they kill each other, i'd shoot assholes like this too if I could get away with it, bunch of frauds.

Anonymous said...

johnny i no the gomez familee and its pretty lo that you think u can talk abot them like u no them.

they is good pepul and are sad becus of the tragitys that have going on with rayjon

have some class and respekt the dead and not insult there family in this time of greeving

NoMi Passenger said...

Anon 9:27pm, it's hard to tell if you are real or not, but either way it's a good opportunity to say that what you say is true, the Gomezs deserve some respect during their tragic times, simply because they are our fellow humans. And trust me, we are all sad. Very sad. Sad that children have to grow up in such a dysfunctional environment, and sad they have to end up dead. And sad that this type of thing happens in our community. Most of us commenting here love our community and are committed to making it a better place for everyone, not just for ourselves but for the little Rayjons and Quantell Braxtons too.

But daggone it, the truth needs to be told here. The truth that these kids are behaving in dangerous ways, hanging out with dangerous people, or EMMULATING dangerous behaviors which is the same thing as DOING the dangerous behaviors.

The truth needs to be told so that kids like Rayjon and whoever will know that if you do this (hang out with folks that refer to themselves as the sticc up boys) then you will end up like this (dead).

If we don't tell the truth about this and we don't teach the little ones the truth, then we are FAILING them. We are part of the "village" that is charged with helping to raise these kids, and they gotta know reality. They gotta be taught a different way of life.

Throwing up gang signs, hanging out with certain people, doing certain things, wearing certian clothes, dressing a certain way, acting a certain way ... it's all dangerous.

And spelling like you are having an epilleptic seizure while typing is also going to make life very difficult for anyone to take you seriously and get jay-oh-bee.

So, don't mistake the discourse here for a lack of caring. In fact, take it as a huge sign of caring what the effing hell is going on in this community. Jeezbus, someone's got to do some freaking caring.

To Rayjon and family, if you are reading this, please know some of us will try to NOT let Rayjon's tragic murder be for nothing, perhaps we can try and get some messages through to other kids and keep them out of danger. Rayjon was cute, his bright personality coming out in his pictures, he didn't deserve to be shot and I'm sure all of us reading this wish some kind of time machine could rewind and do things over for Rayjon's sake.

As for John's harsh tones and insensitive approach to this, well all I can say is John is wired and programmed to defend, protect, fight off enemies, kill bats and spark controversy to bring about change. He is currently on 24/7 alert for incoming fire and the possibility of enemies breaching wired fences and setting off bombs. He is not in a warm and fuzzy place, both physically and metaphorically. But he is simultaneously serving his country as well as continuing his own type of dedicated service to his neighborhood of north mpls and wanting to continue making it a better place, especially for little young folk who need to be warned to stay the eff away from anyone who referrs to themselves as the three word gang of the day. Snap Back Kids, Sticc Up Boys, Jump Out Boys, Tre Tre Crips, Emerson Murder Boys, Dip Set Dummies, etc.

Unless of course the three word clique happens to be called Home Work Club, Study Hall Sistas, Book Club Brothas, Granny Helping Hipsters, I dunno, help me out, make up your own productive positive club name here...

Johnny Northside! said...


What she said.

I would like to add that, from my point of view, I am not making gratuitous remarks about the Gomez clan, rather I am writing the truth, and it's an awful truth.

What's amazing to me is that, with almost 3,000 blog posts under my belt, I have never had an opportunity to so fully explore the multiple generations of dysfunction, with specific names and dates in family tree fashion. It's fascinating. It makes a good case for getting children OUT of these dysfunctional homes and into foster homes so they don't end up dead at 13.

To the poster who talked about "Daniel" being the patriarch. I assume that means he fathered the list of siblings I wrote about, with Part Two still waiting to be written.


What was Daniel's FULL NAME? And birthday if possible? Can somebody lead me to records about this Daniel?

Thanks in advance.

More will be written later. I have a dental issue right now and this kind of thing isn't easy to solve on a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

So true, so so true.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very disrespectful to write about people in the Gomez family that have been dead for 22 years and 16 years Charlean and Malo Sr. Obviously Charlean passed before Malo Jr and Rayjon were both born. And Malo Sr. Was murdered when Malo Jr was a baby. Let them rest in peace. As i was looking at the criminal records you posted i didnt see any recent convictions. Leave this family alone. You don't think they're going through enough. Why don't you put your investigation skills to good use and find out whose killing our youth. By the way didn't you say Malo and Rayjon are blood cousins so when is it a crime to take a picture with family. A reliable source

Johnny Northside! said...

Put my investigative skills to use and find out who is killing our youth?

If the youth would simply open up their big f***ing yaps to the police when they get SHOT IN THE LEG OR WHATEVER there wouldn't be any need to for bloggers to investigate, now would there?

And the police investigations would be considerably faster.

Within the social circles of these youth, they know very well who the hell is shooting at them. All they need to do is open their mouths to the police. But they can't even do that. And then their relatives get on television and spill out a bunch of bulls*** about how "normal and happy" their lives were.

Oh, yeah, normal and happy.

"Here's me with the Sticc Up boys. Here's me doing a gang sign in a self portrait. Here's me coming home to mommy, whose criminal record is longer than my little arm."

As for Malo and Rayjon being blood cousins, yes, it's fine to take a picture with your relatives. But are you referring to the "Sticc Up Boys" picture? If that's the case, it's one thing to say, "Here I am with my cousin and his friend" versus "Me with the Sticc up boys" when adding a caption to the photo.

Big difference. Because the focus is on the gang affiliation, not the blood relationship.

By the way, I notice you're using complete sentences, capital letters, and good spelling.

Bravo! Please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like our youth are killing our youth. Why are they killing each other?

Circle Boy said...

Johnny as far as what caption should've been used shouldn't be an issue. It was posted by a 13 year old boy. Did you realize that 13 year old boys aren't always politically correct. Remember these are kids. To attack a family that you've never interviewed for facts is very irresponsible for a so called journalist. By the way I love how you skirt past the issue of attacking members of The Gomez Family that are no longer living. If Bianca Gomez is not involved in gang activity how would she know if her brother, whose 10 years her junior, was involved. I believe she gave a honest statement she didn't "believe" it was gang related. As far as my grammar North High class of 1989. Oh yeah I am part of The Gomez Family. Raised in the same house. So make sure when your putting info on your blog do a thorough investigation. People in this family are making positive changes in their lives, so get off your soapbox Johnny Northside
J. S. Johnson

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm not talking about whether the post was POLITICALLY CORRECT. The fact was he celebrated socializing with the Sticc Up Boys. Here he is taking pictures of himself with the "I am packing heat" gang sign, pictures of himself with a notorious starter gang.


Something should have been happening here and wasn't. Hardly surprising, given the incredible long criminal history of Carmen Gomez. In fact, those of us who are on the DECENT SIDE of the white picket fence between the house and THE STREETS have to wonder what the hell lessons WERE being taught in that household?

How to pick a good gang? How to maximize your ability to shoplift when you're a juvenile and the law can't come down on you that hard? How to roll a tight joint?

Oh, trust me, we all learn whatever lessons our parents have to teach. My father dedicated much of his life to the military. Look where I am now. And he's been dead since, like, 1988! Is his influence felt on me? You better believe it is. Every day. Hell, I named my rifle after him.

I might point out that is a rifle the GOVERNMENT issued me to carry out LAWFUL ORDERS, not some illegal weapon to shoot at police out of boredom, like Malo.

So as for the Gomez family making "positive changes," not FAST enough and not POSITIVE enough, or Rayjon Gomez wouldn't be dead and Malo and Dashaunta wouldn't BOTH be charged with murder.

As for "skirting the issue" of "attacking" members of the Gomez family who have been dead for a while...

Nobody disputes they have been "dead for a while."

But apparently the influence of their f***ed up lifestyle has been passed down all the way to little Rayjon and, for that matter, to Malo who was, what, the FOURTH GENERATION?

And, really, isn't that FASCINATING? Well, I find it fascinating.

Usually when somebody kills somebody else in North Minneapolis, we are all left wondering what influences shaped that person? We can only know what is found in the public record.

But, my word, to be able to dig up so many public records and connect FOUR GENERATIONS OF F***ED UP? It's phenomenal.

I, for one, can hardly wait for the blog post which talks about Joey Smith and some of the other original 7 siblings.

Oh, gee, I better get around to writing it.

NoMi Passenger said...

Circle Boy, it seems pretty obvious that Bianca Gomez was the family member that created the facebook memorial page in which the profile picture used was the self portrait of Rayjon flashing the gun sign, presumably the gun stands for "sticc up" since that little gang prides themselves on sticking people up and robbing them of whatever they have on them, including drug dealers and gang bangers, it's no wonder Rayjon got shot, I wouldn't rob a drug dealer. Did you ever watch The Wire? Check it out, watch how Omar makes his "hustle" by robbing the thugs of the neighborhood. Then watch what the thugs of the neighborhood do to Omar's stick up partner - spoiler alert - they burned him alive.

So to say that the family may not have known he was hanging out with sticc ups, I don't buy that.

Anonymous said...

I wish people would get as mad at these little thug terrorists and their parents as they are getting at the guy writing about it. It's not a pleasant subject to read or write about but certainly this blogger guy didn't create it.


Circle Boy said...

Ok let me simplify things for you. If I take a picture with Adrian Peterson and Kevin Williams and add a caption "me and some of the Vikings" am I a Viking or do get lumped in with everything they do. Once again Malo and Rayjon are cousins. I am curious when was the last Gomez conviction. By the way I see that Maplewood Academy is a private boarding christian school. So someone tried to break a cycle. Who paid for Malo Sr. To go to school there. So by posting another blog about this family what's the purpose. Malo and Dashaunta are both adults. Dashaunta is innocent until proven guilty. I don't believe he's had his trial. Trust me this family does want a better life for their children. This family doesn't sit around planning criminal activities at family gatherings. Let the past be the past. The Bible says he who is without sin cast the first stone. Carmen Gomez loves her son Rayjon very much. So get facts before posting on your blog. I really wish I knew your source behind all your info this family.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, Circle, boy I love getting these little messages from you. It's like a thuggy Christmas present under my virtual tree, every day!

In regard to your ham-handed "Vikings analogy."

Oh, first you try to explain away the close relationship Rayjon had with the Sticc Ups by pointing out Malo Gomez was his cousin.

Then you try to DISTANCE Rayjon by saying, well, it's just like posing for a picture with a celebrity like the Vikings.

Was he close? Was he far? Which is it?

I tell you which it is. It doesn't MATTER. He was gravitating to them.

A kid taking a picture with a Viking tells me something about that kid. So does a kid taking a picture with a known gang in which his cousin is a member and then the picture ending up on Facebook with the kid saying that's HIM and that gang, identified by name.

As to when was the last Gomez conviction...

Oh, we haven't seen the LAST Gomez conviction quite yet, ha ha ha. Let's see, there's Malo and Dashaunta to be convicted soon.

As for the old "innocent until proven guilty," I get so tired of posters saying those words as though it applies to the media instead of a trial. I am merely POINTING OUT FACTS. I do not have the power to sentence him to anything. If the facts tend to make it look like he's overwhelmingly guilty of something, well, if the shoe fits wear it.

As for your statement that the family doesn't sit around planning criminal activities at family gatherings, well, I actually pictured a more informal one-to-one process happening during the common, ordinary times and not so much the formal Gomez family reunion held during visitor hours at the state prison.

In my minds eye, I see something like this...

Malo sitting down with little Rayjon at Carmen's apartment, saying, "Look here, Rayjon, here's how you put weed in a blunt so you can walk down the street and be smoking. And shit."

And Carmen yelling from the kitchen, "I just LIFTED them blunts, don't be taking all of them. And shit."

Malo yelling, "GAWD DAMN, Auntie Carmen, how you so good at shoplifting you can get BLUNTS? They behin' the front counter!"

And so forth.

As for your assertion that writing more about the Gomez family will do no good at all.

Oh, it will do plenty of good.

Johnny Northside! said...

To NoMi Passenger:

I managed to get copies of Season 1-3 of The Wire when I convoyed out to another Forward Operating Base a few weeks ago. But right now I'm working on Seasons 1-5 of Dexter.

Johnny Northside! said...

My apologies, I should have added "And shit" to that last imaginary sentence uttered, hypothetically, by Malo while schooling Rayjon how to stuff a blunt with weed.


What is that called? I mean, in terms of grammar?

The "indefinite thug sentence suffix?"

NoMi Passenger said...

Bad analogy Circle Boy. One might want their picture taken with some of the Vikings, because as professional athletes they are (somewhat) productive, successful people who have worked extremly hard to hone in their talent and earn a living. They've made a name for themselves and have been hired by a famous professional team, The Vikings.

On the other hand, taking a picture and tagging it "me and some of the sticc ups", well let's try to equate that to the above example.
-are they productive? (depends on what sort of production you are referring to)
-are they successful? (depends on how you measure success; still alive? rich? survived the recent drive-by? managed to beat one's personal record for the most amount of cash acquired in one night? successfully smoked a pound of weed in a day? successfully impregnated the most number of teenage girls possible? managed to beat the cops in a foot chase last week? How DOES a member of the sticc ups measure their success?)
-have they worked extremely hard in honing in their talent? (what IS their talent?)
- are they earning a living? (fully supporting themselves, financially independent? paying full taxes to govt like the working world?)
-have they made a name for themselves? (I'm not talking about the wanted posters at the 4th precint or the detention list at Wayzata High alternative program)
-have they been hired by a famous team? (is being inducted into the SuB the same as being hired by The Vikings?)

Anyways Circle, bad analogy. If we want our youth to stop dying, we should teach them to NOT pose for pictures with known gang members, but pose for pictures with your cousin and tag it here i am with my cousin Malo. (ask cousin to lay off the gang signs for a sec)

NoMi Passenger said...

John, if you have seasons 1-3, I believe you will get to see Omar's stick up partner being burned alive by the thugs he robbed.

voice of reason said...

