Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is the Primary! Get Out and Vote!

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman. First image from the Inside Minnesota Politics blog. Second photo from the Brad Johnson for Anoka County Attorney Facebook page. Third photo from the Mark Ireland for Ramsey County Judge website.

Today is Minnesota's primary elections, which have been moved up to a rather early date this year. Don't let that pass you by. Get out and vote!

Here's where you can find your polling place
. Be sure to check this site as polling places don't always remain the same from one election to the next.

Now, you're probably wondering why on a north Minneapolis blog, we're promoting Ramsey County and Anoka County elections. I'm glad you asked, because...

...Brad Johnson was the prosecutor in the Larry "Maximum" Maxwell trial, and he's tirelessly committed to going after mortgage fraud. If there's another round of such financial crimes that impact NoMi, and the perpetrator also committed those acts in Anoka County (like Larry Maxwell), then this is the guy you want as the prosecuting attorney.

Mark Ireland helped the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council in its landmark lawsuit against Citimortgage, and has been instrumental in other developments surrounding housing litigation. He's intelligent, even-handed, and full of integrity. He's the kind of person you want as a judge in Ramsey County.

If you live in Ramsey or Anoka counties, please vote for Mark Ireland or Brad Johnson. If you know voters in either place, tell them to vote for these guys. For attorney and judge primary elections, those handfuls of votes could be what decides the outcome.

So get out and vote!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can get stickers that say "I forgot to vote."

Johnny Northside said...

Here is some great information I received recently from Mark Ireland.
This afternoon, the Ramsey County Bar Association released the results of its member plebiscite. A "plebiscite" is a fancy way of saying election.

Over the past two weeks, attorneys and judges who are members of the Ramsey County Bar Association voted on who they prefer to replace retiring Judge M. Michael Monahan.

I am happy to report that I received 62% of the vote.

As somebody who has worked hard to make a difference in our community, this means a lot. It shows confidence in my legal experience and recognition of the work that I have done. These are the people who know what it takes to be a great judge.

This win gives us great momentum going into the general election, but we need to spread the word. Having the support of the legal community as well as neighbors and elected officials is only good...if people know. There are going to be over 200,000 people who vote in the general election, and we need to reach them.

I hope you will keep our momentum going by making a contribution today. This money will pay for our general election campaign literature.