Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mr. Slummy Keeps on Earning the Nickname

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

Mohammed Amro of Amro's Properties Inc, has slowly but surely been progressing on his monstrosity at 2515 3rd St N. (Which has delinquent taxes, by the way.) The emphasis on slowly is apt, as I was informed over a month ago that he had been assessed for failing to complete the siding on the structure in a timely fashion. But yet, these recent photos indicate that the job STILL isn't done.

Recently, another organizer had stopped by to talk to the family living directly to the south of this property. From day one of his slumminess, they have had to deal with dirt from 2515 3rd spilling over into their yard, ruining their garden and fence. In response to THAT issue, Amro reportedly said...

...the fence is actually HIS fence, so it doesn't matter if it's bent out of shape. (Even if this is true, it does nothing to alleviate the grading issue.)

The organizer also noted large panes of broken glass strewn throughout the premises, but upon my inspection, I did not see them. As one can see from the laundry list of special assessments, this is one of the few times Amro has cleaned up his own mess.

The photos above also show that he's ripped off the front porch and used three colors of siding that don't quite match.

Once again, this blog wishes to remind readers that the area is zoned for a maximum of two residential units, and the anticipated finished square footage indicates a use of three or more units upon completion.


Johnny Northside! said...

The horror...the horror...


Anonymous said...

OK ...I don't get it.

The city has covenants in place to make to make new construction look old and fit the appearance and style of the NoMi community

-- But does nothing to prevent these Neanderthals from destroying the original structures? What gives?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the point of your posting a link to that video is. It has nothing to do with the Hawthorne Hawkman's blog post. The link is to the scene in "Apocalypse Now" where Capt. Willard completes his mission by hacking Col. Kurtz to death with a machete. It looks like you are suggesting that someone stalk and hack Mr. Slummy to bits.

Johnny Northside said...

Obviously I was just creating a convenient link to the source of the catchphrase "the horror, the horror."

Trolls are stooooooooooooopid.

Anonymous said...

OMG--is JNS an anti-trollite!?! We're going to go meet with our lawyers under the bridge file a complaint!