Ive been checking this site out for the past few days and I think it's time that I say something. At first I was shocked at how much stuff has been posted and kind of wanted to see just how far you were going to go with this. But today I think you went too far. See like Circle Boy, I too am a member of the Gomez family and what you're doing is sad.

But before you climb up on your high horse and talk about how we're all gang bangers, thugs, criminals, bad people and whatever else you feel obliged to say, I just think you should understand that you and your readers arent the only ones that are upset by the recent turn of events but I wanna set the record straight.

Ray'Jons untimely death was a tragedy no matter how you try to frame it. I don't care how he configured his fingers in a damn picture, he was only a kid. I'm so disgusted that you and your blogger buddies are capable of finding even the smallest seed of humor in anything related to his death. Its no secret, kids usually do dumb shit and they all just want to be accepted. So with that being said, we all know that life in North Minneapolis is no walk in the park, especially if you are a young black male. It's not his fault that the only people he had to look up to poor decisions in their lives, which may or may not have led to his death.

I also don't get the purpose of broadcasting the criminal history of an entire family besides for entertainments sake. I understand that everything you have “revealed” is public record but unless a person is actually “looking for” somebody by name, none of this would be so public. It's more than obvious that A LOT of mistakes and bad decisions were made by my family but by no stretch of the imagination are the Gomezes some criminal enterprise bent on the destruction of Minneapolis. Aside from the few bad seeds and the long criminal records we are a kind, charismatic, genuinely loving group of damaged, dysfunctional people just like every other family. The only difference is some of us have yet to smooth our rough edges.

What Malo did was STUPID. I'd be a fool to argue otherwise. What Deshauta is being accused of is just as STUPID. Unfortunately, these types of activities are commonplace and will become more and more prevalent with inner city youth unless more people decide that enough is enough. Pointing fingers is going to get us NOWHERE.

So I guess my point is, at the end of the day when this story ceases to offer the same level of fascination that it does now what will be your contribution to the solution Johnny? You have a forum that has reached so many people in Minneapolis all the way from Iraq. You have the power to really make a difference, but what will you do besides dig up old dirt and sling mud? I'm not going to be one of the people that attack you about what you're posting because quite frankly, you have every right. My only hope is that you recognize that the pen is mighty than the sword and act accordingly. If not for the Gomez family, for the next child that just might prove to be more “deserving” of your sympathy than you have presented Ray'Jon to be.

Spread awareness that results in progress not condemnation

Anonymous said...

well look at that! one of em can talk good. ur still the offspring of a shit stained family.. so doctor up ur comment with as many poetic lines as ya want ur family is still a bunch of crooks n killas.

Anonymous said...

it's not a gomez family member dont get sucked into the bullshit it's just a thug-hugger troll online attention whore

Johnny Northside! said...

Voice of reason,

Could you tell me precisely where it is you think I went too far? I'm interested to know.

Something we can agree on: Rayjon's death was tragic no matter how you frame it.

In regard to your statement, "It's not his Rayjon's that the only people he had to look up to poor decisions in their lives, which may or may not have led to his death."

You're right. It's the fault of those people making poor decisions. But I don't exactly see them taking responsibility for those poor decisions. I don't see anybody saying, "His cousin was a known gang member, and I let him hang out with his cousin, and I should have KNOWN, it was all over FACEBOOK, for god's sake."

There's a lot of things the family could be doing and they are NOT doing. And there's things they could NOT be doing, that they are.


Who made the memorial page on Facebook with Rayjon's picture making a gang sign, glorifying his gang affiliation after his death?

Who got on this blog and by email and told me I "smoke crack" for TELLING THE TRUTH? In fact, I see more of a public display of anger directed at ME than the person who killed Rayjon!

THAT is interesting.

Also, in my opinion, it's ALMOST ALWAYS the case that the family of these murdered gang bangers (I will include "mini me" gang banger Rayjon in that) know things they SHOULD tell the police, but they do not.

I am not writing these things for the sake of entertainment. I have stated, repeatedly, the mainstream media are WHITE WASHING THE TRUTH about these murdered kids, and we're not going to get anywhere without TELLING THE TRUTH.

I am sick--hell, A LOT OF US ARE SICK--of the same bullshit being trotted out in front of the mainstream media, and the mainstream media swallowing it and regurgitating it.

"He was a normal, happy kid."

(Translation: his mother had arrests for thievery and prostitution, LOTS of arrests, his cousin was accused of murder, he was either in a gang or hanging out with one, but none of this is surprising given the broader history of the family which includes plenty of MURDER)

"He'd had some problems, but he was just starting to turn his life around."

(Translation: his friends found him a lot of fun, especially when he had weed to share, and like everybody else he was trying out a new hustle)

"We hope the police catch whoever did this."

(Translation: We have some idea who did this, we're not telling the police, and we will continue the cycle of violence by attempting to administer our own private form of justice)

We are sick of the lies, the bulls***, and blog posts like this are a response NOT just to what is happening in our community, but the utterly inadequate way it is being reported by the mainstream media. The "Four Generations of Crime" shouldn't be on a neighborhood blog. It should be a three part series on the front page of the Star Tribune, written by a reporter who doesn't have to deal with the inherent disadvantage of being in AFGHANISTAN.

As far as humor is concerned...

In order to get people to read what I write, yes, I try to write in a clear and entertaining style.

"Once upon a time there were 7 siblings," and all of that.

The situation is, of course, NOT funny. But with these gang bangers doing this stuff in our neighborhood, constantly, I think all of us are permitted to have our own gallows humor.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I find fascinating about this family is how various family members have repeatedly publicized their criminal affiliations in social media outlets, etc., but when anyone publicizes those criminal affiliations and criticizes them, then the family’s criminal affiliations are a private matter, and how dare anyone publicize, um, public information.

Spread the word: Facebook profiles can be set to private, although that would negate the purpose of proudly publicizing gang affiliations.

Minnesota’s court docket, however, can’t be set to private, and it is on the internet. For that matter, almost all court files involving adults are public record, available to anyone who wants to walk into the courthouse record room and read them and copy them.

And, the district court is automating procedures, which will means that soon entire district court files will be searchable online – not just the docket.

Anonymous said...

Various members of this family have collectively spent decades contributing to the deterioration of their family and of the communities in which they live.

People who live in the communities that are negatively affected by this family are tired of this cycle and will use available public information for change, starting with a conversation about the roots of crime.

Academic studies talk in general terms about how the influences in a child’s life shape that child’s world view and decisions as they enter adulthood. That’s the big picture. This discussion of how this particular family’s influences have obviously shaped the world view of these young men and the decisions they have made as they entered adulthood is the detail picture.

The thing is, there are many, many families in North Minneapolis like this. Children in these families need look no farther than their grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins – people they must rely upon for their survival and whom they instinctively trust – to learn lessons they should never learn. Like how to use drugs, sell drugs, join gangs, obtain stolen weapons and distrust law enforcement.

This isn’t unique and it isn’t surprising or new to anyone who lives in North Minneapolis. As residents here, we have all observed this phenomena. That’s why these posts are important. They are, in effect, a case study about the roots of crime.

Anonymous said...

Daniel worked as an educator with different roles in the 60s, 70s, and 80sin the mineapolis public schools and is the father of senior citizen butcher, Charden. there relationship to the punks i do not know

Anonymous said...

So....We all know that there are dysfunctional families like this in our community and we know the toll it takes on our society. The evidence proves that these antisocial behaviors are generational and passed on to children living in these environments. But, why isn't our city and county government addressing these issues.

Numerous police and emergency call have been accredited to these families. My guess is that they are receiving AFDC, Section 8, Food Stamps,Heat Assistance, and every other type of social welfare program available. I am sure that each address where these families live have a record of numerous property assessments and 311 calls.

Each of these programs have administrators that regulate the rules regarding eligibility. Do they communicate?

Do 911 calls get reported to social services? Do housing inspectors report what they see to child welfare? Do social services report possible criminal activities to the police? Do the police take the time to report offenses to any other agencies?

The answer is NO! So how do we expect anything to improve?

NoMi Passenger said...

@Anon 8:05am, I believe part of the problem is that there is basically no (or very little) requirements to be socially responsible and well-behaved as part of the programs you mentioned.

Heck, there isn't even drug tests required, which in my opinion there should be. How ironic is it that most or many jobs require a drug test, but the folks receiving benefits of social welfare programs aren't required to proof they aren't using drugs.

And from what I've seen, where there are program violations documented (like housing fraud) the consquences are very little. Like unreporeted income to HUD in the amount of $25 or $30k, the consequences are to set up a payment plan for as little as $20 a month. How long does it take to pay off $30k at $20 per month?

Anonymous said...

Waiting for part 2 of keeping up with the gomezes it is hard to believe there is more dysfunction than you've already revealed lol i wonder malo is doing in jail with the little arm no guns in there

Anonymous said...

How dare u! Instead of talking about the kids parents, ur talkung about the kids! So what malo was born with a disability hew are u to make fun of that? And when it comes to ray,ray he was raised in a good home and had everything a kid could ever want! Every kid in a gang aint bad or from a bad family there just lost on the north side, so insteaf of knocking them help them on putting more support in the hood and helping these poor black familys out before u judge! Ass hoe... Keep doing this u might be on the news next!

Folwell Fox said...

Anony. 2:32 AM

"Keep doing this u might be on the news next!"

