Friday, August 13, 2010

Sammie Burch--Linked To Annshalike Hamilton--Makes The "Mugshots" Paper!

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Regular readers of Johnny Northside Dot Com will remember Sammie Burch as the no-account jailbird who, at one time, was part of the social circle of murder victim Annshalike Hamilton. Defenders of Burch say he had a "big brother" role in Hamilton's life. But Burch is in prison for trying to strangle his pregnant girlfriend, so...well, he's not the kind of "big brother" any girl would want to have, you know?

Though Hamilton's murder remains unsolved, her family believes they know the identity of the murderer, and have not been afraid to name names. Feel free to search this blog under "Annshalike Hamilton" and you will get the most comprehensive and detailed information ANYWHERE.

However, Sammie Burch was... prison at the time Hamilton disappeared, and neither the family nor authorities believe Burch had anything to do with the murder, according to my sources. All the same, when I bought a copy of the "Mug Shots" paper (so my 13-year-old son could do his daily "reading assignment" before getting his precious computer time) I thought it was cool to see Sammy Burch achieving the kind of public notoriety he deserves.


Anonymous said...

You assigned your son to read "Mug Shots"?

NoMi Passenger said...

When used in conjunction with, time magazine, fortune magazine, library books, the blogosphere etc., "Mugshots" can be part of a well-rounded literary education. Think of it as a what-not-to-do and a how-life-might-be-if-you-don't-get-good-grades-and-fly-right.

Johnny Northside said...

When my son takes an interest in some kind of reading material, I let him follow his interests within reason. I got the Mugshots paper for myself but it interested my son, so after that I had him read stuff from it. Alex has to read stuff before he gets computer time, but sometimes I scramble for some material that fits both his likes and some kind of educational value.

Mugshots fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

Does NoMi Passenger always have to answer first for you? Aren't you a big enough boy to speak for yourself?

Anonymous said...

Maybe case law would be more appropriate. It would provide the same lessons, without the tabloid trash value.

NoMi Passenger said...

@Anon 129 - we are a team. Get over it.