Sunday, August 1, 2010

He's In The Army Now! Peter Teachout Is HAIRLESS At Fort Benning, Georgia!

Self-portrait by Peter Teachout, blog post by John Hoff

All the way from his Army Officer's Basic Training Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, Peter sent a mobile pic of himself sporting the regulation "Mr. Clean" look of no hair, nowhere on his bald, bald army-issue head. His wife, JoyAnne Teachout, uploaded the pic to her Facebook. And that's where I got it...

Peter Teachout is, of course, the former chair of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council and something of a "Hero of NoMi" for his super active neighborhood patrols, which were recognized by the City Council with an award. Here's to Peter, who will need a lot of strength to get through this time of difficult testing.

But if the Lord be for him, who can be against him?


Anonymous said...

More grist for the mill of the military industrial complex.

You should do some posts about Smedley Butler or Eisenhower's speech when he left office.

Your Eyedea said...

shoulda shaved your eyebrows Peter!

boathead said...

Eisenhowers farewell topic was to warn us of the threat of an Industrial military complex not to bash an individuals decision to make a bold and courageous move to defend his country.I commend you Mr. Peter Teachout and i waited a while cause i figured i'd see if you made it through Basic Training first.Since i haven't heard differently i assume that you are doing okay.Thank you for your efforts there and especially are a winner!!

The Walking Drum said...

I am still in the Game! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am now a 1st Lieutenant down at Fort Bliss TX. I am getting ready for my Captains board and also getting ready to go to school to become a Military Intelligence officer.

I keep checking in on the Northside. Don't forget her struggles. Or they will never go away!