Here's the problem Anony. 2:32 AM. This is YOUR solution to everything on the Northside. Why don't you figure something out as well instead of relying on others to do it for you? For instance, what kind of "support" are you talking about? Have you mentioned those ideas to your elected leaders? Do you even know who your elected leaders are? I understand that when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail, but Jesus up your game if you're going to bitch about it.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the anonymous person who said:

"Every kid in a gang aint (sic) bad..."


Every kid in a gang is bad. Not every person is "bad" all the time, but all gang membership is bad and anybody who joins a gang is bad.

This has been a public service announcement reminder of socially agreed upon standards of normal, civilized behavior. Please conduct your affairs accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Lord forgive us for our sins. The Gomez family really needs our prayer. I appreciate the fact someone recognizes that there needs to be somthing done when there is clearly a generational curse happening. The truth sets us free is what i believe. Criticism by itslef has never solved a problem. Be constructive about it. If you tear a things down you should be able to put it back together better than before. I've have read all the blogs to this and a pray for those individuals who find this funny, those who find this entertaining, i pray that you all never have to deal with the loss of a 13 yr old family member regardless to whether he was affiliated with gangs or an honor roll student. I pray that your hearts be convicted to do more than read and write about others pain, shortcomings and troubles. Will the real community activists pleases ACT!!! My heart and spirit ache for OUR youth who have to navigate OUR MInneapolis streets. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

quit blaming whitey when they call you on your shit and start raising your children properly. my own peeps fuck me up when they always be wanting to blame white folks. this aint their fault so quit with the race bullshit and fess up my brothers and sisters

Folwell Fox said...

So what's your solution Anony. 3:12, other than praying? Your heart is in the right spot. Why don't you become a "real" community activist?

Rev21Cityogold said...


We need to pray that everyone will work together, to be active as parents, community supporter, churches, and policians to restore hope, rebuild families, and a positve culture on the North side. Pray for children to learn there is hope for them and there are positve roll models in their neighborhoods other than the big talking but going no where misguided gangers. It needs to start with the adults. The love of the Lord outshines the negative talk of those misled by the evil one.

Rev21Cityogold said...

I pray for the Gomez family, I pray for those women on the corner flagging down cars, I pray for those guys sending their hand signals down the street that a squad car is coming. I pray they turn back to Jesus to who they are welcome to return into his loving arms. We all need to be active as neighbors, as parents, as community supporters, as politicians to set good examples of treating each other with respect and dignity. Pray the ones misled by the evil one turn from the negative and dead end culture of the gangs, and rejoin Christ and the values He teaches us.

Johnny Northside! said...

Got any prayers for the soldiers in Afghanistan? Just thought I might ask.

Anonymous said...

Hey Folwell Fox. You asked a great question. I have worked in the comunity for well over a decade assisting youth and family with getting their lives straight. I have logged thousands of hours trying to motivate and enocurage positive growth in our community and will continue. I have been blessed to have opportunities to teach parents how to prepare their children for college for the past 4years. It will take a serious effort on all our parts to be the catalyst for change. Although at time it seems a waste of time i have faith that things will change, i have courage to stand and speak against wrongs in my community and in my own family. I am the first to tell somene what they are doing is wrong when they are. I go furhter to help them figure out how to fix it and turn themselves around. Folwell Fox i am a real community activist. Prayer alone will not solve it. Prayer is a verb, it's an aciton word. Put some work in. A better question is will you join me in the fight? there are many front to fight (your neighborhood, develpe a program at your community center or park, go talk with kids at a school, say hi to a teenage as they walk by, acknowledge them, etc...) NO i'm not talking about picking up guns and fighting that way. And yes Johnny NOrthside, there are prayers for you all in Afghanistan. Be safe and come home. I don't neccessarily agree with your method of journalism, but i thank you for fighting for our country.

Johnny Northside! said...

You mean my "don't fluff up the facts but actually tell the truth about what the victim's family life was like" method of journalism?

You prefer the "he was a dear sweet little martyr and his mommy was a saint" bullshit fairy tale version of journalism?

I need my anonymous source to give me more Gomez info. That or maybe I can publish Bianca Gomez's profanity laced email tirade.

Anonymous said...

