Sunday, August 1, 2010

823 Penn Ave. N. Is Just...GONE!

I do make an effort to mark the passage of buildings in North Minneapolis. A reader recently told me 823 Penn Ave. N. is GONE. I don't have a photo, so I've substituted this pleasant images of Limca bottles. This is the legendary house where the owner was inadvertently boarded inside.

Since randomly buying some Limca in the West Bank area, I've researched a bit about this Coca-Cola product sold in India. Click here to learn more. Click here to enjoy a Limca commercial.

So, yeah, 823 Penn Ave. N. I wonder what will replace it. But is it gone? It is so, so gone.

On the bright side, it turns out that if you buy the right kind of soft drink, beautiful women will just...fall for you. This is even true in INDIA.

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Anonymous said...

There was a serious incident in North with the attack of the mailman this week yet no coverage here. What gives?

Johnny Northside! said...

The mainstream media have that covered, unless you can tell me the exact address of the incident?

Anonymous said...

Tell me about the mailman incident. I didn't hear that.

Anonymous said...

STrib mail carrier story:

I heard from a friend of a friend who lives on this block (3300 block Colfax) that the house where this happened is commonly regarded as a "bad drug house."

la_vie_en_rose said...

That's a sad set of circumstances for that mailman. And the breed. The more attacks you hear about that involve them, the more people accuse the breed (when all breeds of dogs have been known to attack their owners or others; it's just that pits do more damage).

It would be nice if their owners weren't teaching them to fight or be big bad asses who snarl at everyone.

emma. said...

in my opinion, what's worse about 823 Penn Ave being knocked down is what's happened to the house next door. i drive down Penn multiple times a day and have always really liked 823 and it's neighbor. upon realizing that home would soon be demolished (hole dug in the front yard to disconnect stuff, etc.) was the work being done on the home to the south. i'm pretty sure the home to the south is identical to 823 - or was. they took away to neat diagonal front window thing and added on another room in addition to adding two front doors. eww.

Anonymous said...

The reason I asked about the lack of coverage here is because this is a place where things happen. People need to be aware of these properties. From my sources, the address where the incident took place is 3311 Colfax. The coverage in the news media revealed a dog owner who was not contrite, rather indigant about his dogs being put down by the police. What is concerning is that this could be happening all over North with a number of residences maintaining pit bulls-a dog that is not chosen for its loving nature.

M. Clinton said...

@ Emma You are right - it was a very architecturally interesting house and was originally identical to the neighboring house. I much preferred 823.

About the mail man - we actually had our mail delivery discontinued until we placed our mailbox on the outside of our fence as the mail carrier is afraid of our two bernese mountain dogs. Our dogs are big dogs, but just big lumps of love. They would never harm our mail carrier - but of course he doesn't know that. I don't blame the mail man one bit - especially after what recently happened. They literally are putting their lives on the line just so that we can receive bills and junk mail.

I believe mail carriers are going to tighten up their practices and before we start hearing complaints from folks, I'd like to be the first to say that I had to move my box, but am happy to do so if it gives my mail carrier peace of mind.

just curious said...

Hey Johnny, are you planning on blogging anytime soon, or have you given the reins over to Hans and the Hawthorne Hawkman now?

NoMi Passenger said...

Since Johnny Northside does indeed have a real life that doesn't always allow him to sit at his computer, here's some help covering updates in the infamous pit bulls vs. mail man incident:

2 People charged in pit bulls' attack on Mpls Mail Carrier

Two people were charged with a misdemeanor Friday in connection with two pit bulls' bloody attack on a postal carrier last month in north Minneapolis.
Dog owner Otello Pitts, 48, and Gidget Nicks, 40, were each charged by the city attorney's office with harm caused by a dog. The charge is applied when a dog causes "great or substantial bodily harm" to the victim through the negligence of the owner or by intentionally allowing a dog to run uncontrolled off the owner's property.
The charge also allows for an order requiring restitution from the defendant for medical and other costs incurred by the victim as a result of injury.
Under current law, the city said, this is the most serious charge that can be brought in this case.
Also, Pitts and Nicks received three administrative citations for leashing, license and public protection from dogs.
Despite the attack, stepped-up regulation of dangerous dogs over the last several years has already put crimp in dog bites in Minneapolis. City officials reported Friday that the number of serious bites in 2009 was down 40 percent compared to 2008. That's atop a 12 percent drop in all bites between 2007 and 2008.
The city strengthened its ordinance governing dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs three times between 2006 and 2009, transforming a complaint-driven system into one that sets tougher standards and more actively enforces them....(use link for remainder of story)
My own commentary: Our own Don Samuels can be thanked for the city's reformation of ordinances concerning aggressive animals. I know personally that Don worked long and hard to find the right approach. According to this article it would seem the ordinances are having a huge impact. Thanks much to Councilman Samuels! Your hard work is much appreciated!

NoMi Passenger said...

Here's an article that Councilman Samuels recently wrote in the Spokesman Recorder about the issue of agressive dogs: