Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photo Tour of Unstoppable NoMi Reclamation

2917 6th Street North, soon to be Owner Occupied
Photos and blog post by Hans

You may or may not know that Habitat for Humanity is coming to the Eco-Village for the 27th annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. Among other cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul were selected to have several new homes built and older homes renovated. This project is so large that neighbors had to be notified of street closures in the neighborhood during the week of October 3-8. But Habitat for Humanity isn't the only thing to be excited about in these parts. A new owner moved into the Eco-Village last month and the exterior is almost finished on a new home that will be LEED and Health House certified.

Enough rambling... on to the pictures

419 30th Avenue North, Soon to be Owner Occupied

416 30th Avenue North, New Construction will soon be Owner Occupied

430 30th Avenue North, New Construction will soon be Owner Occupied

400 31st Avenue North, will be LEED and Health House certified.

Many thanks to Peter Teachout and his crew for all their hard work on this newly renovated Owner Occupied home in the Eco-Village


Patrick said...

Thanks Hans,

Excellent write up and pictures. How do you know they will soon be owner occupied? Are all the units pre-sold?

Johnny Northside! said...

One comment rejected which dissed Jimmy Carter at length. God bless Jimmy Carter, a great man.

Anonymous said...

All Twin Cities Habitat homes become owner-occupied. The families buying these homes have problably been identified.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Jimmy Carter is a fine man who got blamed for things beyond his control by that clown Reagan, and anyone who disses him is a jerkass. My dad is a longtime contributor to the Habitat For Humanity organization.

How does one go about owning one of these homes?

Johnny Northside said...

La Vie,

Not sure, but anything to get out from under the slumlordery of Keith Reitman would be a good move, if you ask me.

On another note: half a dozen or so comments from trolls rejected, all ripping on Jimmy Carter. I'm making a "Carter's visit to the EcoVillage" exception for what I'll publish. No way am I going to contribute to anything being a downer for his visit. Trolls can burn in hell.

boathead said...

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Hans said...

la vie en rose...

Check out the Twin Cities Habitat site for more info on how to apply for a home.

It looks like a pretty long process but I'm sure it's worth it for those who are able to get a home.

Anonymous said...

Habitat also tries to sell to those from the neighborhood, so if you are a renter in Nomi looking for affordable homeownership option definitely check out TCHFH. Also come to the block party for the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Build.