JOhnny it's not what you say, it how you say it. I assume that you do this because your sick of all the nonesense. With that i would encourage you to employ a different tactic like, i don't know, respect and compassion. I love my community. Love is the place that I come from when addressing the ill's of this world. Trust me, i have fought with my hands and used vulgarity to try to get others to see what they are doing is wrong and it only lead to more violence. In my experience positve always beats negative. if you really think about it negative is already defeated. It's already below zero. Adding negative to negative takes you, it or whatever further below zero. I also value truth. I can almost gaurantee that if you used this aggressive tactic when talking to the youth of minneapolis from this combative and attacking place the responce you get would probably lead to more violence. On the flipside if you address them from a place of genuine concern the would be more likely to recieve the message you have for them. if you cant do that, then i would encourage to continue to write form your computer. Our youth need our love and understanding not our judgment and condemnation if we truly want things to get better. I pray that you make it home safely with all your faculties because it's obvious you are willing to fight for what you believe in. I hope you are capable of fighting for our community without the use of more violence. You'll need weapons that heal and bring value, not the ones that further destroy an already ravaged community.

Johnny Northside! said...

It's also how YOU say it.

Your lack of paragraphs, missing capitalization and your truly awful grammar cause me to instantly lose respect for whatever you are saying. It's, what, too much EFFORT to use CAPITAL LETTERS at the beginning of a sentence?

All this talk about religion and praying and the Bible. How about you open up your Bible to some random page and, oh, what do we see? My goodness, it's CAPITAL LETTERS at the beginning of each Holy Sentence. And, I might add, each of those sentences complete and properly constructed, even the shortest one in the Bible, "Jesus wept."

I look at the way you write and I want to shout, "JESUS...wept."

So, in regard to the very proper spelling, grammar and punctuation of the Holy Bible, I say, "Go thou, and do likewise."

Now that I have THAT out of the way...

Where's the "respect and compassion" for people who don't want their homes broken into by this family of professional burglars? How about the citizens who would like their law-abiding, non-gang-joining children to be able to walk to the corner store and buy an ice cream without an armed escort?

North Minneapolis has been this way for too long. Decent people of every color have endured this bullshit for too long in the name of, what? Mercy? Political correctness?

We have the means to stop this crime. We don't need more weak-minded, criminal-coddling talk about "compassion."

We need an all out crackdown on bad Northside behavior, starting with curfew violations and baggy ass idiots walking down the middle of the motherf****** street.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, I just have to say:

"the ill's of this world"?




Folwell Fox said...

Grammar aside, I agree and disagree with Anony. 9:06. Anony. assumes that "normal" law abiding citizens who choose not to be full-time babythug-sitters are less compassionate than those who do take a "different tactic".

Human compassion is indeed what makes the world go 'round, but at what point is enough enough? It's a lot of work to simply pull one's own weight around here. The thugs in question DO NOT pull their own weight. They are the vampires of the community. They suck the marrow right out of it for no good reason. And naturally this gets people who are virtuous in the community pissed.

I'm not advocating, nor do I think Johnny is advocating, for any assault on human rights or depreciation of human value. But what about our rights?

I disagree with many elements of our more modern litigious society. And I understand that the people we're talking about are on the margins. But I'm ready to vote people-in and advocate for people in the community who are carrying "big-sticks" to change current legislation and mind-set with regard to the many issues North continually faces. Even if that means holding my nose and voting Republican. There has to be a dramatic shift in order to really see progress happen in North. The incremental "pray-as-you-go-for our-thugs" approach is wearing thin. Don't even get me started on the L3S0 issue either... I have special "silver bullets" for those werewolves!

Johnny Northside! said...

I ask this: when "bored shooter" Malo Gomez was walking around with that pistol, just dying to pop off a few rounds, WHERE was he walking?

Down the middle of the street, I suspect.

I say stop the miscreants who walk down the middle of the street, check them for guns, check them for warrants, check them for truancy.

Consider how small North Minneapolis is compared to the rest of the city. Consider how many police we have, how much FIREPOWER, how many police cars, how many taxpayers in all parts of the city who are fed up with reading of yet another youth gunned down on the street.

Crack. Down. We have the power to end this lawlessness. What we need is the political will to say "thug hugging" is not producing good results. It's not "compassionate" to allow these conditions to continue to exist which cause the death of children.

We need an all out crackdown on this lawless behavior in North Minneapolis. Bring back our streets so decent people can send their child to the corner store for ice cream and not worry that he or shee will be gunned down.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Whom It May Concern,

You win your bet with no wager. I didn't post your comment. But, please, tell me all about the productive memers of the Gomez clan who would prove me 120 percent wrong. And when you tell me, you best contain your vitriol (look it up) or, you know, your comments just won't be published and you can vent and spew without effect.

Anonymous said...

Ishmael Rashad Moore pled guilty to the murder of Keontrell Govan. DaShaunta Gomez pleaded guilty to rioting, whatever that may be. My experience,personally, tells me that Dashaunta ratted out and snitched on Ishmael for a lighter sentence. I guarantee that Gomez is a rat and we will see on April 17,2012 whether he will have to be concerned about that when he gets out. Moore to revealed at sentencing.

Anonymous said...

when black people get busted or the shit gets too deep i guarantee that they will rat on each other. dont believe otherwise,whitey.

Anonymous said...

maybe the dick-up boys will start whacking each other off.. not that way but maybe when they are in adjoining cells they can do it that way(no choice) and then kill each other then there will be less rats and a lower output of D-Con will need to be manufactured. fucking jailhouse bitches. and what about dick-arm?

Anonymous said...

yea you be dum cuz my ace cool boo be on the prowl and free like a g should be. G be out smokin blunt and tellin the cops fuck yall . sob fa life bitchs my boy dashauta be laffin

Anonymous said...

Dashauta is no G weak weak weak. We know fo sure aint no G fo sure! Weakest of the SOB fo sho!

Anonymous said...

The "beat clown posse" is going to be short two Gustafson's soon when junior joins big daddy joe to make little rocks out of big ones. Senor senior will not survive jail.
This is solid evidence that the proof is in the pudding when it comes to snitching and it doesn't matter if it is vanilla or chocolate because we are all in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Uh maybe I'm missing something here but I thought they called themselves the "stick up boys". (Sorry I spelled "stick" correctly here.) So why is the abbreviation in the last couple of comments SOB? Dumbass illiterate gangsta morons.

Anonymous said...

"Big" Joe don't look too happy posing for his new school picture over at Offender Locator. Lack of sleep seems to be quite evident. Karma dictates that his cellmate will be a Gomez and they will greet each other with a big sloppy kiss.

Anonymous said...

dis is fore marche secund 2012...@12:39. u speled Gangster wrong an let not forgit dat u kunfused abbreviation with acronym. Dumass kollidger must have been valedictorian wida'touch of antidisestabilshmenterianism and a molecular dosage of supercalifragilisticexbealadocuism. Son of a bitch,i believe s.o.b. is correct. Gangsta' moron's got it right after all.

Anonymous said...

Bianca is rayJons sister...carmen and camille have a lot in common other than criminal records...both have a murdered son and one living child...carmen has bianca gomez and camille has montral winfield ...neither apple falls far from the tree..they r bums too also not raising their kids

Anonymous said...

for u to call my people bums u got life fucked up that's why yo ass anonymous though ha really they both have dead children yes and my grandma Camille is the best grandma ever so stop with the bullshit

Anonymous said...

Johnny ur a bitch if I ever see u i will fuck you up punk a chicken shit that sit behind a computer talking shit about some body u don't know and dead lilboys u bitch ass pussy.

Anonymous said...

Your post says "The mother of Malo was Dejuan Nequal Armstrong, as revealed in this court filing, click here." The linked filing does spell the name that way but in some other records including some mugshots the name is spelled "Dajuan Nequal Armstrong".

*Case No. 27-CV-HC-050308515
Case Type: Eviction (UD)
Date Filed: 03/08/2005

* Case No. 27-FA-06-9046
Dajuan N Armstrong, Hennepin County vs Demiteras A Cooper
Case Type: Support
Date Filed: 12/28/2006

Johnny Northside said...

Good work! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What about this name which appears on the Minnesota Department of Corrections website- Daniel Abrego Gomez.

Is this yet another member of a certain Gomez family? Daniel is a name mentioned before in anonymous comments. Whether or not this convicted sex offender is another Gomez Gomez or just another random Hennepin Gomez, he is apparently still a wanted fugitive. Also this Gomez is apparently required to register as a predatory offender. Official mugshot at first link.

"MnDOC Offender ID: 233003
Name: Daniel Abrego Gomez
Birth Date: 11/04/1984
Current Status: Wanted Fugitive as of 10/11/2011.
Sentence Date: 07/29/2010
Last Release Date: 04/13/2011
Court File Number(s): Hennepin - 27CR0934759"

That file number shows the following charges and a GUILTY PLEA at the MNCIS site:

1. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
Statute 609.342.1(a) Level Felony
Date 11/16/1999

2. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
Statute 609.342.1(a)
Level Felony
Date 11/16/1999

Plea (Judicial Officer: Poston, Janet N.)
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (Not applicable - GOC)

Disposition (Judicial Officer: Poston, Janet N.)
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (Not applicable - GOC)
2. Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree (Not applicable - GOC)

Also a condition:
"Predatory offender registration required, 07/29/2010, Active 07/29/2010"

Statute 609.342.1(a)?

"2013 Minnesota Statutes

Subdivision 1.Crime defined.

A person who engages in sexual penetration with another person, or in sexual contact with a person under 13 years of age as defined in section 609.341, subdivision 11, paragraph (c), is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree if any of the following circumstances exists:

(a) the complainant is under 13 years of age and the actor is more than 36 months older than the complainant. Neither mistake as to the complainant's age nor consent to the act by the complainant is a defense;"

Anonymous said...

Nothing better to do but insult and slander